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BY Lucas MAnn and justin watanabe period 6

The Journey For Hope

Restrictions on jewish people

 August 17th, 1942

At the end of the first scene Anne mentions many restrictions that were put on the Jewish people.  Some of the restrictions that Anne mentioned were wearing yellow stars (Star of David), not being able to go to Dutch school, the inability to go to the movies, but overall the worst restriction was having to be enclosed in the hiding place. I would handle these situations very poorly. I would most likely fret over wearing the yellow star and how it would make my clothes look ugly or even worse make a permanent stain. Also, I am very prone to losing items. Therefore I would most likely lose the Star of  David and the shirt it is attached to. If I attended the Dutch school and then all of a sudden not being able to attend the school. I would feel very depressed and forlorn because of the lack of communication with fellow peers. I would also miss having a scheduled school day and enjoying the humorous and sometimes serious school days.

I would dread not being able to go to the movies because I would not be able to see the newest entertainment and I would not have a stress reliever. The worst restriction of all is being enclosed in a hiding place. It would be the worst restriction of all because I am a person who can not live in a certain room for too long. Therefore I get very bored at an extremely rapid pace. Ultimately, I would probably end up dying of boredom then actually trying to save my life from the Green Police. That is how I would handle these situations.


The Trouble with strangers

September 28, 1942 

In scene two, there were two families that were total strangers that were stuck together in a hiding place. My family and I would have lots of trouble living with total strangers. I would think that the first problem is we have no idea how the strangers would behave in a hiding place. The second problem would be that the new people are not team players or work properly together. Therefore, when a schedule is already in place for us the stranger might want to disobey the already applied schedule. The last problem would be that the stranger will have an enormous appetite and food would be even more scarce than before. My family and I would probably cope with these problems by first learning about the strangers and getting to know their past experiences. To deal with the second problem we would create extremely strict rules such as limited time in the w.c. if certain rules were not followed. The last problem could be coped with by proportioning the food evenly so that it is fair for everyone. That is how my family and I would deal with total strangers.


how anne changes

 October 12th, 1948

Anne’s outbursts and arguments are focused on trivial matters earlier in the play. In scene one of act two there is a change in her. She starts arguing about things that are meaningful instead of being babyish. For example Anne said “Margot! Margot! Margot! That’s all I hear from everyone……” However, on page 843 Anne starts arguing in a more philosophical manner she said “What’s the good of that? What’s the good of thinking of misery when you’re already miserable? That’s stupid!” As seen by the quotes it seems as if Anne is becoming more mature and is arguing about things that are worth arguing. Anne changes a lot because she is starting to understand that thinking about something doesn’t do any good and that whining like she did earlier in the play also does nothing. Anne is starting to blossom into a very different person. First off, Anne is not bursting in sparks of anger she is making a good point and backing it up. Secondly, Anne is not mimicking or making fun of anyone she is just expressing the feelings she feels. Lastly, Anne was always ignorant but now she is starting to realize what kind of world they actually live in. That is how Anne was different then she was earlier in the play.


Relationship Troubles

November 11th, 1948

The one person that I would have the most trouble living with would be Mr. Van Daan because he finds that not finishing your work is disappointing. The reason why that would be an issue would be that I don’t like to do math work. I really don’t like to do homework at all. I also don’t like that he smokes. I hate it when people have bad habits. That is the person that I would have trouble living with.   



December 20th, 1948 

If my family went into hiding and we had to celebrate a holiday that holiday would be Christmas. If my family went into hiding and it was Christmas my family would not have a tree and that is a really big part of the holiday. We would have to make homemade presents and or no presents at all. That we would spend more time with each other more then if we weren’t in hiding. That is what my family would do with our favorite holiday if we were in hiding.               


January 1st, 1949

I do not agree with what Peter said. I think that everyone needs a friend. This is because if you don’t have friends who could you talk to when you are sad. If you don’t have any friends you can’t tell anyone how you feel. You can’t have any fun without friends. this is why I disagree with what Peter said.      


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