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8th grade English assignment, Anne Frank

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Pg. 784

Within this passage, the Franks and the Van Daans are meeting for the first time in the Secret Annex where Mr. Frank is explaining what everyone could and couldn’t do during specific hours of the day. For example, while there were people downstairs they couldn’t start any water for fear of someone hearing water going down the pipes and any food they couldn’t eat had to be burned at night. This shows their will to survive because both families were accustomed to living a more self-indulgent lifestyle but they were all willing to sacrifice their freedom if it meant they could see the end of the war. Also, this passage stated that they burned what they could not eat, meaning that the Franks and the Van Daans tried to take all the precautions so they wouldn’t be discovered by burning the scraps and one would be suspicious of leftover food when nobody lived in the building.


 They did everything possible to ensure they wouldn’t be spotted, going to great lengths to achieve this and this shows their will to survive. Even though I wouldn’t have liked being quiet for hours on end, using the washroom only if absolutely necessary, and burning whatever couldn’t be consumed every night I would do it if it meant my family and I wouldn’t be killed tomorrow. Although I cannot fathom how difficult everyday life it must have felt like for the two families, I understood how important it was for them to not be discovered and I would have done the same.


- Maria

Page 819, Scene 4

Mr. Frank received news of the Allies’ landing in Africa and immediately becomes hopeful. He asks everyone what they want to do most, not if, but when they are save, and Anne writes about this: “Pim says that we can look for an early finish to the war. Just for fun he asked each of us what was the first thing we wanted to do when we got out of here. Mrs. Van Daan longs to be home with her own things…Peter would like to go to a movie. Mr. Dussel wants to get back to his dentist's drill…For myself, there are so many things…” They all have the will to survive even more so now that they’ve heard the good news. Mr. Frank motivates them even more by helping them remember that there are things to look forward to once they’re rescued. 


I believe Mr. Frank is helping everyone out of the sadness and fear they've lived in for so long and being as helpful as he can. I support his actions and would do the same thing in his position.


- Emily

Pg. 831

In this scene, the Franks and the Van Daans are singing and rejoicing about Hanukkah while Dussel listens. However, everyone is still fearful because earlier a burglar found out where they were hiding and no one was sure if they were safe anymore. Their will to survive can be seen here when Mr. Frank is thanking God who he believes has spared them and that they are now safe even though they are not. Mr. Frank was saying how the worst was over and that they were safe, that they would get through this. Although they aren’t safe anymore, Mr. Frank encourages them to believe that they will get through the war and see the end of it, that they will survive. If I was in Mr. Frank’s shoes, I would have tried to convince them that everything was going to be alright so they would have the will to go on. I would have been scared for everyone but I would have tried to not show it so I wouldn’t 


 worry the others. Even though I would have had doubts about actually surviving the war now I wouldn’t have voiced them because if everyone else was made aware of the danger they would be worried even more.


- Maria


 Scene 3, Page 861

Miep brings the refugees news of the Allies’ invasion of Normandy. They cheer and shout with joy, and Mr. Frank gets cognac from the cupboard to toast and celebrate. Everyone forgets their arguments and foolish actions and focuses on celebrating D-Day. As Anne says, they are all in much better spirits after hearing the news. Anne already begins to write about what will happen in the near future after they are rescued: “The best part about it is that I have a feeling that friends are coming. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be back in school by fall.” Even after the invasion is delayed, Anne tries to stay optimistic: “I have often been downcast myself...but never in despair. I can shake off everything if I write.” She is giving her best effort to remain hopeful that she and her family will survive to see the end, giving herself things to look forward to once she is rescued.


I believe Anne and the other Jews are doing the right thing by motivating each other to stay in hiding just a bit longer so they can be saved from the Nazis.


- Emily

 Scene 4, Page 866

Anne and Peter are discussing their situation. Peter believes that their two years in hiding will amount to nothing. Anne disagrees with him: “When I think of all these good things, I’m not afraid anymore...I find myself, and God...I know it’s terrible, trying to have any faith...when people are doing such horrible...But you know what I sometimes think? I think the world may be going through a phase, the way I was with Mother. It’ll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but some day...” Anne knows very well that they have little chance of surviving, but she thinks of everything dear to her and forgets her fear. She thinks that someday, the time of the world that hates Jews will pass, and that in spite of everything that’s happened to them, people are good at heart. Anne believes in everything she loves, and she uses this confidence in them to reassure herself of the fact that she will one day 



be outside again and do all the things she dreams of doing. In my opinion, Anne is right to think without  a doubt that she will survive and to believe that people are good at heart.



Scene 4, Page 867-868

The people who dwell in the Secret Annex are finally discovered and police are breaking down the warehouse door. Everyone is gathering what is important and getting ready to be brought to concentration camps. “...Anne stands, holding her school satchel, looking over at her father and mother with a soft, reassuring smile. She is no longer a child, but a woman with courage to meet whatever lies ahead.” Even though everyone is scared about what’s going to happen, Anne puts on a brave face to show her parents that she is going to be okay and they are, too. Everyone is pretending that they’re going to live through what happens afterwards even though it’s known that they probably won’t survive. The will to survive is shown through their actions of putting on brave faces to greet the unknown. If I were in the same situation,

 I would try to put on an act as well. Although, I would be extremely scared but I would try to not show it so I wouldn’t worry everyone else.


- Maria


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