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Learn about how our work connects to our Local School Plan for Improvement

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Our Teachers engage in sessions twice a month to support their knowledge of working with gifted and EL students. 

Grade levels have engaged in inplementation of Calkins Writing. In collaborative planning teachers engaged in planning lessons, reviewing student writing and integrating writing lessons.

Math Moments
Patrick Elementary School
Using Mathematical
Literature as an
Activating Strategy
Using a Ladybug to Model
Strategies During a Mini-Lesson
Math Workshop Set-Up
Organization is key to a
successful math workshop.
Groups should be flexible.
Math Workshop Set-Up
Students in Workshop
These 5th grade students worked all
week on division strategies at the
concrete level by modeling with Base
Ten Blocks. Then, they were able to find
the connections between multiplication
and division on their own. Students
discovered that they could make
connections between several strategies!
Students in Workshop
Students are engaged in
tasks related to standards.
In picture A, students solved a
problem using many different
In picture B, a teacher modified
a Frameworks task to
introduce an open-ended
problem during workshop.
In picture C, students continue
to work on expressions using a
game to practice. By checking
their work, students are held
Students in Workshop
Students in Workshop
Problem Solving
Fifth grade students in two different
classrooms are using the problem solving
framework to solve multi-step problems
while providing evidence.
e-Class and Workshop
Fourth and Fifth grade teachers are
effectively using e-Class in math
workshop to differentiate.
This 5th grade teacher uses bins to organize her workshop activities.
Colored paper is used to differentiate tasks.
Student Gallery Walks to Give Math Feedback
Fifth grade students conducted a
Gallery Walk last week to provide
feedback and support to one another.
Spiral Boards
These Spiral
Boards show
continuous use.
Moveable magnetic
Base Ten blocks
allow students to
use manipulatives
while working on
Spiral Boards
This spiral board has moveable parts
for students to use during workshop.
Students Actively Engaged in Spiral Board Activities
Spiral Boards
This 3rd grade spiral board
can be continuously changed,
and students are working to
use strategies to solve.
Mighty Minds
Anchor charts and
organization lead to Mighty
Minds success!
Anchor Charts w/Vocabulary are Math Word Walls
Anchor Charts should NOT be lists of math vocabulary words.
Anchor Charts w/Vocabulary are Math Word Walls
Wow! What a wonderful wall of anchor
charts about current math standards.
Anchor Charts w/Vocabulary ARE Math Word Walls
Student Goal Sheets
Students in this
class are tracking
their growth each
day on their
Student Goal
This child is
moving at her
own pace when
strategies for
Mighty Minds.
What a wonderful
tool to use during
Y’all Come Sessions
Thanks for staying late for
an afternoon of math!
Teachers Hard at Work
CLT and Looking

Parent Academies are offered each nine weeks prior to when the content is taught to students to ensure that parents have the knowledge to support their students  at home.