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Featuring - Annie Dunlop, Bobbi St Jean, Sandra Geddes, Maria Alviz , Anupama S, Joshi , Ivan Ambrose & More

3 of Cups Tarot 

Welcome to the first 3 of Cups Tarot E-Zine! 
This issue is in honour of another first, International Tarot Day 2017. Tarot enthusiasts all over the world will be coming together on July 8th to spread the Tarot love. This little project is our contribution to this and if well received we may just make it a regular thing. 
The 3 of of Cups is a Facebook based community founded by Sandra Geddes and Lisa Frideborg Eddy and is open to all with an interest in Tarot from curious beginner to experienced pro. All of the articles in this E-zine were written by our members. If you'd like to join us, just click on the banner image below. 
The theme of this issue is ‘How Tarot changed my life’. I’m sure you’ll agree after reading some of the pieces here, it really can bring change on so many levels. 
Enjoy the read and Tarot on! 
Sandra & Lisa

I taught tarot at a New Age College.
It was the beginning of a term and the Principal handed me ten folders and a list of the students in my new class. That morning nine women of varying ages arrived and I ticked them off on my list and handed each a folder.

Finally an elderly woman burst through the door, puffing away, as though she had been running.
‘Hi, you must be Susan?’ I said. This was the last name on my list.
‘No, I am Mary. Sorry I am late’.
‘Hi Mary,’ I added her name to my list, handed her a folder and invited her to take a seat. “Welcome!’
At the coffee break the Principal popped in to introduce herself and welcome the students. She also told me that Susan had let her know that she could not make it today, but she would be joining us next week.
I said ‘Mary is here and I have given her a folder’.
‘There is some mix-up as I have Mary booked into the evening class’, said the Principal.
‘Can I stay here?’ asked Mary tentatively, looking at me. ‘Of course you can. You were obviously meant to be here!’ I responded.
Mary was older than the other students but she fitted in well. The next week she was the first person to arrive, with a big smile on her face. As she got to know the other students she blossomed. She had a wicked sense of humour and was very intuitive.

‘Tarot changed my life!'

By Annie Dunlop 

The term went for 10 weeks. After about 4 weeks Mary asked me if she could come for a reading. She arrived at my house and we sat with the cards.
‘I have something I want to tell you….’ Mary started. She went on to tell me that her husband had committed suicide about two months before she had started the classes. He had permanent injuries from a car accident and had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Mary was looking after him. One day she took the dog for a walk and when she returned home she found her husband had taken his own life. She was angry and inconsolable. They had planned ‘to go’ together.  They had both been married before and had children from previous relationships. Mary decided that she was going to put her affairs in order and then take her own life. 
In the meantime Mary tackled the paperwork that was involved with settling her husband’s estate but could not bring herself to do much else. She did not leave the house for days and didn’t even bother to get dressed.  One day she picked up the local paper that had been delivered to her letterbox and saw the advertisement for ‘Tarot lessons’. 
She had always been interested in ‘that stuff’, so she rang up and booked herself in for a course. She thought that it would fill in the time until she had settled her affairs. She could then go ahead with her plan to join her husband.
Mary told me that my words had rung in her ears ‘you were obviously meant to be here’, and ‘welcome!’ For the first time in a while she felt that she belonged somewhere. Not only that, she was enjoying her tarot lessons so much that she now had a reason to live, ‘Tarot changed my life!’

(C) Annie Dunlop 2017


Annie Dunlop is a Tarot reader, teacher and mentor. She is a past President of the Tarot Guild of Australia. She is a proud Tarot Crone with over 40 years experience. She is passionate about Tarot, her family, her cats and her art.

     By Anupama S. Joshi 


I shuffle,
cut and shuffle again,
not knowing what to ask.
Am always confused
over an array of unanswered
or stuck
without a single one.

I lay a spread, something

The Tower comes crashing down;
the Devil continues to shackle me.
The Lovers appears reversed.
And as I turn the last card over,
I wish it is Death.

Anupama S. Joshi is from Pune, India and has been offering guidance to seekers, as a Tarot Reader for over five years, She also conducts workshops and courses on Tarot. She loves to write and has several of her articles and poems published in various magazines and anthologies. 
The Sun, it is - a promise of renewal.

I fight
my inner demons,
the self-created chains.

I find the love of my life.

The beloved is wise,
an evolved me,



                  (C) Anupama S. Joshi 2017

                    How Tarot Changed my life: A Fool’s First Love.
                                                    By Bobbi St. Jean.

I still remember when my first set of Tarot cards arrived in the mail. I’d spent days looking for “The Ones”, the only deck of Cards I thought I’d ever need (Yeah right, we all know how that goes).  I’d gone back and forth about ordering them for almost as long as I’d spent looking for them- I’d heard that decks not gifted to you were bad luck, and that one should never buy their own tarot decks. Thank Gods I ignored that.
Excited beyond belief that they’d arrived early, I didn’t even wait to get into my apartment before ripping the box open and thumbing through them
I was 17, living with only my cousin as a roommate, and waiting for University to start. I didn’t know how much I’d rely on the guidance of cardstock at that time, but I knew it was an avenue of my spirituality I needed to explore.
I began as we all do, laying out small spreads and checking frantically in the book to see what I was being told and how it might be immediately tangible in my life. carried my cards and drew them anywhere and anytime if I felt I needed guidance or reassurance. More often than not, the cards told me to trust myself, or to stop asking and deal with it normally.  I soon learned that while Tarot is a tool, it isn’t going to solve all your problems. You still need to do the work, you still need to make your own choices.
I learned that quite thoroughly as I was going through a spiritual, early-life crisis.
At 15, I’d turned away from the church of my upbringing (Roman Catholic), and I’d decided to experiment. First with Satanism, because I perceived it to be the exact 

opposite of Christianity. It wasn’t. Next, I considered a church of Vampires, Buddhism, and Taoism. Then, through some sort of divine intervention, one of my classes did a section on world religions, past and present. I chose druidry, to honour my Celtic heritage, but I’d assumed it was long dead. One of my classmates, however, presented on Wicca a week before my presentation. She provided a local coven name, and proved to me that my interest in the Old Gods of the world was, in fact, alive like I’d been wishing since I was 10. 
By the time I was 17 and moved out for University, I’d made up my mind: I would start my spiritual study in earnest, because I was an adult now (Hah!) and I could make that choice without having to hide it. Surely a larger city would have more resources and people to help me. Surely I wouldn’t be as alone as I felt in my hometown with only its one coven.
 I was wrong. In a city of over a million people, it seemed none of them were openly acknowledging alternate spirituality. No quaint covens like where I grew up, and precious few metaphysical stores, although mentors and teaching groups were available for a price that I couldn’t justify while I need to save and spend on books, tuition, and rent. 
I found myself at a loss, where before I’d at least had viable options. So, I began to self-instruct. My tarot deck let me feel like I had some control. I began to meet people, I began to learn more, and slowly, I felt my crisis easing. My tarot deck, the Legacy of the Divine by Ciro Marchetti, led me forward where before I had no direction, no vision, and no focus. I opted to go eclectic pagan and not straight Wiccan through the advice of my Tarot deck, and I’ve never looked back. 
To this day, the Legacy of the Divine is my most frequently used deck for personal guidance, and I believe it’s because of all of the things it helped me get through when I had not one inkling of what I was doing with myself. 
So, how has Tarot changed my life? 
I think the better question is, how hasn’t it? 

Bobbi St. Jean has been a student of of the Tarot since she was 17. Symbology and art are passionate pursuits for her, and tarot mixes these passions in an insightful and practical way. She one day aspires to create her own decks, as well as author books, and delve deeper into her spiritual pursuits.

It’s been there through my transition from Teenager to Adult, and it provided me with strength and spiritual direction.
Tarot taught me that not everything that’s good for you is wanted, and not everything you want is good for you. 
They are my wellspring of inspiration in all aspects of my life, and I cannot imagine where I’d be without them. 
(C) Bobbi St Jean 2017 

Cindy Welch, is the mother of three grown children and one grandchild and works as an administrative assistant near her hometown of Hopewell, VA (USA). Her interests include music, reading, writing and natural healing. She did not pick up her first deck of Tarot cards until after turning fifty. She invites you to visit her blog: Connect with her on Facebook at Intuitive Readings @cecetarot.

The Tarot : A Haiku in 4 Stanzas
 By Cindy Welch

Seventy-eight tokens
Give insight to the seeker
Light the path ahead

Trumps tell the journey
In sweeping strokes of grandeur
Destiny revealed

Ace, cup, pent, and sword
The mundane in the minors
Daily we progress

Symbols for guidance
The cards are not omniscient
Free choice reigns supreme
(C) Cindy Welch 2017 

Ivan is a queer person of color who is a lover of creative writing, photography, and Tarot. He runs the website where he explores Tarot through the lens of poetic prose. He hopes to explore the world and all of its beauty one poetic verse and Tarot deck at a time.
I was lost in the storm that was my life 
searching for a way to keep my head 
afloat above water.
It wasn't until I found Tarot
that it all began to make sense.
I didn't know my soul
craved the power
of seventy-eight cards
until I started healing 
with them. 
It was at that point 
in my existence
that I stopped drowning. 

Healing With 78 Cards 
By Ivan Ambrose
(C) Ivan Ambrose 2017 

“I'm a lifepath 3,” I said.
“I'm not surprised,” she said.
“What do you mean?”
“3 is associated with The Empress in tarot. The ultimate mother. I always told you that you were and now it makes sense.”
This was the first time anyone had ever connected this for me. How much truth could this really hold? The Empress. Seems like a lot to live up to but I guess it make senses. I have brought food, made stone jewellery, and given spiritual readings without asking for anything simply because I thought someone needed it. I just thought I was nosy and overbearing, but maybe that is why I feel the urge to help everyone, even if it means butting in. Maybe that is why people tend to divulge their issues to me and tell me that they feel more relaxed when I am around. I have always been told that I am creative and a very positive influence in nurturing others to embrace their creativity.

'This Explains so Much' 
by Lori Fredette

And fertile? I just had my third child, so I guess I have got that covered too. Ha ha! Knowing this, is there a better way that I can embody The Empress? I have been taking care of my kids and others for so long that I often forget about myself. Cultivating love and nurturing of myself is so important. Putting myself first is not completely selfish, it allows me to be in a better place to help others as well. I could also embrace being more patient. Having patience in myself and my abilities will allow things to develop and improve. Sometimes wanting to help others is stressful so maybe it is important to have patience with others, for them to be ready to come to me if they need help.
This connection has definitely changed things for me. I know a part of myself in a way I did not before. I can see why I do certain things, how I react in situations and also how I can change some of the habits that are not nurturing myself. This information can assist anyone who is looking to understand themselves better and (big surprise) I have let others know how their life number is connected to the tarot.
“I think you're right,” I said. “I am totally The Empress.”
“I know,” she said. “I'm a lifepath 5. I'm The Hierophant.”

(C)Lori Fredette 2017 

Lori Fredette is from Manitoba, Canada. She started learning tarot at the beginning of 2017 after the birth of her third child. You can follow her spiritual journey on Instagram @lorif7 or on Facebook @familyconnectedbytheheart.

                                            The biggest lesson Tarot has taught me 
                                       By the 3 of Cups Tarot Community

"I learnt to get the use of my right arm back learning to pick up one tarot card at a time when I had a temporary paralysis and the cards gave me the strength to fight and get the use of my legs back as I broke my back. They have been my support and strength now for 43 years, still learning that they have much more to teach me and guide me in my life"- Vera Cruickshank 
"Tarot, and wonderful teachers, have taught me that the answers I seek are always inside of me. Whenever I am looking at a situation or at what another person might do tarot has mirrored to me that it is always more of an internal struggle and I should focus on what it is I need to see, understand or change about myself first. This has been a gift in my life". - Theresa Jane Kibby 
"Aside from trusting my inner wisdom, through tarot I've found welcoming communities where I feel understood.Tarot taught me to just be myself." -Laurensia Maudyana
"That we are Co-creators of our lives, not victims of them!" - Jill Hawkins Jablonski



 and Witchcraft again after a couple of years away (I’d had an interest in the cards since my teens and read for friends many years). I’d got married, had a spell of poor health and other things had distracted me from my spirituality for a while.
I had not faced up to how bad my health was becoming. My previously not too bad Asthma was becoming more severe the longer I carried on smoking. I wanted to quit, but couldn’t quite seem to do it. I had began working with Hecate as my matron Goddess earlier that year and asked her for help in helping myself with this.
That August, not long after my request for help, the Tower fell. 
One evening I had an asthma attack and although it seemed fairly run of the mill as attacks ago, something felt very wrong. My husband called an ambulance. I greeted the paramedics and that was all she wrote. The next thing I knew it was almost a week later and I was in Intensive Care on ventilator breathing support via tracheostomy. I had septic pneumonia and had very nearly died. 
The next couple of months were tough as I got my strength back slowly and learned to walk again with physio after losing a lot of muscle tone. I had been given an almighty kick up the arse by the Universe and an equally big second chance. 

The Tower isn’t a card generally known for being popular. Few people are pleased to see it when it comes up in a reading for them, especially if it is indicting future events. I think it gets a bad rap. In fact, over the last 4 years, I have fallen for the Tower. Quite literally.
The Summer of 2013 is one I will never forget. 
I had recently started taking an interest in Tarot

Falling for the Tower
By Sandra Geddes

Sandra Geddes is an intuitive Tarot reader and mentor from London, UK. You can find her services and blog at When she is not reading, teaching or writing about Tarot she loves books, movies and long naps.
It was around this time during my recovery that I found and joined a Tarot group or two on Facebook and discovered the wider Tarot community, reawakening my interest in the cards. The more involved I became, the more in love again I fell. I also began to see Tarot as far more than the divination tool I had previously only really known it as. I began to learn how Tarot could be used in healing,empowerment, self development and so much more. 
As the months went on I started to volunteer in a group as an administrator and eventually moved on to mentoring student readers also. I was at home alone a lot as my husband worked and working with Tarot in this way gave me some structure to my days. I felt as though I had a sense of purpose again and those close to me began to see a spark of the old me once more.   
I started to regain my confidence and even improved on it as I started to attend Tarot meet ups. The first being The London Tarot Festival hosted by the lovely Kim Arnold.  I was out meeting people in person as well as making new friends online! Go me!  
I have since moved on from the group I initially helped out in that opened the door back into Tarot for me. I still mentor fledgling readers however, which I absolutely love, and have my own Facebook community group now in the '3 of cups'. I also have a little blog Blogging has really helped me with working on my memory and expressing myself fully again.  
Tarot has given me so much. The only thing it has not been good for is my new found deck buying addiction! I'm still rebuilding myself a new Tower from those ashes. It's going to take some time. I'm glad I have Tarot, and my new appreciation of the Tower card, with me along the way. 
(C) Sandra Geddes 2017 

                                        How Tarot changed my life
                                                     By Maria Alviz 
This first deck came with a decent booklet and a few meanings for each card, I started reading Majors only and begging my non-believer friends to let me read for them. It took me a while to get out of the canned meanings of the book and start seeing the whole picture, but during that time, the first change that Tarot introduced to my life took place. It got me closer to my spiritual self, and it opened my mind enough for me to want to seek for answers, to align with my own spiritual being and to explore the options available besides the Christian environment I had been raised into.
A couple of years later, my Tarot and spiritual practice had become much more serious and consistent. It went all by hand, as I evolved in my spirituality, finding what truly resonated with me, I developed as a reader. The more I used Tarot as a guidance tool for my spirituality, the more I found my place, and the more I found where I felt comfortable in, the deeper my readings became.
The first time I had a Tarot deck in my hands, I was just 14 years old. I went to a bookstore and picked a deck, taking into account all the woo-woo advice I had been given: Don't buy a “Black Tarot for it will bring blackness to your life” and make sure you resonate with the “Lovers” card. There were not a lot of options available anyway, and my budget was quite limited, so I ended up choosing Da Vinci Tarot, because I had just read “Da Vinci's Code” and you know... I thought it would be full of secrets.
Maria Alviz is a Tarot and Lenormand reader from Spain with a straight and sassy style. She declares herself a Tarobsessed and owns an unholy amount of decks. Find her at 
I was used to reading for strangers almost from the beginning, back then I was a weirdo and I met most of my friends online, I spent a lot of time in a Tarot chat room, offering exchanges and readings and I had a lot of fun. It was in this stage when I started collecting decks, although, as I was a crazy teenager I didn't really take a lot of care of them and nowadays I have very few complete decks from that time.
Years went by, and Tarot had one more surprise in store for me, the biggest up to now. I have always been a woman with a very clear idea: Eight hours a day is a third of my life, I am not going to devote that kind of time to work for someone else's dream. I had another idea: I love Tarot! However, it took me a while to link both! I was kind of afraid, because in my country, there is not a “serious” Tarot community, it is more seen as either a scam or something you need to be really ignorant to believe in, and I really didn't want to be a part of that. Here was when I decided to take my internet experience, the second language I had been learning for years and my ability to read cards, mix it all together and voilà! I was running a Tarot business!
Two years later, I am fortunate enough to make a living out of what I adore. Sometimes it is a little scarce, it is still growing and if I am lucky it always will be, but the biggest, the greatest, the most amazing surprise and change that Tarot has brought to my life is bringing me the chance to live it as I want it. To pursue my own dreams doing something I am happy about and to help others get there too. Thank you, Tarot!  

(C) Maria Alviz 2017 

                     Deck Review: Tarot of the Hidden Realm
                                                 By Bobbi St Jean 

I found myself drawn to it more strongly than the gentle tug that wouldn’t let me forget it was there. Upon shuffling through the cards again, and really taking the time to look through them, I see both why I was drawn to them, and why I wasn’t ready for them at the time of purchase. The imagery, while based on the RWS system, isn’t clearly traditional. Lots of portraits and animals, very little use of the suit icons, and 5 renamed Majors initially threw me for a loop when trying to apply a more rigid system.  This deck seemed to know I wasn’t prepared to read it how IT wanted to be read, and so it’s waited patiently for me to come to my senses.

Now that I’m better acquainted and more relaxed in my interpretations of tarot as a whole, here’s what I have found about this deck. 

I bought this deck when it was new, ecstatic to finally have found a deck to cater to my Faerie obsession that I a) liked, and b) was still in print. I am picky on my deck art in a way that doesn’t make sense to most, and this aesthetic was pleasing to me in part because of the structured wildness. I used it religiously for a few months, then it sat on my shelf. I never stopped loving it, but I guess I just wasn’t ready to really dive into it either. 
Last year, the peoples of the Hidden Realm decided that enough was enough. 

1.I absolutely LOVE the back of the deck.  The back isn’t reversible, which initially bothered me, and yet, I see now that the imagery works well even when upside-down. When right-side-up, there is a subtle wink or shine to the insinuated eyes and dragon-like face, though the swirling  vine-like image doesn’t specifically create one. Immediately, I feel a sense of mischief and deep knowledge, like the cards can see into me, and indeed see what is hidden there.
2. I enjoy the use of animal imagery. Each suit ace is represented by an animal in lieu of the more traditional symbol. Animals continue to feature more strongly in this deck than more traditional decks would see. I am totally okay with this, and it was this feature that initially helped sell me on buying this particular deck. However, a lot of the symbolism was lost on me because my knowledge of animal totems wasn’t as good as it is now.
3. 5 renamed Major Arcana card can be a little tough to keep straight. The Chariot became the Faery Stallion, the Wheel of Fortune became the Fortune Faery, the Devil became Shadowdance, the Tower became the Blasted Beech, and Judgement became Life Renewed. Again, with more knowledge under my belt, I can more clearly see the correlation to traditional system interpretations. However, initially, this was not so. The title changes really bothered me, and I had a hard time seeing into the meanings because I was trying to force upon the cards a view that didn’t fit.
4.The art uses light colouring, and seems quite shallow at first. This is the deck of the Hidden Realm, so I’m not quite sure why it surprised me so much to find that the artwork, which once appeared light and shallow, has become deeper and layered. More knowledge, perhaps, or a better understanding of the Faerie folk. Whatever it is, I’ve come to see into the cards, to glimpse the active energies and how the Faeries have made it their own. The lightness in colouring is definitely a ruse to conceal a deeper truth.
5. If it isn’t animals, it’s people. Or, both! The majority of the cards feature people in a portrait style art, especially the court cards and the major Arcana. This was also something I didn’t like very much to begin with, but the accompanying book was extremely insightful, this second time round, in connecting the people to the energy of 

the card.  Also, to my eyes, this deck helps make links between the Major and Minor Arcanas clearer by using similar colouring for similar emotional evocation.

6. It uses a minimal of Faery lore and imagery, while still portraying the Faerie world accurately. Faerie lore is not something you need to know in order to use this deck. The inhabitants of the Hidden Realm are neither the Disney Fairies of faith, trust, and pixie dust, but nor are they the mischievous or menacing creatures of traditional Scottish and Irish lore. These people walk a line in between, bringing into balance the light and the dark, and this deck shows both unapologetically, just as the Faerie realm does to those brave enough to venture in.

7.Is it a good beginner deck? I think it could be, although I would suggest paired learning if that is the case. Learn it alongside a RWS deck, otherwise the imagery of more traditional systems will seem jarring and unpoetic.  
Like all Tarot, this deck won’t let you ignore your problems- it takes no issue with pointing out flaws and correction in life paths. Unlike some other decks, which can be gentle or may allow room to soften these things, the deck of the Hidden Realm gives no quarter. Faeries cannot lie, and so this deck is brutally honest, without hesitation or apology. It remains one of my favorites to use, but I refrain from using it for clients unless they are absolutely ready to hear the bad things. This deck can be reassuring, but only if that reassurance won’t take away from a larger lesson to be learned. 
In the end, this deck still remains largely mysterious. Despite all I’ve seen upon revival, and despite all I’ve learned from it, the imagery holds its secrets tightly. I look forward to continuing to discover it, and I encourage anyone who is looking to expand their horizons to consider adding this to their list of must-haves. It’s one deck that is sure to surprise you!
The Tarot of the Hidden Realm was created by Julia Jeffry and Barbara Moore. It was published  by LLwellyn in 2013. 
(C) Bobbi St Jean 2017
My Journey To The Tarot World
 How Tarot changed my life. 
By Nilambari W. Lalita
I really started to enjoy creating dialogue with the images, and now it’s just part of my daily routine to check the cards, speak with them, and ask a question.
After collecting some basic knowledge, I started reading tarot for my friends. They got some good answers with it, and so I started to post a weekly free reading from my favorite deck on Instagram. With some meditation and crystals, I gained new insights with each reading, and I started my deep journey to the tarot world with a traditional RWS deck and fairy decks.
I gained more insights from crossing classic art and traditional tarot. When I come across a reading with the High Priestess, I see her first as commanding feminine energy, and the archetype associated with the Moon and moon phases. I connect with this energy of
Hello everybody. I am a vedic vastu consultant from India. My job includes clearing energy in an area and filling it with positively charged energy, using crystals, pyramid yantra, and so on. This is a professional aspect for me. I wanted to add more depth in my professional and daily life, so I started to apply some symbolic images to draw prosperity into my work. I learned about symbology to aid me in this. Later, I started to use online resources, and joined a number of groups on Facebook for Nature and Classic Art, which are my favourite interests. I started picking up some tarot decks with beautiful colours and pictures, and added them into my work.

moon and High Priestess, as she is the answer to any question in my Tarot journey.

My question To the High Priestess: What is my purpose in this Tarot journey; Fun, knowledge, or something else?
I pulled and laid two cards along with her, the Hermit and the Magician, and the answer blinked suddenly in front of me as I discussed the cards with the High Priestess.
As the Magician, she told me that I have hidden knowledge and abilities, and all resources within me. I need to try to pull them forward, and use them wisely and carefully while communication with people.
As the Hermit, since I am a rising Virgo, she answered me that my life purpose involves showing the light to the other seekers on the Path.
So I pulled final card for Divine guidance, and received the Wheel of Fortune. This card, with the High priestess giving me a final answer, signalled my future prospects as light of the Hermit and a Tarot Reader.
My thoughts and feelings about High Priestess:
The High Priestess sitting on her throne with a veil of the tree of life behind her is an icon of prosperity for me. The crescent moon shining near her feet, with a blue veil covering a small part of this moon, represents some part which is revealed and some part which is hidden. A crystal ball with moon phases shines on her head as a symbol for universal energy, and she tells us that there is a need to go with the flow of this energy of knowledge and wisdom, as bestowed upon us by Universe and God. Karma patterns and their solution rests with her, as she holds a big book resonating with spiritual energy.
The two pillars, written with B and J, one black and one white, are our subconscious and conscious minds, and we need to gain balance between these two to get the answers we seek as we put our questions before her. The carvings of lotus flowers at the top of the pillars means she is telling us to align with the spiritual flow of energy. It also symbolises the pineal gland, as we need to meditate and detox our thoughts and daily systems before any further actions are taken.
As with these pillars, there is a dance with our shadow as it falls opposite us in day and night, and a need to know the darker aspect of situations.
The High Priestess is ready to give answers to any question as a pillar of white light, to know the hidden truth behind the veil, to see clearly into our shadow.
She is the gatekeeper of this journey to gain the knowledge and wisdom. She is my guide and helper. I am a seeker and reader for all of life’s challenges. She is an angel of mystic energy, the angel of light; Archangel Haniel for me, who works with the Archangel Raziel.
This is my Prayer for the High Priestess as Archangel Haniel:
“Thank you, Archangel Haniel, for your presence in our lives, for bestowing your light of
wisdom upon us, and giving our life journeys more fruitful insights.
I am grateful for your help and presence, and for your grace in our lives.”
(C) Nilambari W. Lalita 

Nilambari W. Lalita is a Tarot reader and Vedic Astrologer from India. She urges us to "Follow your path and be true to yourself as your own heart's desire to reach your destination."