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Dylan R. Flink

Matt T. Heeren

Teenager Reflections on the Play of Anne Frank:

Electronic Diary

Entry #2

            I would be a protector even if I suffered the same fate because there is no superior race. One race does not deserve to live more than the other because all men and women are and will be created equal with all the same weaknesses.  One race cannot rule supreme without killing off your own so I would help them knowing that I would get the same fate because I do not believe one race is better.

Entry #2 of Matt's Reflections 

            I would have the hardest time to get along with Mr. Dussel because he thinks he knows children but doesn't seem to grasp Anne and always wants to be alone.  He does not contribute by telling his story about where he is from and where he wants to go after. He always prefers to get away from everyone no matter what.  He seems to be the type of guy that would rat everyone out just for his benefit.  

Entry #3 of Matt's Reflections

If I was Mr. Frank I would not have returned because of how he reacted when Miep told him to stay. He reacted like it would have been torcher to stay there and remember what was there and what happened there. He also looked at the place and finds a glove on the ground and loses all self-control and begins to cry so something bad must have happened to make him up set for seeing a glove.

Entry #4 of Matt's Reflections 

My favorite family celebration is Passover.  My family and I would celebrate it almost the same way that we usually do if we were in hiding like the Franks.  We would mainly try to keep kosher during Passover.  This may not be possible though because you would not want any unwanted attention for trying to buy foods that are kosher for Passover.  If we could not keep kosher than just being there together as a family would be enough.

Entry #5 of Dylan's Reflections  

    At one point in the conversation, Peter tells Anne that he doesn't need friends.  I agree with this statementbecause although you will always need others the ones you trust the most can hurt you the most.  I say that only from the books that I have read before but I do know that if you have a friend and you don’t trust them completely you should not tell them any of your secrets.  Now some will say that you need friends to help you along during rough times but this is not true because most of the time no matter what support your friends will give it would actually be better to talk to someone you don’t know who will not sugarcoat the situation you're in.  This is why I don’t think that you need friends

Entry #7 of Dylan's Reflections 

Entry #8 of Dylan's Reflections

At one point in the scene the telephone rings and Mr. Frank refuses to pick it up.  I agree with Mr. Frank's decision on not to pick it up because later on in the act the Gestapo agents come in and find them.  I think Mr. Frank’s decision was good because if he picked it up it could have been the Gestapo agents on the other side confirming if there were Jews there.  If it was me I also would not have picked up the phone just in case it was the Gestapo agents on the other side.  That is why I think Mr. Frank did the right thing and that is also why I would do the same.

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