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This booklet is about a famous animator called Rebecca Sugar.

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Famous Animator - Rebecca Sugar

 Created By: Santiago Hernandez

 Famous Animator - Rebecca Sugar


Rebecca Sugar

I chose Rebecca Sugar as she is my inspiration and she animates one of my favorite shows of all time, Steven Universe and Adventure Time. Rebecca Sugar gives all of her characters unique personalities and emotion which can be seen by the characters facial expressions. Rebecca Sugar is an animation pioneer as she also gives all of her characters amazing and stellar backstories among as character dynamics. Steven Universe also has characters that you can relate to that will unleash a variety of emotions.

Rebecca Sugar was born in Silver Spring, Maryland on July 19, 1987. She later had a younger brother named Steven (Which the main character of Steven Universe is named and based off of). 

Rebeeca Sugar has always loved drawing ever since she was a little girl. Since Rebecca Sugar loved drawing she went to School of Visual Arts in New York. There she made two characters that will later be in her show Steven Universe. These two characters have been revealed to be Lars and Sadie who work at the Big Donut in the show. She later got accepeted to work at Cartoon Network and worked on the show Adventure Time for about three years. She later got a job offer to produce and animate a new show, which eventually became Steven Universe. Now Steven Universe is on its 4th Season and Rebecca Sugar is not dead and is planning to make Steven Universe a on-going show until it's 5th season. Right now Rebecca Sugar has worked with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Niki Manaj,while working on Steven Universe and Rebecca Sugars life countinues to thus day (Aka shes not dead). Along with these accomplishments Rebecca Sugar has also gotten a lot of awards. Like Steven Universe haS two epispdes ("Lion 3:Straight To Video' and "The answer") That have gotten nominated for emmys for brilliant storytelling. Some other awards Rebecca Sugar has gotten nominated/won are: Amazing Backround design, and outstanding storyboarding performance.

Biography: Rebecca Sugar's Life Story

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