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The Time in Hiding

From: Kaitlyn Benton and Miranda Bodek

 Dear: Zorro

Act 1, Scene 3, question 2

Respect for Margot

     Margo Frank                                                     Miranda Bodek                                        

Now that the families have been together for so long, I think Margot would be the easiest to get along with. Margot never argues, she does what her mom asks her to do, and everyone seems to like her. During the day she stays quiet and does her schoolwork, and then after everyone leaves she goes to help her mother cook supper. All the adults tell Anne to be more like Margot because she is quiet. In the story, “Margot! Margot! Margot! That’s all I hear from everyone...How wonderful Margot is…”Why aren’t you like Margot?” , this shows how Anne feels about everyone comparing her to Margot.

       Peter tells Anne that he doesn't need or has any friends. I feel as though you do need friends to be happy. You don’t always have to be with them or agree with them, but they will always be there for you. Friends are someone who you can always count on for support or help when something happened. They are someone to laugh with; someone that will always bring up your spirits. They are someone who you can always be yourself around. They make you feel happy . You can still be happy without friend but i think that when you do have friends you will be way more happy and upbeat.


act 2, scene 2, question 1

Friends are Important

Kaitlyn Benton

Peter Van Daan 

act 2, scene 1, question 1

Anne has Changed

Anne Frank

       In the beginning of act two we see how Anne Frank has changed. She starts thinking what's the good living in misery and fright when you can be thinking of hope. She states "If we begin thinking of all the horror in the world, we’re lost! We’re trying to hold onto some kind of ideals. . . When everything. . . ideals, hopes. . . everything, are being destroyed”. This shows how Anne is trying to find the good in the scary and hard times. In act one we saw that Anne would be the first to cry or get scared. Also we saw how she would act a younger age, but now we view Anna as  mature teen. She has definitely changed the way she acts and views life.  


Kaitlyn Benton

If I was hiding as long as the Franks,  the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel, I would miss my freedom the most. Being able to talk whenever I wanted, go to school, hangout with friends, and to walk a round. Being stuck up in the same room for 25 months, I would want to get fresh air and go to places I’ve never gone to before. I would miss the ability to run around and play with friends, learn new things, talk to people around me. Talking to the same people might get boring, or not having anyone my age to talk to would be boring. Being in hiding that long I would miss that normal routine of talking and moving around. 

Miranda Bodek

act 1, scene 4, question 2

We Miss...

Anne Frank/ Margot Frank

Peter Van Daan/ Mr. Dussel

Mr. Frank/ Mrs. Van Daan

Mrs. Frank/ Mr. Van Daan

act2, scene 3, question 1

We Are Destroying         Ourselves


      Mr. Franks states in the story “ We don’t need the Nazi’s to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.” This is a very powerful statement that has a big meaning. What this means is that they are trying to hide from the Nazi’s destroying them, but while  in hiding all their arguing and fights are just destroying themselves. As an example Mrs. and Mr. Van Daan fight and bicker at each other constantly, and when Mr. Van Daan stole the food they wanted to kick him out. that created a big argument. So they don't need to hide from the nazi’s if they will just destroy each other.


Kaitlyn Benton

If I was Mr. Frank I would go back to the place where I spent 25 months hiding. I would go back in hopes of my family being alive, or finding any possessions that the Gestapo didn’t take. That is also the only home I have, that was my place of business. If I went back I would hope to find someone I knew, like Miep or Mr. Kraler. He tells Miep to burn every paper until they find Anne’s diary, that makes it all worth while to have gone back to the house. Mr. Frank had only gone to say goodbye, “ I can’t stay in Amsterdam, Miep. it has too many memories for me. Everywhere there’s something… the house we lived in… the school...the street organ playing out there…” I would have done what Mr. Kraler had done and gone back just to see if anyone was left, and to say goodbye to all the memories.

Act 1, scene 1,Question 2

He Went Back

Miranda Bodek

Mr. Frank

The last quote in the book that Mr. Frank read from the diary was “In spite of everything, I still believe that people really are good at heart.” This is a very important quote because it talks about how Anne was so thankful that Miep and Mr. Kraler helped them hide and live while in hiding. Without them Anne’s  family and friends could not have survived for 2 years. Mr.Kraler and Miep knew that if they got caught they would have the same consequences as Jews would. So that is why Anne is so thankful for Mr.Kraler and Miep rather than being sad, angry, and mad for being sent to a concentration camp. This is so important to Anne’s character because it shows us how compassionate Anne is towards other people, and how Anne can find the best out of a horrible situation. This reminds us how she will always be remembered as a kindhearted person. For Anne to still believe that after all she has been through is amazing.

People are Amazing

Final Choice

Kaitlyn Benton and Miranda Bodek 

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