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Volume 2 Issue 1 Oct Nov 2009 S True Blue pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living Chakras Herbs A little bit o Magic What s in the Cards Special Anniversary Edition ASTROLOGY CRYSTALS HYPNOTHERAPY NUMBERS METAPHYSICS ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PHENOMENA NATURE SPIRIT HEALTH

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S True Blue pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living www truebluespirit ca Subscribe Get your copy of True Blue Spirit delivered subscribe now 1 year Canadian Subscription 30 00 3 options to subscribe 1 Send cheque or money order payable to True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 2 Go to www truebluespirit ca click on Subscribe via paypal 3 Call 1 877 700 2760 and use your Visa or Mastercard For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit ca Copyright 2009 No portion of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of the publisher or True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc Any medical advice is given solely for information purposes only and no responsibility is assumed on the publisher s part True Blue Spirit welcomes submissions but accepts no responsibility for unsolicited materials Material is accepted for True Blue Spirit on the understanding that it does not infringe on any copyright or libel laws Copyrights to be declared on submission All manuscripts illustrations and photographs submitted must be accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope if they are to be returned or acknowledged Send emails to editor truebluespirit ca Printed at an environmentally friendly facility in Canada using vegetable based inks Volume 2 Issue 1 Publisher Managing Editor Dorothy Jeanne Engst publisher truebluespirit ca Pre production Editor Mary Gillis Editor Tom Masters editor truebluespirit ca Editor at Large Edd Uluschak editoratlarge truebluespirit ca Editorial Assistants Tiffany Abram Tessa Kirkland Advertising Sales Dorothy Jeanne Engst publisher truebluespirit ca and Michelle Staples advertising truebluespirit ca Key accounts Circulation Lara Engst lara truebluespirit ca Layout Design Dorothy Jeanne Engst Photographs Images Ben Abram www creativedigiworks com Sean Fenzl www seanfenzl com Stephanie Rae Hull www centricphotography com Jon Fitzpatrick www nutristart com Sabina Pettitt Edd Uluschak award winning Cartoonist Cover photo taken by Ben Abram of Creative Digiworks Contributing Writers Barbara Adelborg Cheryl Dawn Paul Elder Heather K Elrix Dorothy Jeanne Engst Michael Gintowt Amahra Jaxen Peter Josling Janet Laidlaw Beth Lahti Jacquie Large Erin Lawson Stephanie McColl Patti Morton Ahrina K Nielsen Betty Norton Sabina Pettitt Pete Petley Vince Pollitt Carol Spencer James Henry Spencer Michelle Staples and Shannon Wills True Blue Spirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living ISSN 1918 6436 Published bi monthly Single copy 5 95 Cdn Subscription price 30 00 Canada go to www truebluespirit ca for international subscription rates True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc does not disclose its subscriber list to anyone at anytime True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 250 247 0210 TF 1 877 700 2760 Fax 250 247 0266 Cert no SW COC 002226

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This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart CONTENTS SPECIAL FEATURES From the Publisher Gratefulness From the time we started publishing True Blue Spirit Magazine aside from a category where we place articles from regular writers we have not provided themes for particular issues Yet time after time the articles roll in and a common theme is formed I don t know why it keeps amazing me after all it is synchronicity and that is what the magazine has been based on Spirit Intuition Synchronicity Shivers of anticipation run up my spine just thinking about what synchronicities are in store for me today This issue the synchronicities couldn t have been more appropriate They are about gratitude What better time to be grateful than the fall as we head into harvest time and benefit from the yield that nature has provided But then we really benefit all year don t we All year long we reap the benefits that spirit has to offer I don t know how many times I have whispered furtive thanks when the intuition that spirit provides me with has taken me out of harm s way Or when I have been amazed by a path of synchronicity I am especially grateful for being given the awareness to tap into these times and appreciate them for what they are This awareness did not come easily as for many years my mind was clogged with beliefs that stood in my way Often times I berate myself when I let my oh so human mind interfere with my intuition But at the same time how grateful I am for this mind jam packed with idea after creative idea all of them so much fun whether I just think about them or put them into action Most importantly I am grateful for a wonderful family who know me well they just shake their heads and come along for the ride Keep well A Gift to Remember 60 Brain State 25 Chakras 40 Making Waves 16 Neil Duazo Artist 52 True Blue Spirit Driven 22 What s in the Cards 54 Yoga of Sound 14 REGULAR FEATURES Aboriginal Spirit Buying into Fear 59 Animal Whispers Animals as Companions 30 Astrology Greetings Cartoon Contest Children and Spirit Crystals 8 Jordan s Story Labradorite 19 9 Directory of Businesses Events 76 Enlightening Strikes Windows to the Soul 4 Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Herbs A little bit o Magic Hypnotherapy Glorious Garlic Mugwort Four Breaths 47 32 35 Metaphysics Journey to Find my Name 27 Nature s Essence Yellow Pond Lily 69 Numerology Number Three 66 Phenomena Alien Contact 63 Reader Response 24 Searching for Serenity Spirit The Birth of Gratitude Re emergence and Development Spirit of the Dance Dorothy Jeanne Engst 73 Trust and Faith Worthwhile Reading 12 44 38 72

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Enlightening Strikes Windows to by Paul Elder T his world we live in is truly a remarkable place so many mysteries to solve incredible things to marvel at and so much to learn But all things considered truthfully there is nothing more remarkable than the power of the human mind or for that matter the very existence of our minds within consciousness itself And if we give this any kind of serious thought it quickly brings us to the big question the question we ve all contemplated at some point in our lives Who are we Where did we come from and why are we here Like everyone else when I was a kid I occasionally pondered these seemingly important questions And probably like everyone else I soon gave up thinking about it because it made my head hurt and there was other stuff to do Here s a common experience You re meeting someone for the first time Reaching out to shake their hand you glance briefly into their eyes And then a strange thing happens you get the feeling you ve met this person before in another place perhaps or another time You re left with an inner turmoil maybe even a fluttering in your heart that you can t explain Perplexed you shrug it off as some strange quirk But wait a minute What if it isn t just some weird anomaly What if there is more to it than meets the eye In this column we will attempt to address some of the more astonishing and revealing notions of who we really are where we come from and why we re here We hope to ferret out the details of some remarkable messages from the spirit realms concepts thoughts and lessons from souls who have Audrey Sukhacher Fotolia com Page 4 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

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Enlightening Strikes the Soul been through it all before but choose out of love to help the rest of us remember who we really are and why we re here It is our hope that from these timeless messengers we may all recognize some of our own truths and pathways And through our opinions and points of view we hope to give cause for readers to contemplate the postulations we espouse and with any luck we might even tread on a few toes and belief systems But before I delve into my story I want to share with you the most important aspect of my existence You see I am a lucky survivor of three near death experiences a drowning at the age of twelve a car accident at seventeen and a heart attack while playing hockey at the age of forty one And I say lucky not because I ve managed to escape death on three occasions but lucky because on three occasions I ve enjoyed the incredible experience of dying As a result my life and indeed my entire perception of reality has irrevocably changed Now this may sound like a strange thing to say but there is one thing that I can practically guarantee you The most incredible experience you will have in this lifetime is dying Let me restate that The greatest single experience of your life will be your death Now before I go on I want to tell you that from the perspective of consciousness there really is no such thing as death We don t die Ever We merely transition to another level of vibration and awareness Please don t get me wrong The physical Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 5

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Enlightening Strikes RTimages Fotolia com Page 6 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

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Enlightening Strikes pain of say a heart attack leading up to death may certainly not be a pleasant experience But the actual act of dying the actual act of surrendering to the call to return home is simply wonderful It s like nothing else you will ever experience at least in this lifetime Here s an interesting statistic According to the International Association for Near Death Studies recent surveys reveal that in North America alone more than 20 million people have had a near death experience Wow That s a tremendous number of people who have had a life changing experience And I believe that this is likely due to great advances in science and medicine making it possible to bring more and more people back from death s doorway But what of these people who have returned from the gateway How are they affected What happens to those who have experienced the ultimate journey According to the vast majority of respondents the experience is viewed as overwhelmingly positive Not only do these people lose their fear of dying but they gain a new reverence and passion for life And in addition to living more loving caring lives most experiencers also report feeling more psychic and intuitive following their brush with death It s as if they are able to retrace their soul s journey to that special place where all consciousness seems somehow connected They report being able to sense or know the truth about certain things without really knowing how they know It s like they are suddenly able to remember profound truths long forgotten And many of them report the occurrence of spontaneous out of body experiences finding themselves aware and fully conscious doing things that would be impossible to achieve while in their bodies Like the majority of near death experiencers I too returned with this greater understanding of myself and others around me I knew things I had no way of knowing by normal physical means and I began to have out of body experiences hundreds of them And it was through these experiences and the meeting of my own spirit guides that led me to a new understanding of life In my journeys I came upon the main gateway to other levels of consciousness It s actually a place we all know well that very ordinary space we drift into each night as we fall asleep that drowsy hypnagogic state where dream images begin to form in our minds while we re still partially awake And it is in this delicate balance between awake and asleep that we can find hundreds of levels of consciousness to explore From the centre of universal consciousness to our own higher selves and spirits it is all there for our discovery and reflection And this will be the basis of our exploration of many levels of consciousness in subsequent articles in this column We will discuss ways to extend this delicate balance between awake and asleep giving us the chance to explore with full awareness It is from this place we can examine our own physical and spiritual aspects to discover who we really are and how we all fit into the larger picture of creation Until next time May you enjoy all the Blessings of the Universe S PAUL ELDER is the author of the book Eyes of an Angel A survivor of three near death experiences he is a former CTV News reporter and mayor of a Canadian city Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 7

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Enter Edd s Cartoon Caption contest Go to www truebluespirit ca and submit your caption for the cartoon on the upper right The winning caption will be announced in the next issue of True Blue Spirit and the winner will receive a 50 00 cash prize Yes fifty dollars In small unmarked bills Contest entry deadline for this cartoon is October31st 2009 Page 8 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

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Crystals Labradorite by Erin Lawson and Jacquie Large W ell here we are a full 12 months later a full cycle complete It s been a year of discovery for all of us you the reader and we the writers each learning as we go So many people have responded with such love and wonder to the crystals that I felt that the most fitting crystal to write about in honour of our anniversary issue is Labradorite At first sight Labradorite is a dull flat grey seemingly boring crystal But turn the stone just a little and you see the truly amazing flash of colours that is what this crystal is all about the flash of magic in what seems to be mundane Labradorite is a type of feldspar a cousin to Moonstone with a hardness of 6 to 6 5 and was first discovered off the coast of Labrador in 1770 by Moravian missionaries Folklore surrounding this lovely stone tells a tale of an Inuit warrior who discovered the Northern Lights imprisoned in stone He struck the stone with his spear and released them giving us Aurora Borealis But some of the light stayed within the stone giving us Labradorite It can be found in Canada the US Norway and South America but the best specimens are found in Finland and Madagascar The flash of colour can include blue red orange green and gold and has been given the name Labradorescence an Fotolia com rtin Ma Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 9

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Victoria Herbalist Betty Norton Winter Medicine Making Class Herbal Gift Class 250 818 2362 S True Blue pirit Retreat Open the door to Possibility Join an intimate group of 32 participants July 15th through 18th 2010 nestled on the shore at The Haven on Gabriola Island B C From the time you arrive till you depart you will take part in a series of events to enhance your intuition and embrace your spiritual journey We would love to have you join us For details and cost please click on True Blue Spirit Retreats at www truebluespirit ca Note One of our magazine subscribers will be randomly selected to receive complimentary attendance to this all inclusive retreat

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Crystals va laso JACQUIE LARGE below left has been the owner of Wishes for 17 years and has watched as the metaphysical world has evolved with so many exciting changes She has studied crystals extensively and happily shares her knowledge with her customers Jacquie lives in Duncan with her partner and daughter ERIN LAWSON below right has studied metaphysics for over 13 years focusing mainly on tarot Since starting at Wishes eight years ago she has learned much about crystals and the other tools that fill the store She shares her love of crystals with Jacquie and the other staff at Wishes Erin lives in Duncan with her husband and three children Fribus Foto rina ate com lia E k va Ho osla M ir Labradorite has wonderful protective qualities and is specific in cleansing and strengthening the auric field protecting from negativity It also prevents energy leakage and helps us to not take on others problems In the last issue I talked about how Moonstone enhances intuition and receptivity well Labradorite takes it one step further and helps us to balance information that is received intuitively while moving forward with practical steps Some crystals really heighten energy but take us up a little too high This stone allows us to reach up and access intuition and collective information but remain grounded The quality that I most love about Labradorite is how it enhances our belief in wonder and magic This crystal seems symbolic of this as it is not how it first seems gray and lifeless Then a whole new world can be seen simply by changing your perspective just a little Isn t that what magic is a whole new world that is waiting to be seen by those who believe I have always been attracted to Labradorite and over the years of working at Wishes I have found the most amazing stones But every time I would get one I would lose it it would break or I would be compelled to give it away It is very common for this to happen with crystals when they are not for you or if you don t need the qualities they offer But this situation really upset me because I ve always been so drawn to it I had just recently bought a beautiful Labradorite ring and was wearing it every day when a man came in the store and commented on it I told him how I was nervous because Labradorite never seemed to want to stay with me but he smiled and said No I think you are ready for it now Labradorite is for childlike wonder baby you just gotta believe in magic He left and we ve not seen him since I was struck by what he said so simple really sometimes you just gotta believe in magic S Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 11

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Searching for Serenity The Birth of G by Vince Pollitt O ne of my enduring frustrations in the joyful art of parenting is attempting to get my beloved offspring to realize the power and common sense of a simple thank you Forget that it is a nice thing to do Forget that it actually has emotional spiritual and subsequent physical benefits This most basic form of gratitude makes the world go round and as such makes our lives just that much smoother My daughter is only seven and will have many years in which to hone her social skills In my own inquiry into the nature of serenity it is only now in my forties that I am aware of the incredible spiritual depth of gratitude I have made a personal commitment to living an unencumbered life and as such am dedicated to reducing and avoiding complications In taking stock of my life I realized that I possessed a great wealth of things I rarely needed and a rolodex of names I rarely considered And so I simplified Starting with my stuff if it wasn t truly useful or necessary it was donated I also cleaned house in other ways I cleansed my relationships keeping only to those who truly valued friendship and commitment I no longer seek the company of those who would consume my energy without consideration In the process of revolutionizing my lifestyle unanticipated changes took shape Having less to look after fix and protect I was being drawn outside of myself more often Calmer clearer my contentment and awareness fed each other and I felt a growing peace within an unruffled unfettered serenity My mind was not always jumping around work and all the other daily flotsam that used to demand my attention Increasingly content I reflected less upon myself and began to turn my attention outwards Today I am more aware of the fragility and transient nature of my possessions and relationships I find myself considering the entire effort involved in bringing the food to my plate from seed to fork How many hands have handled the clothes I wear from sheep or silk worm to till How much effort and sacrifice is endured by those who assist me in my daily adventures Gratitude Page 12 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 Ewa Walicka Fotolia com

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Searching for Serenity Gratitude is about humbling oneself completely My entire personal history has been made possible only through the grace generosity and support of my environmental support systems Ultimately sincere gratitude is about respect a quiet contemplation of process and the awareness that my life has been blessed It is not enough to be simply thankful My understanding is expressed by my commitment to living with attention fully and gratefully through each and every moment Sincere gratitude evolves into a silent compassionate communion with all things in one s universe As we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them John F Kennedy This supports the notion that gratitude is not just a singular opportunity to say gee thanks Gratitude as a way of living implies a simplicity contentment spiritual communion and general quiet which all leads back to our need for serenity Under the guidance of a wonderfully simple book Present Moment Wonderful Moment by Thich Nhat Hanh I am also turning gratitude into an active practice From the time I rise in the morning I make the effort to consider the miracle of the sun outside my window and the water in my taps I listen to the birds and contemplate the miracle of the ocean I visit daily I take nothing for granted At least I try not to Thank you S VINCE POLLITT and his partner Robyn live on Vancouver Island where Vince has spent the last 12 years at play in the health industry Vince combines almost three decades of Zen training and spiritual studies with passions for music painting and writing He currently offers wellness and leadership workshops at a community and organisational level As a spiritual coach he specialises in Reiki based pranic healing with instruction in breathing meditation visualisation and centering exercises Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 13

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The Yoga o by Pete Petley T his is a wonderful time to be alive The last thirty years have seen a gradual but accelerating change in the way we view ourselves and the world around us There has been a paradigm shift as various forms of eastern spirituality and indigenous traditions have been embraced by people of all ages in the western world Stores selling new age books and accessories are now commonplace in most cities Even mainstream bookstores now feature large new age and alternative spirituality sections All of these developments indicate a fundamental shift in awareness and as some observers have suggested the evolution of a new consciousness One major indicator of this shift is the widespread acceptance of yoga and meditation as a mainstream practice Hatha Yoga with its emphasis on asanas postures is probably the most widely recognized and practiced form of yoga in the west today However there are other branches of yoga one of which is Nada Yoga or the yoga of sound Page 14 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 Mantra Meditation is one component of Nada Yoga and its aim as with all other forms of meditation is to free the mind from the continuous mental chatter that constitutes most of our waking life and attain the stillness necessary to experience union with the divine the source God that ultimate reality that goes by many names The practice of chanting mantras has become demystified in recent years with the growing popularity of Kirtan an ancient communal spiritual practice that uses music and devotional singing to purify the heart and to experience the divine Even those of us who have not practiced yoga or meditation in a formal way have experienced at some point in our lives moments of transcendent awareness peak experiences that have taken us out of ourselves We have all had those aha moments revelations of what I like to call the divine wow A sunset that defies description experiencing the birth of one s own child the scent

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of Sound of a rose all of these are pure experiences that catch us in the moment and it is this state of mind that is the aim of all meditation With Mantra Meditation it is the repetition of Sanskrit mantras that centres and quiets the mind until all one hears is the vibration of the mantra which absorbs the vibration of unwanted mental noise The correct pronunciation and intoning of the mantra is as important to Mantra Meditation as attaining the correct posture is to Hatha Yoga Depending on the required objective mantras can be either lengthy or extremely short One of the shorter and most universally recognized mantras as an aid to meditation is Om pronounced ohm Om is considered the primary seed sound of creation and the sound of the central engine of our being of our consciousness and of the world Mantra Meditation is both for the beginner and for the more experienced meditator who wishes to augment his or e S cr e t Si de NARADA PETER KINGSFORD PETLEY has been a spiritual adventurer for the past 35 years and holds a master s degree in religious studies from Regent College Vancouver B C co Fo t o lia her spiritual practice As I stated at the beginning of this article there is a growing consensus that we are living in a time in which the awakening of human consciousness is accelerating The ancient practice of Mantra Meditation can be an invaluable tool as we embark on this exciting journey together Namaste S m Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 15

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M a k i ng by J a net Laid law N othing is certain except death and taxes or so said Benjamin Franklin But I beg to differ Taxes cease sometime after death and death is unpredictable As I drift to sleep at night anticipating that I will wake up in the morning the only thing I really know for sure is that things are constantly changing Our world is shifting Change is happening at a rapid rate in financial environmental political and personal realms Our technology is advancing rapidly Adaptability might be the most vital survival tool we can have Then there s the fact that we live in these dense physical bodies themselves made up of moving changing particles Our own free will is in constant flux because others also have free will Our apparent lack of control can be a little mind boggling It is easy to feel disempowered or overwhelmed It s easy to get caught up in fear or in a reactionary state to things going on around us to get stuck and feel despair But we do have power As individuals making hundreds of choices every day Page 16 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 our power is immense We don t need to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize to make a difference there are so very many simple things we can do to transform our world Smile at someone Wave at a neighbour Say How are you to the cashier at the grocery store and actually listen to the response Show empathy One of the television stations where I used to be a copywriter consisted of two separate buildings In the building where my office was located the creative department often brainstormed Our zany ideas and visualizations brought about lots of laughter When I arrived at the second building where we did post production work I would sometimes be surprised to find the mood was somber Not able to endure the solemn ambiance for long one of our creative staff would inevitably crack a joke or share some of the antics going on in the first building The resulting laughter drew attention and soon there was more laughter more jokes and good cheer The atmosphere would shift from somber to lively in a matter of minutes One employee I worked with created

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s e v a W graphics We produced commercials that often had short deadlines The writers would rush in drop off our projects and leave His response was noticeably gruff So I started adding two simple words at the end of my rushed drop off Thank you Everything in his world halted to accommodate me and I appreciated that While he remained rather crusty with many of the producers he was always nice to me We forget to express appreciation to those who in their everyday ordinary ways help us to achieve our goals Thank you is an enormously powerful statement We never know the huge ripple effect we can have in our everyday choices just by the words we speak or our small gestures and choices We don t have to be famous to make an impact on the world The world is influenced by our every thought action word and deed Some of the most unnoticed people create huge revolutions by their every day acts of kindness and care Sometimes these people don t even talk much That s because they are busy listening Our world within creates our outer reality We can t control everything so why try Go with the flow Our tiny ripples can make huge waves We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop Mother Teresa S JANET LAIDLAW is a video writer producer focused on spiritual and psychic development Her preoccupations include animals psychic and intuitive art and developing mediumship Kyle Smith m Fotolia co Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 17

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The ORGANYC line of organic cotton products For even the most sensitive skin with minimum 50 order within radius Non irritating Protective Secure Gentle Soft 100 PURE ORGANIC COTTON BIODEGRADABLE FEMININE HYGIENE CLM HEALTH GROUP WWW CLMHEALTH COM 1 877 263 7330 Device as advertised is not licensed in accordance with Canadian Law

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Children and Spirit Jordan s Story by Patti Morton M Alexey Klementie r Fotolia c om y Grandson Jordan has always been very intuitive and sensitive He called me on the phone one day and told me that he had to talk to me about something very serious Jordan was twelve at the time I told him to go ahead and tell me what his problem was Well Gram he said today I saw a man that wasn t there I laughed and said How did you see a man that wasn t there In the mirror he stated I laughed again and said Wow How cool is that Gram he answered It scared the crap out of me Okay I said What scared you about him Red eyes he answered Okay Hollywood I said knowing Jordan sometimes likes to enhance a story Ok So he didn t have red eyes but he DID scare the stuff out of me Hmm I replied did he scare you because he looked mean and evil or did he scare you because you weren t expecting him to be there and he startled you Well I guess because I wasn t expecting him to be there he said sheepishly Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 19

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Uniting two lives in the miracle of love Available to perform your unique and meaningful ceremony This sacred contract that reflects the special qualities of two individuals will enhance your special day Carol Spencer Ordained Minister 250 538 8272 Pixies Centre of Healing Renewal Box 330 9747 Willow Street Chemainus BC V0R 1K0 250 324 3345 Tarot Massage Palm Reading Hatha Yoga Tarot readings 50 half hour By drop in or appt Readings 12 4 Tues Saturday Help spread True Blue s Spirit Our gift from the heart needs your help to reach farther around the world At 8 00 pm Pacific Time October 18th and November 16th 2009 we will be tapping into the powers of the new moon to send thoughts of peace love and harmony around the world and throughout the universe Please take just five minutes at 8pm on each of those days to help make the dream of True Blue Spirit a reality From the few to the many in spirit and in heart Extend your thoughts in peaceful solitude and if you d like to share we d love to hear from you Go to the link at www truebluespirit ca Thank you and keep well

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Children and Spirit Wow Jordan You are so lucky Do you know that I spend hours meditating and praying and trying to raise my vibrational level so that I can communicate with spirits and you get to do it naturally Well it still scared me he replied He just looked at me for a few seconds and then he was gone Don t be afraid Jordan That is a gift You have great grandmas and great grandpas and guardian angels around you and if you surround yourself with love and light then nothing bad can come near you Say your prayers and ask God to let your angels come to stand around you to protect you and watch over you and surround you with the white light of spirit and nothing will ever harm you from the other side He seemed to be okay with that answer and said he would do that Shortly after I hung up the phone from Jordan my brother Donnie called He sounded excited You ll never guess what just happened to me he said I just saw Dad Our father had passed away almost eighteen years ago I was shaving he said and I cut myself I picked up my styptic pencil and as I put it to my face I thought Gee the only one I ever knew who used these or knew what they even were was Dad Then there he was standing behind me What did you do I asked He laughed My hands started shaking and my knees started knocking and then he was gone If he scares you you can ask him to not show himself to you I told him NO he said I would love to see him He just caught me off guard I relayed to him the story that Jordan had told me only minutes before the difference being that Jordan didn t know my father I looked up at the picture of my dad with his arm around me at my wedding What are you trying to tell us Dad I whispered to the picture I was sitting at my computer and suddenly I noticed the date on the screen I smiled at the picture Happy Birthday Dad I said S PATTI MORTON S life experiences have provided her with proof of life after life Being a member of ASHA Association of Spiritual Healers of Alberta and reading cards for Spiritual Guidance she likes to consider herself as seeking answers and following a path of service Mat Hayward Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 21

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True Blue by Dorothy Jeanne Engst I n January of 2008 I was visiting with spiritual medium Carol Spencer We were sipping tea and chatting when I said I m going to publish a magazine come September Oh really she replied and where did that come from I have no idea I shook my head and chuckled But let s put it out there and we ll see what happens Do you know what the magazine will be about Hmmm well it ll be about spirit I m guessing My response was hesitant In what way she asked I sat for a moment contemplating her question and trying to get a grasp on the direction our conversation had taken Then it hit me You know what I believe it s going to be about the journey about offering different options Since I ve been on a spiritual quest it hasn t been easy getting answers and information So that s what the magazine needs to be about giving people information and then letting their intuition take them in the right direction Two months later the magazine idea was still floating around in the back of my head but that is as far as it had gone Life was busy and time was passing by My mother was in a traffic accident on P E I and I decided to make the trek out to see her and try to be of some help to my sister who was dealing with all of the issues surrounding the accident While visiting in Charlottetown I heard about a new metaphysical store that had opened and decided to drop by to check it out and look for healing crystals In no time I was chatting with one of the owners when out of the blue I said I m going to be publishing a spiritual magazine come September Would you like me to send copies for the store The woman responded with a resounding Yes I remember climbing back behind the wheel of my mother s car and asking myself What on earth are you saying Dorothy Twice now I d clearly voiced plans for publishing a magazine Not only that but I had given a specific time frame and it was just six months away So far all there was to show for the magazine was an inkling in the back of my brain Having the personality type of a detailed organizer this was not sitting well with me I was voicing the magazine but the fact of the matter was I Page 22 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 S

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Spirit Driven kept asking myself who was I to think I could publish a magazine Sure I had been writing for a time I d even produced a community newsletter for a couple of years But what I was talking about now was a whole new enterprise Not only that but the thought of putting myself out there on public display was totally unnerving What if people criticized me heaven forbid or even worse what if they didn t like what I had created On the flight home I started to make notes about where my spiritual journey had taken me and the different paths I had taken to source the information I desired I looked back to where I had found relief from the myriad of doubt and scepticism that surfaced on a daily basis even after being given consistent proof of there being more out there than meets the eye I realized as I was making my list that this was the information that the magazine had to provide to the readers If somehow I was being nudged along by spirit to share this information then who was I to question it After all what was the worst thing that could happen Spend all our savings print an issue and then scrap the whole idea The fact was that no matter what happened life would go on and I would still have the love of my family and friends In the scheme of things that is all that really matters I had nothing to lose When looking back in my journal I started writing about the magazine on April 4th 2008 Once I started making notes the magazine started evolving into a reality and synchronicities happened left and right A friend loans me a wonderful book I find the author Paul Elder lives on Vancouver Island where I can easily interview him Paul puts me in touch with Edd Uluschak an award winning cartoonist Edd comes on board with the magazine Paul also tells me that Dr Emoto will be on the Island this leads to another interview Mary Gillis a neighbour contacts me about business cards we meet over tea where I discover she has years of experience in publishing glossy magazines How synchronistic is that The list goes on and continues to do so Writers editors interviews stories everything has come together in spite of those moments of doubt and scepticism I mentioned earlier When the doubt lingers the synchronicities slow down That s when I ve learned to shake my head take in a deep breath and think positive thoughts thus allowing the wheels to pick up momentum once again S Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 23

Page 24

Reader Response Regarding Cheryl Dawn I was so glad to see Cheryl s articles in your magazine My mother and I had done a course with Cheryl Dawn last year It was one of the best days of my life My mother had an experience with Cheryl a couple of months earlier at the Wellness show in Sidney Cheryl had given healing to the crowd and then started doing some drumming My mother was so overwhelmed by the drumming she couldn t speak she was crying so hard It resonated with her so strongly So we decided to take one of Cheryl s courses I don t remember what the name of the course was that we had taken but it had healing and drumming in it of course I took this course with my mother because she was just diagnosed with breast cancer a month earlier and of course she was going to fight it with everything she could I basically went because I wanted my mother to get all the healing she could get Well as soon as this wonderful woman walked into the room I started crying I didn t know why she had the most beautiful presence she is calm spiritual and makes everyone feel loved and special I am a very spiritual person and have my 2nd level of Reiki but we can never have too much healing in our lives I feel like I received so much love and healing from Cheryl and look forward to doing more workshops with her I would recommend any of Cheryl Dawn s courses to anyone Thank you Shellie A Parksville BC Funny the way Spirit works I received my copy of True Blue Spirit as soon as I returned from vacation I was thrilled to see my story in print I have to commend you on finding the pictures to go with the story I don t know how you came to find those particular pictures but the funny thing is that the rocking chair I spoke of in my story is identical to the picture you put with the story Also the picture of the elderly couple walking the beach if I didn t know better I would think it was them Pop always wore a straw hat And Momma would hold his arm as they walked Isn t it funny the way Spirit works I look forward to each copy of your magazine It just gets better with every issue Keep up the good work You folks are awesome Patti Morton Calgary AB Pain and Oneness Janet I just read your article Pain and Oneness in True Blue Spirit and it felt as though I was intended to be your audience Thank you for writing such a beautiful message I will re read it many times Some day I hope I will find other people who think the way you do so many beautiful discussions could ensue Thank you again for helping me in my quest to re direct my own thoughts Pam D Victoria BC Page 24 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

Page 25

Brain State by Beth Lahti A fter an intensive eleven year search for programs supplements and exercises to help our severely learning disabled now 17 year old daughter Claudia we discovered Brain State Technologies last January After several years of special schools and cognitive therapy she was finally able to attend the local public school in grade eleven We felt that Brain State Technology might help her focus and concentrate better in the large classes She agreed to try it out Sensors were placed on several areas of her scalp and the brain waves in these areas were recorded With this information a brain map was generated Claudia filled out a survey and picked some goals she wanted to achieve Hers were to sleep better to have more focus and concentration and to be more confident in social situations With her brain map and the subjective survey protocols were created in order for her to balance and harmo s age ffim rol c o m Fotolia nise her brain Sensors were again placed on the scalp this time with sounds which encouraged some brain waves and discouraged others After nine sessions she reported much better sleep and was able to focus and concentrate easily Her June report card was mostly A s and B s After several more exciting success stories we decided to incorporate Brain State Technologies into our health center program We also felt it might help other children with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder issues get off pharmaceutical drugs and be more successful not only academically but socially Since that time we have been excited to find that it has many more applications including help for addictions depression and anxiety S BETH LAHTI is co owner of Finlandia Pharmacy and Natural Health Centre in Vancouver with her husband Harlan and is a certified Brain State Technician at the Center Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 25

Page 26

Page 27

Metaphysics The Journey to Find My Name by Ahrina K Nielsen W hat is in a name Your name tells the world nay the universe who you are As your name is spoken the vibration of it travels on the sound waves and as you go about your daily activities or as you deftly work at creating your reality this energy is affected No matter what your objective the vibration of your name affects this positively or not Sometimes we need a bit of help and I would rather have the energy of a name work toward assisting me in my goals instead of keeping them just out of reach So at forty two I decided to go on a journey to discover my true name It was time to release the name that my parents gave me and to let go of the stifled energy it produced In a deeply meditative state I am taken to my beautiful garden the setting where I meet regularly with my guides This soul garden is an oasis on many levels In this paradise I feel connected to source I feel whole I am not lost anymore but found This setting allows me to have Andrejs Pidijass Fotolia com personal conversations with my Guides and Ascended Masters that I work with On this day they are already aware of my questions my name being one of them even before I arrive This is typical as they are keenly tuned into my thoughts There are more beings here than are normally present and as the crowded garden seems to close in on me my heart chakra opens in response Love is always the answer they tell me in a swarm of transferred thought Oops what were my questions again I take a moment to focus on the swirling thoughts within my mind Now for the answer to the question concerning my name in a vision they show me the way my body reacts when someone speaks my name Energetically I stiffen up and stop the flow of energy This is why it must be changed A male Guide steps forward out of the collective He reaches out and takes my hand We Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 27

Page 28

Uniting two lives in the miracle of love Available to perform your unique and meaningful ceremony This sacred contract that reflects the special qualities of two individuals will enhance your special day Carol Spencer Ordained Minister 250 538 8272 Pixies Centre of Healing Renewal Box 330 9747 Willow Street Chemainus BC V0R 1K0 250 324 3345 Tarot Massage Palm Reading Hatha Yoga Tarot readings 50 half hour By drop in or appt Readings 12 4 Tues Saturday Help spread True Blue s Spirit Our gift from the heart needs your help to reach farther around the world At 8 00 pm Pacific Time October 18th and November 16th 2009 we will be tapping into the powers of the new moon to send thoughts of peace love and harmony around the world and throughout the universe Please take just five minutes at 8pm on each of those days to help make the dream of True Blue Spirit a reality From the few to the many in spirit and in heart Extend your thoughts in peaceful solitude and if you d like to share we d love to hear from you Go to the link at www truebluespirit ca Thank you and keep well

Page 29

Metaphysics love you there is work to be done Ahrina I respond What How eloquent of me Ahrina that is how we know you and that is who you must be in this lifetime Take this token from us and place it in your heart chakra I reach out my hand and receive a sliver of golden light Thanking him and all those present I place this glimmering gift gently in my heart chakra They surround me with love as I turn to go With one last glimpse and a wave I leave them in the garden so I can return back to the present This journey was profound as I have been aware for most of my life that the name Kay was not working for me Since I have changed my name I have shifted the energy within my life I have attracted to myself many new and exciting faces as well as experiences This energy filled path is sure to be overflowing with wonder and excitement May you too embrace the energy of your name as you create miracles in your life S idrutu Fotolia com AHRINA K NIELSEN started her metaphysical journey 21 years ago when she discovered Stuart Wilde and Carlos Castaneda She began pursuing her clairvoyant and mediumship development four years ago and has been working professionally since 2006 Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 29

Page 30

Animal Communication Animals as Compa by Stephanie McColl I t has been my experience that animals can offer us some of the most rewarding relationships and experiences of our lives Much like our human relationships choosing the right animal is just as important and life altering as choosing our friends How do we know which one is the right one for us or our family So many animals end up in situations that are harmful or detrimental to themselves or their human companions that it is essential to know what you are getting yourself and them into It can be a challenging decision Here are some tips to help guide you in the process One of the first things to consider is to realize the responsibility you will be assuming bringing another being into your life after all you will be caring for it for its entire lifetime Perhaps you could ask yourself these questions to determine if you are ready and willing to make such a commitment What are you looking for in the relationship and how much time do you have to give to it Is the environment you can provide appropriate What is your lifestyle like and does this fit with the needs of the animal What are you asking the animal to deal with in order to be part of your life and family Are you willing to share your home completely or will the animal be confined to the backyard basement or garage Lastly use your inner self to help guide you in the process Remember to connect with your point of stillness before you begin asking questions as this will always bring you to your heart center Several years ago I brought home a baby bunny that I had rescued from a petting farm She was suffering from an eye infection and her chances for survival weren t very good For days I bathed her eyes and nursed her back to health and when the day came to bring her home I was ecstatic We gave her a big cage good food toys to play with free run of Page 30 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

Page 31

Animal Communication anions in our Lives the kitchen and doted on her every day She was our baby after all When my partner and I ended our relationship I assumed Bunny would live with me in my new apartment I had rescued her I had saved her I was the one who could talk with her I asked her who she wanted to be with and I was stunned when she said she preferred to be with my ex and that she loved living in the house with him I knew then that her bond with him was deeper than it had been with me My heart ached as I now had to let both of them go I understood though that she needed to be with him just as much as he needed to be with her Bunny taught me a valuable lesson to always ask your animal what it needs and to allow it to be who it needs to be Animals have thoughts and feelings just as we do and it is vital to respect their needs wants and concerns Choosing an animal companion can be fun exciting and rewarding They can make us laugh protect us emotionally and physically and help us to understand ourselves a little better Animals truly are creatures of comfort joy and love so choose wisely S STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master who has been working with animals since an early age When she isn t working her magic on animals she focuses her energies towards helping people live natural and healthy lives You ll find her managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney B C www animalwhisperer com Isselee Fotolia com Eric Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 31

Page 32

Herbs A little bit o Magic Mug by Betty Norton herb It helps to activate and stimulate the dreams and helps one journey into the moon time world by acting as a gentle nerve tonic Mugwort also helps people to retain the information shared with them during their dream state I like to suggest that when people are drinking mugwort tea they open their minds to thoughts and ideas or if they are trying to work through something they call upon mugwort to help them achieve clarity by sending them a special dream I often use mugwort in smudging as I find it uplifts the spirit at the same time releasing its protective energy Mugwort helps to protect your home possessions and family Mugwort properties are strongest when picked at the full moon It can be used fresh or dried Try drinking a tea made from both Mugwort is a non toxic herb but it does have emmenagogic properties promotes menstrual discharge so it is not recommended during pregnancy m ns li N o h Page 32 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 y co l Fo t B at a e o s a k ith the full moon approaching I walk around my garden wondering what plant ally I should call upon this time As I look around I see my trusted friend mugwort dancing in the wind smiling at me The shimmery under nether of its leaves reminds me it is the perfect full moon herb This Mugwort plant has been with me for over ten years and two moves It continues to offer me this magic and healing Mugwort has a long history of being used for magic It connects with the goddess Artemis who is the goddess of the moon and childbirth Artemis is also well known for her use of plants to help heal the creatures of the woods Mugwort is known as a visionary herb The fresh young herbs can be rubbed on magic mirrors and crystal balls to strengthen their power Drinking the tea can help stimulate clairvoyance for those on that path Mugwort is mostly known as a dream world ia W

Page 33

Herbs A little bit o Magic gwort Lunar Tea Dream Balm When making a lunar tea you are calling upon the moonlight to charge your drink with all the magical properties the moon has to offer 2 teaspoons mugwort teaspoon lavender helps to remember dreams 1 cup water Place herbs in an open glass cup or bowl Cover the mixture with fresh water and place in the moonlight Do not cover unless there are a lot of bugs around Allow the herbs and water to sit together all night Drink first thing in the morning The flavour will be subtle but the magic is there Massage it into your temples the top of your neck and on your heart charka before bedtime Dream Pillows 5 parts mugwort 1 part lavender 1 part chamomile 1 part roses To make a dream pillow fold an 8 by 8 piece of fabric in half Then sew two sides together leaving one side open for the stuffing Place the dried herbs inside the pillow Sew the pillow closed and place it next to your head at night Give it a little rub before sleep to release the energy cup of coconut oil cup grape seed oil 30 grams beeswax a few drops sandalwood essential oil a few drops of mugwort essential oil a few drops of lavender essential oil Start by melting the beeswax into the coconut and grape seed oil Add the essential oils pour into jar cool and label S BETTY NORTON is an herbalist herbal formulator lifestyle consultant and teacher Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 33

Page 34

For Conscious Living Books Crystals Rare Gifts Soothing Music 125 Station Street Duncan BC V9L 1M8 250 748 9411 Available to investigate your psychic and unusual experiences Many paranormal experiences cause fear or anxiety As a trained psychic and clairvoyant I can explore and explain the events that are happening Confidentiality and discretion assured Carol Spencer 250 537 2154 ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING PROGRAM with KRISTINA SISU of HIGHER GROUND A comprehensive training program combining psychology and acupressure techniques to release old patterns and restore energy balance to mind body and spirit For course details email kristinasisu gmail com 604 274 7943 Level 1 Oct 24th 9 30 AM 4 30 PM Location 3140 Georgia St Richmond BC V7E 2R1 Total of 3 Levels plus an optional 4th level for allergy detection and correction Astrology Heather K Elrix Chemainus BC 250 246 1447

Page 35

Hypnotherapy Four Breaths by Barbara Adelborg CMH HT W hen we are unaware of our own personal boundaries we go about life at times in a fog Have you ever experienced walking into a room full of people and all of a sudden you don t feel well or you all of a sudden feel full of anxiety This is an example of not being present or grounded within the body and you are simply picking up on other people s energy There may be times when you are talking with someone and you become so concerned with giving them the right answer or wonder what they are thinking about you that you miss the whole paul prescott Fotolia com conversation This too is an example of not being present or grounded This state of unawareness can also create a great deal of stress within the body Because energy follows thought you can use the Four Breath Technique to immediately reduce your stress by up to half and become grounded in the body thereby creating your personal boundaries within yourself with clarity and focus There are many ways you can use this technique you can get comfortable in a chair or recliner while lying in bed as you drift off to sleep while you re waiting in a line up at a red light and I Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 35

Page 36

mercia s Partners in Health New Owner New Inventory 9738 Willow St PO Box 141 Chemainus BC V0R 1K0 Ph 250 246 9838 Fx 250 324 2996 Chemainus Health Food Store Vitamins and Supplements Organic Skin Care Herbal Remedies Whole Foods 141 Craig Street Tel 250 748 9632 Downtown Duncan Open Mon Sat 9 30 5 30 and Sun 12 4 Website www mercias ca Email mercias shaw ca Health a Wholeness Concept Ladysmith Health Food Store Ltd AJ s Corner on Health Janice Peters N C 531 1st Avenue PO Box 70 Ladysmith BC V9G 1A1 Ph 250 245 2123 Fx 250 245 2993 Creating Change Barbara Adelborg CMH HT t Keep a n Eye O u In every issue of True Blue Spirit you can enter our draw In this issue one reader will receive a complimentary copy of Paul Elder s Book Eyes of and Angel To be entered to win go to www truebluespirit ca click on Keep an Eye and fill in the form The Secret Word is ANGEL A winner will be randomly selected by Nov 1st and will be announced in the next issue Our last issue winner of a free numerology reading is Anne Garneau of Salt Spring Island Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis 104 225 Canada Avenue Duncan BC 250 746 1969 Clinical Nutrition Mary Ross Clinical Nutrition 233 Prideaux Street Nanaimo BC V9R 2M9 250 716 0401 ww ionways com clinicalnut Your RAW FOOD connection nuts organic frozen coconut meat organic raw coconut water Spirooli vegetable slicers South River miso and more A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to our Advertisers and Subscribers You help to make this magazine a Possibility

Page 37

Hypnotherapy find it especially nice while out for a walk Here we go now You will be taking in four deep breaths and on the fourth breath you will use your mind to become aware of the bottom of your feet When we become aware of or when we can feel our feet we are present in our body Step one Take a slow deep comfortable breath in through the nose and follow that breath right down through the body and exhale very slowly Step two Take a slow deep comfortable breath in through the nose and as you are following that breath down through the body simply allow your shoulders to drop Step three Take a slow deep comfortable breath in through the nose and as you are following that breath down simply allow the body to unwind with it Step four As you inhale once again in through the nose use your mind to become aware of or imagine the bottom of your feet As you complete the Four Breath Technique and become aware of your feet you become present and grounded within your body The more you use this technique the more grounded you become S Dmitry Kudryavtsev Fotolia com BARBARA ADELBORG is a clinical hypnotherapist and she maintains a practice in the Cowichan Valley where she has resided for over 30 years Barbara is trained in several hypnosis techniques Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 37

Page 38

Spirit of the Dance Trust and Fait by Michelle Staples O ne of my favourite things to do in the world is to go on adventures A couple of summers ago I was preparing to head off to an international dance ceremony where people join to dance in celebration of spirit prayer and gratitude One thing I have learned about such journeys once the intention to take the journey is set the journey begins This has proven true regardless of whether or not the journey takes me to where I intended to go or sends me off in a direction of its choice Before I left I stopped for a quick good bye with a beautiful male friend I had been spending time with and we shared our first kiss and danced under the stars At that time and still at times I struggle with trusting myself having faith in myself while the inside my head voice busies itself filling me with doubt I left fueled by the excitement of the road in front of me and my quest to break through whatever it was that was holding me back from trusting myself the world people the universe life and love Somehow that trust always seemed elusive And faith Impossible About eleven hours into the trip I pulled over and attempted to put up my tent in a very windy open field I will not repeat the words that came to mind as I watched the amazing acrobatics my dome tent was able to perform taking flight only to touch the ground for energy to soar back into the sky I found myself standing in the middle of nowhere alone exhausted hungry and on my way to dance in an all night ceremony completely foreign to me where I was going to pray for the ability to trust and have faith While my tent was completing its first ever dance leaving me far behind a sudden realization washed through me Who makes a journey like this without holding in their heart at the very least a grain of trust Tears fell leaving streaks on my dust covered cheeks at the complete joy that was filling me I laughed out loud After a deep peaceful sleep I woke to drive off into the sunrise A few minor wrong turns led my way to the ceremony where preparations had begun and I joined to receive prayers Drums and wind flutes played people were called to sing their songs and we danced around the fire through the night The first glimmer of light graced the mountainside bouncing off the morning mists weaving rainbows through the trees I was witnessing one of the most breathtaking pictures nature had ever painted in my presence I felt the dew on the grass gently gather beneath my feet the earth solid effortlessly holding me always ll Fo toli rnicho a c om S Page 38 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

Page 39

Spirit of the Dance th there supporting me regardless of where I was in the world or how I was behaving I began to dance with the rainbows the mists and the morning sun drinking in the fresh air with my breath As I breathed their life into mine I awakened faith knowing that they had been with me from the beginning holding me when I could not hold myself warming me when I felt cold and filling me with breath when I felt too exhausted to breathe on my own After a while I began my journey back phoned home and shared how I had found what I had been looking for just not where I expected to find it trusting that new adventures were waiting for me on the road ahead and ready to dance under the stars S MICHELLE STAPLES helps people discover their own stories She writes for various publications and helps develop documentary and educational films Michelle works with youth of all cultures supporting them to speak their voice She continues her dance studies training to become a facilitator of Khundalini Dance Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 39

Page 40

Chakras the Huma by Amahra Jaxen I n our modern age there are far more people who have a working understanding of the word computer than the word chakra Let s see chakra isn t that an ancient middle eastern teaching that only applies to those in long robes Those who fully understand the programming of a computer have a head start to success in their career But for those of us who desire a headstart to a successful and self empowered life knowledge of the true workings of the chakras is critical And just to make it more palatable for those who are more technically minded you ll be happy to know that a chakra is essentially a mini computer with a highly specialized function in regulating the human body mind function We wouldn t try to edit our photographs in Excel or write a document in our paint program so it s important to know what program is supporting us through each of our chakras Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or vortex Chakras are commonly called wheels of light and there are seven of them Their pathway is located on the subtle energy level of our bodies along the spinal column Chakras draw energy in from our front and back through our unique field Most importantly they move it between themselves in an effort to sustain dynamic balance in our system This energy stream moves up the body and emerges through the top of the channel as a cascading shower of light around our body our aura A chakra s spin forms a vortex resembling water spiraling down a drain except the spiral pulls energy in from around us and drains it into our Page 40 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

Page 41

an Computer System central channel Our chakras continuously vacuum energy from around us in through our field and incorporate it into our physical emotional reality Because our family tree history of beliefs abuse alcoholism molestation desertion are held in our field until we deal with these negative patterns and release them we will actually continue to draw them into our energy system through our chakras and taint it with the same sabotage over and over The lower the chakra the slower it spins thus the lower the frequency or musical note Because we are light beings these frequencies of light shine through the water in our system and generate a human rainbow red orange yellowgreen blue indigo violet as we move from the first chakra through the seventh This is why we are strongly affected by music and surrounding color as these things can create balance or chaos for us Chakras form the meeting place between our inner world microcosm and outer world macrocosm We are not as separate as we like to think Chakras are the basis of all human energy exchange While we are all born with unique challenges and sustain physical and emotional wounds over our lifetime it is likely that the most powerful impact on our chakras comes from our own mind It is interesting to note that the worms and viruses which hack into our computer systems are simply technical manifestations of what we have been up to for ages at the chakra energy level As humans we hack into another s computer energy system to manipulate or steal energy from others so co m William Burnett Fotolia Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 41

Page 42

rg bsp ace Foto lia co m Page 42 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 we re in control Or we allow them to hack into us because of poor boundaries None of us are exempt except enlightened beings Chakra 1 processes the energy of our physical entity Chakras 2 5 process our feeling realm The 6th and 7th chakras deal with the mental spiritual body We take what life presents to us at the front of our body and our core beliefs and strength of will determine how we process these lessons They either empower or harden us as they pass through to the back of the body which equates to our past This is why most of our emotional armour is carried on our backs It represents what we have done with life s lessons Because of each chakra s unique vibration it deals with one and only one specific program or emotion which then has the power to affect every level of our life The emotions of anger jealousy paranoia neediness suspicion and denial each are dealt with in their own specific chakra and no other Remember emotions are also energy But emotions are the result of our thoughts and our chakras react to them While we are busy with the niceties of the scented oils and lovely colours and chakra music we forget that negative egotistical thoughts create a variety of energetic chaos in our circuitry that can throw our chakras out of balance And we wonder why we are stressed and exhausted much of the time It is the psychological aspects of what we don t know that we don t know that keep coming back to haunt us Each chakra deals with a specific set of emotions positive and negative the light

Page 43

and the dark This is contained within two factors a program and a principle and each chakra runs a distinctly different one The program a chakra runs is essentially the bottom line here The principle a chakra runs is essentially how you will react if you are triggered at this level For example there is nothing kind or generous about the first chakra Its program deals only with physical entity or survival But if you are threatened or triggered at this level the principle you will react through is quite simply I will get you before you get me So if someone makes you angry and your first response is Payback time then they have hit you in your first chakra Simply by understanding how you feel when you re upset by something will tell you what chakra is involved so you know where to do your healing work All chakras are about four inches in diameter when they are balanced I diagnose my class participants chakras with a pendulum and colour it on their charts This gives us a valuable basis for dialogues on how their upbringing and beliefs could have created the imbalances that have shown up A smaller than normal chakra denotes weakness or fear A flattened or oval chakra denotes suppression or manipulation An enlarged chakra shows that we are selling out jumping through hoops to gain love or approval giving ourselves away Balanced mental health and love will balance a chakra Using the appropriate colours musical tones crystals and aromatherapy oils on the body or chakra area will also aid in balancing the system Any type of physical injury or surgery in the area of a chakra can inhibit normal functioning For example a cracked tailbone will inhibit a person s ability to ground feel safe and create financial abundance A tonsillectomy can make it more difficult to speak your truth or break bad habits because scar tissue in your throat chakra creates an energy block Changing our perceptions of past issues doing healing work on physical injuries and taking the appropriate herbs oils and supplements will also bring about balance But the most powerful way to create strength and balance in your chakra system is to examine your core beliefs observe who and what triggers you put your past to rest and practise mindfulness loving thoughts and forgiveness S AMAHRA JAXEN is a Reiki Master and Healer of sixteen years experience whose passion is to find the underlying causes of imbalance and disease Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 43

Page 44

Spirit Re emergence and D by Carol Spencer T his has been the summer I have been on a mission to find myself Actually the thought started early last spring when I realized that I would be turning sixty soon I had said that at sixty I would re evaluate my life and reinvent myself I realized that this re emergence couldn t be done overnight so I had better start now What a fascinating spring and summer it has been My journey started with the decision to take responsibility for my health and fitness therefore a new eating plan was developed and also a more committed exercise plan was necessary My next step took me to the investigation of further education I have always enjoyed studying P ha se p ra og ot h 4P hy m co lia to Fo Page 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

Page 45

Spirit Development and have taken many distance programmes and yes there were some very interesting courses to be taken I returned home from the university with decisions to make Sadly I realized that at this time reverting to my need to learn in a formal setting didn t feel quite right What to do My spiritual development also had to fit in to the overall plan During my meditation the direction became very clear focus closer to the earth there are so many things to learn and know about So I did just that I phoned a friend of mine a very good gardener and asked her if she would allow me to be her apprentice Working with my hands in the garden I have really felt a wonderful sense of connectedness not just with mother earth but with myself and within my family friends and my spirituality I have not only been creating and assisting the growth of plants I have found a realisation that my own spiritual growth will only come from quiet and diligent practice so similar to what is necessary when practising the work of mother earth As I work in the garden it is very evident that the continued nurturing and care of the plant is imperative the removal of noxious weeds allows the plant s development The gentleness used in the handling of plants ensures no bruising the thinning out of the plants allows for expansion and abundance Appropriate harvesting depends on a watchful and caring eye Mother Nature is an incredible teacher So far my mission to find myself has been successful I liken the journey to the garden and its profound teaching As I write this the summer isn t over yet so much to learn and so much life to participate in I am using my journey in the garden as my template to find myself and to deepen my spirituality finding the awe provided to us in my daily life One very small step at a time S A native of Salt Spring Island CAROL SPENCER established the Continuous Light Sanctuary in 1999 Continuous Light is a society dedicated to spiritualism where gatherings are held to share the philosophy and gifts of spirit Carol teaches meditation healing clairvoyance and psychic awareness Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 45

Page 46

5456 Tomken Road Unit 8 Mississauga ON L4W 2Z5 toll free 866 717 8466 fax 905 625 8548

Page 47

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Glorious Garlic by Peter Josling B Sc G sad dog d esig n Fot oli a arlic has a long history as an antibacterial and antiviral agent and is often referred to as nature s original remedy It can improve resistance to viral infections and can destroy common bugs such as listeria Escherichia coli and salmonella which cause food poisoning Most recently garlic has been shown to be effective against candida albicans Some garlic products are licensed for the treatment of coughs and colds Used extensively in both world wars garlic is well known for helping people with dysentery and other harmful bacteria found in the stomach Garlic can remove various poisons secreted by bacteria particularly E coli which can cause stomach upsets Interestingly garlic is the only antibiotic which kills bacteria and encourages digestion and protects the body against poisons produced by the infection Researchers have discovered exactly how garlic exerts its antibiotic activity When bacteria invade healthy cells they need to generate a series of enzymes known as cysteine proteinases and alcohol dehydrogenases Most conventional antibiotics simply kill the bacterium but do not prevent the production of these enzymes In garlic it is allicin that is able to prevent the production of these harmful compounds and thus disable the invading bacteria When fresh garlic is cut or crushed a sulphur compound allin ay leen combines with an enzyme called allinase and a chemical reaction starts The first compound that is formed is allicin Unfortunately allicin generated from fresh garlic is very unstable and quickly changes into a series of other sulphur containing compounds known as thiosulphinates Allicin is the one compound that is always described as the mother substance and responsible in total or in part for the antifungal antiviral and antibacterial properties attributable to garlic This mother substance quickly breaks down to form a family of beneficial sulphur compounds that can aid health immunity and general well being This whole family is needed to get real measurable benefits from a garlic supplement Large amounts of data accumulated over many years have confirmed the excellent antimicrobial properties of garlic As a harmless natural food substance with a track record of several thousand years virtually free of side effects allicin from fresh garlic may be a simple natural answer to some of the world s nastiest infections Researchers have at last invented a technique which has been the subject of a patent application that can actually produce large quantities Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 47 m co

Page 48

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit of allicin liquid that is stable at room temperature Its properties include antibacterial antifungal and antiviral activity Dried allicin powder is now available as a health food supplement Early results have shown good benefits for sinusitis hay fever asthma the immune system and preventing the common cold The common cold is the most widespread viral infection in the world today It is estimated that most people will suffer two to five colds per year Over 200 different viruses cause infection and cold symptoms the most common of which are the rhinoviruses which account for 30 to 40 per cent of adult colds Re infection is also very prevalent Currently only a few publications exist to show the activity of garlic against viral infections Hanley Fenwick 1985 report that during an influenza epidemic the former Soviet Union once imported over 500 tons of garlic cloves for the acute treatment of the disease Among the viruses that are sensitive to garlic extract are the human cytomegalovirus human rhinovirus type 2 herpes simplex type 1 and 2 and influenza B virus Evidence point towards allicin and its condensation product ajoene as the main components responsible for this antiviral activity Recently allicin liquid and capsules have been shown to be effective against Herpes Simplex type 1 and Molluscum Contagiosum viral infections 7 000 BC Garlic imported from Siberia to Egypt and fed to slaves that built pyramids to keep them fit and healthy 3200 BC Inscribed on the Great Pyramid of Cheops Egyptian slaves fed garlic to increase stamina and keep them free of infectious diseases Many consumers take garlic supplements and many report never getting a cold or symptoms associated with viral replication It is important that you check carefully to ensure that the garlic supplement you are taking contains stabilized allicin from fresh garlic as this will offer true infection fighting and immune boosting benefits A recent study conducted by The Garlic Centre has shown a significant result in both preventing and treating the common cold Taking 144 volunteers and following them over the threemonth winter period the results indicate that those taking the supplement were far less likely to catch a cold and even if they did recovery was faster This was the first double blind placebo controlled study of this kind and shows quite clearly that allicin has statistically significant antiviral capabilities Remember prevention is best S 1550 BC Egyptian Ebers Codex papyrus 22 medical formulations including garlic as remedy for heart headache insect bites worms and tumours 1100 BC Ancient Greece First Olympian athletes consumed vast quantities before competitions to build stamina and keep free of illness hvoya Fotolia com Page 48 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1

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Healthy Body Healthy Spirit 2004 British Journal of Biomedical Science stabilized allicin kills 30 strains of MRSA the Superbug Acinetobacter Baumanii 2005 American Society of Microbiology European Congress of Clinical Microbiology Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases 3 cured case histories with MRSA Fot olia co m 1997 Allicin Stabilizes Allisure powder established as a guarantee of real allicin in garlic products by the Garlic Centre Sussex England 1999 Allicin capsules and spray formulations available worldwide as a powerful antiviral antibacterial antifungal antimicrobial treatment option 1944 Chemis Cavalito first isolates an unstable odourous compound with antibacterial properties from extracts of fresh garlic The compound is called Allicin 753 BC Romans use garlic to repel scorpions treat dog bites bladder infections leprosy and asthma Clinical Phytomedicine H Mau or n g 100 AD Dioscorides held in esteem as founder of modern pharmacy he dispensed garlic to treat rabid dog bites snake bites infections leprosy bronchitis and cough 2007 Canadian Assoc of Clinical Microbiologists Infectious Diseases European Congress of Clinical Microbiology Chemotheraphy Infectious Diseases Abstract accepted stabilized allicin kills superbug 1066 AD Middle Ages Garlic used to prevent plague German Nun St Hildegard of Bingen writes two medical texts advocating raw garlic to heal the sick 1665 AD London College of Physicians recommends garlic for the Great Plague Leading physician Sydenham uses garlic in Africa to cure typhoid fever cholera 2002 Allicin 2 capsules per day proven to prevent hay fever seasonal allergy attacks in a pilot investigation published by the British Journal of 1853 Louis Pasteur documents that garlic kills bacteria 1942 WWII Penicillin and sulpha drugs scarce garlic used as antiseptic to disinfect battle wounds prevent gangrene and to cure dysentry 2001 Allicin One capsule a day proven to prevent the common cold in the only double blind placebo controlled study of its kind Published in American Medical Journal of Alternative Therapies 1916 WWI British government issues a general plea for the public to supply it with garlic in order to meet wartime needs PETER JOSLING B Sc Hon is Director of the Garlic Centre Sussex England m Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 49

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Harmonizing and Balancing the Brain with Brain State Conditioning Brain State Conditioning has been shown to enhance Sleep quality and quantity Sense of calm Creativity Motivation Business performance Sexual performance Health Immunity Mental processing Mental flexibility Mental clarity Memory Focus Energy Meditation Mood balance Communication skills Sports performance involving the brain body connection such as golf tennis hockey Brain State Conditioning has been shown to reduce Call 604 733 5323 or toll free 1 800 363 4372 Depression ADHD issues Sleep disorders Anger Anxiety and fear Worry Stress Stress related disorders including posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD Fatigue Sexual dysfunction Speech impediments Overweight conditions Chronic pain Dementia Alzheimer s symptoms Addictive dependencies including alcohol drugs smok ing sugar carbohydrates eating disorders and other addictive behaviours Visit www finlandiapharmacy com for more details The ORGANYC line of organic cotton products For even the most sensitive skin Non irritating Protective Secure Gentle Soft 100 PURE ORGANIC COTTON BIODEGRADABLE FEMININE HYGIENE CLM HEALTH GROUP WWW CLMHEALTH COM 1 877 263 7330 Device as advertised is not licensed in accordance with Canadian Law

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Healthy Recipes Recipes that just wouldn t cut it without the Garlic Hummus Matabala 1 can organic chick peas with liquid 1 large clove organic garlic mashed 1 teaspoon natural sea salt Juice of 1 2 organic lemon 2 tbsp virgin olive oil Optional 2 tbsp green pepper finely chopped Bring chick peas in liquid to boil turn to simmer and let sit for a few minutes to ensure tenderness Remove from heat drain and save liquid Combine chick peas with half of the liquid and all the other ingredients in blender Blend well and keep adding more of the liquid until you reach the consistency of your choice Serve warm as an appetizer or lunch with your choice of flat bread Quiche Bites with Artichoke 1 can organic artichoke hearts 1 bunch of green onions chopped 1 large clove organic garlic minced 4 free range organic eggs well beaten 1 4 cup fine dry bread crumbs 1 2 teaspoon natural sea salt 1 4 teaspoon dried oregano Dash of hot sauce i e Tabasco Fresh ground pepper 2 cups grated organic cheddar 1 4 cup organic Caesar or Italian salad dressing oil based not creamy Pour salad dressing into frypan Heat dressing and cook onion and garlic till soft Cool to room temperature Chop artichokes into approximately 1 2 inch pieces and add to cooled mixture In bowl beat eggs stir in onion and garlic mixture bread crumbs salt oregano hot sauce and pepper to taste Add cheese and then artichokes i tol Fo om a c Spoon into 8 square baking dish and bake at 325 F for 30 35 minutes or until set Cool and cut into squares and serve These are great hot or cold hr oy a Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 51

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Neil Duazo Artist One Frame at a Time by Dorothy Jeanne Engst U p until 2006 photography was just an expensive hobby for Neil Duazo Using a Pentax film camera and Fuji color or Ilford black and white film Neil focused his attention on taking photos of family They re so patient with me he says and I love that they always leave me alone when I m tweaking photos in my darkroom Neil s first real clients were a couple who married in Surrey BC After I delivered their prints they were so happy with what I d created for Page 52 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 them that it gave me the confidence to know I could do this The thrill for Neil when it comes to taking portraits is his chance to show the happiness a couple or a family may have for each other and being able to share that emotion with their intended audience I just love it when a client tells me how much they love the photos I ve taken for them Their feedback gets me more motivated to learn new techniques poses and post processing work

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When I asked Neil to tell me how his photography affects him spiritually it was as if I had uncorked the message in a bottle and the story flowed Such an interesting thing to ask Before my grandfather died he came to Canada for the first time in his life When he visited me here in Victoria I took him to Butchart gardens Being an avid photographer since he was a young adult in the Philippines he taught me a lot about composition framing how to stand and all the dark room techniques he had learned Not six months after he visited Canada he passed away I dedicate every frame I shoot to him imagining he s beside me I fell asleep once when I was getting a massage and dreamt that my grandfather and I were walking in a forest and at the end of the forest was this clearing where my grandmother was waiting for him She had passed away a year earlier They hugged each other then my grandfather kept on shooting photos as both he and my grandmother walked away from me I don t really believe this kind of stuff but it was nice to see them both as if they were just newlyweds Every time I have my camera in my hand I m so relaxed and my worries about bills my regular job and life stuff just goes away It s so grounding It may be grounding for him but Neil certainly gets excited when you start asking him about photography A sure sign that where his heart lies is behind the lens of a camera S

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What s in the C by Erin Lawson W Henr yk Fa lkiew ic z Foto lia co m Page 54 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 e ve all seen the movies the eccentric gypsy type jangly jewellery dimly lit room and tarot cards spread on the table before her She usually draws the Death or the Devil card more drama of course and usually predicts an untimely demise for her client and no the Death card doesn t usually mean a physical death This portrayal of tarot cards over the years has made the art of reading them one of the most mistrusted forms of divination In many metaphysical circles tarot card reading is still considered fortune telling and not considered a psychic reading The art of tarot card reading which is also called cartomancy has a long and diverse history By most accounts they are said to date back to the 15th century in Italy where they were first introduced as tarocchi a game played by the Italian upper crust There are many theories as to when and where they started to be used for divination and to uncover spiritual mysteries Some scholars believe that they have always represented the secrets of life cleverly hidden in a simple card deck and were created as a tool to unlock the unknown A tarot card deck consists of 78 cards 22 major arcana arcana meaning secret or hidden and 56 minors the four suits wands cups swords and pentacles and 16 court cards kings queens knights and pages

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Cards Grigoriy Lik h atskiy Foto l ia com The first 22 cards are the major arcana and are all named the Fool the Magician the High Priestess and so on These first 22 represent the soul s journey and our spiritual evolution During a reading the major arcana show important events in a person s life things that create change and allow for our souls to grow When a major arcana comes up in someone s reading it usually means that they are experiencing this event on a deeply personal level The next 56 the minor arcana show the daily cycles of life and consist of the four suits Wands represent energy creativity and also the element of fire Cups represent love and emotions and also the element of water Swords represent thought and communication and also the element of air Pentacles represent the material world our bodies and also the element of earth The minor cards generally show the daily details in readings if a person has a lot of swords in a reading then they are dealing with a lot of communication issues If pentacles then a lot of their issues would be about their jobs or money but some health issues will show up represented as pentacles as well The court cards can show aspects of us such as if the queen of wands came up for a woman it could show that she is fiery and creative If the king of swords came up for a man it could show that he is clever and quick with his wit but somewhat reserved The court cards can also be actual people in the client s life All the cards when read together in a spread will tell a story and the many connections between the cards will all have meaning as well Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 55

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ia com Fotol Page 56 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 H u n ta Over the centuries many different decks have been created and today there are over 500 different decks and counting One of the most popular and probably the most studied has been the Rider Waite deck which was created by Arthur Edward Waite and the artist Pamela Coleman Smith in 1909 This deck used strong symbols to create psychic links to divine information and many tarot decks created since also use the same symbols Symbology in the tarot is very important every artist who has created a deck use his or her own brand of symbols Many symbols are universal the little dog that runs beside the Fool in many decks represents loyalty and protection Water which is shown in many of the cards such as the Empress Temperance and the Moon represents intuition and receptivity generally feminine traits When getting to know the tarot take some time to learn more about the symbolism of the cards it will add to the layers of information that you will receive Now let s talk about using the tarot as an intuitive tool I was reading a wonderful book on the tarot by a well known tarot scholar who when asked if she was psychic said no she just interpreted the cards I was shocked because while reading the book I was amazed at how intuitive she was and how she actually felt the meaning of the cards Then I thought back to when I first learned to read cards how I memorized the meaning of each one and when doing a reading would never stray from what the book told me The cards can be read this way and anyone can learn to read them Every deck comes with a book that gives meanings for each card and really that s all you need to start A beginner can get a deck shuffle and start pulling cards and then just look up the meaning in the book They will most likely get the message they need to hear just from doing this I have known readers who never actually learned what any of the cards mean they just pull them and give the first impression that comes to them using them intuitively That s what is so magical about the tarot there is no wrong way to read them In my tarot classes I ask my students to spend time looking at each card and writing down their first impressions We talk about the traditional meanings of each card as well but I always say that

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what they are feeling around each card is by far the most important message There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding the tarot I have had people look almost scared when they find out that I do tarot readings because they feel that I will most certainly tell them unpleasant news Is this because of all the negative coverage on television and in the movies Maybe If you think of all the times you have seen a card reading portrayed most of them would have showed someone foretelling a scary event as in a horror movie or an overdressed fraud doing readings on late night TV complete with a 1 900 number These things do add to the negative press Other misconceptions around the tarot include this my favourite you can t buy your own tarot deck someone must buy it for you Not so Although it is lovely if you ve had someone gift you a set don t let it stop you from going out and getting your own They will still work for you I ve been told that tarot cards must be kept wrapped in silk Sure if you want but not necessary All that really matters is that you create a ritual that works for you Find a deck that really resonates with you and take the time to listen to the messages that you will hear from your cards When I sit with a client each card pulled is a window into their life allowing me to take a look inside with their permission of course and offer advice on what I see and feel The tarot is truly fascinating take some time and find out for yourself S ERIN LAWSON has studied metaphysics for over 13 years focusing mainly on tarot Erin lives in Duncan with her husband and three children Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 57

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Creative DigiWorks Eymbe Counselling Services eymbe ymail com 250 709 7972 Offering an integrative transpersonal approach to achieve balance of body mind and spirit Located at the Cottage on Ingram St Downtown Duncan BC Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness Chinese Proverb Multimedia Video Webdesign 250 710 0001 www creativedigiworks com

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Aboriginal Spirit Buying into Fear by James Henry Spencer W e follow wherever the mind leads us so it is increasingly important to be aware of the influence that the media and individuals have on us when we allow them into our lives Just as we do not invite undesirable forces into our living space we should not allow our head to be filled with fear anger and negativity If we allow our thoughts to dwell on these negative energies these thoughts draw even more like energies to us By the same token thoughts of peace love and harmony will attract similar energy to us So if we accept this simple fact that like attracts like then why not eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive in our life The choice is ours By quietly checking our habits for negative thoughts and influences and striving to replace those with cheerful happy thoughts and influences we can improve our life a thousand fold Like having better quality of friendships peace of mind better finances just to name a few So let us transcend the cesspool of fear anger and negativity and fly into a new and brighter lifestyle of peace love and harmony Enjoy the good life S JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe Known affectionately by his friends in the spiritual community as Wisdom James he has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field I have an inner joy that continually overflows to those around me and a constant need to share these beautiful gifts that I have been blessed with It is my desire to imbue the gift of peace love and harmony into your life Michelangelus Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 59

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A Gift to Remem by Cheryl Dawn A very important gift to merge into our daily ritual that many of us forget is our prayers of gratitude and assistance giving thanks and appreciation to the spirit world for our daily experiences helpers family friends food shelter and what s on our mind While at times not understanding some traumatizing event that may have occurred give gratitude for making it through this event and for the fact that we are still here today The event could be a lesson or a teaching that makes us stronger It may be to assist someone else who now or in the future goes through a similar event If that trauma is still there at the surface of our being then we can ask our Source to assist in healing that part of our journey so that we may move forward with forgiveness and love This may bring us to an event or person that will assist us in letting go of this trauma We can ask our Source to assist us in whatever it is we want help with They are there waiting for us to ask them There are no desires or dreams that are too big to ask There are no limits So be very clear in what it is we are asking for and the awareness of why we are asking for it Having the will to be present still grounded filled up with gratitude along with our imagination to shift our challenges or direction in life are truly all gifts that are easily attainable with our will to practise it daily Our most common way of working with the imagination in the past is visualising unfavourable events memories of co workers family members Page 60 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 partners enemies of what they said or did to us We then start to role play in our minds what it is we are going to say and which most likely is less than a loving thought This is not being present It is only keeping us in a state of unlived joy or anger Erase erase and let it go It is all in the past If an undesirable thought comes in replace it with what we want to see happen or wish had happened Visualise what we would rather be doing with loving thoughts and then move on with the day This will have the effect of immediately raising our vibration and allowing better events to come our way This is the law of attraction Try sending the person or situation the healing divine light by visualising it all around them or saying I send the healing divine light to you Then send the light to ourselves because we are in need of the divine light too if we are continuing to attract unwanted situations in our journey We are the light so ignite the divine light within every day surrounding our entire being The mind does not know the difference between reality and non reality The mind is strongly connected to the universe bringing us that which we are thinking about adjusting the vibration or tuning into our channel honouring what we are thinking about delivering us exactly the same frequency or vibration of our thoughts and feelings This again is where we need to remain in the light of seeing all that is with love and acceptance This doesn t mean we need to agree with another s behaviour but to remember it is their journey It may also mean that something we don t like in someone

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mber may need to be dealt with on a deeper level within ourselves How we recognise the difference is in how we react Is it with love or anger So this is where visualisation with intent to manifest desires and dreams or get rid of a memory from the past and replace with what we would have preferred to have happened is perfect The most important part of our visualising is to see and feel the outcome as if it has already happened Our positive intentions actions thoughts and words are all assisting us in experiencing joy peace and heaven on earth Thank you for assisting in raising the vibration of Mother Earth the universe and all that is S Energy Medicine Programs with A Journey with Your Spirit Reiki Master s Teachers Certificate October 2 3 4 2009 One day healing for Self and the Universe October 24 2009 4 Day Shamanic Teachings November 14 through 17 2009 To cleanse the Mind Body Spirit while balancing the Chakras with drum rattles feathers chanting meditation crystals Getting in touch with your Spirit Guides Angels New Moon Medicine Wheel ceremony and discovering your Power Animals in drum a journey Karuna Reiki MastersTeachers Certificate November 27 28 29 2009 8 new powerful symbols Reiki Masters teacher required to register for this course 7 month Energy Medicine Lightworker s Healer s Program January 8 July 31 2010 Includes 8 healing modalities books drum cards gemstones smudge feather wands grids and crystals 4 400 early bird registration before Nov 15 Regular 5 100 Cheryl Dawn Native Healer and Spiritual Teacher with A Journey with your Spirit Cheryl Dawn is a Native Healer Teacher in Cross Cultural Shamanic Energy Work Email Cheryl journeywithyourspirit com www ajourneywithyourspirit com 250 652 5849 Crystal Chakra Balancing Shamanic Teaching and Reiki Drumming Reiki Classes Lightworker s Healer s Program Vision Quests Retreats Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 61

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RAW BODY READY Unheated Untreated Unadulterated Formulated Binder Free No Fructose Maltodextrin Nutrient Specific Peptides for Cellular Delivery Magnesium Stearate or Corn Starch for Easy Digestion Live Enzymes Probiotics 100 Active Ingredients FOOD CREATED Premium RAW Whole Food Ingredients Individual Nutrient Creation with RAW Fruits Vegetables ACTIVITY Maximized Nutrient Potency Wide Array of Living Active Compounds Extreme Nutrient Synergy RAW Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free Binder Free When You Want the Best Ask for Garden of Life 1 800 387 9111 or contact your local natural health food store

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Phenomena Alien Contact A Modern Taboo by Michael Gintowt MA A Flavijus Philiponis Fotolia com lthough everybody has heard of UFOs and aliens what happens when you try to speak seriously about the subject You will find a curious phenomenon almost as curious as alien abductions a reluctance to consider the possibility of actual contact with extraterrestrial intelligence I began to notice this soon after pursuing my interest in UFOs and exopsychology Many people even astronomers will admit to the possibility of extraterrestrial life somewhere out there When discussed the speculative life is usually some sort of bacteria or primitive organism As long as the life is primitive and safely out of reach it is OK But when you consider the possibility of an intelligent ET coming here the taboo comes into play Are you ready for real face to face contact with an extraterrestrial intelligent species Most people are not Verify this yourself by asking people if they are ready Be prepared to encounter a giggle factor You will have to get past laughter ridicule avoidance and distraction Many people seem to not hear you when you speak about Contact The idea of an intelligent species that is more advanced than us threatens the very foundations of Western civilization Nationalism and religious and scientific dogmas are particularly vulnerable We are hard wired to fear and avoid people that look different and to prefer our own group The fear of extraterrestrials poses such a threat to our human centered thinking and our minds perform psychological tricks to avoid the topic Taboo Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 63

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Are you taking enough care of your bones Inno Cal Mag Complex with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per daily serving in liquid filled softgels Calcium intake when combined with sufficient Vitamin D a healthy diet and regular exercise may reduce the risk of developing osteoprosis Available at Edible Island Finlandia Natural Pharmacy Heaven on Earth Lifestyle Markets Nature s Fare Naked Naturals Nutraways The Vitamin Shop and other quality Natural Health stores in your area www inno vite com 1 800 387 9111 Leaders in Innovative Formulations since 1983

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Phenomena An increased awareness of extraterrestrials may be part of the next step in our evolution Consider from ET s perspective we are Star People from another world Are you ready to take your place among a Galactic community Membership probably involves global awareness and good care of our planet high levels of tolerance openness and compassion and activated intuitive abilities Unified as Terrans Gaians Earthlings we would probably celebrate the cosmic alignments we all hold in common equinoxes solstices eclipses and various planetary and moon configurations We would recognise that we are connected at deep levels to the cosmos the planet and all living beings Religions may be replaced or be unified through a better deeper understanding of reality and the source Recently at the University of Victoria Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell held a workshop on Quantum Holography a way to explain how consciousness is related to matter how healing happens and a mechanism to explain how we are all connected at a deep level of reality During his lecture he referred more than once to extraterrestrials mentioning that they are probably here to help us make the transition You can read more about Dr Mitchell at www exopsychology net While you are there please take part in a survey on readiness for contact Just click on Take a Survey and select the one titled International Survey on Readiness for Disclosure If you agree this is a timely idea please do not hesitate to pass the link on to friends Just be prepared for giggles S MICHAEL GINTOWT has an MA in psychology and formal training in hypnosis behavioural neurobiology and clinical psychology His interest in the paranormal can be traced to when he was 14 years old and corresponded with Dr J B Rhine the pioneering parapsychologist For decades he has been involved with the divinatory arts shamanic practices and martial arts He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife www exopsychology net Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 65 DivaNir4a istockphoto com

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Numerology Number Th by Shannon Wills I n this issue we will continue to explore the Ruling Numbers derived from our birth date their importance and how they influence our growth and development Attributes of the Number 3 The number 3 indicates a highly developed intelligence and propensity for communication Its analytical thought processing will make us very quick to assess a situation and arrive at an accurate analysis There will be a natural affinity for all communication styles Public speaking as well as writing can easily be developed as these abilities are a natural part of communication skills especially on subjects of heart felt importance Persons born under this powerful influence are perfectly suited for work in fields of business accountancy research philosophy and communication Artistic endeavours are a field widely explored by those who are blessed with this vibration as music and art are two of the most creative and much loved forms of human communication Your intuition will help awaken the creative aspects of your mind and assist you through the varying Page 66 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 Fo Ruling Number 3 The equilateral triangle is the recognized symbol for the number three For our purpose of understanding this Ruling Number we can use it to help visualize the perfectly balanced state we wish to acquire The first point of the triangle is the number1 representing our individual egoist self the second point of the triangle is the number 2 which represents the intuitive self and now in this article we explore the number 3 the third point which represents the conscious self By itself the number 3 is known as the analytical mind which is the gateway to all higher states of consciousness C hr is 3d

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Numerology hree ot ol ia co m To determine your ruling number add together all the digits of your birth date and then reduce this sum to a single digit unless this sum equals 11 or 22 The final number is your Ruling Number Example Feb 03 1960 2 03 1960 21 reduce to 2 1 3 Numerology is the study of the significance of numbers and names valuable tools in helping us understand our purpose in life This is a series of articles about the Ruling or Life Path Numbers and how they influence our growth and development difficulties life sometimes presents for experience growth and compassion As you open your soul to artistic expression whether you choose writing music painting interior decorating or acting you will help to keep the propensity of over analysis at bay With the effect of this vibration working for you you can cheerfully embrace social encounters enjoying all social situations acting naturally as host or hostess people will very much enjoy your quick wit and lively company Greatest Challenge The greatest challenge for all number 3 persons is to get away from the constant need to analyze everything to relax and allow your intuitive side to take over for a change Meditation would be a wonderful tool to get in the habit of using Many experience a struggle in balancing the Yin and Yang energies within the self and whether you are male or female these parts of the psyche need to be utilized harmoniously within each person Yang lends itself to action and Yin towards introspection One without the other begets problems Action becomes obsessive and destructive by itself and introspection has no practical value unless it leads to an improved course of action Healthy Outlook When we continually remind ourselves that we have many attributes of self that can be developed and thus utilized we can achieve a beautiful and harmonious balance in our lives This will lead to a sense of peace and that often illusive state called harmony Much good can be done in the world when we achieve this state enabling us to add a much needed vibration to the world as we go about our daily lives By remembering the symbolism of the triangle we will always stay on track S SHANNON WILLS has been a Metaphysical student for over 40 years Several years as a professional channeler assisted her progress in understanding spiritual energy As a Reiki Master Teacher she has merged the power of sound to create a unique healing experience for her clients Her interest in Numerology began in the late 80 s and blossomed when she discovered a spiritual connection to numbers Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 67

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Nature s Essence Yellow Pond Lily by Sabina Pettitt What would happen if human beings acted more like plants I t is the height of summer here on the west coast and all the early flowers have already become dormant again the Snowdrops Purple Crocus Polyanthus and Lily of the Valley Some of the other flowers are at the peak of their blossoming Fireweed Alum Root and Pearly Everlasting And some like Red Huckleberry and Salal are just beginning to bear their fruits By the time this is published all the plants will be more or less in their period of hibernation As I look at what s happening in nature at this cycle of the year I marvel at the intelligence all around me There seems to be a natural rhythm of beginnings and endings Every living thing in nature is responding to some inner intelligence that was contained in the seed And I wonder what the planet would look like and feel like if human beings were to attune in the same way to their own inner rhythms Even in the middle of this summer s drought the plants appear to be content and know exactly what to do to conserve their energy Their leaves and petals droop and they pull their energy into their roots so that the species will survive And they still give us their beauty and their fragrance and their presence Plants show us a way of being who we can be We never see a Fireweed trying to be a Yellow Pond Lily We never hear a Red Huckleberry complaining that it is not as good as or not as pretty as a Salal plant But when I listen to human conversation I often hear judgment and comparisons and dissatisfaction in every second sentence What would be the result if humans were so Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 69

Page 70

Is your HEART a Ticking Time Bomb Your Heart Beats 100 000 times a day 36 millions times a year and certainly deserves more attention If you are 45 use CoQ10 Ubiquinol Kaneka QH Coenzyme Q10 is an extremely important nutrient that every cell in your body must have in order to produce energy Until now most supplements available on the market contained ubiquinone form of CoQ10 However in order to generate cellular energy your body must convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol As you age your ability to convert CoQ10 becomes very poor hence if you are over 45 the best way to achieve optimal benefits of CoQ10 is the ready to use activated form Inno Q Nol the biologically superior form of CoQ10 for people 45 1 800 387 9111 www inno vite com

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Nature s Essence attuned to their own needs for sustenance and support For one thing we wouldn t be ruled by time and deadlines which so often create extra stress in our body minds and which goes unnoticed by us as we strive to ______________ What Fill in the blank to notice what it is that consumes your energy Moreover we would be present not only for what is going on inside our own beings but present and available to give our attention to others Actually we are more like plants than we know Our human body may be the greatest miracle in the world designed with a system of checks and balances called homeostasis that operates 24 7 without any direction by us What may harm us and cause us distress are our own thoughts and our emotional reactions to our thoughts While flowers too have thoughts it appears that their thoughts are always life supporting and for the higher good The only safeguard we humans have is the ability to make choices about how we will respond to every situation we encounter I have coined the phrase multi dimensional homeostasis to account for our free will and consciousness and the innate knowing for self preservation and the possibility for self actualisation with which we were born Perhaps we can take guidance from the message from Yellow Pond Lily In the knowing of who I am I float free In the knowledge of who you are I let go No emotional baggage to weigh me down No emotional drama to consume my energy S SABINA PETTITT M Ed Dr TCM is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine an author and the co creator of Pacific Essences Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 71

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Worthwhile Reading You Are Psychic Debra Lynne Katz Most of us believe that a psychic is someone born with this talent someone with extraordinary abilities to tap into their intuitive In this book Debra shows us that we are all psychic You are Psychic will show you how to easily develop your clairvoyant ability with all the tools you need to accomplish this Debra s grounding technique helps to relax and dispel unwanted energy If you have ever thought of doing readings on yourself or others either personal or professional then this is a must read This book will help you to increase awareness of yourself as a spirit and the unseen energies that surround you Debra is an internationally acclaimed clairvoyant reader healer teacher and spiritual counsellor ISBN 0 7387 0592 6 Publisher Llewellyn Worldwide Spirit Messenger Gordon Smith Gordon Smith is very important to me I would not be writing this review had he not come into our lives My wife and daughter went to Vancouver to see Sylvia Brown not knowing who Gordon Smith was When he walked onto the stage tears streamed down their cheeks unbidden There was definitely something special about this man After seeing Gordon my wife googled every Spiritual Centre within our area and this launched an important part of our spiritual journey This remarkable man a native of Glasgow Scotland is one of the world s most accurate mediums Gordon has brought much happiness and relief to people around the world and has refused to charge for private readings he only does them for those in need You will find his book heart warming easy to read and it will most certainly enhance your spiritual adventures ISBN 978 1 4019 0269 3 Publisher Hay House Inc Ask and It Is Given Esther and Jerry Hicks The title of this book says it all it is about teaching you to manifest your desires We are taught that we do create our own reality Are we all energy created from the source energy Do we create our own reality Are we Eternal Beings in a Physical Form If you have had these thoughts then this book will help you discover who and what you really are These teachings have inspired me to go beyond the physical into a new world of who and what I really am You will be shown how to tap into the positive flow of life to enhance your energy and wellbeing ISBN 13 978 1 4019 0459 3 Publisher Hay House Inc Page 72 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 by Allen Engst

Page 73

Astrology Astrology by Heather K Elrix G reetings We as humans beings have reached the end of an Ancient Journey The Journey of Separation We are no longer limited by mere humanness Unity WholenessOneness Holiness is now In this Aquarian age we can access new energetics through spiritual practices As beings of light in physical bodies we are in union As we receive we release Letting go becoming lighter We have been programmed separately In separation we limit our awarenesses thus fragmenting us into the physical material world Physical holds fear Love is all encompassing at all times All is spirit As human physical beings spiritual we are equally both at all times We speak of two separate worlds heaven hell light dark poor rich love fear Our physical bodies occupy our conscious mind Prevalence of the physical limits the spiritual The five senses we act with are actually only half the senses we are capable of Our synchronicity is 6th intuition electro magnetic fields 7th 8th deep knowing connected consciousness 9th 10th our radiant light auras 11th the ethereal realmsmultidimensional kingdoms 12th 13th Without physical barriers senses spring up all over If we let go of the separation in humanness an opportunity of tuning to collective consciousness as unity becomes humanity A key to a new paradigm The freedom of allowing Ascension is rising to higher levels within bring the darkness to the light Our shadow selves will slip away In this circle of brightness is the real the free worldguilt meets with forgiveness This new era of Aquarian is that of a rebirth We are again innocent a direct infusion of the higher self with the sensation of senses awakened we cannot help but channel divine energies into accessed atonement Astrology an art science helps us to activate synchronicity Earth manifestation deciding is doing matter Water ocean of emotion body Air communication intellect mind Fire drive desire action spirit Saniphoto Fotolia com The nine heavenly bodies direct and instigate physical material biological emotional spiritual and intellectual energy s within us all There are another 4 heavenly bodies influencing us Chiron being onemaking 13 in all imagine that As the magician in all of us we are one when effort and spiritual practices transcend into a concentration of calmness inner tranquility through simply accessing our awareness s Intellect or inner light fuse with outer vibrations Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 73

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Astrology ARIES Fire Action Combustion Ruled by Mars March 21 April 20 Key phrase I Am Great beginnings with Libra air feeding your fire A team player balancing enough competition to make for best plays When we reach into Scorpio your warrior natures dip into the senses Not comfortable but very interesting open to possibilities TAURUS Earth Manifestation Ability Ruled by Venus April 21 May 20 Key phrase I Have Exalted Venus helps to give dimensional insight Losing the physical is refreshing You re brave enough not to hold fear I too would be proud Stand tall GEMINI Air Communicator Ruled by Mercury May 21 June 20 Key phrase I Think Air Exalts your facilitator capabilities just remember speaking is powerful choose your words for you are spelling your path as you speak CANCER Water Ocean of Emotion Ruled by The Moon June 21 July 20 Key phrase I Feel The world holds an unsustainable nature don t worry Just keep doing your best collect water Remember everything changes to hold stagnates LEO Fire Powerful Activation Ruled by The Sun July 21 August 20 Key phrase I will Well fiery one air is good for you Might help you speak your peace make it quick before we emerge into Scorpio where your emotions might turmoil you into a tail spin F Page 74 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 1 a u r r r VIRGO Earth Quicksilver mindmagnet Ruled by Mercury August 21 September 20 Key phrase I Analyze While you might seem separate there are limits to your scientific mind Keep turning the pages you ll find the instructions Fear creates illusions love creates balance let go again another way let go until you have lost control you simply have no way to twist those holding thoughts Feel the fury empty then you can rejuvenate ot o li a c o m HEATHER K ELRIX resides in Chemainus where she has worked actively in astrology massage and the healing arts for many years 250 246 1447

Page 75

Astrology LIBRA I can fly I can touch the sky Ruled by Venus September 21 October 20 Key phrase I believe It s your turn you re the lucky one just remember the wise we one s words there s no such thing as luck it s all in the knowing Take a deep breath CONTEMPLATE Be serene look at what surrounds you WOW SCORPIO Water deeply moving emotions Ruled by Mars October 21 November 20 Key phrase I desire You again You can vanish into ethers can t you For the most of October but once exalted you can t hide You re ready for a new adventure Just remember lean into the corners SAGITTARIUS Fire Smouldering Coals Ruled by Jupiter November 21 December 20 Key phrase I see Air feeds your fire sustainable substantial is good Now start sharing You have enough to lead you safely through to many tomorrows Sharing creates abundance CAPRICORN Earth Divining Destiny Ruled by Saturn December 21 January 20 Key phrase I use Time is but another place What are the attributes you choose to keep concealed Tell the truth about yourself It opens the heart When vulnerability is not accessed we lose humility AQUARIUS Air Rainbow Seeker Ruled by Uranus January 21 February 20 Key phrase I know You are the sun radiant glorious just shine Now quit quitting stay with something long enough to get deprived of change for a change As the awakened present you so seek stays stimulating find peace in continuity PISCES Water Tidal Ruled by Neptune February 21 March 20 Key phrase I believe What of cause effect Was there never a time when you could not keep love safely in your mind With tremendous neurological force you keep a confused memory from an awakening Casual causelessness catches up Create a vision with direction Blessings S Volume 2 Issue 1 True Blue Spirit Page 75

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Directory Events Natural Health Retail Natural Health Retail Spiritual Centres LYNN S VITAMIN GALLERY Two Worlds Spiritualist Centre Ann Woodward President Nanaimo BC 250 729 2737 Lynn s Vitamin Gallery 4 180 Central Avenue Duncan BC 250 748 4421 Spiritual Centres Good Health Vitamins 2249 Oak Bay Avenue Victoria BC 250 592 2249 www goodhealthvitamins ca Visit our on line store today Continuous Light Sanctuary Carol Spencer Ordained Minister Salt Spring Island BC 250 538 8272 Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light Rev Patricia Gunn Ordained Minister Duncan BC 250 748 0723 Creative DigiWorks Multimedia Video Webdesign 250 710 0001 www creativedigiworks com www cowichanspiritualistchurch com GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF TRUE BLUE SPIRIT Never miss an issue Mailed direct to you LIFESTYLE MARKETS www lifestylemarkets com Victoria Douglas 2950 Douglas Street Across from Canadian Tire 1 year 6 issues of True Blue Spirit Magazine for the Canadian Subscription rate of 30 00 ______________________________________________________ Name Please Print Victoria BC 250 384 3388 ______________________________________________________ Address Apt Victoria Cook 343 Cook Street ______________________________________________________ City Province Code Cook Street Village Victoria BC 250 381 5450 Sidney Store 9769 5th Street 5th Street Bevan Sidney BC 250 656 2326 ______________________________________________________ Email Address Phone For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit ca Purchase gift subscriptions for the special people in your life list names and addresses on a separate sheet of paper a gift card will be sent on your behalf See inside front cover for forms of payment

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