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Life in Captivity

The Diary of Anne Frank

Erin Hardenburg and Sidney Ryan

Hitler's attack on Poland in 1939 started World War II, and by 1941 Germany occupied much of Europe and North Africa. The wave of the war turned following an invasion of Russian and the U.S. entry into battle. During  war Hitler had concentration camps.This is where people lived like pigs. They were starving, cold and helpless. The Nazis would kill them without a second thought.

As more people were caught and brought to the camps, Hitler gained more power and confidence of what he was doing.

Dachua was established in March 1933 as the first Nazi concentration camp. Dachua was not an execution camp, but of the around 160,000 prisoners that were sent to its main camp, over of 32,000 were either executed or died of disease, malnutrition or brutalization. The people in Dachau were used as guinea pigs in Nazi medical experiments.

Hundreds of innocent men, women, and children lay lifeless of the ground due to Hitler's mass murders.

Entry #1

Adolf Hitler could not tolerate the Jews, and because of this he waged war. He waged war so he could rule the world and make all the conquered people slaves of the "master German race". "A parasite within the nation" he called them. It was easy for him to blame the Jews for all Germany's problems. He tricked the people into believing the Jews caused all the problems. Hitler first created the Nuremberg laws that restricted and punished the Jews. When punishing them wasn't satisfying enough, Hitler decided to systematically kill every last Jew in Europe. Families were torn apart and everyone lost thie sense of security. I feel Hitler was the king of evil as he received enjoyment from killing innocent men, women and children. The Jewish people were used as Hitler's scapegoat, and were victims of his wrath. I believe millions of lives were lost, due to Hitler's lack of intolerance for others.


The Jews gathered a scarce amount of items and left their life beind as they entered the world of captivity. In the play, the Frank's hid in the very small attic in Mr. Frank's business, along with 4 other people. As the war raged on and they were in constant fear, the people in hiding began to lose their tolerance for eachother.

When the saftey for the Frank family was compromised, they were forced into hiding.This is the place where they hid.

Anne is closer to her father because her mom cannot handle emotions very well.

Entry #2

       Anne and her mother Mrs. Frank view the world differently and this causes tension and lack of tolerance between each other. Anne says, "Everything she does is right, and everything I do is wrong! I'm the goat around here! You are all against me! And you worst of all.” This shows the way Anne feels about her mother. Anne thinks her mother is against her and compares her to her "perfect" sister, Margot. Anne can't tolerate the way she is treated by her mother, and so Anne lashes out. Mrs. Frank doesn't know how to respond to Anne's behavior and the way she tolerates these circumstances is  always relating the behavior to a physical issue. I feel that Anne resents her mother, and Mrs. Frank is aware that Anne feels this way but does not take action. I believe Mrs. Frank wants to avoid the problems by ignoring them. Mrs. Frank is losing Anne's tolerance of her by ignoring the pain that Anne is feeling. Anne and Mrs. Frank love for each other begins to get lost in conflict as they lose their tolerance.


Different perspectives, and feelings causes the people in hiding to lash out. Constant agruing and disturbances create tension within the small attic hiding place. Everyone is losing tolerance for eachother, even for the ones they love the most.

As more time is spent in hiding, more conflicts become apparent.

Mr and Mrs.Van Daan come from a wealthy background. Hiding isn't going to be easy.

Entry #3

 Mr.Van Daan and Mrs.Van Daan are the parents of Peter and believe he is embarrassed about having a girlfriend like Anne. As Mrs.Van Daan brags about the olden days when she had “Good-looking legs” her husband Mr.Van Daan gets annoyed with how she is acting towards Mr.Frank and what she is saying to Anne since she is recording what Mrs. Van Daan says. Then as Peter and Mr. Frank go into Peter’s room to talk about education, Mr.Van Daan is rude to Anne who is listening on the floor. Mrs.Van Daan says “If you didn't smoke you wouldn’t be so bad tempered”, offending Mr. Van Daan. He asks "Do you see me smoking?" She tells him that smoking is a “Filthy habit anyway. It’s a good time to break yourself.” Mr.Van Daan asks if she will shut up as Anne stares at their quarrel. The intolerance for one another is shown by the lack of patience for each other when they do not like how the other character is acting. Mrs.Van Daan does not appreciate her husband smoking and “smoking up all our money”. Mr.Van Daan does not see the harm and therefore tolerance is tested between the two adults.


Entry #4

Mr.Van Daan and Mrs. Frank began to have trouble when Mrs.Frank realizes how selfish he is. She tries not to reveal her honest opinion and does not want to start conflict but when Mr.Van Daan is caught stealing food, her lack of tolerance for him is truly shown. The lack of tolerance was caused when Mr.Van Daan was caught stealing bread from the cabinet. When they had first heard the noise, they were startled and Dussel catches Mr.Van Daan and calls him a dirty thief. They had all thought the loss of food was due to rats and they were worried about how much the children were thinning. When Mr. Van Daan is caught, Mrs.Frank is outraged. She threatens to kick him out without hesitation and also yells as Mrs.Van Daan for standing up for the man. Mrs. Frank unbridled anger revealed the lack of tolerance. This shows intolerance of others because Mr.Van Daan has a very selfish belief that since he is a big man he needs the food and will sacrifice his son and the rest of the children's food to have more for himself. Mr. Van Daan tries to justify his wrong. This does not work out for him because the rest of the group besides his wife are fully supportive of the children having the right amount of food and sharing the food equally amongst the adults. This is the first instance where Mrs. Frank’s true opinion are revealed through anger. I feel that lack of tolerance for each other is a paramount cause for the anger to arise. The tolerance of having the Van Daans is thinning quickly although when the group hears the invasion has begun apologies are made.


Anne and Peter begin to gain tolerance and confide in eachother.


Entry #5

Throughout the story Peter's tolerance towards Anne changes. Peter first cannot tolerate Anne and tries his best to ignore her. As he gets to know her and she matures, Peter starts to like her more. Feelings of affection towards each other start to arise. Anne matures and Peter realizes. Anne starts to confide in Peter and she begins to tell him how she feels. Peter listens to Anne. Anne says, "It helps a lot to have somebody talk to, don't you think? It helps you to let off steam." This reveals how Anne and Peter can now tolerate each other and have become friends. Peter tells Anne he will be there for her. I believe this friendship will strengthen them as they will be able to experience something new while still in hiding. The tolerance of each other changed, as Anne matured. As times get harder, they learn to appreciate what they have.

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Entry #6

In the beginning of the story, Mr. Frank is described as weak, miserable, sad, and mad at the world. He has become a bitter, old man, as a result from the Holocaust. The hardship and hate he holds for the Nazis wears him down. Mr.Frank has the situation of saving his family on his shoulders. He needs to protect them in a dangerous time. He has to set up Miep and Mr.Kraler and made sure Anne, Peter and Margot keep up with school work. Reading Anne's diary, Mr. Frank realizes that Anne saw the best of everything even in the worst situation. Mr. Frank had once said, "She puts me to shame." This shows how Mr. Frank cannot tolerate the way he has acted. He learns from her that he does not deserve to be bitter. He should be rejoicing the fact that he has lived through Hitler's wrath. I believe he can live his life in remembrance of his family and all the Jews who died. Now that he has closure from reading the diary, Mr.Frank can tolerate the world for all the good things that have occurred. He can live a life that affects others in a positive way. As a leader, he can be encouraging and positive. The change in his feelings lead to a change in tolerance for himself and for the world around him.


The Holocaust is hard to comprehend. People endured an unbearable amount of pain and Hitler received enjoyment from the seeing the pain throughout the nation.  He did not know these people personally and just decided to stereotype them all with that amount of hatred.The Diary of Anne Frank (play) revealed the feelings, thoughts, and the truth behind the Holocaust.  Tolerance of others is tested in many different ways in this play. It is an underlying theme which is made apparent through friendships, fights, and conversations that happen while in hiding. The people that hid together created very tight bonds before they were taken away. Anne, Margot and Peter were just young adults when they were forced into hiding. They lost their chance of life experiences and were restricted to growing up in an attic. This awful burden was bestowed upon many kids. The adults of the attic were symbols of strength for their children and it was their duty to provide a sense of security for their children. Living in a world of danger and being unsure of your future causes the people in hiding to grow tense. These people start to lack tolerance for each other. If I could have a conversation with Anne I would tell her how brave she was. Even though the group was hunted they were tenacious in their beliefs and were not ashamed of who they were. During the time in hiding, the tolerance between families and friendships were tested. This was a very troubling situation that in the end made the world a better place. Although it was a horrific event, it shaped the world for what it is today. Today we are very lucky because we are not judged by our religion but instead how we act. As these people lived their lives in hiding and fought for their beliefs, they became the heroes of the future. -Erin and Sidney


Mr.Van Daan

Mr and mrs.Van daan

Mr Van Daan smoking,_

a_Gestapo_concentration_camp.jpg - concentration camp with bodies on the ground's_barracks_dachau.jpg- Third pic of concentration camp skinny from starvation

Anne frank house

 Group of the annex

Peter and Anne

Anne frank family-


Mom and Anne!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/anne-frank-memento.jpg

Otto frank







Citing the Play-

Goodrich, Frances, and Albert Hackett. The Diary of Anne Frank. Boston: Pearson Education, 2007. Print.

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