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The Holocaust Then and Now


By: James Li and Keaton Bauer

        At the end of scene one, Anne mentions several restrictions that were placed upon the Jewish people. Some of these restrictions include having to wear the Star of David at all times,  not being able to attend school, not being able to ride in a car, and not being able to go to the movies. If these restrictions were placed upon me, I would be furious. I would have to walk everywhere while also being blatantly pointed out as a Jew with my the Star of David on my clothing. It would be very difficult for me to hold a job in order to make a living. Germans would also not accept me in society and think I am of a lower and unimportant religion. I would probably stay in my home all of the time, too embarrassed or scared to face the public. I am glad I was not alive at this time, and I respect the courage of all the Jews in this time.


The Life of a Jew

The Choice of Fate

        People like Miep and Mr. Kraler were very brave knowing that if they were discovered with Jews, they would suffer the same fate. If I were given the choice, I would be a protector because it was wrong to victimize the Jews like the Germans did. I have good friends that are Jewish, and if they were in this kind of danger, there is nothing I would not do to help them. The risks are high, but that does not mean that I can just stand by and watch my friends be taken away and be forced to work to their deaths. I just hope there will never be a case where I will have to be a protector because this is an event that scarred humanity for an eternity.

Inside the Annex

        There are people in this world who are either easy or hard to get along with. In the story The Diary of Anne Frank, I would find Anne as the one who would be the hardest to get along with. Even though Anne is only thirteen during scene three, I would find her immature and one with disrespect. Throughout the story, Anne expresses many actions to prove her personality. For example she constantly talks back not just to the Van Daans, but also her parents sometimes. “...I mean the answering back. You must not answer back....I’m afraid for other people, that you’ll walk on them...You are wild, self-willed.” These are some of the remarks said by her mother, Mrs. Frank. This shows that her mother realizes Anne’s misbehavior and is displeased by it. This is why I justify that Anne will be the hardest one to get along with.


        Over the course of the play, Anne has changed her attitude. In the beginning of the play, Anne is cheerful and joking, but during this scene. she is in a state of misery. In the play, Anne says, “What’s the good of that? What’s the good of thinking of misery when you’re already miserable? That’s stupid!” This shows that Anne has changed her view on life to a dark and miserable place where there is no point in being happy. Anne believes that there is nothing left to hope for. This causes her to think why they should even try to escape. As time went on, Anne’s personality changed.


The Effects of Isolation

What is a Friend

        In the play, Peter says that he does not need friends. I disagree with what Peter says because friends are the ones, besides family, who help you prevail from hopelessness. Friends are there with you every step of the way. In the world Peter is in, he will need a friend that will help him survive through the horrids done by the Nazis. My point of view of a friend is someone who is better to walk with in the dark than to walk alone in the light. Even though Peter says he does not need a friend, deep down he knows that a friend is something that is undeniable.

The Conflict Within

        In the story, Mr. Frank says, “We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us, We’re destroying ourselves.” This shows that the threat right now is not the Nazis but rather themselves. In the story, Dussel says, “You dirty thief...stealing good-for-nothing…” and Mrs. Frank says, “And’re worse than he is! You’re a mother, and yet you sacrifice your child to this man...this….this….” This shows that the family is losing respect for one another and is starting to turn selfish in order to make themselves more capable of surviving. If they continue on like this, they would have all been captured earlier due to their arguments and un-self control. This is what Mr. Frank is trying to describe.


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