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Featuring  Mia Alviz,  Bobbi-Lee Lintner, Sandra Geddes, Vanessa Moya, Ivan Ambrose & More 

3 of Cups Tarot

Welcome to the Halloween Edition of our community E-zine. It's full of spooky treats and tricks that we hope you enjoy reading as much as we did writing them. This is such a special time of the year for Tarot and all forms of divination.  So why not sit a spell and get stuck in! 

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain, 

Sandra, Mia, and Bobbi-lee.

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None of us can avoid Death’s influence. Change happens every minute of every day; it is so hard-wired into who we are as mortal beings, that even on a cellular level, we change and regenerate bits of ourselves constantly, some cycles taking in as little as one week. Most of us accept life’s “small deaths” (like marriage, having a baby, changing jobs,) with grace and ease, and have no problems changing our routines, or trying new things.

Why, then, is this card, auspiciously numbered Key 13, so incredibly feared by the public?

I think it’s a little bit to do with misunderstanding the cards, and a lot to do with “The Tower” not sounding nearly as scary as “Death”, though as someone with a terrible fear of heights, I could very well argue that. In truth, the reason Death is so much scarier to most people is because Death promotes uncomfortable or unwanted changes, and these often are what force us to grow beyond what we are, permanently shedding old skins to become something better. 

A lot of people shy away from Death, and that’s is perfectly okay too. Not everyone is on a first-name basis with the Pale Rider like I am (both figuratively and literally, these days). However, “shying away” and “actively avoiding” are totally different things. 

Death, my favorite stalker card.It’s been following me since I was 2, though I didn’t know it until much later. Every few years, it pops in to check up on me, and throws me into a pit of challenges and misery. It seems just as I climb out of one hole, I’m kicked into another by this tenacious horseman. It is a rare day when I don’t feel Death’s gaze resting upon me, deciding what challenge to line up next. Still, I welcome this card in every aspect. 

Death becomes her.

By Bobbi-Lee Lintner

As Death and I have gotten closer, I’ve learned that what is scary about it – transformation, change, alchemization, no take-backsies- comes part and parcel with the goals I have set for myself. Accomplishing these things means I need to grow, and that means I can’t revert back just because something’s hard.

My granny once told me something when I was gardening with her. It was during one of my Death cycles, and I was overreacting to the amount of work that had to be done. She said to me: “You’ll never keep all the weeds out of your garden, so do what you can today and worry about the rest later. They aren’t going anywhere.” I know she was speaking literally at the time, but for some reason, this has stuck with me for years. It was exactly what I needed to hear. The way we deal with Death is one day at a time, one weed at a time. By focusing on what I can handle in the present, I can be more effective in the long term. I can be stronger, I can think clearer, I can problem solve more effectively.

 It doesn’t matter if there’s a million things waiting to be handled- time will take us to all of them.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a mundane crisis, a crisis of self, or a crisis of Faith. Every hardship, every moment of panic, every increment of self-doubt, serves this higher purpose of personal growth and betterment, and I look forward, bittersweetly, to the next one.

It shows us where the line is, and once we cross it, we can’t go back. Since we can’t clearly see what lies beyond this line, we have only our imaginations to fill in those blanks, and our imaginations are not kind. We don’t know that this change is for the better. We don’t know that things will turn out well. We don’t know anything, and Humans have a tendency to avoid such risks when and where possible. Worse still, there’s no escaping, it’s only a matter of how easy the transition is. Sure we can put it off, and Key 13 will humor us for a little while, but eventually we dance ourselves in a corner, and then wonder why we feel trapped

So, how do we take these changes gracefully when they aren’t comfortable, they aren’t easy, and half the time, we don’t even realize they are happening until they’re over?  

Bobbi-Lee Lintner has been a student of of the Tarot since she was 17. Symbology and art are passionate pursuits for her, and tarot mixes these passions in an insightful and practical way. She one day aspires to create her own decks, as well as author books, and delve deeper into her spiritual pursuits.

(C) Bobbi-Lee Lintner 2017

Vanessa is a witch and tarot reader. Since she was five years old she has had a strong gift in precognition and a close relationship with her spirit guides. You can find our more about her at

As the moon rises on this Hallow's Eve night , 

Pull out your cards to find the light.

We call upon the divine,

To rise up and shine.

So get your cloaks

And let's cast this Witches' circle. 

May the Tarot be in our favour,

For this night is our saviour. 

(C) Vanessa Moyer 2017

As the moon rises

By Vanessa Moya

Ivan is a queer person of color who is a lover of creative writing, photography, and Tarot. He runs the website where he explores Tarot through the lens of poetic prose. He hopes to explore the world and all of its beauty one poetic verse and Tarot deck at a time.

My hands hover over the Tarot cards.
as I recite the lyrical incantation.
I summon the past
with love, growth, and celebration.
Ancestors of old
come into my space
use these cards I hold
to speak your wisdom and grace.
I am ready to listen
on this all hallows eve night
grant me the power
step into the light.

Ancestral Power
by Ivan Ambrose

(C) Ivan Ambrose 2017

For this you will need.
– A Lenormand deck.
– A pendulum (optional).
– Certain skill at Lenormand reading.
– A very minimum level of spiritual awareness. Not being a brick will do it.

So, as a Taurus who needs instructions split up into steps, I am going to make this very, very easy, this is how it works!

Step One: Set your intention into contacting the spiritual realm. It is better that you have a person or group of persons that you intend to talk to. Call them by your side. For the purpose of this article, I will be focusing on my known ancestors, this means that I have asked someone I can recognize to come and talk to me.

However, as most of us at one point or another, I have felt the need to talk to someone on the other side, or I have been required to do so by clients. The system that I am going to present you today works quite decently. With it, you can get confirmation of whether or not is there actually someone with you, a description of the individual and rough messages. It is a good method particularly for answering questions rather than getting an inspiring speech from grandma, and definitely worth a try!

Talking To The Other Side When You Are Not a Medium.

By Mia Alviz

I am not one of those spiritual people who have weird and crazy dreams of awakening, I do not cleanse and charge my decks, I do not believe that there is a need to protect yourself slash prepare yourself before a reading. I am quite “normal” in this sense.

I am not a psychic, it is almost like a badge I wear. Sometimes I am even asked if it is true and I consider it so.

You have now successfully completed your Otherwordly Session! So now. Did you see what happened there, right? I have made a few mistakes myself.

Step Two: Take your pendulum or your Lenormand cards and check if they are in the room. At this point, a positive answer would be kind of required. If not, try later. 

Step Three: Shuffle your cards and ask for a physical description of who is there with you. Lay a row of 5. These are my cards: Woman + Garden + Snake + Ship + Anchor. 

I am doing this on the go for you, guys, so I am going to be as lost as you may be during the process. At this point, what I get is a woman that is pretty, dark haired and robust. Honestly I'm puzzled. You will probably be puzzled too when you try, so we get to the next step. 

Step Four: Start asking questions that will help you recognize the person, if you are not quite sure of who you are dealing with in Step Three.

– Were you a young lady when you passed? Garden + Lillies + Bouquet. Two neutral + One positive is a yes! 

– Okay, friendly spirit. Are your Mari Cruz Hernando Mateos? Tower + Woman + Moon. Again two neutral one positive make a yes!

– Can you show me something that will allow me to recognize you? Bear + Stars + Whip +Ship + Fox. We are talking about a rich woman, strong character, mistreated and with foreign roots. Now I am going to ask the last clarification question.

– Are you María Mateos? Mice + Bouquet + Whip. Nope. Ok guys... So, Mice + Bouquet + Whip has given me a new idea of who this friendly spirit might be.

Step Five: Ask your questions in the same fashion.
Step Six: Say goodbye and thank you.

– What did you do for a living? Dog + Moon + Woman + Child + Stork. So this is a woman who basically was devoted to childcare. I am now thinking that I might be speaking to my grandfather's mother. My grandmother's mother had a huge lot of kids, but she had an occupation. At this point, I want to confirm.


Mia Alviz is a Tarot and Lenormand reader from Spain with a straight and sassy style. She declares herself as Tarobsessed and owns an unholy amount of decks. Find her at :

Mistake One: When it comes to the dead, nobody thinks about the children! 

When it comes to interpretation. When I saw Woman + Garden + Snake + Ship + Anchor I first thought of a grownup woman. Young Mari Cruz, died as a child to split spine, she could barely move, she was “anchored”. Ship and Whip have appeared a few times, telling me about problems with movement and pains. 

She was not a woman with a lot of children, she was a child herself with a lot of siblings on the mission of growing up. She was, effectively, dark haired and she had a rough complexion. 

How did I know? Mice + Bouquet + Whip. Besides no, joy and freshness is taken away by pain and complications. 

So, dear readers, whenever you are puzzled, do not take your interpretations for granted! 

What do you think about this method? Do you have a method for communicating with the deceased? I would love to hear them!

(C) Mia Alviz 2017 

" Halloween Tarot, Halloween Oracle, Ghost Tarot, Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, Black Cats Tarot! " - Marian O 

A few thoughts from the group on their favourite decks to use at this time of year.

"For my Samhain celebrations I'm working with Pagan Otherworlds. It's interesting that for Tarot, I'm not drawn to "Halloween" themes at all, but I do love a couple of mad Lenormand decks for this time of year: Lynn Boyle's Bizarre Lenormand, and Bridgett Trejo's Midnight Madness." - Margo B 

"The Halloween Oracle is my favorite Samhain themed deck. I do like to get out the Zombie tarot this time of year, also! And I've recently been gifted the Ritual Abuse Tarot deck which has is based on Stephen Gammell's artwork (which if you were a kid in the 90s, haunted your dreams). Happy Samhain, and happy card-slinging! " - Sarah C

"Tarot of the Vampyres! And I've been looking up different ancestor spreads and might tweak them a bit for a reading on Halloween." -Aslynn D

Favourite decks for Halloween

by the 3 of Cups Community 

Oracle Decks

Oracle decks are designed to be generally more intuition based in my opinion. Tarot is a very rigid and strict system. It is amazing for beginners because they get the basics of how cartomancy works. Oracle decks take a much more fluid intuition and approach. While tarot decks are almost always 78 cards broken down into the major and minor arcana, oracle decks vary between artists. There can be anywhere from 20 to 200 cards in a deck and each has a unique meaning to the creator of that deck.

Second guessing yourself and thinking too hard about the subject will essentially muddy the water and it will become a jumbled message. 

What is Intuition?

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without conscious reasoning. In laymen terms, you do not have to think about something, it just comes to you. This is a very important skill for many divination practitioners. You need to be quick and let the information flow through you. 

Intuition Based Reading using Oracle Decks; Tips & Tricks

By Julia Parsons

Intuition and Oracle

Most oracle decks are going to be highly intuitions based. There will be very little memorization as each card will change with a new querent. There are layers to the decks same as tarot. Some Oracle decks do not even come with a guidebook and the author expects you to use your intuition solely. I find only using the intuition when reading oracle is the best way. Tarot is such a time honored tradition that it would be less beneficial to ignore the tried and true meanings of the cards.

Practice makes Permanent

The best way to start to learn your oracle deck and practice your intuition is going to be pulling a card. Every day when you wake up, pull a card of the day. Sit there with the card and meditate on it's meaning. Write this all down in a daily journal to see how the cards meaning changes with your meditation and daily practice. You can also pull a card each night to round out your day. Letting the thoughts flow and familiarising yourself with the deck will get you prepared to read for other people as well as work out your feelings and energies. All in all the most important thing to remember is to have fun! 

(C) Julia Parsons 2017

During the Fall between the Equinox (Sep. 21st) and Samhain (Nov. 7th), I become extremely busy. As a Pagan, this is the time of year when I feel most in my power and most connected to everything I believe in, so a lot of my personal works are done in this 5-week span. As a Priestess, I serve my little circle by helping them prepare for the upcoming introspective season, connecting with their ancestors and Beloved Dead, and one final release of stale energy so they can bring in what they want/need over the resting period that is the Winter. As a Tarot/Oracle Reader, I help connect people to their loved ones and their past lives, and give them guidance and support on their journeys forward, and since demand goes up 10-fold in the Fall, fitting it all in is a little bit tricky.

I’m always surprised at how many clients I get this time of year that read their own cards. I definitely understand the idea that one cannot read unbiasedly for oneself- I have troubles with this when it is something important to me- but, these readers don’t come for just any ol’ tarot reading. They come for Past Life readings, and I always wonder why. This is something they can do for themselves. Why don’t they?   

It occurred to me that readers believe they will interpret their past lives biasedly as well, but let me tell you this: Unless you were someone horrible (and I have yet to encounter anyone who was), there is no need to worry.

Doorways and Mirrors: Tarot to Exploring Past Lives.

by Bobbi-Lee Lintner

  • Continuing Lessons. Past Lives often hold a lot of our misery from unfinished or unlearned lessons. Patterns and cycles in our present life that seem to have no origin may very well stem from unresolved issues in one of your pasts. 

  • Who you were. This is what most people want to know, and it is really cool to brag, but knowing that you were the gardener for Louis the VII is just the surface. Knowing who you were then leads us to the rest of the important parts.

  • Your Legacy. This is broader than what your job was, this one is what you really did with your life and what kind of person you were. Your legacy helps, in part, determine the karma balance for this life. 

  • Transferred Karma. This is amount of Karmic Debt you carry forward into this life. Some people have very little, some people have a lot. In Past Life readings, the focus is on any debt accumulated from one single life.

I have also found that when someone else reads for me, regardless of if they possess psychic skills or not, there is a certain amount of assumption based on what energies I am giving off that day, whereas when I read for myself, I can tell which way a card is leaning, and what it’s trying to tell me. Does that Queen represent a physical description of who I was, or a mental/emotional one? A reader may tune in to precisely which it is, but the chances are a lot higher that you will be able to do so faster and more accurately.

Why do I encourage you to look at your own Past Lives instead of having someone else look for you? Well, the answer is simple. The past can reveal a lot of vulnerabilities in the present. It can teach us a lot about our flaws and our Shadow, as well as what hidden strengths we may have to rely on. Past Life readings can rub along our wounds, conscious or unconscious, and lay bare things we may be ashamed of in this life.

 Most of us have lead fairly normal lives in the past. We may have been a local leader or community figure, a farmer, or archivist. Since Past Life readings focus on one life at a time, it is more like reading a relatable book than reading our history. 

A few things Past Life readings really look at are:

The Soul’s Narrative. Over time, each past life will add a little piece of information on what your soul is looking to learn/become from its manifestations on earth. This is a long-term project, and definitely shouldn’t be rushed. 

When delving into the past with Tarot, it is extremely important to make sure you don’t get too wrapped up in what you want to be shown, for this is the basis for all biases; seeing what you want, not what is there. It’s easier to avoid this with past lives even though they are a part of us. While we all have hopes about who we were, looking back on it through the lens of Tarot lends an objectivity not easily attainable when looking at cards for a current reading.

After all of this, how do we actually go about reading for on our past lives?

Once you’ve decided on which life you’re looking to connect with, do everything you’d normally do to prepare for a reading, plus a little bit more. Relax, calm yourself, calm your mind, and open yourself up. Past Life readings touch the surface of the Akashic Records/Book of Life, and so the clearer the connection is, the better the results.

All you need is a tarot deck, though if you have other decks you’d like to incorporate, like the Past Life Oracle, or themed decks (such as the Mythic Oracle, Celtic Wisdom Oracle, Karma Oracle, Egyptian Oracle, etc…) these can be assets if you are not sure where to start looking, or want to explore a known life.

Before doing anything else, it is necessary to figure out which end of the spectrum you want to start from. With a few exceptions, I suggest to move only one direction through time, so unless one life in particular is screaming at you, work forward or backwards, but no jumping around.

Included in this issue is a past life sample/practice reading using the Past Life Oracle and Tarot. However, if you are using tarot only, the easiest way to move forward from here is to shuffle the deck and separate, face down, into piles (you can sort cards however you wish, it’s your reading!). Dedicate each pile to a specific subject- For example “who”, “occupation”, “lessons”, “Karma coming forward”, and “present influence”  are some good categories to start off with.  

A good past-life reader won’t just tell you all the fun fluff that you might hope to hear (“Oh, you were Cleopatra, and then Boudicca, and then Queen Elizabeth I), they will explore what they’re shown to the fullest extent of your comfort, and it can be somewhat traumatizing if you aren’t prepared. Trust needs to be built if it’s another person, just like it does with any reader, so why not skip some of that and do it yourself?  

Asking “when/where” are not good questions for tarot-only reads, as we are talking about millions of places, thousands of years, hundreds of cultures, and hundreds of eras. Depending on the deck you are drawn to use, or the cards that come up, perhaps some of these details can be intuitively retrieved, but I suggest against making piles for them.

When all of your cards are drawn, start the reading. It is easier to approach this much the same way one would when reading a book, as opposed to a normal interpretation. The overall goal is a stream of consciousness reading, so let things flow through you and touch your soul.  What speaks to you? What sticks with you? Some of the cards might hit harder than others, and that’s expected. Who you were may not be as impactful as what your occupation allowed you to accomplish. Write down everything you can. Take breaks if you need.

If you need clarifiers, draw them from the same pile the original card came from. To interpret, take only the original card and the clarifiers that belong to it, and follow the steps in the paragraph above. Repeat as necessary.

It is important to know that not everyone sees things at first, or at all. I, personally, have been trying to unlock one specific life for almost 8 years, but those doors remain shut, so I’m guessing it isn’t time/isn’t beneficial for me to know yet.  If you are having difficulties, practicing meditation or yoga while considering the cards of a past life reading can occasionally stir things up, but if not, don’t worry! You have time to try again, and those lives aren’t going anywhere.  Above all else, though, don’t get so wrapped up in the past that you forget to live in the present.

Next, we ask our questions. It is a good idea to have questions pre-written, but if any come you while you’re in the middle of the reading, feel free to add them. You can have as many questions as you want, but keep in mind that this is a starting place, not an end point. Draw one card per question for now, and clarify (if need be) when the reading is over. You can lay the cards down however you wish, but my preferred layout is visible in the sample reading.

**For this reading, I have used the Past Life Oracle and the Tarot of Vampyres only, however, should you decide to use more that is entirely up to you. **

Cleansing your energy can be as simple as taking a bath in slightly salted water. Salt is well known as a purifying agent in many cultures, and is cheap and readily available in almost every household worldwide. For more complex forms of cleansing, adding herbs and/or essential oils (not fragrance oils!) to your bath, fasting for 24h prior to your reading, smudge, or crystal cleanses are some that I’ve had success with.

To clear and focus your mind, meditation is the most practical tool. However, for those who are not adept at meditation, I suggest instrumental music that is soothing and mystical- something that makes your body sway sensually, but takes your mind out of your body. 

As I mentioned in my article, reading Past Lives touches the surface of the subject’s Akashic Records/Book of Life. Some preparation is absolutely necessary before even touching the cards (except to pre-sort the Past Life Oracle, which I highly suggest), as the Akashic Records are no place to just pop into and rifle around. Cleansing your energy is a must before any venture here, but since we are only touching the surface, clearing your mind and focusing your intentions should be enough. If you are spiritual/religious at all, I also highly recommend a petition to whichever deity/entity you believe guards over the Book of Life.

Doorways and Mirrors: A Mixed Sample Reading 

Once you have your piles, shuffle them one by one face down. Some will be easier than others, as these piles are highly uneven. Take your first pile (Culture) and hold it. Focus your energy on reaching into the deck and pulling out the card for your desired past life (most recent, earliest recorded, or a specific life already known to you). Shuffle or cut once, and pull the top card. Repeat this process with People, Occupations, Past to Present, and Misc. Details. For Past and Present and Misc. Details, more than one card may be drawn, but no more than 3.

Now, the time has come to touch your cards. If you have pre-sorted the Past Life Oracle, then you can skip this paragraph.  If you need to sort them, here is how I do it. All the “Culture” cards go into one pile (Galactic and Atlantis count for this, but I you do not believe in their feasibility/existence, remove them). Next, we have what I call the “People” cards. These are fairly generic and obvious, with titles like “Mother” and “Baby”. Following this, we have the “Occupations” pile. Sort through the cards and put anything that you feel speaks specifically about a job or formal position into this pile. The last two categories are much more ambivalent.  One is “Past to Present Factors”, the other is “Misc. Details”. The “Past to Present” ideally holds things that have transferred (like vows) in the form of Karmic Debt, patters/cycles, or things that may have profoundly affected your past life and carried over in subtle ways (War and Battles, for example, may provoke a deep fascination or rejection of War). I have noticed with the Past Life cards that there seem to be random cards (like “Trees”) that serve no real purpose for my way of reading them, and so they belong to the “Misc. Details” category. I use this as a way to glean little bits of extra information about any of the previous categories, or things (like travel) to indicate a lifestyle aspect that don’t really fit within the other four categories.

To add in Tarot, reference a list of questions to ask (if you have one), or ask questions as they come to you. Unlike the Past Life Oracle, which has its purpose, Tarot needs some guidance.  For example. When drawing for the spread below, to expand on “Greco-Roman”, I asked “What was my lifestyle in the Greco Roman period?”.  Make sure your questions are specific to the card you are pairing Tarot with, as this helps to flesh out more of the narrative and less generalizations. You may add up to 2 Tarot cards per Past Life card (before clarifiers). 

So now that all the work is done, how do you read this?

A lot of slower belly dancing music is great for this. We want you focused on the present moment as much as possible when we go into the Past Life cards (I know that sounds weird), and whatever gets you focused on your body but elevates your mind will help.  If you want to add incense, now is the time- do it while dancing!

Culture Cards: Greco-Roman/ 6 of Scepters (Wands)
People Cards: Orphan/ The Moon
Occupation Cards: Authority Figures/ Ace of Grails (Cups)
Past to Present: Spirituality and Religion, War and Battles/ Strength, 5 of Knives (Swords)
Misc. Details: Vows, Angels, Ships/ Four of Knives (Swords), Queen of Grails (Cups), The Hermit.
Clarifier for the 4 of Knives: 3 of Knives (Swords)

What do you read from this? What story does it tell you?  For now, I’ll keep my thought to myself so yours can remain unbiased by my vision, but please do let me know via email at (Subject: Past Life Practice).

To reference my article again, I find it best to read it like one would read a book. Pick up on your intuition and use it to tell you how to interpret the images and messages before you. Here is the example spread for practice:

You should not read Tarot if you are pregnant/menstruating

I believe that this more uncommon belief stems from the fact that female fertility has always been viewed as a source of power and therefore a threat. When a woman is pregnant or in her moon cycle she is believed to have more intuitive connection. 

You should not read the cards on a Sunday.

Sunday is considered a holy day by those of the Christian faith who may believe Tarot to be unholy or even evil. 

The cards are evil/unlucky

The Tarot deck is comprised of 78 pieces of paper. It is incapable of being ‘good’ or ‘evil’ or anything else. The energy of the cards comes from the reader. As for luck, the same applies. The cards can not cause anything to happen just by being. 

You should only use Tarot at night.

I’ve not been able to find an origin for this, but I feel it is quite likely connected to the moon. We tend to attribute psychic ability, anything mysterious, and intuitive processes to the moon, particularly the full moon. You can of course use Tarot at any time of the day. Many readers prefer first thing in the morning when they feel at their freshest.

What would Halloween be without a touch of superstition and mystery? The two go hand in hand and often it seems, so do superstition and Tarot.

For this article wanted to look at some of the beliefs and old wives tales I’ve heard around the Tarot.  Some you will have heard before others are a little more unusual.

Tarot and Superstition

by Sandra Geddes

Death never means Death

I hear this all the time and it irks me a little as the Death card can indeed indicate literal, physical Death, it just rarely does so.  On the odd occasion it does happen the other cards in the spread will make it crystal clear that we are talking of the mortal coil rather than a smaller transition. You may go through your whole life as a reader without seeing Death as Death. 

You must keep your cards in a silk cloth/woodenbox unless in use

How you store your cards is said to affect their energy and the readings they will give. If this sort of pomp and ceremony helps you to focus, great. In truth though it does not matter how your cards are stored as long as they are clean and dry. My decks tend to live in the boxes they came in or bags once those boxes have fallen apart. 

What are your views on these superstitions? Do you have more you would like to share? Let me know.

Some people also believe that the energy of the baby will interfere with the reading. I don't remember whether I used my cards in my own pregnancy as it was so long ago but I do know plenty of readers who have with of course no ill effects. 

Sandra Geddes is an intuitive Tarot reader and mentor from London, UK. You can find her services and blog at When she is not reading, teaching or writing about Tarot she loves books, movies and long naps.