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Anne Frank's Diary

Aydan MacDonald and Will Roese

Act 1: Scene 1


If I were Mr. Frank I would have returned to my hiding place during the war. I would go back to see any remains or anything left behind. For example, if Mr.Frank did not go back Anne Frank’s diary might have never been found. Also, Mr. Frank  stayed in this place for 25 months and I would believe it is a very emotional part of his life. It would bring back memories of the last place my family was all together, before we got sent to concentration camps. An example from the story is when Miep says, “But, Mr.Frank, there are letters, notes…” and Mr.Frank replies with, “Burn them all”. This show that even though his hiding place was an emotional part of him, he wanted to think about it and never think about it again.


Miep and Mr. Kraler were very loyal to Mr. Frank. You can see this because knowing that they could get into the same amount of trouble that the Franks could if they were caught, they still decided to help them out. I personally do not think that i would be able to help out as a protector to a family. Although they could be some of my closest friends, I always think of what would happen if I left, and if it could put my family in danger, or all of the struggles my parents would go through losing a kid. In certain instances I could help. If there was no punishment for being a protector, I would 100% do it, or if there was a punishment but it was only jail time, I would do it, but if I had a chance of dying, I do not think I would be able to handle it emotionally. That is why I could not be a protector, and why Miep and Mr. Kraler are very loyal people.

Act 1: Scene 2


Anne changed in this scene from joking around and kidding to seriousness. In the beginning of the story she would joke about everything and never take anything serious. Anne would always try to make funny remarks or laugh at inappropriate times. When she started to get older she became more mature and was more serious about what was going on. On page 843 Anne stopped all the joking and changed, she was serious and explained every problem that they have been dealt. When Mrs. Frank tried to stop her she still kept talking and held the serious tone in her voice. From the 2 years that they have been hiding, Anne has grown up and became more serious about the situation.


Act 2: Scene 1



As Anne matures her careers and goals have changed in her life and that happens to everyone. As a kid you might want to grow up to a popular career like actor, pro athlete, or musician, but as you mature and grow older your ideals on life change. I know that I used to want to grow up and be a professional basketball player, but now I am more realistic and I have realized that it’s very hard to become that type of person. You would have to work hard, 4-5 hours a day, everyday to become someone spectacular, but then most of them are just born with a natural gift. As I keep maturing in my life I make new goals for myself and face reality. I want to finish school and go to a college. Along the way I want to play high school sports and some college sports. These goals will probably stay the same but they might change more as I mature.


Act 2: Scene 2



In the story Mr. Van Daan is stealing food. If I were one of the people living with him I would be pretty disappointed. The fact that we are all starving and that there are kids to worry about, it would just break my heart. We would have trusted him and made him part of our family and home, but for someone to do something so betrayal like it would hurt us all. It would tear us apart and bring to the feeling and sorrow and confusion. I know that I would probably bring everyone together and vote on what we should do, either kick him out or let them stay. Also, I would make him promise to never do it again. Finally I would try to calm everyone down and remind everyone all that we have went through and that we are still a family.


Act 2: Scene 3


My favorite family celebration is Christmas. During Christmas time, my family has many traditions such as going to NYC, making cookies on Christmas Eve night, going out to breakfast on Christmas Eve morning, having a Christmas Eve feast, and finally going to my Grandparents Christmas morning. Although those are a huge part of my family traditions, we would not be able to do that in hiding, so this is how we would improvise. My family would most likely have a Christmas feast on Christmas Eve night. Then we would wake up and exchange homemade gifts. Finally we would have a breakfast and talk about our traditions. And that is how my family to improvise to make Christmas the best it could be.


Act 1: Scene 5



If I could have a conversation with Anne today there would be more than just what I would say, I would also ask questions. I would first thank her for writing her diary for all of us to know about her life and what it was like. Then I would ask her a whole bunch of questions that I do not already know, like if she really liked Peter and if there was any good days when you were in hiding. Also, I would ask her finally if it was worth it hiding for 25 months, like if she knew she was going to get captured would she still go in hiding?


Act 2: Scene 6



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