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Anne Frankly

Written by:

Daniel Falvo, Nick Mitchell

Christmas For All

If I were in hiding like Anne and were in hiding during a holiday we would probably make the best of the situation. My favorite family celebration would have to be Christmas with its festive air and happy memories it would be the holiday that I would least want to miss. We would probably have to skip the tree for obvious reasons. If we were to celebrate Christmas in hiding we would end any arguments for a day and just celebrate being alive and safe for as long as we had. We might have made presents for each other but most would probably forget with all the worrying going on from being in hiding. That is what me and my family would do for Christmas in hiding.

     I would find it easiest to deal with Mr. Frank as he is very calm in the play. He is also very caring in the play. In the play he doesn't hesitate to let Mr. Dussel to join them in their hideout which shows he is caring. In the story Mr. Frank also doesn’t explode when Anne spills milk on the fur coat which shows he is calm. Most of the other characters in the story would infuriate me so Mr. Frank would probably be the only one who wouldn't.

All the Annoyances in the World

Family Feud

      In the play Mr. Frank said ”We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.” This means that if they didn’t stop fighting amongst themselves then they might not survive long enough for the war to come to an end. This is shown by how Mrs. Frank reacts to Mr. Van Daan stealing food: “Just that! Take your things and get out!... No! No! No more talk! I want them to leave!”. This shows how at each other's throat everyone is that they would throw two people out just because they stole some food. It also shows how bad a situation is that people are yelling about stealing half a piece of bread.


The Great Dutch Potato Famine

     In the story when Mr. Van Dann steals food the “family” almost splits apart. They handle the situation by reminding him of what he is surviving and by threatening him. If I handled the situation i would not make him feel bad. I would remind him about what he is going through and that he should think about it in somebody else’s perspective. I believe that making somebody feel bad is never a good idea. I believe that the the best way to change someone is to build them up, not to bring them down.

     I would not be able to be as great as a protector as Miep and Mr. Kraler. They would risk their lives for someone else, which is simply something I could never do. Also sometimes, its simply not a good idea. Its simply quality of life. Why should someone completely waste their time for a seemingly lost cause? Even in the rare occasion where the jewish family that was being protected survived, they would never be accepted with such racism and have an awful quality of life. Still, even though this sounds completely heartless and cruel, but its the honest truth. Would you make a horse live without its legs?


The Protectors of The Family

      As conflicts in the household arrive, tension doubles. Even though they know they could die any moment. One of the problems that they have is that Anne keeps continually insulting and teasing Peter. If I was in this conflict or if Mr. Frank could've handled it differently, I believe the best solution would be to remind them of the terrible dangers that they have to live with. I would reinform Anne and Peter that the only thing in between them and the horrific dangers of death, disease, starvation, torture ,and genocide is a 6 inch brick wall. This would hopefully scare the two into getting along and forcing them to savor their fragile lives while they last. This solution could probably be the best for all solutions and would use the benefit of the human adaptation of fear to stop fighting.


Fear and Deprssion.



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