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Adventures in the Attic 

Journaled By: Ricky McDonald & Jack schutta



        If I were Mr.Frank I would have returned to the hiding place where my family spent 25 months in.  I would go back to reflect on the memories that were left in that place.  Some of the memories may have been bad but there were a few good memories too.  Like the adventurous feeling of hiding and living with complete strangers.  I would have also come back to see if there were any important things left behind by the Gestapo agents. For example, Anne’s diary that Miep found and any other clothes or things that held memories left that were left behind.  That is why if I were Mr. Frank I would have gone back to the hiding place I lived in with my family for 25 months.

-Ricky McDonald


I would be able to be a protector like Miep and Mr. Kraler.  I would be able to because even though I would suffer consequences I believe that nobody should be treated so harshly.  If I know someone is being treated as badly as the Jews were then I would fight for them. If I got caught then I would have no shame because I know that I would be suffering the same consequences the Jews were, which would create some equality.  Though it would be scary at least I wasn’t as scared as the Jews who were suffering and unable to do common things.  Not being able to talk to other people or ride a bike just because of your race is terrible.  Not only did they not do anything but they are being killed for nothing.  That is why I would be able to be a protector like Miep and Mr. Kraler knowing I would suffer the same consequences as the Jews.


-Ricky McDonald 



Miep Gies

Mr. Kraler


   My favorite family celebration is Christmas.  If I were in hiding like the Franks were it would be a very quiet Christmas.  We would stay quiet in fear of being caught by the Gestapo.  There wouldn’t be many presents, if any, and they wouldn’t be as good as the presents from years before.  We wouldn’t see relatives because we wouldn’t be allowed to go out of our hiding place.  Instead of an excited and cheery mood, we would have a very silent and fearful mood.  These are ways my favorite family celebration, Christmas, would be different if I lived in hiding like the Franks did for all that time.   

-Ricky McDonald


When Peter says that he does not need friends, I agree and disagree with him. I agree because you could also be happy in anyway possible and that you do not always need friends to make you happy. But I also disagree with Peter because it is good to have friends. Friendship is a very important thing in life and helps you with many things in the future. For example friendship can really help with a future job someone may have because you need to be able to get along with your work companions. Friends can also at times make you feel happy.


- Jack Schutta 


Peter Van Daan

When Mr. Frank refused to answer the telephone call, I believe that was the right choice. It was the right choice because you never know who it could be on the other end of the line. Little they know it could be a Gestapo agent and the agent could then find out where they were hiding. I would not answer the phone because receiving the call from anybody could be a very bad thing. Even if it is most likely one of the helper calling, I still would not take the risk.

- Jack Schutta


It is important for students to continue to read about Anne Frank. It’s important because Anne Frank’s diary is an excellent piece of literature. It shows the evil in people and the good in people. It also explain the hardships of a jewish person in the time of Hitler’s reign. All of these things show why The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most popular books ever published.

- Jack Schutta

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