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Shell Knob, MO
American Solar Challenge
Shown with Missouri S&T is
Rolla’s solar car and Chloe
American Solar Challenge is
every two years and this is
Chloe Gibbons’ 9th rayce as
an Observer.
This year the rayce was from
July 30th to August 6th through
nine National Parks to cele-
brate their 100th year.
It started at Cuyahoga Valley,
OH. to Dayton Aviation, OH. to
George Roger Clark, IN. to
Ulyssus Grant, MO. to Wilson’s
Creek, MO. to Brown
Board, KS. to Homestead of
America, NE, Scott’s Bluff, NE.
and ended at Wind Cave, SD.
Sixteen college teams quali-
fied and there was a Swiss
team and four Canadian
The winner was University of
Michigan; second was Univer-
sity of Toronto; third was the
Swiss team of Dunwoody; and
fourth was Principia College.
The weather was not too co-
operative at the end but they
will try again in two years.
Plaza Beautification Project
Pictured left to right: Colleen Walpert, Nancy Mallamo and
Rita Hlasney all Master Gardeners of the Ozarks stand be-
fore the plaza entrance flower bed. Bridgeway Plaza Busi-
nesses funded the plaza beautification project. Colleen,
Nancy, Rita and Sherry Enyart ( not pictured) planned, and
implemented the plan this spring. They continue to maintain
the flower beds.
Nationally Known Carver/Author in Shell Knob
a carica-
ture out
of a
block of
w o o d
a n d
his stu-
dents do
t h e
Enlow is a founding member of
the Caricature Carvers of
America. The Shell Knob
Woodcarvers were honored to
host one of his seminars.
If you are interested in learning
more about woodcarving, con-
tact Dave at 417 858-0765.
The Shell Knob Woodcarvers
meet every Thursday at the
Central Crossing
Senior Cen-
ter from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Visitors are welcome.
time spent in the Army, he be-
came interested in caricature
carving. He first worked for
Peter Engler at Silver Dollar
City in the early 1960’s. Later,
Harold and Elaine opened a
shop at Dogpatch, U.S.A., a
theme park based upon Al
Capp’s Lil’ Abner comic strip.
In 1975, Harold began teach-
ing at War Eagle, Arkansas.
Soon he was teaching coa
to-coast and Canada, some-
times giving as many as 35
seminars per year. During this
time, he also wrote nine books
on Woodcarving, and has de-
signed more than one-hundred
different rough-outs for sale.
In 2005, after 30 years of trav-
eling and te
aching, Harold
semi-retired, no longer doing
the nationwide classes. He
now does a limited number of
classes in the Missouri and
Arkansas area. He loves
Harold L. Enlow, one of Amer-
ica's foremost caricature wood
carvers, presented a one-day
seminar to the Shell Knob
Woodcarvers at the Central
Crossing Senior Center on Au-
gust 18th. He shared his
woodcarving tips and tech-
niques to the group, as they
d on one of his many
original designs, while his wife,
Elaine, managed the sale of
wood rough-outs and tools.
Harold was whittling on sticks
from the time his Mom bought
him a pocket knife when he
was a little boy. During some