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I Understand Anne.

Journal by Lindsey Tillman and Caroline Haight

If I were in Mr. Frank's situation, I would not have returned to the hiding place. I wouldn't go back because it would remind me of the horrible time. It would also upset me to think of my family and others who spent their time scared and worried in the hiding place. It also would not be worth going back and it would only bring back horrible memories. It would be even worse to go back right after you got back from a concentration camp. I would most likely call and thank all the people who helped and tell them to send any important papers to me, but even then, I refuse to go back to a place with all those awful memories.

 Would I Go Back?

By Caroline Haight

April 20, 2015

Margot Frank's gravestone

If I were to be hiding with the group for that long, Margot would probably be one of the easiest to talk to. Unlike some of the others, she’s calm and collected. Margot is always there for her family without ever disrespecting them. Margot also seems like she cares about her school work instead of playing like Anne and Peter. On page 795 to page 797, Anne and Peter are teasing each other and Margot seems uninterested and pays attention to how she did on her schoolwork. She doesn’t seem to pay attention to stuff like that. Unlike Mr. Van Daan, who I believe would be one of the hardest to live with, Margot seems easy to talk to and seems like she’ll listen and actually pay attention to what you have to say.

April 23, 2015

Why? Why not?

By Lindsey Tillman


What would I Miss?

by Lindsey Tillman

April 28, 2015

If I were to go into hiding, I would miss my friends. I would miss the nice warm days with the relaxing cold breeze. I would miss all the colors and happy faces i see everyday. They make up my life. My friends are the ones that keep me happy and leaving them would probably make me into a grouch. I would miss those days because i would be cooped up in an attic where i can’t open windows and feel the breeze. An attic won’t let me bask in the sunlight while laying in the soft grass. The colors and happy faces would be missed probably because they make my day. Just seeing something that sweet and joyful would light up my day and an attic won’t do justice. There’s a small part of a highway that I pass every Saturday and Sunday. On that part, in white, are the words ’I love you’ and just knowing someone spent time doing that simple gesture for someone makes my day every time I pass it.

Anne Frank at her school.

From the beginning of the play to the middle of act II, scene I, Anne just spoke. She spoke of stuff almost equivalent to nothing. When she talked back, it was of childish things. Now in this scene, Anne speaking of something that should have been said. When Margot starts saying how if they were to die then it should just come now, it shocked everyone, especially Mrs. Frank. Mrs. Frank started saying how they shouldn’t think like that. Anne then talked back. But what she said was what showed the difference in her. She said how her, Margot, and Peter were all young and were trying to hold onto ideals, but how those ideals and dreams and wishes were being destroyed right in their faces. She talked about how they didn’t do anything to anger anyone and should not have it taken out on them.

May 4, 2015

 The Change

By Lindsey Tillman


In my opinion, I think that you do need friends to be happy. I think friends are an important part in keeping us happy because friends are their for you. Friends understand us, talk to us, and that is what makes having friends so nice. Without friends, you would be lonely and probably not happy. I think that we do need friends to be happy, like peter when he made friends with Anne. He got happier. That shows that we do need friends to be happy, even Peter needed them.

May 9, 2015


By Caroline Haight

Food that represents the food Mr. Van Daan stole.

May 10, 2015

If i found out that someone was stealing food after i have been in hiding and starving for that long, i would probably have a serious talk with them. I would probably try and handle the situation in a calm but firm way. I would not be happy, but i would talk it out with the person and make them realize it was wrong to steal food when everyone is starving. I would make sure they know it was wrong and that if they did it again they are not allowed to stay in the hiding place any more. I would also probably give that person a little less food for a while to teach them a lesson, and also so that it is fair to everyone.  

Stealer, Stealer, The Great Food Stealer

By Caroline Haight

At the end of Anne's diary, she said, "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart." I believe that this shows who Anne truly was. She was positive, forgiving, and had a beautiful soul. She was willing to forgive the Nazis, Hitler even, because she thought that they were still good at heart. It shows that even after all those bad memories, she didn't care if it all happened. She still forgave them. I believe that she still forgave them when she died. I believe that they are still forgiven even now, when Anne is up in heaven. 

Anne Frank

May 11, 2015

"In Spite of Everything, I Still Believe People Are Really Good At Heart."

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