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 The Diary of Mitch Ashcraft and Dylan Lasecki

If was Mr. Frank I wouldn’t have returned because that would be a really bad memory. I wouldn’t return because the memories would haunt me so much that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. In the text it says “I’ve come to say goodbye… I’m leaving here Miep” This tells you that Mr. Frank doesn’t want to be there at all just because of his responses to Miep. Just like Mr. Frank I wouldn’t like reading a diary that my deceased daughter wrote. The experience Mr. Frank went through would not be a easy experience to go through and nobody should ever have to experience it.


Being Mr. Frank

Anne changed between scenes because she now thinks that the grownups have ruined any chances they have of surviving. On page 843, Anne is yelling at the parents and telling them that she, Margot, and Peter are holding onto their hopes and wishes to be free. This is different from other scenes because Anne is showing her emotions through her anger. Anne also changed because now she is comparing herself to Margot. She never had like that people had compared her to Margot but now she was proudly comparing herself to her sister. Anne changed dramatically because she has spent so much time in hiding with the jews.

People do change



I feel that humans do need friends. I feel this way for many reasons. One reason is that friends can help you through rough times when it is either too hard for your family to help, or if you don’t want to talk to your family about it. Also, friends are fun to just hang around or play games with. Without friends, everyone would just sit around doing nothing, because even tv and games are created by friends, because without having friends, you wouldn’t have anyone to make the show or game with, or someone to show it to. To add to that, friends are (or at least should be) loyal, and a good shoulder to lean on when they are needed. So I think that people need friends to be happy.


Friends or no friends

I would have various feelings if someone I trusted and let into my home was stealing from me. First, I would feel very betrayed. I would feel this way because I saved their life and allowed them to hide with me in the little space I had, and they went and stole from me in my house. Next, I would feel upset. I would feel this way because my trusted friend is stealing food from the rest of us when we are all sitting here starving, and he is stealing and blaming it on rats. Finally, I would feel disappointed. I would feel this way because we have three starving kids in the hideout and here he is, an adult, stealing from them rather than trying to help my two starving daughters and his starving son.  Those are some of the various feelings I would have.



I feel that Mr. Frank made the right decision by not answering the phone. Also, I would do the same thing and just leave it alone. I would do this because for all they know, it is the Nazis calling, and they know that nobody is supposed to be there. And, if it was the Nazis, then the Nazis would have came and captured them right then and there. In the text, it says “No. I’ve told you no. I’ll do nothing that might let anyone know we’re in the building” I agree with this statement because by answering the phone, Mr. Frank could very easily and unknowingly put them all in danger. This is why I feel that Mr. Frank did the right thing.


The Phone is Ringing

Live and Learn

It is important for students to read about Anne Frank because they need to learn how hard living in this time period was. This was a time where millions of people lost their lives because on man wanted to rule the world. If people know more about this topic, this could prevent this from happening again. This is also important because this book shows how some people wanted to help in tough times like this. But this book mostly tells a story about the troubling times of a girl that the whole world should know about.



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Act 2 scene 5


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