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My Diary:  Bailey

 A Reactionary Book  from the Holocaust

     The person easiest to get along with for me would be Anne. The person the hardest to get along with for me would be Mr.VanDaan. Anne is imaginative and lighthearted. Mr.VanDaan is cranky and picky. For those reasons I would get along with Anne and not Mr.VanDaan.

I would get along easiest with Anne because she is very imaginative and lighthearted. I myself have a very large imagination do we would get along through that. I also like to laugh a lot so all of Anne’s jokes and tricks would amuse me. Anne tries not to dwell on the terrible situation they are in and I as well don’t enjoy thinking negatively. In the passage it says, “Isn’t it bad enough here without your sprawling all over the place?” Through this you can see Mr.VanDaan is very bitter and hostile. This is why Anne would be the easiest person for me to get along with.

The person hardest for me to get along with would be Mr.VanDaan. This is because he is cranky and picky. While they are in hiding he is never happy with anything they have because he is used to lavish items. He complains about lots of little things and is very unkind towards Anne. Mr.VanDaan hates Anne’s practical jokes and is not happy with their situation. I am the complete opposite, like Anne I would come in conflict with Mr.VanDaan alot.

The hardest person to get along with for me is Mr.VanDaan. He is picky and cranky and the opposite of my personality. The easiest person to get along with would be Anne she is so carefree, lighthearted and full of imagination. These are the two people it would be easiest and hardest to get along with.

April 30 2015

     Anne has immensely changed  from Act 1 to Act 2. She used to be very rowdy all the time and a bit of a jokester. Peter said once that she has quieted down since their first meeting. Also she is starting to be someone who understands the real things to value in life. At any fighting point she is the one to say that you need to be grateful for the present and hope for the best in life. From beginning ‘till now, she has started morphing from a young caterpillar who was not very appealing on the outside, but is great on the inside personality wise . But as we all know the beautiful butterfly that comes out of that cocoon is much better because of the time that was spent getting it out. But all you really changed was the way that it comes out . In Anne’s case, she has done some soul searching while they have been in hiding. I believe that she came back out if her cocoon and was ten times more level headed and more poised-- or as poised as Anne could be--than before.     

May 6 2015


     The protectors of the Franks were Miep and Mr.Kraler. They knew they would face a brutal punishment, equal of that of Jews, and yet they came every day bringing news and other items for the Franks. I believe I would not be able to do this task. This is because I’m not very good at keeping secrets, and  I would be too scared and worried I’d be caught.

I’m not very good at keeping secrets is the first reason why I could not be a protector. This is because if I know something, right away I want to tell someone. This would be a big problem if I were to protect a Jewish family. The burden I would need to carry knowing I could not speak about the whereabouts of the family would be too great for me to carry.

 Also, I would be unable to carry out the task of being a protector because I would be too worried and scared I would be caught in the act of helping Jews and punished severely. I am not a very brave or unfearful person. It would drive me crazy thinking about what could happen to me if the Nazis were to figure it out. I am a very emotional person as well so having to keep this secret would worry me until I cried.I could not take on the task of being a protector. This is because I would be too scared and worried the Nazis would catch me helping Jews and because I’m not good at keeping secrets. I would drive myself crazy and would want to tell everyone how I was protecting Jews. For these two reasons I would be unable to protect any Jews or Jewish families.


May 8 2015



Anne begins to mature throughout the book. Her career choice changes from singer or dancer to writer. My career choice as well has changed. It’s gone from singer to actress to teacher to veterinarian to pediatrician. As I am moving into the high school my goals include to continue with running, staying in my honors classes and finally pursuing my love for health sciences.


     Though I know these goals may change throughout high school. I may find a different passion other than running. I could decide to pursue a different career in a completely different path. For now though my goals stay the same. I want to continue my love for running by performing on the track and cross country teams at the high school. Try to keep my grades up and of course pursue a subject and field I believe could be a future career. Who knows what the future holds but I’m sure i'll find what I love to do as Anne has.  


May 9 2015

     If someone stole and deceived myself and others who trusted them, I would react just the same as Mrs. Frank did. I might even be more angry. This is because we are all starving and have nothing to eat. So for someone to squander their little food supply, well, that’s just sad, especially since he is a grown man who has already lived a full life and children are just getting started. I also believe that he is a cowardly man. He didn’t even have the guts to ask for scraps--not that there were any-- and not steal them. But the worst part to the whole heist it was done in the middle of the night which showed that Mr. Van Daan was not courageous enough ask for extra food from Miep or Mr. Kraler. The amount of love that was showed towards the entire Van Daan family was unbelieveable, and for him to go and steal from the people who have showed such care and respect towards them even in tough times. I would also have questioned his integrity, and that is something that is normally very important to a man such as Mr. Van Daan. 




May 10 2015

     “You are beautiful” that is exactly what I would say to Anne Frank. She may then look at me strangely, but only a beautiful souled person can believe that no matter what happens you are still a morally good person. At such a young and immature age she managed to say something that not even 100 years of time car repair. But in the midst of war times she pronounced such a bold phrase that only someone so gracious and lovely could utter. “ What would you like to write about if you had the chance ?”, I desperately want to know the answer to this question.  Would she cover wars to come? Would she start an activist campaign and work to help people affected by the war? She was so brilliant and I think her father would have loved to watch young Anne blossom into a wonderful writer/journalist, as would any one who has read or even encountered the splendid lady’s writing. I only can hope that everyone gets to read her wonderful “word working”. 

May 12 2015

When Anne was growing up, she was like any other teen of her time. She--although in hiding-- was still able to obsess over movie stars just as much. To the right there is an image of a famous star of her time. She cut them out when miep brough them news and amgazines.   

This is a picture of Mr Vaan Dan. Even though he never got along with Anne, she still saw the good inside him, even though he instulted her time after time. She rose above it and became one of the most famous writers ever, At age 14.




This is the annex at which the Franks, Van Daan's and Dussel resided for a little more than two years. One nothing more than hope and rotten potatoes. .


This is the yellow star of David which all jewish men women and children were required to wear. It was also a mark they could not escape.