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Christian Berkhimer & Michael D'Annunzio

   My life in  hiding.



August 1st

Mr.Frank returns to the hiding place where he and his family spent 25 months.

If I was Mr.Frank I would return back to see if anyone was still there. I also would returned to see if i could find something sentimental of my daughter and wife.I would go back to try and find the diary of my daughter because for two years that was her life and so I would want to take it with me to have memories of her. Although returning home would be sad it was my home for 25 months.

Anne Frank's Diary


Act 1 scene 1


August 2nd

In the story, Peter tells Anne that he doesn’t have any friends. He also says he doesn’t need any friends because he is content where he is. I disagree that people don’t need friends to be happy, because without friends, life would become very dull and boring.

Peter Van Daan

Thursday August 3rd

Many are shocked that Mr. Van Daan is stealing food.  If I found out that he was stealing food after I gave him my trust and welcomed him into hiding with me, I would be extremely angry and disappointed. Since he endangered my family by limiting our food supply, I would kick him out of the house and find him a new hiding spot. I would do this because I could not keep him with me while putting my family at risk.  I would not leave him out to die because he is not a real threat and doesn’t deserve to die or to be captured by the Nazi’s.

Mr.Van Pels

Friday August 4th

Anne and the others are calm, as their hiding place is discovered by the Gestapo Agents. Knowing that the end is in site, my family and I fight back. We would fight the Gestapo Agents because we do not want to be killed. Even after 25 months in hiding, and we haven’t gone outside, we will fight to the death because I won’t be beaten and tortured like some animal by the Nazi’s. So if me and my family is going to die, we will die honorably fighting for our life!

When the phone rang, nobody knew who was calling. Because of this, Mr. Frank said not to pick up the phone. Mr. Frank made the right decision . He made the right decision, because if it was the Gestapo, they would have been captured. I would not have picked up the phone for the same reason Mr. Frank didn’t pick up the phone.

The phone that was ringing

At the end of scene four, Anne mentions some things that each person would like to do again. Some of these things include riding a bike, sowing, and more. One thing that would be important to me if I was in hiding like Anne would be my phone. This would be important to me, because if I had my phone, I could contact my friends. Another reason this would be important to me, is that I could play games on my phone when I am bored.

The Bike

I'd Like

To Ride


The last quote that Mr. Frank reads from the diary is “ In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” This tells us that Anne has a strong character and may forgive the Nazi’s for what they did to everyone. This quote is so important to Anne’s character and memory because people remember her as a someone that can forgive the worst people that did the worst things.

Anne Frank