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The Sea People by Mary Cate

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The Sea Peoples invaded and raided towns and cities around the eastern Mediterranean Sea in the period of the Bronze Age around 1276-1178 BCE. Some tribes that may have made up the Sea Peoples were the Sherden, Tursha, Lukka, Shekelesh and Akawasha.

The Sea Peoples

In the Battle of Kadesh, of 1274 BCE,  the Sea Peoples seemed to be allies of the Hitties. Surprisingly, Ramesses II defeated them by trickery. This battle probably only involved the Sherden, and Ramesses II forced some of the captured Sea Peoples to be his body guards, while others served in his army. After giving Merneptah, Ramesses successor, a hard time, the Sea Peoples decided to ally themselves with the Libyans to invade the Nile Delta.

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  The Sea Peoples were trying to establish a permanent home for themselves in Egypt, since they had so many house goods with them, which they stole. Merneptah met the Sea Peoples on the battle field at Pi-yer, where he killed over 6,000 of them and took uppermost members of the Libyan royal family. The Sea Peoples again tried to invade Egypt. They went up the Nile River again, but Ramesses III was prepared and defeated the Sea Peoples in 1180 BCE. After that the Sea Peoples came back in full force. The Sea Peoples Rameeses III decided to set up ambulshes along the coast, hitting the boats when they were in range. After the people on board were either drowning or dead, they set the ships on fire and the Sea Peoples were once and for all defeated off the coast of Xois in 1178 BCE. Some records say that the Sea Peoples were either killed, sold as slaves, or taken into captivity.  After being defeated, the Sea Peoples never came back. For about 100 years, they were one of the most terrifying groups in the Mediterranean Sea area.

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The Sea Peoples

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