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Red and white checkered like Annes diary

Anne Frank Diary On Display 

The Diary of

Anne Frank

Laurie and Jill 




      I would handle the restrictions placed on the Jewish people by following them, there isn't much one person can do to prevent a whole army. I would turn in my bike, if I hid it they would most likely find it. if I didn't wear the star of david they would figure it out and I would be sent to the concentration camp even faster than i would have if I just wore the star. It would be hard for me not to be with my friends to go to the movies or even school even though I would be getting out of doing the things I hate as i go into hiding I am still going into something even harder, leaving my friends, family, my life behind, so I can go sit in at attic. So I can be quiet for nine hours out of a day sitting in silence reading or at the least just sitting there watching the clock tick by waiting for five-thirty when they could talk and play and enjoy themselves in whatever way they choose then at eight- thirty its back to silence. No trash everything must be burned. No going outside, no leaving. It would be hard but if it meant living another day I would do it.



Star Of David

Jill Robinson 

  1. ACT 1 SCENE 2

    I feel like I would be able to be a protector like Miep and Mr. Kraler because I would want someone to do it for me and if they were as close as they really are to me I would do it i would never let a friend go however if I had never met them I probably would not because I would rather save my family than a strangers family. Family first but when friends are so close they are like family and it would be like protecting family if it was friends. I have some friends now that I would definitely protect. Its like when someone is about to fire a gun but you step in the way to save them. Its kind of the same thing but they would be shot too. The Franks lasted a long time before going in a concentration camp, However Miep and Mr. Kraler had very little in their lives to maintain from getting food, medicine, and so much more for the Franks. I would want that to be known the way they were known not my millions not my hundreds but by maybe only 10 as the one who stepped up and risked her one live to save a jewish family in hiding.


The protectors for the Franks, the Van Daans and Dussle

Jill Robinson 



   The person that would annoy me the least in hiding would be Anne because I feel like because we are the same age and gender we would be able to relate to one another. Anne enjoys messing around with the others in hiding for example Peter with Anne hiding his shoes behind her back. that seems like something I would get a kick out of even if it was me. Anne is someone who I would want as a friend even in hiding for twenty-five months.


Jill Robinson 



The thing I would miss the most in hiding is my cellphone because it really is important to me. I use my phone to call or text my family, friends and other relatives.It has my pictures on it and these pictures are very important to me. I use my phone to video chat with my mom because she’s in the Philippines. I use it sometimes when I have nothing better to do. When I have a problem I use my phone to settle down and for a moment not to think about the problem.


Phone from the 1940's

Laurie Gail Echon

  1. ACT 2 SCENE 2


Anne change from childish to more mature. She realized the bigger things going on lifes. They can’t do what the adults did because of the war, that was going on. She was losing hope, because she was afraid that everything will be destroyed. She was trying to make the adults realize that it wasn't their fault. She knew that they were already miserable because of the war even though they were safe they still can’t do anything beside just hiding.


Place of the Franks hiding place

Laurie Gail Echon 


If someone that I trusted and welcomed in my home was stealing, I would forgive them and ask them not to do that again and talk about it. As Mrs. Franks said in the book that “he still once! He’ll steal again, if that happens then I should take them out the house too. I will make them leave my house and make them go  somewhere else and offer them some money, so they have money for food. I will also make them realize what they did.Make them leave without hard feelings to each other.

Mr. Van Daan

Laurie Gail Echon 


If I could have a conversation with Anne today, I would try to get a better understanding about her views of her mother now compared when she was in hiding. Also like why she was so hard on her mother and don’t let her mom to talk to her. I would ask how she lasted so long without talking to anyone as the same age as her. I would also want to ask about her relationship to her sister, Margot. Either she was jealous to her or she was just bothered by her parents comparing her to her sister. What was it like to be at the camp and how long was she there. I would ask her what she does or what she feels when they could not move or speak at all. Lastly what was it like for your nightmares to come true?

Anne Frank at her school desk

Laurie Gail Echon

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