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Anne at her Prime


November 21, 1942 

        Anne says in her diary,”We had to wear a yellow star. I had to turn in my bike. I couldn’t do to dutch school any more. I couldn’t go to the movies or ride in an automobile, or even a streetcar, and a million other things” A lot of things are taken from her and her family, yet she still manages to be a kid through it all and still have a little fun.She also showed it in this scene because, out of everyone she is the only one who takes the time and effort into making everyone a gift for Hanukkah. As the first night of Hanukkah had gone on Anne was encouraging everyone to be positive and you also notice how much time it would have taken her to create the gifts she made for everyone.

December 18, 1942 


        The Mr. Frank  presents great maturity in scene two. For example, on page 782, ‘“Please. Don’t think of it. After all, we’ll have plenty of leisure to arrange everything ourselves.”’ This shows maturity because, even though Mr. Frank knows the toll it will take on his family[ less food, water, more chance of being discovered], he still lets them go into hiding with his family, graciously. Mr. Frank shows much maturity especially in the way he takes charge so they do not get caught. On page 791, he says, “It’s safe now. The last workman has left.” This shows he is mature  in how he is careful enough to wait and watch for the last workmen to leave, among many other details.

January 24, 1943


    Meip shows maturity because she spend most of her free time collecting food and providing news and books for the Frank’s and the VanDaan’s. As said on page 782, Meip say to Mrs. Frank “ We put the stores of food sent in here. Your drugs are here… soap, linen here.” “I made up the beds… the way Mr. Frank and Mr. Kraler said. Forgive me. I have to hurry to the other side of town to get some ration books for you.” As shown in the quotes Meip not only provides food for them but she set up the area for them and organized everything.Meip also shows maturity because not only is she still gathering food and supplies for the families but she takes time to make a cake and spends time looking for Peter’s cat.


March 7, 1943


         Mrs. Van Daan is particularly immature. For example, she says, “ No, I want an answer!” This is very immature because, instead of dropping the subject, she continues to pursue it, in a very childish manner. Mr. VanDaan shows the opposite of maturity because rather than acting like an adult when it comes time to cut the cake, he leaves out Magot because he thinks she can’t eat because she is sick, just so that he can have more cake. To take it even farther, He also wants to sell Mrs. VanDaan’s coat so that he can have cigarettes!



 Feburary 29, 1944

          Mr. Dussel acts very immature; he whines on the silliest things. As is evident, Mr. Dussel wails on who will cut the cake, which Meip, brought, equally. He says that Mrs. van Daan doesn't cut the slices equally and is acting as if he were a five (5) year moaning for candy at a candy store. Mr. Dussel also was very immature because he was upset at Anne because she was having a nightmare, something she cannot control, and woke Mr. Dussel up. He doesn't care if she is okay, like a good adult, but instead to go use the W.C. so he doesn't have to deal with the situation or Anne.

July 10, 1944 


         Mrs. Frank handles Mr. Van Daan food stealing very immaturely. As said by her, “Just that! Take your things and get out!” Instead of being like Mr. Frank at numerous occasions, she blows her top and gets full on angry and immature. She, instead of being a mature problem- solver, becomes a childish problem- expander, as she expands the problem already at hand instead of solving it in a quick and calm manner. Mr. Frank, unlike Mrs. Frank solves the same problem in a very mature way. As he states, “Let us be calm. We’ll all go to our rooms....and afterwards we’ll sit down quietly and talk this out… we’ll find some way…” Mr. Frank reacts to the same situation as Mrs. Frank did, but in a totally opposite manner. His reaction is very adult- like and calm; almost of of a leader.



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Title Pictures Muskaan Uppal and Ashely Kramer
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Title Ashley Kramer
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