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Diary of Erin and Emma

By: Erin Valle and Emma van wicklen


Act 1, Scene 1:


At the end of scene 1, Anne mentions several restrictions that were placed upon the Jewish people I would handle these situations by obeying them just so that I would not get arrested. I may break some of the smaller rules but never the large rules such as not wearing the star on my clothes. I would make sure that everyone in my family obeyed the rules and kept themselves safe; I may complain about them but never do anything to draw suspicion to my family or me. I would still try to convince my friends to play with me and do the things that I was allowed to participate in, yet still give them time to do the activities that I am not allowed to do anymore. All in all I wouldn't let the restrictions hold me down, I would try my best to stay educated and have fun with the freedom I had left.

erin valle

 A 1940's bike was one of the objects taken away from Anne

Act 1, Scene 1:

If I was Mr. Frank I would have returned to the place where Mr. Frank and his family spent 25 months hiding.  I would have wanted to find out if any other members of my family were still alive. I would want to see if there were any of my family’s belongings left behind or signs that they were there.  It would be interesting to see if anything had changed in the space or if it was still the way it was.  I would imagine it would also provide some sort of closure to the whole ordeal.  Seeing it now as a free man, may allow him to put all of the bad memories behind him and be ready to move on and start fresh.

Emma Van Wicklen

The Anne Frank House


Act 1, Scene 2:


 If my family moved in with total strangers I would try to get to know them. I would see what their likes and dislikes are and what they are interested in. The biggest problems that I would probably face would be their living style such as are they messy and smell or are they just downright not nice people. I would cope by leaving them alone and fraternizing with someone else instead and just stay away from them all together. My parents would want more privacy and and would face more adult problems such as living habits and political views. They would just work out their differences vocally and cope by talking to each other when the other couple are sleeping. My family would need some getting used to but in the end they would figure out a way to manage.   

erin valle

Bookcase door covering the Frank's hiding place

Act 1, Scene 2

I think that I would be able to be a protector like Miep and Mr. Kraler.  Even though there is a high risk to this action, there is also an even higher reward. Hitler was not doing the right thing and you would be able to save someone's life.  I believe that standing up and acting on something you believe in is something you should never give up on, no matter what the consequences. Even though you might end up going to jail or having to pay fines you know that you helped eight people stay alive. Personally, I would not be able to proudly look at myself in the mirror if I would not be a protector.

Emma Van Wicklen

Miep Geis

Act 1, Scene 5


      My favorite family celebration is Christmas. If my family were in hiding like the Franks my family would sing christmas songs and cook the best food we had at the time. Also my sisters would make something from what we had in hiding. We would just all sit around and read the Bible and talk about what Christmas really is. It is not about the presents at all. We should be thankful that we are all safe and together on Christmas.

emma Van Wicklen

Star of David


Act 2, Scene 1:


In the beginning of the play Anne’s outbursts were about trivial matters such as getting teased and her odd behavior towards adults but as she grows older her outbursts become about the world and the war going on around them. On page 843 Anne rages to her mother “We’re young Margot, Peter, and I! You grownups have had your chance! But look at us… If we begin thinking of all the horror in the world, we’re lost! We’re trying to hold onto some kind of ideals … when everything...ideals, hopes… everything, are being destroyed! it isn't our fault that the world is in such a mess! We weren’t around when all this started! So don’t take it out on us!”. This new side of Anne shows that she has matured and is no longer upset over the minor things but understands that the world is messed up and she is now fully understanding the real gravity of the situation. She changes from a little girl to a young woman.

erin valle

Anne Frank

 Final Choice

If I could have a conversation with Anne today I would ask her exactly what happened after the diary ended because nobody really knows from her few of it. I would ask what her reaction was when they actually got caught and what she was thinking. I would ask her about her time in the concentration camp and how she was treated and how she died in there mostly because Anne was different in her thinking perspective and I would want to know her thoughts, worries, and regrets about her life. I would want to know what her last thoughts were right before she died. Most of all I would want to know how she maintained the thought about how people are still good at heart. Mostly because that writen sentence was what made her extraordinary.

erin Valle

Margot and Anne Frank's Tombstone

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