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Period 7

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Inspired by Anne Frank


    Anne mentions many restrictions at the end of scene one. These restrictions include her father going out of business, wearing yellow stars, turning in bikes, not being able to go to school, not being able to go other places, not riding in automobiles, and many other things. I would handle these situations by improvising and finding other things to give me a enjoyable time. I would think creatively to come up with things to do while in these situations. I would take advantage of my parents to learn new things, since I would not have the opportunity to go to school. Also, I would use my resources as things to have fun, instead of riding my bike. Lastly, I would spend time really bonding with the people I am with, instead of socializing with other people at, for say, the movies. That is how I would handle the restrictions Anne mentioned at the end of scene one.


April 27, 2015

    My favorite family celebration is Christmas. My family and I would celebrate this holiday if we were in hiding like the Franks as best as possible. For example, in the text, the Franks and everyone else makes the best of a bad situation and they have fun celebrating Hanukkah. I would make  makeshift presents, like Anne, and try to brighten the mood as much as possible. To add on, I would have our protector try to get us a better meal than usual because it is an important holiday to my family. Lastly, we would try to celebrate as quietly as possible and at the end of the celebration, we would pray that we would be out of this bad situation very soon.


May 4, 2015

    Anne has changed by almost giving up hope. On page 843 she says, “What’s the good of thinking misery when you’re already miserable?” This quote shows how she went from optimistic to completely seeing the down side of things. Anne used to always be happy and hopeful. Now, she has lost some of her hope and feels like she will never make it out of hiding.


May 5, 2015

    At one point in the conversation, Peter tells Anne that he doesn’t have any friends. He says that he does not need friends to be happy. I disagree with Peter 100 percent. I believe that friends are second most important, after family. Anywho, If I need someone to talk to, most of the time I go to my best friend to talk about what’s going on. If I were to lose someone important in my life, my friends would help me through it. On the other hand, with Peter, he has no one to go for support. Also, if I didn’t have any friends, my life would be beyond boring. They bring happiness to my life and make me laugh. I do not agree with Peter whatsoever. 


May 6, 2015

    At one point in the scene, the telephone rings and rings and Mr. Frank refuses to pick it up. I think that he made the right decision because if he were to answer the phone, there is the great risk that it might be someone trying to know if you’re hiding and they could tell the Green Police. In the text it says “Dussel: For God’s sake… I ask you. Mr Frank: No. I’ve told you, no. I’ll do nothing that might let anyone know we’re in the building.” I would do the same and not answer the ringing phone because, as Mr. Frank also said, I wouldn’t want anyone to know that anyone was in the building. Even if it were some they knew, like Miep or Mr. Kraler, I don’t think that they would’ve called knowing the circumstances that the people in hiding are in.


May 8, 2015


If I could have a conversation with Anne today I would want to say many things. I would ask Anne how it was like to be in hiding for so long. I would as what were the hardest part about it was, and what the easiest part about it was. Also, I would ask her what is is like to be in a concentration camp, and ask how she strived to survive. Another thing I would ask is, how it was like to live with people for so long that you did not get along with. Lastly I would ask what it was like to be Jewish at that time and how she was able to stay hopeful in these times. This is just some of the many questions I would want to ask Anne.


May 8, 2015


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