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By Jae Kim & caleb boyer




Act 2, Scene 3

    Jae Kim 


  1. Mr. Frank states in the play, “We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.” This means that during the past years they’ve been hiding together, they were arguing and fighting each other and each of them hates one other. I think they were destroying each other because after Mr. Dussel arrived to the hiding, things starts to get worst. When Mr. Vann Daan stole food from the safe, Mrs. Frank raged at him and wanted the Vann Daans to leave. Mrs. Frank gave them money so they could give it to Miep so she could find a hiding spot for them, but Mr. Frank promised them that he’ll help them.

Act 1, Scene 4

    Caleb Boyer


2) If I was in hiding some things I would miss would be electronics, food, coffee, and my friends. First I would miss my electronics like T.V., IPhone, laptop, etc., but even though these are my life I could live without them. Next I would miss food, it's not like we wouldn't eat, but I would miss the food I normally have like burgers, hot dogs, salads, and icecream. Third I would miss coffee, this isnt that bad, but without it I would be tired. Lastly I would miss all my friends like Jae, Jack, and Emmett because I would have no one to really talk to and hang.


Act 1, Scene 3

      Caleb Boyer

2) The one person I think I would best get along with is Anne. I think i would get along with her because we both like to fool around. Also because we both look at the good side of things. She also has some common interest like cats. Lastly I think I would best get along with her because she likes to give gifts and so do I. She  makes the gifts which is also what I do, but she still wants to give gift when they are hiding and can't go buy any. That's why I think i would get along best with Anne.

2. As I move into high school and I look back on my career choices I have realized they have really changed. Back when I was young I wanted to be something cool like a firefighter. Later I started to enjoy music and writing and considered a career in one of those. I have keep those career choices till today, but I have also considered a career in art even though i'm not as good as my friend. However these may change in high school because of voice depending for example which could mess with a music career. Then again they could stay the same because I could take classes to become better at these things. Thats how my views have changed.

Act 2, Scene 2

        Caleb Boyer

Act 1, Scene 5 

 2. Our family would celebrate the Korean New Years if we were hiding like the Franks. Celebrating this holiday will be different from the other times we celebrated this Korean tradition. We would have a tiny feast because we don’t have that much food around and we don’t have any traditional foods. After the feast, we would wear these special clothes that was wore many years ago. Since we don’t have that many money to give to the children, we would give a small amount to them because that’s part of the tradition.

Act 2, Scene 5 

The phone rings and Mr. Frank refused to pick it up as it continues ringing. He made the right choice because he thought that the person calling could be someone other than Miep. If he did answer it while nobody is in the building and it was somebody else, they could’ve gave up their hiding spot and can be found and arrested easily. I would do the same and not pick it up because I wouldn’t know who it was and it wouldn’t be safe to answer it while in hiding. I would just ignore the call and continue on with the day.

Act 2, Scene 1 

Earlier in the play, Anne’s outbursts and arguments focused on trivial matters. In this scene however, there is a change in Anne. She gets more mature when she talks about the misery in them even though they are safe in hiding while other people are suffering in concentration camps, and the horrors Peter, Margot, and Anne are thinking. She also talks to Peter more than anyone else and have a better relationship with him like with her father.

If I spoke to Anne today I would ask her all about it. I would want to know all about hiding. Also I would want to know about world war 2. I might also ask her about what she did or fun in hiding. Lastly i would ask her how the holidays were in hiding. Thats what I would ask her.

Final Choice 

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