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Diary of my  Life 

Braden Jabbour

Ryan Sheridan


November 9, 1945

        In the beginning of the play, Mr. Frank has returned to the hiding place where he and his family had spent 25 months together. If I were Mr. Frank, I would have gone back to the hiding place. This is because if Mr. Frank did not go back to the hiding place, he wouldn’t have seen Miep one more time before he left Amsterdam. Also, I would have revisit the hiding spot because he remembered how strong and his family and others were at the time of the hiding. Finally, the last reason why I would go back to the hiding place where Mr. Frank’s family hid together is because he wouldn’t have found Anne’s diary.  

September 19, 1942

       The person in hiding that I would find the hardest to get along with is Mr. Van Daan. This is because he is a very mean and bitter man. For example, in the story it says, “The only thing I feel… there's so little food as it is… and to take in another person…” Mr. Van Daan  is complaining about Mr. Dussel moving in with them. This is because he doesn’t want somebody else to eat the food. The person I would find it the easiest to get along with is Mr. Frank. Mr. Frank is a nice and welcoming person. I know this because when Mr. Kraler asked them if Mr. Dussel could move in with them, Mr. Frank said of course.

December 8, 1942

     If I were in hiding like Anne, some things I would like to do is play soccer. This is important to me because I have fun while playing. I also have been playing soccer every weekend  and I would have a hard time not playing it for 25 months. Another thing I would like to do if I were in hiding like Anne is hang out with my friends. Since they are in hiding, the only people they would get to see is there family. They’re friends don’t even know where they are and are probably worried about them.

If I found out that Mr. Van Daan was stealing food, I would not have been happy. I would not have been calm like Mr. Frank was, although, I would not have been outrageously mad like Mrs. Frank. I don’t believe that he deserved to be kicked out like Mrs. Frank suggested either. I most likely would have reacted like Mr. Dussel. He was extremely mad but he was not getting out of hand. That is how I would have reacted and why.

I do not believe that Mr.Frank made the correct decision. If I was in the same situation, I would have answered it. If it were Miep and we didn’t answer her,she could have been trying to warn us. If we would have answered and it was not Miep we still were to endure the same circumstances as if we didn’t answer. For these reasons in particular is why I would have answered the phone.  

    There are many reasons why students should continue reading about Anne Frank. One reason why is because she is an important vision in which WWII is shown through her eyes and her perspective. The reason in which we do this is to further understand WWII and Hitler’s reign. Also because she was an incredible young writer, and even though she lived so short, her stories are just as admirable as others. For these reasons and many more, shows why we should admire and continue to study about Anne and WWII.

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