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Anne's Diary at the Anne Frank House

By Alexis Gordon and mary schlenker

THE Diary

Where the Secret Annex was located

August 4, 1942

  1. At the end of scene one, Anne mentions several restrictions that were placed upon the Jewish people. Anne says that her father was allowed to own his business, that they had to wear yellow stars on all of their clothing, turning in their bikes, not being able to go to school with the non-Jews her age, not being able to go to the movies anymore, and not being able to ride any kind of automobile, including the streetcars. If these restrictions were placed on me, I would rebel and always disobey them. Everytime my parents would tell me to do what they say, I would reject and and protest that the government was wrong. I would do anything for equalism, even get killed. My life is about freedom. What you can and cannot do, and hate being restricted and being told what I can’t do. If I was told that I couldn’t ride in a car anymore because I was a Christian(or a Jew for Anne), than I would be furious.I also enjoy going to the movies every once in a  while, and going on bike rides with my grandmother. If these were taken away from me, I would go insane with frustration that I wasn’t being treated at an equal level with everyone else in the world. If these things, and more, were taken away from me I would do something about it. It is the same thing if I was forced to transfer to another school. I love this school. This is where all my friends are. If I were forced to go to another school, than I would have to make all new friends. If the government did these things to me, I would rebel. I would do the total opposite if what they ordered me to do if it meant that if I did, I would get my freedom back. I don’t stand for others being in control of my own life, unless they are helping me, not hurting me.

The person that I would find hardest to work with and stay hidden with is Mrs. Van Daan. She is very vain like, making me have to have a hard time to tolerate her. She is also not good at sharing or being kind. For example, when Mr. Dussel was coming in after Mr. Frank allowed him to join, Mrs. Van Daan said that he had to be joking and was lying to her. She does not seem to think of others feelings and that would make me uneasy a lot of the time, because try to think before I speak so that I do not end up hurting others feelings. The person I would be able to feel most comfortable around and be able to get along with is Mr. Frank. He is a kind and honest man who does not say a lot of mean or negative things. He thinks for the better of others. For example, when Mr. Dussel needed a place to stay, Mr. frank, without even thinking or consulting the others, allowed Mr. Dussel to join them in their hiding place. Mr. Frank does not think about himself and I feel that I could get along very well with him.


December 21, 1942

Anne's school picture

March 20, 1943

The Anne Frank statue located in Amsterdam at a very popular tourist area.

For the conflict happening between Mrs. Van Daan and Anne when Anne accidentally spilled milk on the fur coat, I would handle it differently by getting water and maybe some stuff to get stains out with. I would offer to help Mrs. Van Daan with getting it out and comfort her by saying the it will come out. Once the situation was settled, I would figure out a way of getting the stain out by asking my husband as he would probably know. I would try to control my anger with Anne and not flip out on her. Punishing her would probably not be the best idea to do to her as that would put more strain between our relationship.

June 29, 1943

Peters thinks that he does not need friends to be happy in life. I would disagree with that statement. Everyone needs friends in their life to help them experience new things and learn new things through them like what type of music they think is good. Friends can also help influence you to do the good and bad things. The bad things friends can influence you to do would be a negative, but that only means that you have picked the wrong friends. Good friends of mine would not influence me to do something both they and I know is wrong. The good things friends can influence you to do is something like recommending a book, movie, song or anything else to get you exposed to a new and uncharted world. Friends are the link to learning of different cultures, music, dance, art, sports, and so much more.Friends are always important to have.


Peter Van Daan

September 11, 1943

Mr. Frank

When Mr. Frank said that they were destroying themselves and the Nazis would not have to do it, this meant that all of the people in the hiding place were fighting so often and bickering with each other, that they were even trying to kick each other out of the hiding place because they have had enough with each other. For example, right before Mr. Frank had said this, everyone had figured out that Mr Van Daan had been sneaking down at night eating most of the food, while the others starve. Mrs. Frank verbally attacks him and then she says she wants the Van Daans out of the hiding place. Then, things begin to settle down a little when Mr. Frank helps to calm their nerves by hearing the phone ring. though Mr. frank does not allow anyone to pick it up. After that, Mr. Dussel begins splitting up the potatoes and Mrs. Van Daan freaks out because she thinks Mr. Dussel is keeping all of the big ones for himself. All during this Mr. Frank is probably thinking that they are going to destroy each other if this fighting goes up much longer.


Feburary 1, 1944

The bookcase that bloackaded the Franks, Van Daans, and Dussel into the upper floors.

Mr. Frank probably did not do the right thing in not answering the phone when it kept ringing. As Mr. Dussel and Mr. Van Daan thought it probably was Miep warning them that the Gestapo was on the way to arrest them. However, I probably would have done what Mr. Frank did. If I were to answer the phone and it wasn’t Miep or Mr. Kraler than our cover would be blown and someone would know that me and my family (plus more) were in hiding in that specific warehouse/business. I would not have risked all of that to answer the telephone.


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