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The Will to Survive

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 The Will to Survive

Hannah Gibbs

The missing bread was blamed on rats, but in reality Mr. Van Daan was eating the bread.

          The will to survive is a problem the Frank’s, Van Daan’s and Mr. Dussel face daily in the attic. One day, everyone in the attic came to the conclusion that their food rations were slowly decreasing. The believed that there must have been rats that got into the food at night. Only one person knew the truth about the disappearing food-- Mr. Van Daan. Because he was a larger man, he was prone to being hungrier than everyone else. During the night, when no one could see him, he would sneak food and eat it. Mrs. Frank is a very soft spoken and genuine lady, but one night she noticed someone near the pantry stealing food. When she found out it was Mr. Van Daan, she cracked. She said, ”We’re all of us hungry! I see the children getting thinner and thinner. Your own son Peter...I’ve heard him moan in his sleep, he’s so hungry. And you come in the night and steal food that should go to them… the children!” By the end of this inferior situation, Mrs. Frank even went as far as telling Mr. Van Daan to leave. If I were put into Mr. Van Daans shoes, I would most likely have done something similar because it would have been hard to consume extra food in front of seven other hungry people. But, if were put into Mrs. Frank’s shoes, I would have had a similar reaction because I understand where she is coming from when she asks the Van Daans to leave. Overall, the will to survive is a theme that reoccurs in The Diary of Anne Frank.

All jews were forced to wear stars like these on all of their clothing.

The will to survive is a struggle that the Frank's and there company faced every day while in hiding. Something as little as having the ability to express themselves through their clothing takes a big toll on their everyday lives. When the Jewish are in public, they are required to wear the star of David on the clothing. The Nazis force them to wear the star because not only was it a way for the Jews to be identified, but it was a way for the Nazis to isolate them. In the play when Peter starts to remove his star off of his coat, Anne says, “They’ll arrest you if you go out without your star.” This shows that although people despised wearing the star, they needed to wear it in order to stay alive, or stay out of a concentration camp. If I was put into this difficult position, I would wear the star because this is one configuration that will help keep you alive, and possibly reduce the amount of time spent in a camp. Overall, the will to survive is a theme displayed in the Frank’s everyday lives is shown when a Star of David is worn.

Hannah Gibbs

The theme the will to survive is recurring throughout the Diary of Anne Frank, an example of it would be when a the phone keeps ringing and they realize that they will be captured and sent to a concentration camp. What shows their will to survive is the fact that they aren't mourning or upset. They have accepted their fate and will go down without a fight because they know that a fight will make it worse. This to me shows their true will to survive. They are willing to go to a concentration camp and try to tough it out. A quote from the story that shows this is, “For the past two years we have lived in fear. Now we live in hope.” This was said by Mr. Frank and it truly accurately represents how they were living and how they would be living from now on. If I were put into their situation I would probably try to hid in the attic and try to have the police find me and not give up my hiding place. I probably would be found eventually but I would try to stall being captured as long as I possibly could. The theme of the will to survive is a recurring theme in the Diary of Anne Frank.

The main fear of all of the residents in the attic was being sent here, to one of the many concentration camps.

Julia Jablonski


Julia Jablonski

Peter and Anne shared a special connection, they were both lonely but they were alone together.

The will to survive is a recurring theme in The Diary of Anne Frank, one example of this theme in action was Anne and Peter becoming such good friends. Anne is a very outgoing young lady, whereas Peter is a self proclaimed lone wolf. Their friendship seems quite odd but it is something both Peter and Anne needed to get them through hiding and living in this constant state of fear that any day could be their last day living, not working at a concentration camp. A quotation that accurately represents this is a conversation Anne and Margot have about if Margot is jealous of Anne and Peter’s relationship, “Of course I’m jealous… jealous that you’ve got something to get up in the morning for… But jealous of you and Peter? No.” This conversation shows the jealous that Margot is feeling toward Anne and the thought of having something to get up for in the morning. Anne and Peter’s friendship saved both Anne and Peter at times and made both of them feel as if they aren’t as alone as they were. If I were in Anne’s shoes I would definitely befriend Peter. I would need someone that I could talk to who I wasn’t related to, so I could rant  and complain about my family when they got on my nerves. It is important that you could have someone that you trusted when you are all alone in hiding. The theme of the will to survive is a recurring theme throughout the story The Diary of Anne Frank.




    In the first act the theme of the will to survive is reoccuring, an example of this theme is when Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan talk about eating dinner. They are having beans for dinner repeatedly and this upsets Mr. Van Daan. Mrs. Van Daan tells him that it is all that they have to eat because it was the only thing the Miep brought for them. He eat the food only out of necessity not because he wants to. Showing what Mr. Van Daan is willing to do to survive. If I were faced with this situation I would probably be so sick of eating the same foods over and over again repeatedly, at some points I might feel like not eating just because I am so tired of eating the same food. I would still eat the food most days. It is all that we would have so I would be forced to. I would have reacted in a similar fashion to the way that Mr. Van Daan did, ultimately showing his willingness to survive.

This is an example of the type of food the attic residents would eat. On occasion, they would eat these beans for every meal of the day.

Julia Jablonski

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme the will to survive is demonstrated numerous times. One instance is when everyone gets mad at Anne for having a nightmare. During this time period, the Germans would bomb the city at night if they suspected any noise or movement from buildings, homes, stores, etc. So, although it was dark out, they was still danger surrounding them. After Anne had her terrifying dream, many people reacted like Mr. Dussel did when he said, “Something must be done about that child, Mrs Frank. Yelling like that! Who knows but there’s somebody on the streets? She’s endangering all our lives.” If I was somebody who went into hiding with the Frank’s, I would have had a similar reaction to Mr. Dussel because they went into hiding to survive the war and with behavior like Anne’s, everyone would be put into danger. Conclusively, the theme the will to survive is shown in Anne’s diary on many occasions.

The Green Police were something all the Jewish feared. If they get captured by them, they would be sent to a concentration camp.

Hannah Gibbs

Hannah &


The last quote that Mr. Frank reads from the diary is, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” This shows that Anne is an optimistic girl because she sees the light and goodness in everything, even when she should feel bitter. Also, Anne had the ability to be kind towards others even when they dislike her. An example of this would be when it was Hanukkah. Although they might have been hostile to Anne, she was still humane and gave each resident a heartfelt give. This quote is so important to Anne’s character and memory because it showed her true personality. Even though there was a lot of bad in the world at the time, she still believed that it was a sterling and favorable place to be. She believed even with all the bad in the world, she could power through emotionally and physically. Also saying how people still have good intentions even if they don’t seem too. Her ability to power through all the negativity surrounding her religion ultimately shows her will to survive. She wanted to life a full life after being in hiding. She wanted this no matter the cost. This is her will to survive, Anne’s attitude was her way to survive. Anne Frank saw the good in people in when she was in such a horrible situation, that was her way of showing her will to survive.



This statue  of Anne Frank was made to honor her and preserve her because she could see good in people even when times were rough. 


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