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Anne Frank Diary

By: Nickie Annelli

and Sandy DiRienzi



Scene 1

 Dear Rose 

 I would handle the restrictions just like she did. How she was calm for the couple of days that they are there, it would still be hard to have to stay quite that long. Also having not being able to go to school or sit in the other part of the bus or having to be still and tip toe when the workers come in. I would find stuff to do because there were others is the house so I would talk with them and play with them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Nickie Annelli






Scene 2

Dear Rose, 

My family would have a difficult time hiding from the Nazis with another family because just like Anne did not know what the Van Daans were like, we wouldn’t know what the other family would be like. Since we wouldn’t know them very well problems and arguments might start. There also might have been problems with food supply because it would be hard to get enough food without being caught in the secret annex. To cope with these issues we would get someone like Miep to get our food and anything else we might need. Another way to cope would be to be a little more reserved like Mrs. Frank, Mr. Frank, and Margot. If after being reserved for a while doesn’t work then someone would step in and say, “We’re hiding in an annex from the Nazis, and if we don’t want to be caught we have to get along until this war is over.” This would be hard, but after you fight hard in life, there comes rewards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Sandy DiRienzi 

scene 3

Dear Rose,

I find that Anne would be the easiest person to get along with because she is so upbeat and outgoing and always wants to talk to everyone. Also that's what the people that are in hiding means because she just doesn't sit around all day and think about what can happen and what is happening outside of their hiding place. She is always thinking about something else that can get her mind off of what's happening.                                                                                                                                                                                              - Nickie Annelli 



Act 1, Scene 4

Dear Rose,

During hiding, I would want to horseback ride. This is because horseback riding is something that never gets old. Not only can you ride the horse you can also groom the horse, feed the horse, and if you have the right equipment set up a carriage. In the story the Franks can’t even go down in their own basement, the only one who could leave was Miep. All Miep did though, was get everyone living in the Frank house food, clothing, and anything else they needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Sandy DiRienzi 


Act 2, Scene 1

Dear Rose,


Earlier in the play Anne was upset about her friends and how she wasn’t able to go out and enjoy herself like a normal person. In Scene 1, Act 2 she is more concerned about how everything is being taken out on her. This is known because in the story it says, “It isn’t our fault that that the world is in such a mess! We weren’t around when all of this started! So don’t try to take it out on us!” Not only is Anne stressed about this, but also about how Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Van Daan, Mr.Frank, Mr.Van Daan, and Dussel are all adults. As evidence states on the last line of page 843, “We’re all young, Margot, Peter and I! You grownups have had your chance!” This shows that Anne had a hard time because she didn’t have her chance yet.


                                                                -Sandy DiRienzi




    Scene II

Dear Rose,

I don't agree because it always depends on the person and whether or not that person has had some rough patches with trust some people. But people need someone to talk to, people need love not just by their parents. some people need someone else to talk to and they need to find someone that will be loyal and compassionate with that friend until they die. Only in some cases people don't like anyone to be around them. Even in the book peter thinks he has no one but he doesn't realize that he has friends all round him but I believe that anne is starting to make him realize that he is surrounded by friends and now family.


                                                                       - Nickie Annelli                                                                                                                                                                          


scene 5

Dear Rose,

 My favorite family celebration would be when we do the gift exchange with the rest of my family.If me and my family were in hiding and we wanted to do the gift exchange I would make gifts that are homemade and I would maybe use like some newspaper to wrap it because I probably wouldn't have any wrapping paper unless one of the protects brought me some. I would just try to make it as good as possible almost just like it would if we weren't in hiding.  

                                                                - Nickie Annelli