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The  Diary of Anne Frank



                                                                                                        Act 1


Act 1, Scene1,  #2

If I was Mr.Frank, I would not have returned to the secret anex because the emotions would be to much for me to handle. This is where a terrifying event took place. Being a Jew, being captured and taken to a Concentration Camp, and witnessing what happened to some of those good innocent people, I would not be brave enough to go back.  Mr. Frank returned to his office, which happen to be below where he was hiding. It brought back a lot of pain but he had to go back to work.



Act 1, Scene 2,  #2


I think my family would be alittle weary about strangers moving in with us. I would be a little suspicious of them and not trust them at first. The rest of my family would be welcoming especially because they were in need.  I think some problems we would face would be bickering alot.  There would not be a lot of room and there would be less food for everyone.  I would cope with this issue by being careful and sharing certain things. But I would try to be friends with then because we are stuck together.


The diary of Anne Frank


Act 1, Scene 3,  #2

I think the hardest person to get along with would be Mr. Van-Dan. I think this because he is always in a bad mood. He complained alot about cigarettes and food. Also when he was telling Ann that she should shut up for 5 minutes, and would always yell and talk back to her for no apparent reason was really mean.  He was also not a good father to Peter. 


 Act 1, Scene 4,  #1

One of the things that I would miss doing if I were in hiding, is surfing because it makes me feel free. Another thing I would miss doing, is running and sprinting because when I sprint I feel like I could fly and nobody could drag me down to the surface. I would really miss drumming and singing, because I feel that it takes my mind off of things.  If I did not drum or sing for a day I would probably go insane.  Lastly, I would miss doing stunts on my XGames Pro Scooter.I would miss gliding down the side walk and juming up on curbs. I like the feeling of control.





The diary of Anne Frank

Act 2, Scene1,  #1

Anne has changed because ever since her last fight with her mom, she has seemed to be calmer. Also, when Anne’s mom came into her room and asked her not to close the door to Peter’s room, she did not talk back to her mother. Anne also became happier ever since she found out that the British and Americans landed in Europe. Anne is more positive and does not want to think of all the horror in the world. Anne wants to take matters into her own hands.


Act 2, Scene 2,  #1

I disagree.  I believe people need friends to be happy.  Friends can help you when you are down. Friends will always be there for you.  They can always make you laugh.  Letting your thoughts out to someone makes you feel better and you can move on with your life..

The Diary of Anne Frank

Act 2, Scene 3, #1

Mr. Frank was trying to say there is no difference between the Nazi's killing them or them fighting between eachother. They seemed to be destroying themselves because their fighting was not getting them anywhere just was making things worse.  Not trusting eachother could kill them.  They could be found because of their arguing, and killed, or they could starve.  The Franks also wanted to kick the Van Daan's out of the house.  They would most likely be killed if they did not have a place to hide.


Act 2, Scene 4, #1

I think Mr. Frank made the right decision because it could have been a Nazi calling to see if there was someone in the building. No one had come to work and there was not a sound in the building.  It also was not Sun, a no work day, it was a Fri. and still no one in the building. I would not have answered the phone either because I would be too scared to be found by a Nazi.  Mr. Frank said that Miep would never call to give a signal.  Also, they kept calling which probably meant it was not Miep.

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