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 My Time In Hiding

Jack Weber And Matt weisenberger

Anne mentioned restrictions placed on jewish people like wearing the star of david,they took away transportation, they had to go to different schools than nonjewish people, and they could not own business. I would handle these situations like most other people which would be to follow the rules until it started to seriously affect my life. like when they passed al law to prevent jewish kids from going to the same school as nonjewish kids.Then i would go into hiding to get away from persecution.

The First Day

July 7th


I would become a protector of jewish people knowing that i will share their fate if  we got caught. but i would only help people who i know or are close friends with my family. because they are important to me and i would not risk my life for people who i don't know. because they could be nazi spies.




The Protecter 

July 12th

The Spill

If i was mrs. Van Daan when anne spilled milk on it i would have reacted differently. i would have said it was no big deal and went up to my room and try to get it out. I may not like anne that much after it but i wouldn't say i could kill her because of it. i mean everybody messes up sometimes and i am not one to hold much of a grudge.

August 10

The Arguments

In the beginning of the play and had outbursts and arguments that were mainly about trivial things that didn't really matter. but later the aguments got more serious. For example in the book it says “what's the good of that?  whats the good  of thinking of misery when you’re already miserable? Thats stupid!” she also said that the children didn't start the war it's not their fault so so dont take it out on us. This is saying they weren't there when it all started so they can't be blamed. this shows that she is just now grasping the concept of her world falling apart around her and  how serious being in hiding actually is.

August 17

Your Freinds


In my opinion it can be both ways depending on the person and whether or not they want to have friends. I say this because Peter does not seem to want many friends therefore he won't make friends with people. That doesn't mean he can't be happy. If a person wants friends but doesn't have any  they can’t be happy because they are missing something  they need

September 15

At one point in the scene  the telephone rings and Mr Frank refuses to pick it up. I believe that Mr frank did the right thing. I say this because it says in the story that it is not sunday” I know exactly what day it is! It’s Friday, the fourth of August. Friday, and not a man at work”. This could mean that it is a trap from the gestapo agents to see if there is anyone in the building that could be in hiding so they evacuate all the workers and then call. If someone picks up it will tell them if anyone is hiding in there. 

The Telephone

September 29

The Goodness

The quote anne said at the end “in spite of everything, i still believe that people are really good at heart.” shows that anne tries to see the best in people like she thinks even when the nazis are trying to kill them some of the them are still good people. It is important to anne's character because it show you that she really is a nice pearson. 

October 9

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