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This booklet will be showing you the it can wait campaign and its goods and bads but mainly goods.

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STOP! It Can Wait!


stop texting and driving!

It could cost you your life!

The at&t it can wait campaign

The it can wait campaign was created by at&t in 2010, their mission began as an attempt to stop texting and driving. their focus is to stop a lot more wrecks and accidents caused by texting and driving or even being on your phone while driving.

Information about the project!


 This campaign is asking for all ages to pledge not to use their phone while deiving and to not even look at it, thousands of people have already pledged across most states and their are only a few states that have yet to pledge! It only takes one person to start the new trend of this day and age. For this campaign to succeed it needs more and more people to join in and pledge each year and needs people to stand true to their pledges!  This campaign does not only cover texting and driving it covers getting on social media and other resources as well while driving. -main link -secondary link