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Roofseal Catalogue

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ROOFSEAL APP Modified Waterproofing membrane DESCRIPTION BITUMAT ROOFSEAL is a pre fabricated APP QUALITY CONTROL In addition to stringent regular tests by modified bitumen membrane designed for BITUMAT laboratory our products are tested economy and easy applications periodically by Independent laboratories ROOFSEAL P is reinforced with 180 gsm non woven polyester fabric whereas ROOFSEAL G is reinforced with a glasfiber mat The re INSTALLATION TOOLS REQUIRED inforcement is impregnated and coated on both sides with polymer modified bitumen Gas torch Knife Trowel Measuring tape USES BITUMAT ROOFSEAL membrane is idealfor a wide range of waterproofing applications including roofs basements tunnels car parks and reservoirs Marking string Gloves APPLICATION BITUMAT ROOFSEAL is installed by torch welding method Peripheries and protrusions are sealed accord ing to specifications OUTSTANDING FEATURES o Total impermeability o Good bondability seam integrity o Stability at high temperature o Good flexibility o Compatible with all normal roofing COVERAGE RATE Approx Rate may very as site requirement and Flat areas building Components 1 15 M M per layer with 10 cms Side laps and 15 cms End laos GENERAL DATA Nominal Roll Length 10 Mtrs Nominal Rollwidth 1M Nominal Thickness 3 4 5 MM Re inforcement Non woven polyester Glasfibre mat TORCHING GUIDELINES The underside of the membrane should be torched just enough to superficially melt the bitumen Excessive heating may damage reinforcement PACKAGING o 3MM 28 rolls pallet o 4mm 23 rolls pallet FINISHES BITUMAT ROOFSEAL is available in two basic finishes o Black smooth finish with polyethylene surfaces for covered applications o Granule surfacing for exposed applications Overlaps should be re heated from the top and resealed with a trowelto ensure seam integrity For details of installation methods and flashing requirements consult the relevant BITUMAT sysfem design and lnstallation Manual

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ROOFSEAL APP Modifi ed Waterproofing membrane PBMOl TECHNICAL DATA Property MAYO49 TypicalValue R 00 00 Test Method ROOFSEAL P ROOFSEAL G Polyester Glasfiber 155 155 ASTM D36 25 25 ASTMD5 900 800 350 300 ASTM D 51 47 50 45 3 0 3 3 ASTM D 51 47 l Reinforcement 2 Softening point 3 Penetration 2SoCdmm 4 Tensile strength L T N 5CM 23 C 5 Elongation Lfi 23 C o Tear strength L T N 500 400 60 80 ASTM D 51 47 7 Heat resistance 800C No flow No flow ASTM D 51 47 8 Coldflexibility 0 2 0 2 ASTM D 51 47 I Lap joint strength L T N 5CM 230C 900 800 350 300 CGSB 37 GP 56M oC oC The Information given In this Technical Data Sheet reflects typical median properties based on laboratory test and practical expenence Subject to the tolerance levels of UEA to directives However as the product is often used under conditions bevond our control we can t warrant but the oroduct itself THIS PUBLICATION AUTOMATICALLY SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUS PUBLICATION RELATING TO THIS PRODUCT BITUMAT COMPANY LIMITED Distributed by Corporate Office P O Box7487 Dammam 31462 Saudi Arabia Tel 966 3 81212101812121 3 Fax 966 3 81 21 1 9018121189 Website www bitumat com email marketing bitumat com Central Region P O Box 58698 Riyadh 11515 Saudi Arabia Tel 01 477044314792553 Fax 01 4762318 Western Region P O Box 12605 Jeddah 21483 Saudi Arabia Tel 02 6644449 Fax 02 6640506 Revised 07 2015