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Just because it is a seller's market in real estate doesn't mean buyers have to overpay. There are very real strategies to ensure you don't.

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 1. Try not to get wedded to a particular town unless the homes have price tags to match your budget. Instead, explore surrounding towns that are lesser known and therfore attract less numbers of buyers.

2. If you are wedded to a particular town, explore the neighborhoods in it that are undergoing gentrification or on the edge of the town.


Tip # 1 - Be Flexible on Location

Tip # 2  - Be Flexible With Your "Wants"

Make sure to define the needs (or have-to-haves) from your wants (the nice-to-haves). Be as flexible on these as possible. If you have to have a minimum amount of bedrooms, perhaps you can compromise on the size of the yard. The more flexible on these criteria the better off you will be.

Tip # 3 - Don't Get Fooled By the Decor

Decor is easy and relatively inexpensive to change. Look beyond the style and colors to see if the size, layout and potential are a good fit. Having vision of what a house could be, will give you a big leg up from buyers who only want to buy a home that is already decorated to their tastes.

Tip # 4  - Look for Structural Issues

Structural issues with roofs, electrical, plumbing or a sinking foundation can be expensive to replace or repair.  Move on if a house looks structurally unsound.

Tip # 5 - Don't Get Sucked in to Well Staged Homes

Stagers are professionals whose sole purpose is to tap into today's buyer's wants and make the decor as appealing to them as possible. But, staging is just decor and you can re-paint and stain floors without incuring a major expnse.

Take school ranking features produced by media outles with a grain of salt. They are not the most scientific. Instead, you can use the New Jersey Depart of Education's own assessments for each school in each district here.

New Jersey has one of the highest pubcli school ranking in the country, so schools that do well in the state reports should provide children with a great education.

Tip # 6 - Beware of School Rankings by Third Party Sites

Tip # 7 - Hire a True Market Specialist

The most important tip to provide you with the edge you need in a seller's market is to hire a real estate professional who specializes in assisting buyers and who is well versed in the areas you are considering. They will be able to provide details and insights about the inventory, pricing trends, recent sales etc. so when it comes time to make an offer, it will have the necessary provisions to make it stand out. 

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