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Destiny the Diary

est. 1942

       June 1942 


If I were Mr. Frank, I would return to the hiding place where he and his family spent twenty five months.. I feel as if I were to return, it would be my way of paying my respects to my protectors. It would be a time to thank them for all they had done. However, like Mr. Frank, I would not choose to live there. I would be willing to return to thank them, but I could not bare living in the town in which my family had once lived. I would not want to live somewhere that would bring back the horrible memories of the war and its trageties. I know leaving Amsterdam would not magically wipe away the memories from being held captive under Hitler's control, but at least where ever I decide to go, I will not pass places and think, my family used to do this or that there.



    August 1942

If I was hiding with the people from the story, I would have a hard time getting to know Dussel. Dussel would be hard to get along with because he seems to be very isolated. In the story it says, he is always in the room resting. This would bother me because after being confined with these people for years, I would like to just have time to myself . I would not be able to have that time because there would always be a man sleeping inmy room! Another reason why I would have a hard time getting along with Dussel is because in the story he is always complaining about things. Some examples include being short on food and Anne's bad sleeping habits. This would bother me because the Franks and the Van Daans were nice to let him join the group and sacrificed some food to feed him. In return, he complains he does not have enough food. Anne also can not help her sleeping habits. It is not like she ment to scream and wake him up.

   September 1942

I feel like Anne and I would get along pretty well. Anne and I have many similarities between the two of us. Anne and I share the same need to always be occupied with something or doing something to keep busy. Though I am not really one to start a conversation out of the blue like her, if you get me on something, I could talk about it for hours! Also, we are both outgoing people. Unfortuantely, Anne and I share the ability to be super clumsy. I do not think I would spill a glass of milk on a women's expensive coat, but probably be the one to fall with a crash in a bad situation like Anne did when she fainted during the warehouse robbery.


   November 1942

In life you do not know what you have until it is gone. If I was in hiding like Anne, I would miss the fresh air the most. You would probably take that for granted today, but if you were in hiding it would be gone. I would miss being outside. I would miss the fresh air, the warm sun touching my face, and the grass tickling my feet. I would be stuck sitting on a cold, hard floor with painted black windows. If I were to just cracked the windows, I could risk people hearing me and getting suspicious. I would feel like a vampire! I would also feel myself getting weaker. No more bike rides, long walks, and catches with my father. It would basically be staring at eachother for the entire day. What fun!


   December 1942

A poem and a drawing is just right for my mother and father because they like to see me be creative and express myself. Also, they could hang it up on the walls for others to see and make our house seem a little more like home.

A paper football would be just right for my sister because it is something small she can play and it would not cause too much noise. Sometimes, my mom gets angry when we make a mess or too much noise, so this would be perfect!

I think that my family would appreciate my gifts because it would show I am thinking about them and trying to be nice. A gift does not have to be expensive to be meaningful because it only matters about the thought that you put into the gift.


In this scene, you see a big change in Anne. Anne is starting to become more mature with her words and how she acts. For example, when she was getting yelled at by her mother or someone else, her way of responding with it was to go hide in her room. In general, she would also never talk to her mother when she needed help. Anne always went to her father because she thought that he understood her better. In this scene, the way Anne deals with an argument from her mother was very different. To show that she was strong and could hold her ground, she did not run to her room. She decided to speak up and share her feelings towards the argument. Anne said that it was not their fault that they were stuck in this attic and for the tragedies that go on outside. It is showing her maturity and her knowledge of the things around her.

   Febuary 1943

      March 1943

  1. Peter was telling Anne about how he does not have any friends. He said he does not need friends. However, I completely disagree with that! People need friends to be happy! Friends help you grow as a person and bring out the good in you. A friend is your shoulder to cry on. Friends are the people to laugh with until tears come to your eyes. A friend gives you advice and always has your back. A friend is your playmate and can always put a smile on your face. Without friends, I would be lost. Friends make the world a better place. In today’s world, it is almost hard not to make friends. You are with people all the time at school, sports, and in neighborhoods. Ultimately, I feel people do need friends to be happy because they are the people you can be yourself around and have the most fun with.
  1. Mr. Frank said, “We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.” In my opinion, this means that the people in hiding are ruining their relationships just like the Nazis would do. Everyone in hiding figured out that Mr. Van Daan was stealing food and responded in different, negative ways. Dussel grabbed Mr. Van Daan’s neck and called him a dirty thief. Mrs. Frank said, “No! No! No more talk! I want them to leave!” (Mrs. Frank was talking about the Van Danns when she said that.) This shows their responses to the problem was violence by wanting kicking them out of the house. It sounds to me exactly what the Nazis would do if they were to find them.

       May 1943

      June 1943

Anne and the others are calm in their hiding place when they were discovered by the Gestapo agents. Knowing that the end was near, my family and I would probably freak out. If I was in hiding for twenty-five months, I would feel very regretful. We could have moved to a country like the United States and not even have worried about getting captured. Instead, we lived horribly for over two years, missing out on friends, celebrating events like birthdays, and more. We had hope for those two years that one day it would be back to normal. That is why we stayed. All of sudden, people knock down the door and it is over. Your worst nightmare coming to life right before your eyes. When the doorbell rang while Anne and the others were in hiding, they all stood rigid, standing, terrified. Why would freaking out help? I highly doubt the Gestapo agents would just let you go because you were upset. I would hope my family stayed calm just to make things easier. What I mean is if you started throwing a tantrum and not following the instructions, you had a higher chance of getting shot right there. I hope my family would handle it like Anne did at the end. In the text it states, “Anne stands, holding her school satchel, looking over at her father and mother with a soft, reassuring smile. She is no longer a child, but a women."

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