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CATT SPECOPS brochure 3-10

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CATT SPECOPS Under the Wire Protect the House www catt jpgs org

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The Military Experience Under the Wire In God We Trust

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In God We Trust In God We Trust Welcome to the CATT SPECOPS Crusader Advanced Tactical Training CATT provides one of a kind venues to facilitate the Special Operations community Law Enforcement 1st Responders and various other Military and Government Departments Agencies and Contractors CATT allows clientele the capabilities of full mission profile planning training and execution Based on our strategic partnership agreements with the National Center for Complex Operations NCCO we offer world class fully modernized Military training facilities enabling CATT to support the ability to conduct full scale training in all areas including Unconventional Warfare UW It is CATT s mission to accommodate our clientele and provide great customer service to ensure success in their training operations success in their training operations Kevin L Presnell President 1

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In God We Trust Protect the House Purpose and Scope Crusader Advanced Tactical Training CATT offers one of a kind one stop shop resiliency training and education opportunities at multi billion dollar venues consisting of the following world renowned Indiana facilities in America s Heartland Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center CAJMTC Muscatatuck Urban Training Center MUTC Jefferson Proving Ground North JPGN Jefferson Proving Ground South JPGS Private Tactical Training Facility CATT develops creative solutions for multi disciplinary resiliency training challenges by customizing support for unique scenarios while providing superior responsive customer service Mission Statement Crusader Advanced Tactical Training CATT CATT Big Buck Boot Camp 3BC and CATT Ministries Foundation CMF have a combined mission to provide multi disciplinary resiliency training and support to public private and academic sectors while providing rehabilitation vocational and job placement services for veterans and disadvantaged youth 2

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CATT SPECOPS Capabilities In God We Trust Establish a Regional Special Operations Capability R SOC that supports full mission profile planning training and execution Provide for the conduct of realistic full scale training areas and facilities to develop and execute Tactics Techniques and Procedures TTP s Enable Unconventional Warfare mission planning training and execution with facilities and land use agreements on restricted land to support establishment of Unconventional Warfare Operational Areas UWOA and applicable mission sets Establish a Technology Transition and Testing Cell T3C for operational equipment testing concurrent with full spectrum mission training and execution Public Sector Clientele Special Operations Law Enforcement Emergency Services US Military NATO Forces State Local Tribal Government Government Defense Contractors Federal Government Departments Agencies 3

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In God We Trust CATT Capabilities continued Training Facilities Capabilities World Renowned Urban Training Center Full mission profile planning training and execution Operations planning center Mission isolation area Close Quarters Battle CQB live fire multiple target houses Fixed wing rotary wing base operations with hangar drop zones Unimproved airfield 4 runways Live air bombing range Laser air bombing range Long range known distance targetry Military free fall and static line drop zones Unmanned Aerial Systems UAS training and execution area Close Air Support CAS training area laser Multiple Shooting ranges free fire zones 4 x 100 indoor range Up to 50 cal capable Demolition grenade range breaching Off road tactical driving IED avoidance Elevated shooting platform sniper Underground bunkers with rail access and truck docks Underground tunnels Technology and Testing Capabilities CATT Jefferson Proving Ground South includes a defense contractor industrial business park with existing businesses to support training operations such as a welding shop diesel mechanic shop fabrication shop machine shop Duke Energy and other miscellaneous businesses Also CATT JPGS has existing commercial rental buildings and land available for defense contractors and academia to manufacture and or assemble for technology Transition and Testing Cell T3C for special operations equipment In addition there are build to suit capabilities for new construction if existing buildings do not fit the customers requirements CATT JPGS also features rental facilities with rail access including under ground bunkers with loading and unloading docks for rail and semi truck 4

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In God We Trust Indiana Regional Military Installations Chicago Smith Field Hill Top MOA Grissom AFB Terre Haute Hulman Field Lake Glendora Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center Red Hills MOA Stout Field Dayton Indianapolis Wright Patterson Wilmington Air Park Camp Atterbury Colunbus Airport MUTC Muscatatuck N Vernon Airport Cincinnati Muscatatuck Brush Creek MOA Jefferson Proving Grounds North Ground South Louisville ANG Range Jefferson Proving Ground North ANG Range Ohio River Ft Knox Jefferson Proving Ground South Ft Campbell 5

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75 76 77 78 580 79 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 BL UE Training Areas 88 590 89 91 92 93 CAMP ATTERBURY 65 JOINT MANEUVER TRAINING CENTER FLATROCK Tower 308 95 210 203 O AFP218 R E TO CONVERT A GRID AZIMUTH TO A MAGNETIC AZIMUTH ADD G M ANGLE 0 5 0 5 Ch K Q 0 elin TRL 30 NTRY K 0 25 Ch Cem MFP30 INFA OC 0 Freeman Cem Pip TANK HENDRICKS FORD RD 13 14 TR 208 ANDY DZ 15 OP 4 38TH ST 803 C 16 DURBIN SED TANK OPO 29 ST E RD 17 MFP29 Himsel Field Hard surface 215 118 Y AFP723 53 802 RD CP3 B 18 27 DER 21 20 19 FAIRBANKS OLHOUS PR 703 Cem 702 21A 22 CO RD 650 S 2 56 219 804 SCHO T TRL 314 BYPASS WES 54 WIL 23 24A MFP28 801 Natural Resources Mgmt H FOB 2 WILDER RD 24 28 CP3 11 U CLS TRL Gravel Pits AFP214 ST RG 24 H5 6 7 L TRL 701 ACP SEED R LA 1 EVANS RD 800 WORLD GEODETIC SYSTEM 1984 1000 METER UTM ZONE 16 TRANSVERSE MERCATOR MEAN SEA LEVEL WORLD GEODETIC SYSTEM 1984 U S ARMY SUSTAINABLE RANGE PROGRAM 212 ASP COUNTY LINE RD J PIT 25 272 Cem AFP139 117 114 110 26 ISON HIL AFP132 AFP130 825 WEST RD AND WILDLIFE AREA ST M HARR OO AFP118 L AFP163 AFP131 AFP117 E F ING SHR AFP250 W AFP116 TRL MU AFP134 WILDER AFP112 AFP109 AFP115 TO CONVERT A MAGNETIC AZIMUTH TO A GRID AZIMUTH SUBTRACT G M ANGLE USERS SHOULD REFER CORRECTIONS ADDITIONS AND COMMENTS TO THE INSTALLATION DPTM OFFICE 812 526 1351 DSN 569 2351 MC Carl G Farrell Recreation Area Water Tower 297 60 SP TROOP 57 HOSPITAL RD AFP135 116 221 AFP108 CP3 8 U BL ATTERBURY FISH HEADQUARTERS RD GATL IP WEST H10 V 109 N 219 ROW EV 700 RD SMITH DZ BOR NIN EH 115 Tower RP RESERVE AFP100 106 Peoga Lake 55 CP3 D 108 PRINCES LAKES TRL JOHNSON CO BROWN CO L OP 2 CP3 1 105 14 e TR t Lak Water Treatment Admin Facility 113 s L 105 OS Princes Lakes Eas ITH Hant Hood Lake 56 SM 104 I EDINBURGH ST Water Tower 283 51 DZ FOB 3 H12 58 ST 103 16 CP3 C 15 DOTTIE 107 232 DE 102 Nineveh Sch CO RD 750 S GA Atterbury Cemetery DIVISION ST NSI RED H11 750 SOUTH RD Cem SU 59 BUR Lick Spring Ch 57 GRID CONVERGENCE 0 37 11 MILS FOR CENTER OF SHEET Mines Active Abandoned ELLIPSOID GRID PROJECTION VERTICAL DATUM HORIZONTAL DATUM PRINTED BY Pip RODEO DR Cem Forest Hospital Heliport 205 ST CREEK 100 101 TH Scrub Open woodland Located object Airfield Runway E Bell Lake Johnson County Park 58 25 60 CO RD 650 S NOR Tower 305 79 PO W Chapel 2010 G M ANGLE 4 9 86 MILS VEGETATION Cemetery 62 0 Pisgah Lake Radio Tower Stonearch Lake Intermittent Marsh Swam p Land subject to inundation SCALE 1 25 000 E ST ACP WILD Coyote Marsh BL 55 SID Reservation Military National Forest State Park Building School C hurch 61 line Pipe 262 4360 RN Perennial MISCELLANEOUS CULTURAL FEATURES Y RD BU AND WILDLIFE AREA Lakes Rivers County paris h RD FERR ATTERBURY FISH 233 CO RD 600 S 59 Camp Atterbury Training Center CAJMTC 550 SOUTH RD

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Jefferson Proving Ground North South Old Timbers 180ac Live Air Bombing Range Laser Air Bombing Range 1 000 ac Air to Ground Gunnery Impact Area 10 000 sq ft Old Timbers Lodge Old Timbers 180 ac Lake 7

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Your Support Gives Back CATT Big Buck Boot Camp 3BC CATT Ministries Foundation Big Buck Boot Camp a 501 c 3 not for profit organization whose God given CATT Ministries Foundation CMF mission is to offer a venue where youth Veterans the CMF provides resource information for rehabilitation disabled and terminally ill can experience nature while programs for our vets suffering from a variety of illnesses enjoying a full range of outdoor sporting activities and Treatment for Alcoholism Post Traumatic Stress Disorder programs created to emphasize sharing wellness learning PTSD Traumatic Brain Injury TBI Anger Depression and exploring in a context that has been carefully planned and Anxiety issues are available for all our vets through one for safety enjoyment and camaraderie of our suggested programs CATT Big Buck Boot Camp 3BC is a 4 300 acre Hunt CMF is geared toward the rehabilitation of this country s Camp located on the private side of Jefferson Proving Veterans as well as providing support for their family Ground South JPGS a former military base in Madison members CMF offers a host of rehabilitation resources Indiana 3BC is populated with an incredible deer and that include vocation rehabilitation and educational turkey population This along with our access roads opportunities geared toward the Veteran with limited job and extensive management program assures multiple skills to obtain a job in the civilian market or those that opportunities to see wildlife and harvest game We desire to re train in a variety of relevant skill sets needed accomplish our mission by proudly showcasing 125 acres in today s workforce These degrees and certificates are of managed wildlife food lots over 75 tree stands and accredited and recognized by employers shooting houses many are handicap accessible and 30 deer and turkey feeders Hunts are fully guided and safe We provide everything from license overnight accommodations food transport vehicles stands field dressing game check in game processing game mounts guns and ammo crossbows www catt ministriesfoundation org www catt bigbuckbootcamp org 8 www catt ministriesfoundation org

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Protect the House CATT Crusader Advanced Tactical Training P O Box 123 Morgantown IN 46160 Office 317 497 0622 Toll Free 855 728 4868 Fax 800 381 5294 www catt jpgs org info catt jpgs org Feal free to join us on In God We Trust 3 10 15