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By: Ethan Rosenberg

Dr. Seuss


 For my Docter Suess helped me to start and enjoy reading. Mainly becuse of his appeling art stile and creative and imagitve stories. He has crated cariters that are iconic and membruble. He has made membruble stories and intrusting chariters. Even though his stories are for kids I still enjoy reading his books.

Doctor Suess made his frist book Quick, henery the flit after makeing cartoons for the Saterday evening post. in 1957 he crated Quick, Heny the flit and after that he started to create chilgren's books. During the war he crated propaganda and short films about war bonds. The first chariter that he crated was Horten Hears a Who and if I ran the zoo. The reasin for him working for the saterday evning post was becuse of his drawings and he needed a job right affter collage. He enjoyed drawing and making cartoons but started to make books a few years later.


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