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By: Abby Penjuke & Lindsay Archer

Anne's Overview

November 7, 1942


Dear Diary,

            The restrictions that were placed upon the Jewish at the time were that they had to wear yellow stars, Anne had to turn in her bike, she couldn’t go to a Dutch school anymore, she also couldn’t go to the movies or even ride in an automobile, and Mr. Frank lost his job. In these situations I would feel like I have nothing anymore, I would be in battle mode. I would fight to live and try to survive off the basic needs of humans. I would hate it, nothing would ever be the same. I would try my hardest to stay positive but, after a while I would go haywire. It would be very hard to be a Jewish person living in this time period.Original (3244 × 3234)



July 20, 1942



    The person that I believe that I would get along with best is Peter. He is very calm and I feel like I would not be annoyed with him easily. The only thing is his cat, I am allergic to cats and I would be sneezing and miserable. Other than that, Peter seems like a nice guy to talk to because he is my age and we have the most in common. I feel as though Anne would not be easy to talk to and I would be annoyed very easily with her pranks.
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September 16, 1942



               If I was in hiding for as long as they had been, I would miss a list of things. But, what I would miss the most is my friends. I would miss going to the movies with them and having parties. I would be very concerned about them not making it out alive and I would be thinking about them the whole time. I would miss going to school with them and most of all, playing on my softball team with my bestfriends. It would be an emotional rollercoaster but, overall I have to do the best I can to keep myself alive, and I would be sure they were too.
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March 11, 1943

Growing Up


         Anne changed from the outbursts and arguments because she was growing up and going through a lot at the time. She talks about how the world is getting destroyed by the minute, and they (Anne and Peter) are so young and everyone else with them in the warehouse are grown-ups. Anne wants to be treated like an adult but, she also doesn’t want to take on the world so quickly especially when the world is going through this hard of a time. She won’t even have time to figure out what she wants to do in life because she is only thirteen. The change in her life is very big because she wants to be treated like an adult but, doesn’t want to be part of the grown-up’s conversations and be the one they are annoyed by. Anne is very lucky to have Peter in hiding with her.



April 23, 1944


             I think that they were destroying themselves because almost every person in the house was greedy and only cared about themselves. Mrs. Frank changed so much through the course of the story by being very modest and nice in the beginning, and ending up aggressive and annoyed at the end of the play. They were destroying themselves by being trapped in that small area and trying to survive without getting caught by Nazis. Even if the Nazis didn’t catch them, I think that the family would’ve suffered as much pain as the people who did get captured. All the people that were in the warehouse with Anne and her family, were mostly fine with everyone until it was unbearable anymore. That is why they didn’t even need the Nazis to destroy them because it seemed as though they already did it to themselves.

November 2, 1945



           “She puts me to shame” a quote from Mr. Frank is a good ending to the story because he thinks that she was stronger than he thought she was throughout the whole experience and wished she was still around since she was such a kind hearted person. He was humbled by Anne’s strength and is sorrowful that he wasn’t able to protect her from the tyranny of the Nazis. This is such a good ending to the story because it explains what Anne was like and the relationship between her father and her. Mr. Frank  is basically saying that he feels she was a stronger and bigger person throughout their horrific picture than he was himself. He needed to see the strongest part of Anne during this whole experience.
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