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Camp Lookout 2021 Camp Catalog

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A Ministry of the Holston Conference Adventure AwaitsSUMMER CAMP 2021

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*All photos in Catalog taken Summer 2019 or prior and do not reect current COVID protocols.

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3130 Highway 157Rising Fawn, GA 30738This summer’s theme is A New Creation, based on 2 Corinthians 5:17, which says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone and the new is here!” (NIV). Our campers will learn how to love what God is creating in and through them. Our hope is that after one week at summer camp, each camper will return home with a renewed sense of value as a child of God. Come and see how God is making a new creation! @CAMPLOOKOUTGAREGISTER NOWvisit camplookout.comor call 423.929.9037or 706.820.11631

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3PRE-CAMP INFORMATION AND HEALTH SCREENING | Each camper and staff will receive updated information on established protocols to help mitigate COVID-19 at Camp Lookout as well as pre-screening surveys prior to on-site health screening at check-in. Out of an abundance of care and precaution, campers with pre-existing conditions for complications with COVID-19 as dened by the CDC are strongly discouraged from attending camp this summer. COHORT GROUPS | Each cabin will function as a group for the week. They will eat meals together, participate in activities as a group, enjoy Bible study and worship as a small group, and only interact with other groups while physically separated by no less than 6 feet. DAILY CLEANING | We will increase our cleaning protocols so that each building is cleaned daily, and necessary equipment is cleaned after each use.Camp Lookout is dedicated to continuing the quality program campers and parents have come to expect and experience each summer. COVID-19 protocols will change the way we run our day-to-day camping program. These changes will help us limit and hopefully eliminate exposure to COVID-19 at Camp Lookout. In the event of severe restrictions and/or elevated risks to campers and staff due to COVID-19, cancellation of some or all weeks is a possibility. The safety and well-being of every camper and staff is our top priority.SUMMER CAMPAND COVID-19:OTHER PROACTIVE MITIGATING FACTORS | Camp capacity has been reduced by 50%. Campers and staff will wear face masks in space shared by other cabin groups, when activities require non-avoidable close contact, and during transition times throughout the day. Each of our programs have been modied to comply with CDC, state/local, and Holston Conference guidelines. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE EVENT OF POSSIBLE COVID-19 EXPOSURE | If a camper or staff member develops COVID-19 symptoms, a parent/guardian will immediately be contacted, and they will be sent home. In the event of a COVID-19 positive camper or staff member, we will notify those exposed and actively participate in health department contact tracing.Camp Lookout protocols and policy are available for review at

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July1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31June1 2 3 456 7 8 9 10 111213 14 15 16 17 181920 21 22 23 24 252627 28 29 30CAMPSCamp Lookout is a wonderful place for campers to try new activities and adventures, meet new friends, and experience the love of Christ in the glory of God’s creation. Weeks are age-specic. All activities and night programs are planned to provide the best experience possible for your camper’s age group. Each age group has something a little different to offer. Residential camps are 4 nights and 5 days of camp fun and excitement.Campers get to choose their preferred type of activities before coming to camp and will be assigned to cohort groups consisting of campers that have the same type of activity interest. These small groups will live in the same cabin, eat meals together, and participate in Bible studies and activities as a group (see page 13). With cohort groups physically distanced from each other, campers will experience high-energy worship, singing, and evening events.YOUNGER ELEMENTARY3rd-4th GRADE | $445Resident4

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July1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31July1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31June1 2 3 456 7 8 9 10 111213 14 15 16 17 181920 21 22 23 24 252627 28 29 30JUNIOR HIGHOLDER ELEMENTARY5th-6th GRADE | $4457th-9th GRADE | $4655

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July1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31June1 2 3 456 7 8 9 10 111213 14 15 16 17 181920 21 22 23 24 252627 28 29 305th-6th GRADE4th GRADEHORSEBACK SAMPLER | $535CAMPSHorseback• Horseback Sampler – All riding in arena, basic skills• Horseback Camp (grades 5-6) – All riding in arena, basic and intermediate skills (matched up to rider’s skills)• Horseback Camp (grades 7-9) – Arena and trail riding. Basic and intermediate skills (matched up to rider’s skills)• Horseback II – Arena and trail riding. Special dusk riding with campre, intermediate and advanced skills (matched to rider’s skills)Horseback camps at Camp Lookout are a great way to experience horseback riding for the rst time or to rene your current skills. All lessons take place on camp property with our own horses and certied instructors. Horseback Sampler camps include two 3-hour sessions at the barn. All other horseback camps include three 3-hour sessions. Campers also enjoy Bible study, worship, activities (see page 13), and awesome nighttime events in cohort groups. Each horseback camp includes: rider and horse safety; horse, tack, and barn care; riding skills; and the importance of building a relationship with these beautiful animals. Grades 4-6 horseback campers will spend time in the riding arena, learning and polishing basic riding skills. Grades 7-12 campers spend time on the trail as well as the arena. Horseback II camp is designed for riders who have completed at least one previous year of horseback camp or equivalent experience.6

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June1 2 3 456 7 8 9 10 111213 14 15 16 17 181920 21 22 23 24 252627 28 29 305th-6th GRADE or 7th-9th GRADE 9th-12th GRADE | $570HORSEBACK IIHORSEBACK CAMP| $570July1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31June1 2 3 456 7 8 9 10 111213 14 15 16 17 181920 21 22 23 24 252627 28 29 307

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CAMPSPaddling on a river allows us to catch a special glimpse of God’s creation. It’s a fun and exciting sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Kayak Camp is available for all campers in grades 5-9. No previous experience is necessary to attend Kayak Camp. With each age group, campers will start in the pool to establish basic safety skills needed before progressing to the lake and then on to the river.Kayak safety and basic paddle skills are taught at each kayak camp. Kayak Camp, grades 5-9, will enjoy a one-day outing at the beautiful Hiwassee River (lower section) to work on basic skills and to have tons of fun. When not at the pool, lake, or river, these campers will participate in regular camp activities (see page 13).KAYAK CAMP5th-6th GRADE | $460Kayak• All equipment provided• Certied Instructors• Campers grade 7 and up will use spray skirts on their boats. These campers will be introduced to rolling a kayakJuly1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31June1 2 3 456 7 8 9 10 111213 14 15 16 17 181920 21 22 23 24 252627 28 29 308

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July1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31KAYAK CAMP7th-9th GRADE | $485REGISTER NOWvisit camplookout.com9

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July1 234 5 6 7 8 91011 12 13 14 15 161718 19 20 21 22 232425 26 27 28 29 30 31During this camp session, you will experience the most exciting adventure-based activities that are offered at Camp Lookout. Campers will learn new skills while having the time of their lives!• Fellowship and community with a small group of fellow campers• Full high ropes course, night zip-lining, wild cave explorations, mountain biking, day hike, whitewater paddling, climbing wall, rappelling, and outdoor camping are each a possibility during this adventureREGISTER NOWvisit camplookout.com10th - 12th GRADE | $525ADVENTUREOutdoor High10

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June1 2 3 456 7 8 9 10 111213 14 15 16 17 181920 21 22 23 24 252627 28 29 30This camp session will allow participants to experience being a camper and staff member in the same week. After completion, campers will have the opportunity to volunteer additional weeks during the summer. Those wanting to volunteer at Camp Lookout must complete Volunteer Training Camp, complete all required documentation, and be approved by Director to serve as a volunteer.• Gain leadership skills and learn to lead and facilitate camp activities• Earn First Aid, CPR, and AED Certications• Assist with staff duties and responsibilities• Awesome activities (see page 13)REGISTER NOWvisit camplookout.com10th - 12th GRADE | $455TRAINING CAMPVolunteer11

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August1 2 3 4 5 678 9 10 11 12 131415 16 17 18 19 202122 23 24 25 26 272829 30 3112This camp session is designed to offer youth (minimum age 15) and adults with developmental disabilities an outdoor living experience in a God-centered community through worship, adventure, and play.• 4 nights and 5 days of camp fun and excitement• Check-In Monday from 1:30-2:15 pm, Check-Out Friday from 10:00 - 10:45 am• Must be ambulatory and able to care for own personal and restroom needs• Optional activities could include: swimming, dancing, making crafts, archery, low ropes course, lake paddling, guitar, creek walk, games, climbing walls, zip-lines, sling shot, high ropes, shing, and spending time with the horses at the Camp Lookout barn• Off-Site Field Trip• Nightly parties and events, including a carnival, dance, and talent show• Daily worship and singingREGISTER NOWvisit camplookout.comAges 15+ | $425CAMPCelebration12

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CAMP ACTIVITIESGRADES 3-4• Crafts • Swimming Pool • Creek Walk • Hiking• Field Games • Stream Ecology • Dancing• Parachute & Noodle Games • Frisbee Golf• Basketball, 4-Square, Horseshoe, Corn Hole• Bouldering Wall • Cookie Making• Group Initiative Games • Low Ropes• Gaga Ball• Sling Shot • Archery• Cloudland Canyon S.P. (off-site)• Chickamauga N.P. (off-site)• Climbing Wall • Zip-Line• High Ropes (Raider Bridge, exit Zip-Line)• Caving (off-site) GRADES 5-6• Snorkeling at the Pool • Campout• Lake Paddling/Boating GamesFor summer 2021, Camp Lookout will be using the cohort style of camping to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread. Camper groups will be placed in cabins, and cabin groups will do activities together. To help ensure that each camper has the opportunity to experience their desired activities, an activity interest survey will be gathered from each camper (via email and/or phone) prior to the start of camp. This will allow our staff to group campers with similar interests into the same cohort group to help maximize their camp experience. Campers are eligible for grade level activities based on their grade entering the fall of 2021, plus all earlier grade level activities. Please note that there are more activities than can possibly be completed in a session of camp. Time, availability, weather, and COVID restrictions are all factors affecting the actual camp activity experience (activities listed in Bold are high adventure activities).GRADES 5-6 (cont.)• Guitar Class• Fishing • Art/Painting Class • Cooking Classes • Mountain Biking• High Ropes (Raider Bridge, Two-Line Bridge, exit Zip-Line)• Climbing Wall (with Zip-Line) GRADES 7-9• Nature Hikes (off-site)• Rappelling (off-site)• Whitewater Paddling (Lower Hiwassee River)• Mountain Biking (on, off-site) • High Ropes with V-Swing GRADES 9-12• Flight Park (off-site)• Rock Climbing (off-site)• Whitewater Paddling (Lower & Upper Hiwassee)• Campout (off-site)How to Register:Mail registration form – please call Camp Lookout for a mail-in form – 706.820.1163Online registration is available from the Homeand Summer Camp tab at camplookout.comPhone the registration ofce at 423.929.9037 or 706.820.1163, M-F, 9am – 5pm• Buddy Requests• Cohort Groups• COVID Protocols• Sponsorships to Attend Camp Lookout• Spirituality at Camp• Life at Camp Lookout for a camper• Camp Lookout Staff• Payment Options• Refund Policy• Other QuestionsFAQs | Further information on the following topics can be found on our website or by calling our ofce.13

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3130 Highway 157Rising Fawn, GA 30738info@camplookout.com706.820.1163CAMP LOOKOUTGreetings to Campers, Parents, and Church Leaders, We are so excited about summer camp 2021 at Camp Lookout. We hope you will join us for an awesome week of camp. The Camp Lookout Summer Ministry is designed to instill within our campers a love for God, love for self, and love for others. The outdoor setting, loving and well-trained staff, and camp-oriented activities are the avenues for experiencing the great blessings God has in store. Hope to see you at Camp Lookout this summer!Your Camp Director,Don WashburnUS PostagePaidKnoxville, TNPermit No. 1