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S True Blue Volume 5 Issue 3 February March 2013 pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living Conquering Depression Through Spirituality CREATING PLENTY Crop Circles The Real Circlemakers NATURAL HEALTH PHENOMENA SPIRIT NATURE AWAKENING LOVE WELLBEING

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This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart 2013 Mantra Take time to Play From the Publisher Wake Up Call Some months ago my daughter discovered her dog Rupert was diabetic Watching her go through the steps needed to deal with his diet and medication and watching Rupert as he lost weight reminded me of my mother when she discovered she was diabetic in mid life Over the recent holiday season our family all came to Gabriola Island pets included While most of them stayed at a local inn the pets stayed with us After a very active day we headed off to bed exhausted and fell into a deep sleep Several hours later we were awakened to loud music Our CD player which is hard to turn on at the best of times was blaring the tunes of my late parents favourite album I was startled but pleased They d come to visit Hubby and I crawled back into bed feeling that sense of pleasure and awe that always lingers after a visit from spirit As we tried to regain that weighted sleep that carries you away to oblivion something nagged at our consciousness until We heard noises coming from Rupert s bed Unbeknownst to us he had been having a diabetic seizure The rest of the evening was intense and emotional as we worked on Rupert and he in turn struggled to survive At one point he stopped breathing altogether Looking at Rupert today he not only survived it s as if his puppy energy is back My Mom and Dad did more than just turn on their music to say hello they shouted out a We love you that we ll never forget Keep well Dorothy Jeanne Engst Join me on Facebook www facebook com TrueBlueSpirit 4 In this Issue Conquering Depression Through Spirituality 30 Happiness A Journey Worth Taking Can you give that to her please 32 Wheel of Fortune 11 Garnet 34 Theories About The Origin of the Crystal Skulls 12 Change your Thinking Change your Life 37 Rosehips 17 Ginger 38 Animal Spirit 18 Five Ways to go from Force to Flow 40 What Makes My Heart Sing In the Smoke From My Fire Low Tide 42 Raccoons 22 Creating Plenty 44 Dear Dena 24 Crop Circles The Real Circlemakers 45 Worthwhile Reading 28 Awaiting Lady Spring 46 Welcome to Black Water Snake 8 Tarot Mediumship 20 Crystals Aromatherapy The Medicine Wheel Animal Whispers Nature s Essence Aboriginal Spirit WildArc Handwriting Analysis Chinese Lunar Astrology Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 3

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I am more than my mind Conquering depression through Spir by Puja Uppal I never set out to prove anything to myself or anyone else I just knew it was time to get up and shake up my life After suffering from depression for twelve years I knew I couldn t go on in a job that my heart wasn t into So in September 2011 I spoke to my bosses at CTV and gave them my two weeks notice I told them I was going overseas to volunteer At that point I didn t even know if my application was accepted at the organization I was volunteering through I didn t care I was suffocating and if I didn t take a deep breath soon my mind was going to explode I never mentioned my depression at work I was afraid the stigma that is so often attached to this mental illness would come back and haunt me But when I look back now I wish I had had the courage to speak out I do now I had been working part time for CTV News Channel in Toronto when I was encouraged to apply for a full time position for CTV s political show in Ottawa Working for this show would be a huge step up my colleagues told me I knew they were right but I wasn t sure the move would be right for me I was not thrilled about the idea of moving back home but I was afraid that if I didn t jump at the offer I wouldn t get such an opportunity again Isn t that what we all think when we re guided by our own misconceptions of what we think we should do So instead of listening to my own inner voice I let fear and doubt guide me never a good way to make an important decision I packed up my little bachelor pad into boxes and headed to the capital city Once the initial excitement of having a new job began to subside trying to keep up pretences increased I tried to busy myself outside of work 4 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 with stuff spending time with friends shopping for more work clothes and taking weekend trips to Toronto But I couldn t shake the rest

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more than my depression ituality Puja running along side the Ganga and taking in the amazing view as the sun peeks over the Himalayan foothills lessness and I couldn t make sense of the feelings of depression that were resurfacing None of it made sense I was working a job so many other journalism grads would love to have I was an associate producer for CTV Power Play with Don Martin a political show hosted daily from the interior of Parliament Hill I was rubbing elbows with the decision makers of our country and the political elite I could have gone far if I wanted The opportunities were endless Despite all this something was tugging at me For the next eight months I did my best to keep my head afloat at work Outside of work I took up volunteering with Mood Disorders Ottawa where I was facilitating group sessions in hopes that by focusing on others mental illness I would get my mind off my own I also got back into acting and was in a play staged in the summer of 2011 I should have been happy And the strange thing was my depression was getting worse I would wave goodbye to colleagues get in my car and begin sobbing on the way home while having recurring thoughts of death Continuing the way I was was no longer an option So on November 16th 2011 with a one way ticket I made the long journey to Siem Reap Cambodia where I would be spending the next ten weeks teaching English to children at the NGO Anjali House From there I was off backpacking across South East Asia In seven months I had hit seven countries and fifteen cities My depression had subsided but I knew it was only because I was so preoccupied with planning my next move On an evening while roaming the chaotic tourist infested Koh San Road in Bangkok I couldn t help wonder what I was hoping to gain Continued Page 7 Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 5

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by all these travel experiences So in hopes that getting in touch with my spirituality would help answer some of the philosophical questions I had been asking I headed to India Without knowing much about ashram life other than what I saw in the movie Eat Pray Love I headed to Aurovalley Ashram about 10 kilometres from the city of Rishikesh and just steps away from the holy river Ganges Aurovalley founded by Swami Brahmdev is based on the philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother which encourage the study of integral yoga the process of letting go of one s ego and uniting all parts of oneself with the Divine consciousness It was exactly what I was looking for I needed to learn how to quiet my mind and find out who I was beyond the negative thoughts and habits that I knew were holding me back Top Part of the ashram The building with the round top is the OM Savitri building which houses the library on the bottom and an OM room where one can chant OM in a place that has amazing acoustics The building next to OM Savitri is our yoga hall Bottom The ashram is surrounded by lush trees and nature from living a fulfilling life I needed to know the source of my depression On my first day at the ashram I saw a quote that angered me It is the ego that gets depressed Do not mind it Go on quietly with your work and the depression will disappear Being someone who has suffered with depression I couldn t have disagreed more Now after months of silent meditation I finally get it I ve realized that I am more than my thoughts It s the mind that gets taken over by depression so if I m more than just a mind then I am also more than my depression Depression doesn t penetrate the truest part of me my soul I m now off my anti depressants and I know this time it is permanent Managing my depression no longer means trips to a psychiatrist and popping pills It s letting go of my ego the part of me that thinks it is the sole controller of my life and in charge of the outcome of my actions I have faith in something much greater than myself I m not saying that therapy and pills don t work because they did for me for many years but I no longer believe those are the only options Some would argue that it s not necessary to go half way around the world to find yourself but for me it was I needed the assurance that when I felt like I was losing it I could turn to someone who could help me sort it all out I know my journey may forever have me pegged as just another thirty something female inspired by the acclaimed Eat Pray Love phenomenon but if being that clich means I m more myself than ever before then I wear that label proudly Originally from Ottawa and now at Aurovalley Ashram in India PUJA UPPAL calls the world her home She continues to blog about her spiritual journey at www pujauppal blogspot com Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 7

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Mediumship Can you give by Carmel Joy Baird I never thought that I would be giving away my jewelry in a reading least of all my Blue Butterfly A few mornings ago I was getting ready for my day with clients Most of the people who know me know I like to match If I m wearing pink I ll have a pink necklace on If I m wearing purple you get the idea That morning while standing looking at my jewelry wearing a purple shirt I went looking in my necklaces for one that would match Just then I heard a Spirit offer advice and say Wear the Blue Butterfly Rule Breaker I said out loud They are not allowed in my room The blue doesn t match the purple shirt jaddingt Fotolia com

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Mediumship that to her please Again with more determination the Spirit said Today wear the Blue Butterfly I thought about it and then thought what the heck and put on the Blue Butterfly necklace putting the conversation out of my mind and going on with my day That particular day I had a woman come to me for a reading with her daughter She was trying to connect with her husband on the other side He wasn t a hard Spirit to communicate with He had lots to say and he gave a ton of confirmation to her and her daughter One of the first things he wanted his daughter to know was that she wasn t to feel bad for the argument they had shortly before he passed It s OK and I know you love me he told her repeatedly The wife towards the end of the reading asked if her husband could tell her what she asked him to send her this summer as a sign he was there This puts a lot of pressure on the spirit and myself We have to get the message right or this is where a client can lose faith I took a minute and then asked the Spirit to be as clear as possible I saw something flying it looked like a bird and I knew it was an animal of some sort I said to his wife Is this an animal It looks like a bird or something She smiled and said It s butterflies The Spirit s energy then came down and touched my neck where my necklace was The wife said Blue butterflies specifically is what I asked him for The Spirit then touched my necklace again and asked me Will you give this to her My breath was taken away My necklace You want me to give her my blue butterfly All my ego thoughts went through my mind It s the only blue butterfly necklace I have Blue butterflies are my symbol for my healing journey I got this one in Okinawa Japan You want to give her my necklace Then with a feeling I can t explain I felt the most generous love and warmth come over me I m not sure I could ever quite put it into words She ll always know I m with her if she always has a blue butterfly around her neck the Spirit said Holding back my tears and knowing that I was so blessed to help this Spirit show his love for his wife I took my necklace off and handed it to my client I told her that this was a gift from her husband who asked me to give my Blue Butterfly to her She smiled and gently took the necklace from my hand and in that moment we both knew he was there CARMEL JOY BAIRD is a Spiritual Medium Intuitive Guide who does readings for clients all over the world Now residing in Alberta she teaches others to develop their intuitive gifts while she continues to read for clients www carmeljoybaird com Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 9

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Essence Combinations which attract healthy patterns of energy to the Body Mind Spirit Pacific Essences Ltd www PacificEssences com 250 384 5560 Balancer maintain our centre during times of stress and crisis Abundance manifest our intentions at every level of our lives Heart Spirit greet all the experiences of our lives with an open heart Abundance Stabilizer Being True Worth open to receiving all the blessings of life discovering and expressing our value Earth am I present and available Fire Metal am I feeling good about who I am am I passionate and vibrant Water am I using my life force effectively and efficiently Wood am I expressing my creativity and fulfilling my purpose Super Vitality support every cell in our body mind to fulfill it s optimal function rejuvenation and peak physical performance Shielding protective shield against EMFs from cellphones computers and radiation New Attitudes Being Detox releases habitual thoughts Peace cleanses body mind and behaviours that spirit gently and for cultivating prevent us from expressing inner peace and thoroughly our full potential equanimity Radiant Beauty Fearlessness letting our inner light shine Energy Medicine Cards Cellular Memory being present and open to experience Optimal Learning maximizing our ability to learn An Intuitive Guide to Body Mind Healing Optimal Immunity protection at every level of our being Kids Stuff nurturing the child in each of us Forgiving cut all the cords which bind us to any pain from the past Energy Medicine Healing from the Kindoms of Nature

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Crystals Garnet by Sah Rah Kerfoot ASIA ANAST PYRYEVA om Fotolia c a c oli Fo t sch O ith Ed n expert will likely understand Garnet as the name for a group of more than ten different gems with a similar chemical structure They are silicate minerals often found in beautiful dodecahedral habits Common crystal admirers are most often aware of two specific Garnet varieties Almandine and Pyrope Although a deep red colour is the most frequent occurrence there are also Garnets of green yellow orange and brown earthy tones Garnets are adored in jewelry from ancient Egyptian Greek and Roman eras and it is said that Noah used a lantern made from Garnet in order to safely steer his Ark through the darkness of night Many travelers and explorers wore Garnet for protection believing that they illuminate the night Science explains to us now that their luminosity is caused by highlight refraction Garnet s energetic virtues have long been recognized to include passion friendship selfesteem loyalty devotion consistency and truth om A That sure sounds to me like qualities which illuminate the night Garnet is dense and heavy in the hand imparting stability and grounding It connects us deeply to our body thus negative energies entities cannot attach themselves It is a fiery stone revitalizing and purifying our energy bodies inspiring passion sensuality and a healthy sex drive Activating the root base chakra Garnet strengthens the survival instinct with courage and hope It can activate kundalini yet in a stable and grounding way with its steady slow vibrations Garnet is said to stimulate the body s metabolism assist disorders of the spine bones and cellular structure while also purifying the heart lungs and blood SAH RAH KERFOOT owns Blue Apples Metaphysical Wellness providing Acutonics Sound Healing educational experiences crystals and other tools for body mind spirit www BlueApples ca Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 11

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Change Your Thinking by Karen McCoy hen it comes to success in any aspect of life like health and wellness finances or relationships so many times we blame outside forces for our lack of success But truly if we re not successful we need to start with the most primal but often hidden factor of our lives our inner beliefs Beliefs are subconscious for the most part Like an iceberg we may not even understand that they re running our lives Buried deep in the oceans of our minds we have set patterns and beliefs about food love relationships exercise and more The successful person questions them all the time to see if they hold water Do we really need that belief Belief systems are in my opinion the biggest determinant of creating a successful lasting exercise and eating routine I ve always believed health and wellness is an inside job I had to go through years of being overweight before the light bulb went on I was a meat and potatoes girl from a traditional family one that said girls were secondclass girls should conform not take risks We cooked and cleaned I was a good conformist but I was miserable tired fat and hating life Then I found weights I loved the freedom they gave me and I loved busting the femalegender stereotypes right out the door They returned me to my power Until that moment I never realized how much my beliefs had held me back subconscious beliefs about family expectations life These limiting beliefs were hand medowns with no real basis for them in my life yet they were running my life What I learned eventually was that we create our own reality by the stories in our heads those hamster like stories we replay over and over again But they re not reality they re just stories Several years ago my husband and I were struggling with issues in our relationship and 12 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 Jan Will Fotolia com W

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Change Your Life it s no wonder I unconsciously rehearsed in my head all the ways he upset me Let s see he was harsh critical overbearing silent Or how about this He never listened to me wanted to talk appreciated all I did Sound familiar It wasn t until I learned to change my inner story that our relationship truly transformed Instead of looking at the negative traits I reminded myself how kind funny handsome supportive he was Pretty soon everything started to shift And I realized I hadn t married the wrong person at all In fact he was the man of my dreams I was just focusing on all the wrong stuff Everyone can do the same with training and healthy eating But we must dig down and take responsibility for everything we learn and see own it This is your journey your work no one else s This is you changing you because you care about you Pretty soon your shifting will start others shifting as well Like a hanging mobile with different parts moving about you can t move one part without others being affected nial and not having fun then you ll never get and stay lean If you believe you won t succeed then you won t The Dog Whisperer Breaking The Pattern I love watching Cesar Millan TV s renowned dog whisperer coax even the most frenzied uncontrollable dog into shape Why Because I learned one of the most valuable lessons from him break the pattern and start a new fresh pattern with a changed energy That s what he does when he takes on a trouble dog he breaks its current behavior pattern quickly before the dog can react and puts a new one its place He breaks the Pavlov s dog thing The dog can no longer react to that which is no longer there Ever wonder why the dogs sometimes look confused or de fused when he s around It s because they re on new territory and the rules have changed What Do You Believe Belief Versus Willpower No Contest Why is it that one person can be successful in maintaining an eating and exercise routine but another can t Is it genetics Thyroid condition Lack of time Lack of access Lack of money The answer I believe more than anything is an underlying belief system Some common ones I ve seen over the years Let s talk nutrition The most powerful ways to end emotional eating are increasing our awareness and establishing a belief system that short circuits eating for the wrong reasons while triggering eating for the right reasons Belief is a thousand times stronger than willpower because belief uses the unconscious mind to create behavior change with automation while willpower uses the conscious mind to create behavior with force Temporary change diet versus lasting change lifestyle Make food the solution When it comes to food I ve discovered that fit lean and healthy people have a unique set of If you believe that hunger pangs are negative or painful then you ll never lose weight and keep it off If you believe exercise is something you have to do rather than something you get to do you won t stick with it If you believe healthy eating is about de Continued Page 15 Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 13

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beliefs about food and a distinct set of metaphors they use to describe food and what food is for Food is fuel Food is my medicine Food is quality construction material for my body Food stokes the fire of metabolism Not feeling full is healthy and honours my body and its cells When you look at it this way food is no longer the problem food is the solution and we become driven to eat the right foods For me personally my beliefs and my life changed in two distinct moments 1 When I started welcoming small hunger pangs especially at night as a cue that my body was burning fat and cleaning the cells Being slightly hungry was not the enemy being stuffed was 2 When I stopped eating dead foods like crackers desserts and any man made products as they left me feeling depressed and bloated Today the last thing I would do is want to erase all my hard work I m worth more than that so I say no with pleasure to man made stuff It s not a hardship I have a different set of eyes a new belief system one that is empowering and up to date with my goals and vision Hopefully you will too Now it s your turn Write down your currents beliefs about health Then re write them as empowering beliefs For Example Old Limiting Belief When I feel hunger pangs it s uncomfortable unnatural New Empowering Belief When I feel hunger pangs it s telling me my body is burning fat and I m getting more lean every day Old Limiting Belief I don t want to train because I hate feeling sore all the time New Empowering Belief When I feel sore it means I m shaping and toning my muscles and I m revving my metabolism by adding lean muscle The soreness will decrease with time Change your thinking change your life KAREN MCCOY is a trainer athlete nutritionist motivational speaker author business owner and mother Karen has sweated it out in gyms for 30 years winning numerous fitness shows Check out her Healthy Living Progam and Best Shape Challenges at www mccoyfitness ca Galen Lathrem Fotolia com Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 15

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Aromatherapy atoss Fotolia com Ginger by Heidi Nielsen A perennial reed like plant Zingiber officinale can grow three to four feet tall Ginger s country of origin is Sri Lanka and it shares its botanical family with turmeric and cardamom It prefers a warm and moist environment and is grown commercially in many tropical climates It is native to India and China Ginger essential oil is steam distilled from the rhizome root of the plant The rhizome is a shoot that grows off the side of the plant and is gathered as the stalk begins to wither The best quality essential oil comes from unpeeled fresh ginger root while other distillations are from dried and ground ginger spice An important factor in higher oil yield and quality distillation lies in the epidermal tissue of the ginger root The skin contains a higher content of volatile active and alive oils which lies just underneath the surface Less peeling of the root will yield a higher content of odiferous fragrant material for distilling Ginger is spicy and warming it stimulates general circulation of the blood and lymph systems while supporting detoxification and increasing perspiration Ginger is helpful in the winter for muscle aches and pains arthritis sprains rheumatism and nervous exhaustion It has been said that ginger has the ability to sharpen the senses increase confidence and to provide warmth and comfort when feeling cold or lethargic Ginger blends well with citrus oils such as pink grapefruit and lemon I just created a new synergy of essential oils using lavender ginger and pink grapefruit This is an invigorating blend to use with Sea Salt or Himalayan Crystal Salts in the bath Bathing with sea salts and crystal salts is very cleansing and detoxifying It is quite important to drink a good deal of water when bathing with salt and even more so when adding essential oils like pink grapefruit and ginger as both of these oils will add to the detoxifying process and will increase circulation and perspiration To make a ginger pink grapefruit and lavender bath salt blend 1 cup of bath salts with 2 drops ginger 7 drops pink grapefruit and 6 drops lavender Mix well in a bowl with a wooden spoon Store in a covered mason jar adding two to four Tbsp per bath Drink plenty of water before and after Ginger has been highly valued since ancient times both as a spice and medicine especially in the East The ancient Egyptians used it in cooking and to keep epidemics at bay Fresh ginger is used in traditional Chinese medicine for cold and moist conditions which cause excess mucus and bronchial congestion Fresh ginger lemon and honey in hot water is an old folk remedy which may help to ease a sore throat aid in the elimination of mucus in the lungs and ease chest congestion Stay warm this winter and keep the circulation moving with ginger HEIDI NIELSEN is a certified aromatherapist with the East West School for Herbal Aromatic Studies and The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy She is a holistic massage practitioner and a mesa carrier in the Andean Shamanism tradition www fromnaturetonurture com Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 17

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Am I Trying Too Hard Five Ways by Karen McGregor W e ve all done it before We get excited about a new project or a relationship and put all of our attention and energy into it We might have the grandest intentions goals and vision but sooner or later there is a subtle slipping of desire a noticeable drop in energy even a hint of apathy We become more and more aware that something is off but we push through We try harder Our brain kicks in to try to solve the hiccup The ego ruminates on the age old belief that there is something inherently wrong with us for this to happen Surely someone or something needs to be fixed This results in overdrive Hard work We demand feel angry begin to have sensations of being out of control This is no fun anymore In my work as a professional intuitive I observe people spending the vast majority of their lives simply trying too hard That is they are trying with their head not their heart their intellect not their intuition They believe that if they could only figure out a way to do more and be more chaos and uncertainty would go away Nothing of course could be further from the truth Here are five ways to replace our well trained tendencies to do too much Use these practices consistently and you ll be lifted by the winds of change and supported to live in greater balance and harmony 1 Review your habits and behaviors connected to trying too hard What exactly is it that you do when you are striving to make things happen Make this list with your logical brain and even your ego so it gets its say before intuition enters the scene Be ruthless and unkind if you must the important thing is to leave no stone unturned in seeing exactly what it is that you do when there are signs of unwelcome change 2 With your list in hand breathe deeply from your heart Imagine that with each item on your list there is a little girl or boy in your heart who is diligently carrying out this list This little girl or boy is you This child has something to say this child needs to speak Envision the child sitting down with you the compassionate adult 18 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 coramax Fotolia com

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to Go From Force to Flow You listen as the child begins to speak Simply listen say nothing When the child is complete ask the question What is it that you need from me Accept the child s response with love and compassion only then can you move forward with greater ease and clarity 3 Ask daily for your intuition to guide you in understanding both your perceptions and your behaviors so that you can make the transition from force to flow from chaos to clarity There is never a time when we are not being guided but there are many times when we are not receptive to being guided Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 How receptive am I to knowing the Truth in this moment Truth not with a small t opinions and assumptions and perceptions but truth with a capital T Divine Truth Universal Truth If you feel peace and joy check in anyway there is equally valuable information to be learned in these states as in states of confusion and challenge The important thing is to remember to ask questions every day of your intuition and to accept the guidance that arrives without expectation or judgment Big tip the more you ask out of a place of fear the faster your intuition will run away and hide Ask from a place of love and in turn the vibration of love that is intuition will be a steady fountain in your life 4 Be receptive to the various ways in which the flow of wisdom comes to you It may come as a voice within or it might be a conversation you overhear in a grocery store lineup The message may come as a distinct or a subtle feeling in your body such as heat generated in your heart or a pain in your knee or a tingling sensation down your spine For some people who tend to be more visual guidance shows up both in images in the inner eye clairvoyance and in dreams Others have the experience of not receiving information through any internal or external senses they don t know how they know they just know This is commonly referred to as claircognizance Awareness of synchronicities as another form of guidance supporting the flow rather than the fight will make your life exciting and joyful as you discover that not only the world within contains wisdom but everything around you is also your potential teacher How much awareness you bring to your world is the extent to which you will receive this form of guidance 5 Finally end your day your week your month or your year with gratitude for not only the Wise One within and around you but also the challenges and chaos that are your teacher and helped you become who you are today Gratitude shows us that life is not meant to be lived in overdrive it s not meant to be hard we are not meant to be overworked and underpaid by the universe When we open to the vast wisdom within and live daily from that place the cycle of frustration fatigue and feeling overwhelmed will end And that will truly be an entry into a new world KAREN MCGREGOR is an international speaker intuition expert and bestselling author of two books She has shared the stage with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra David Wolfe and Adam Dreamhealer Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 19

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Aboriginal Spirit In the Smoke fr by James Henry Spencer I f you enjoy places where magic happens then you will love a beach at low tide It is said to be one of the most abundant places of eco interaction in the world I have spent hours quietly observing this in a tidal pool where bullheads hermit crabs tiny spiny urchins will all vie for a piece of bait dropped into the clear water The larger Dungeness crabs will cover themselves in the soft sand under the eelgrass Cockles will spout when you step close to them clams spout randomly all around the beach Horse clams have a neck a foot long and an inch in diameter which shows at the surface and will give a mighty spout when it withdraws A friend of mine who is a marine biologist Lifestyle Markets True Blue magazine Dec12 Jan13 Ad 1 of 2 skin care vincentlouis Fotolia com

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Aboriginal Spirit om my Fire Low Tide will take a group of pre teens to a beach at low tide and have each one take a square foot of the tidal beach then identify all the living things in that space including the plants worms crabs winkles anemones clams Every beach is unique When gazing quietly into a clear tidal pool after a while the barnacles which seemed dormant will start waving their fronds gathering microscopic particles from the water Each living thing interacting with the others the various sea plants providing oxygen to help sustain life for the other creatures there is a universal life cycle in every tidal pool where an individual can observe if they are quiet and patient for a while The magic of our life cycle will be revealed before our eyes and we will be a lot wiser and a better person for the experience The people indigenous to the coast were prone to say that the table was set when the tide was low and the beaches were exposed Because the majority of their food came from the ocean they evolved many ways to harvest from the sea One ingeniously simple method was to build horseshoe shaped weirs at low tide These were made of stones with the open side facing up the beach They could be sized from a few feet in diameter to several feet across the mouth Slender sticks were placed in the stones and woven into a mesh Fish crabs and other small sea creatures that frequent shallow water to feed and salmon approaching the river to spawn would be caught in the weir by the ebb tide to be held there until someone came to harvest the catch The rivers are the fingers of life that carry the life of the ocean into the forest where fish coming to spawn can be easily harvested The great cycle of life on earth is exposed for us to dwell on in every tidal pool JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe He has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 21

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Creating Plenty by Regina Eustace W e are all working on ourselves We are doing affirmations and expecting the best This is a grand step But sometimes we are looking for the best outside in The cracks in my lens show when my husband has a different opinion about my actions or those around me don t seem to understand my choices When this happens I can feel my cool front my stomach ache and my shame and swallowed anger I expect the best But I am the best And I need to be my best Being aware of my sensitivities helps me look at why I create that place of lack Feeling my emotions from a safe place helps me create a sacred centre In this sacred centre I can adjust my seat get comfy clean the windows put on my favourite music and revive my spirit I can find my esteem Calling on Archangel Michael and all his team eating and drinking healthy foods and going out in nature I am able to stay clear Then I am responsible for what I am attracting into my world A greater challenge is the big picture small picture awareness This universe is on a large scale purge Let s look at our thoughts and emotions and let go of anything that no longer serves us This creates more space And with more space we can take a breath and consciously choose what to allow in Then we are ready to grow Are we going to plant everything in our garden Are we discerning We can create anything we want we are constantly creating but We can create with awareness 22 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 reineg Fotolia com

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We can create with Awareness In Our Hearts In Our Minds and Bodies And In Our Spirit In The Sun In Mother Nature In our roots and in our bodies of water When we master fear and come from presence we are creating plenty My favourite presence author is Thich Nhat Hanh He says breathing in I am here and breathing out I am here When we breathe we breathe in light and love and gratitude We breathe plenty We like breathing fresh air but where are our fresh thoughts leading to fresh actions Can we create esteem for Mother Nature who creates Plenty Can we imagine air that is crisp and warm and that smells of honey Can we also use just one car Can we drink lots of water to detox Can we remove rubbish from the local lake for better flow Can we honour our truth when we feel it The rabbit that crosses my path becomes my friend The random deer I see from the car reminds me to trust The abandoned bed in the rubble at the top of our hill asks me Are You Willing to take Responsibility Can I put that bed in my truck and bring it to somebody who needs it We find esteem in our sacred place then we can look beyond at everything else that is sacred I can create plenty inside and out I can create plenty in my world I am creating plenty in Truth Stand In Your Truth and Help Create Plenty REGINA EUSTACE is an intuitive healer who loves to share her light Her writing is inspired by nature her pets and every day life Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 23

Page 24

On Crop Circles The Real by Patty Greer I t feels like I ve just come out of a long dark tunnel and I m lucky to be alive I was a professional harpist pianist singer songwriter for more than thirty years I loved enchanting people with my magical gold harp and performed professionally from the age of 16 I offered my music for free at Children s Hospital and the Homeless Shelter during the holidays and performed at sacred ceremonies for Spiritual Masters for many years And then it happened In 2004 I was poisoned by a dentist who put mercury fillings silver amalgam in my teeth Although our agreement was very clear he removed my old toxic fillings while I was high as a kite on his free nitrous oxide and replaced them with new toxic fillings silver amalgam 50 mercury I was a strong healthy successful woman until the day that dentist poisoned me In less than a year I lost the use of my hands and everything in my life changed drastically For seven years my doctors gave me the wrong blood test resulting in false negative results and prolonged poisoning I lived in band aids and gloves due to severe open sores all over my hands I became a social recluse and went deep into my soul to look at every karmic possibility Healers and doctors just shook their heads and nobody could find a solution In my desperation to heal I headed to the crop circles in England praying for a miracle cure I had given up on human assistance and would have done anything for relief I didn t actually heal in the circles but my experiences there served as a huge distraction Finally in 2010 I received the correct blood test and was one of the worst cases the lab had ever seen I had the toxic fillings 24 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3

Page 25

Circlemakers removed immediately and then detoxed for two devoted years Today I am completely healed and extremely grateful to be able use my hands again I have to admit that my brain was also severely compromised by the mercury but I am so much better now One door closed and another door opened Fortunately I stepped through it I began visiting the crop circles in 2006 then returned like a magnet in 2007 2008 2010 and 2011 In the summer of 2007 I had a life changing out of body experience in the center of a crop circle It was mid day in June and I was all alone so I nestled into the wheat and fell asleep When I woke up I saw things in the sky that I had never seen before I wasn t alone anymore I began focusing intently on the sky and the energized entities that were moving and darting around There were lots of them and they were everywhere They looked opaque in colour like jellyfish but were clearly definable and visible A parallel universe perhaps I have seen them ever since everywhere I go and have guided other people to see them with great success I had no idea that I d been taken on an Extra Terrestrial journey that day I just knew that my perception of reality was severely altered With no training experience or research whatsoever about UFOs I began making movies and couldn t stop Within the next two years I produced four full feature UFO documentaries seemingly on my own Editing 11 15 hours a day I melded back into the crop circle magic Led completely by intuitive and psychic promptings the movies unfolded like divine perfection I completed a film every six months and they quickly won prestigious awards The circlemakers chose to show themselves to me and I was totally open to the experience For years I was so removed from my physical life Opposite Page East Field Crop Circle 7 7 2007 Above Patty s favourite crop circle center Below Butterfly 2007 Next Page Avebury Manor crop circle which represents the solar system Continued Page 26 Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 25

Page 26

that there was more of my energy available to them My raw footage proved that the crop circles were real and I had visible evidence to back up the claim I spent my summers surrounded by the world s top crop circle investigators and interviewed many of them for the movies I focused on telepathic promptings daily and followed my intuition It was almost too easy making the movies because everything was so exciting I had never seen documentaries about crop circles before other than Signs so the movies reflect total innocence and first hand experience The documentaries expose some of the most urgent sightings of all time in the crop circles of southern England The real circlemakers appear to be big bright balls of light and this is how it happens The balls circle the field communicate the pattern to each other then lay the crop circle down in seconds I was entranced by the sensations inside the crop circles and my body was covered with goose bumps from head to toe The hair stood straight up on my arms and neck and my heartbeat was noticeably quickened I felt chills on the top of my head and had a tingling throughout my body I was intuitively drawn to the center of each 26 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 circle lay down closed my eyes and relaxed There was an elevated electro magnetic field within and around the crop circle perimeters It was not an easy task to locate crop circles in huge flat fields of grain You had to know the secrets of the fields and somehow I always did I have visited more than 100 crop circles personally in County Wiltshire England and a few in Italy too Wiltshire appears to be the center of the worldwide phenomenon probably because the area is steeped in spiritual history

Page 27

and sprinkled with ancient sacred sites including Silbury Hill Avebury Stone Circle and Stonehenge Laced with vast farm fields of colour it s no surprise the circlemakers choose this canvas every year Another important consistency is that most crop circles are located over aquifers underground pools of water One more consistency is that most crop circles are located at the crossing point of two ley lines a direct line between two sacred sites Year after year this area has documented more crop circles than anywhere else on the planet There were 69 new crop circles in England alone in 2012 Another 56 were documented in Mexico Brazil Argentina Italy Czech Republic Iran Slovakia France Netherlands Latvia Poland Macedonia Germany Switzerland Norway Belgium USA Denmark and Australia Most people don t realize that crop circles are still happening around the world but they surely are I flew in small airplanes twice a week leaning out the open door to shoot the crop circles from 2 000 3 000 feet Rain and wind didn t stop us and I recall many nauseating flights Whenever a new crop circle was reported I went to see it without fail Shooting footage from the air offered a great perspective of the sacred geometry The geometry is believed to hold the key to the message of the crop circle We believe the information is being delivered on a sub conscious level at a frequency each person can resonate with Offering keys of wisdom to humanity for hundreds of years they may be hoping we will wake up and decipher their messages Crop circles may be the first physical manifestation of ET communication that humans can physically see If we can wrap our minds around these possibilities and open our hearts the circlemakers might actually be our friends PATTY GREER has produced some of the most advanced documentaries about Crop Circles and the real Circlemakers to date She s won 6 prestigious awards and her movies have been screened around the world www pattygreer com Watch Crop circles Update The Wake Up Call movie trailer https www youtube com watch v Es0VIj_qrN4 Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 27

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Awaiting by Tara Christensen A s winter winds toward the end of its reign gardeners all over Canada wait with bated breath for the first sign of springtime Lady Spring whispers to us while we wait at the edge of our garden beds searching for signs of life and pondering our next move once the ground warms In grocery stores and garden centers forced bulbs of Iris Narcissus and Crocus grace the doorways Small children pick out their favourite blooms and moms thrill at the possibilities of soil and spade for the coming year Catalogues fill our mailboxes and Seedy Saturdays explode with gardeners like race horses from the gate All is busy with the anticipation of new life and new growth But why rush Winter in all its bleak glory has much to offer At first glance one may see only grey or white depending on our locale With a slight shift of perspective we take notice of shape scope and the contrast of shadow and light We begin to see wheat coloured grasses and the bright red and gold canes of Salix and Cronus gracing our ditches and waterways In the forest spiky green leaves of Oregon grape shot through with brilliant red rival the Coral Bark Maple at the edges of our garden borders Oh yes the winter landscape has much to show us literally and symbolically The subtleties of the winter garden can leave us with much inspiration for our ideal design in the spring Stillness becomes our muse With the abundance of flowers and leaves removed the architecture of our garden is laid bare and the bones of the Great Lady are ours to see This skeleton is the foundation upon which the rest of our garden rests From this perspective we can see spots that are bare and some that are cluttered We are able to see what we can add or remove that will enhance our gardens and keep them relevant to our lives We can tuck a stunning Hellebore into an 28 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3

Page 29

Lady Spring obliging corner and await the perfect flowers that will bloom alongside the bright orange red of the Witch Hazel all growing up from a bed of hardy Sedum that carpets the ground with a range of green and red throughout the dormant months The winter is perfect to assess where we may need more structure or less Symbolically we can reflect upon our lives and consider what we may need to bring in or let go Removal of distraction allows us to see more clearly what is possible ahead When the garden lies sleeping we are shown the way of quiet contemplation The winter landscape is optimum for experiencing silence stillness and peace along with the relationship of death and subsequent rebirth It offers us an opportunity to learn to pace ourselves to heal to rest and explore our inner quiet dormant selves the self that awaits a peaceful moment with a pen brush or camera to explore our inner artist writer or simply to have a look at what might be awakened within us when the Daffodil opens at winter s end Spring will be here at any moment She will push through and explode into a cacophony of life colour and stream of steady activity that will keep us hopping until the dog days of August In these last quiet moments let us put bated breath aside and breathe deeply of the silence within while taking in the magic of a winter garden TARA CHRISTENSEN is a lifetime resident of Central Vancouver Island where she lives with her family Together the family works to create a personal landscape and lifestyle of sustenance and beauty for the enrichment and simplification of their lives www thegardenmuse ca Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 29

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Zsolt Bicz Fotolia com

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Happiness A Journey Worth Taking by Peter Jennings A s a writer my imagination is the gateway to grand adventures But two years ago I began a non fiction journey that brought about surprising consciousness It began at a party with friends Julie said Don t bother calling us We forgot to pay the phone bill They ve cut us off She laughed We each thought the other had paid it added Rob chuckling Go figure I was shocked Julie and Rob seemed fully at ease with this no pain no shame just laughing at themselves as victims of their own silliness And the thought occurred these people are genuinely happy But as I considered how I myself might have responded to this calamity full confession I would have done so less merrily I came to realize that perhaps I wasn t happy enough So I decided to do something about it I wrote a book I had little idea what I was getting myself into and quickly learned that the field of positive psychology the study of happiness has become an explosive topic worldwide My research became long days of tracking down data and studies and discovering individuals from around the world who I sensed had truly uncovered the secret to being happy the common theme being that they flourish they re content Along the way I talked with well known people average folks and Ph Ds who are immersed in exploring happiness from a clinical standpoint Frankly I was surprised that most of the people I approached were enthusiastic about discussing happiness with me including some well known personages including John Robbins of the Baskin Robbins family Chuck Leavell keyboardist with the Rolling Stones Joel Stein writer of Time magazine s humour column and others A key piece of my learning was understanding the importance of community in sustaining happiness It s become apparent to me that as we abandon our churches bowling leagues and book clubs because we lack time we also relinquish the fellowship that comes from shared meaningful experiences Social media can link us to literally millions of people one professor told me but it is so anonymous we never really connect to these computer companions and our happiness fades as our isolation grows Another revelation came from a wonderful lady in Australia who encouraged me to accept that we have the power to choose happiness for ourselves If we can keep ourselves fulfilled people around us will be happy too she explained Dr Sue Johnson Professor of Clinical Psychology told me Peter it s clear to me if you want to be happy and healthy the best bet is to have quality intimate relationships it s the key to happiness I hadn t expected that I also learned that you can t simply expect happiness to show up in your life without first coping with stress and being open to new experiences Pursue what brings you joy then share your good fortune with someone who has less of it in order to encourage their happiness one of my interviewees told me And fellow author Leo Bormans in Belgium expressed the advantage of writing down things that contribute to personal happiness Making entries in My Daily Book of Happiness has become a satisfying ritual Perhaps the most surprising realization was that happiness can be assimilated For that I m truly grateful because this experience has helped me learn to be a happier person PETER JENNINGS lives in a sweeping log residence on a pristine lake with his wife Louise His most recent book is The Power of Happiness How to Get Happy in Unhappy Times www thepowerofhappinessbook com Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 31

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WHEEL OF FORTU CYCLES OF CHANGE AND CREATION by Alison Skelton T he Wheel of Fortune represents the universal principle of interrelated chance and change as it applies to everyone and everything under the sun The wheel is a powerful symbol of movement exchange karma and the eternal cycles of birth death and rebirth The three circles in the wheel represent various triads and layers of reality the lower middle and upper worlds of Shamanism the creative formative and material worlds the maiden mother and crone aspects of the sacred feminine the past present and future timeline thesis antithesis and synthesis The spinning motion of the wheel creates a centrifugal force that spins radiant spiritual energy out through the three layers of cosmic consciousness The divine center moves to the outside of the wheel where it manifests as fortune This card speaks of a complex spiritual system of wheels within wheels and all the cycles large and small that turn and align to create change in a seemingly random pattern of ever evolving life and consciousness The eight spokes echo the eight seasonal celebrations corresponding with the solstices equinoxes and the cross quarter celebrations which occur during the fixed signs of the zodiac An angel represents Aquarius the fixed air sign which corresponds with Imbolc or Brigid day time of initiations Air is the element corresponding with the East and Spring equinox A lion represents Leo which is the fixed fire sign corresponding with Lammas or first harvest Fire belongs in the South which is the place of Summer Solstice The eagle is Scorpio fixed water aligned with Samhain or all hallows time of death The water element resides in the West which is the domain of Autumn equinox A bull 32 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 represents Taurus the fixed earth sign that falls at Beltaine the time of planting and fertility Earth belongs in the North place of Winter Solstice The other figures show us the three forms of movement which govern the transformation of phenomena ascent descent and stasis Together they express the perpetual motion of a fluid universe the flux and flow of life The jackal headed Egyptian god Anubis is shown ascending as the wheel rotates bringing subconscious knowledge to the surface He is a psychopomp an underworld guide who conducts souls to the land of the dead The Serpent or Kundalini is descending bringing spiritual knowledge into manifestation We must descend into the personal underworld in order to explore the shadow realms of the psyche Their vibrational energies moving up and down turn the wheel just as our own ups and downs create movement and help to keep our wheels of life turning Each of our energy centers or chakras is a wheel which needs to spin freely or we will suffer At the top of the wheel the Sphinx an image of female divinity is in a moment of stillness She holds the sword of discrimination and mental acuity As the wheel turns there are choices to be made and her wisdom is required if we are to experience equilibrium and stability within the disruption of movement We are carried up and down with our destinies We cannot stop the wheel of life from turning but we can become the turning and thus create our own fortune We are never at the mercy of chance alone yet it appears that if the wheel turns for all equally some are more equal than others The wheel does not spin with a consistent speed or direction It slows in order to prepare

Page 33

NE for change providing us an opportunity to cooperate with fortune and create our own luck Timing is everything Luck is neither good nor bad but is the incalculable factor the element of chance Grasp your chance and you may turn the wheel to your good fortune ALISON SKELTON has been reading Tarot for 30 years She teaches classes in Creative Consciousness and psychic self development She is a Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor She may be reached at transform alisonskelton com

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Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer with Joshua Shapiro Part 3 Theories about the Origin o I by Joshua Shapiro n our discussion of Crystal Skulls there are four possibilities of where quartz crystal skulls may have come from There is no way to prove if any of these ideas or theories are true We have to let our readers decide for themselves 1 Other Dimensions or from Extraterrestrial Civilizations the reason for discussing the possibility that crystal skulls could originate either from off planet or from other universes is related to a Some of the crystal skulls are fashioned or formed with a superior design which means a highly evolved intelligence was needed to manufacture these skulls b In the holographic images that seemingly appear within the crystal skulls people have observed scenes showing ETs And sometimes these extraterrestrials appear to be near their space craft c People who claim they are having a telepathic communication with their personal crystal skulls either newly carved or much older say the intelligence that is speaking to them claims to be from a galactic or a dimensional source d Within the various indigenous cultures in the world are various legends which explain the origins of the crystal skulls especially in the Mesoamerican culture In some of these legends it is stated that the crystal skulls are gifts from the Gods e The idea of there being other dimensions involved comes from two possibilities first that there exists a spiritual council in another dimension which is overseeing the crystal skulls on the earth and possibly communicating through the skulls to people who have contact or second that there are non corporeal beings energy or light beings who choose to extend a portion of their energy and to crystallize as a skull in our world 2 Advanced Civilizations from the Earth s Past such as Atlantis or Lemuria were responsible for creating the crystal skulls This theory is mostly derived from the past life memories people have had of these ancient cultures where they see themselves witnessing and experiencing 34 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 Left the MitchellHedges Crystal Skull of Love was discovered in Belize in 1924 by Anna Mitchell Hedges inside a pyramid at the ancient Mayan site of Lubaantum This is considered one of the most powerful crystal skulls in the world Joshua Shapiro with Permission from Bill Homann the guardian these crystal skulls in those times Additionally we have received similar information being given by mediums or sensitives who are in the presence of a crystal skull And finally it may come from contact with various elders or shamans linked to indigenous cultures like the Mayans who believe in the existence of Atlantis and that the areas in which they currently reside were once colonies of Atlantis 3 The legend of the Thirteen Clan Mothers this information comes from a book written by Jamie Sams In this legend during the time of the existence of Turtle Island many thousands of years ago there were spiritual beings who took on the form of a woman that visited the people living on this huge continent Turtle Island existed within the Atlantic Ocean It eventually broke into pieces that became four of the continents that we know today The Clan Mothers when they returned to their dimension of origin left their own crystalline heads to help and benefit people and have survived into our present time 4 Hollow Earth we have personally spoken to two sources who claim to have had direct contact with the people who live on the Inner Surface of the Earth meaning our world is hollow and gravity would hold a person the same to the inner surface of our planet just as we are held to the

Page 35

f the Crystal Skulls outer surface The Inner Earth people claim that they originally came from various Galactic races who brought a crystal skull and a crystal body with them that contained the history and the genetic coding of their race It seems likely if any of the four proposed theories of the skulls origins could be correct it would logically make sense that when Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed according to legend some of these people who had the inner awareness of the end coming scattered throughout the world and took with them their sacred objects including crystal skulls which eventually landed in the areas we are now finding the skulls such as Mexico Central America and South America which were colonies of these great civilizations As to some ideas of how crystal skulls were used and programmed by the ancient people here is our understanding a They were the ancient computers which have stored incredible knowledge and information that perhaps one day in our future we will figure out how to retrieve The ability to read these computers may come through the development of some new technologies or maybe even an ancient technology that we might re discover linked to a very old civilization that has hidden this technology or placed it within a time capsule b They were used to record vibrational frequencies and energy that were near the skulls presences Such energies could offer help to heal individuals of any illness or physical challenges to enhance one s spiritual gifts or break through physical emotional or mental blocks that prevent a person from knowing and remembering that they are immortal souls having a physical experience on Earth c The crystal skulls could be utilized as a powerful tool to enhance one s physical environment such as weather control to bring a pleasant day or to act as a vortex offering an inter dimensional door to allow us to have contact with other beings on other levels or even Spirit So we could say these crystalline skulls have the capability to function as a kind of communication device d Many people are finding that working through their crystal skull is a living consciousness who offers a name that is descriptive of the essence working through the crystal skull and how this skull can offer a benefit to the people it has contact with The living consciousness which is operating through the skulls is allowing humanity to have contact with higher intelligence to inspire us to live in more peace and harmony and to bring out our spiritual being and inner wisdom Almost every person we have contact with via the internet or people we meet in person who is a crystal skull guardian will tell you how crystal skulls have changed their lives and they wouldn t trade such life experiences for anything in the world JOSHUA SHAPIRO and KATRINA HEAD the crystal skull explorers live near Renton Washington Joshua is the co author of Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed with Bowen and Nocerino author of Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers and with Katrina the co author of the Travel Log series of ebooks Joshua and Katrina travel the world sharing information about crystal skulls as well as engage in paranormal research with the skulls when opportunity presents itself They can be contacted by email at crystalskullexplorers gmail com or visit their websites at www crystalskullexplorers com www whatarecrystalskulls com www crystalskullconferences com Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 35

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Experience Your Intuition Clearly 24 7 with International Speaker Professional Intuitive Karen McGregor Intuition Intensive Certification IIC March 8 10 Vancouver BC Life Purpose Intensive LPI March 22 24 Squamish BC Professional Intuitive Program PIP May 24 26 Vancouver BC KarenMcGregor ca 10 Week Best Shape of YOUR Life Challenge Get fit lean and shapely I feel amazing I ve lost 12lbs and gained habits that I will have forever Thank you Karen Kurstie Somner www mccoyfitness ca Building great bodies one rep at a time

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The Medicine Wheel petrsalinger Fotolia com Rosehips by Cara McKenna C anadians mainly know wild roses as Alberta s floral symbol but these amazing and vitamin packed plants had a history of healing long before it was dubbed a provincial emblem The sweet fragranced wild rose flower blooms in the spring and summer months while the fruit of the plant rosehips grow in the fall and winter In the past the wild rose plant has served as food and medicine for Aboriginal people in Canada as it is a very rich source of vitamins minerals and antioxidants Wild rose plants continue to grow in massive quantities on the prairies and rosehips are a very rich source of vitamin C in fact they contain even more of the vitamin than any citrus fruit The petals of the flower are also rich in vitamins Both the rosehips and petals are considered edible First nations however typically used only the rind of the rosehip and not the unpleasant prickly seeds inside A popular way of consum ing rosehips and wild rose petals was to dry them scraping away the inside of rosehips first and then brew them into a tea This can be done with one tablespoon of rosehip powder to one cup of water or half a cup of rose petals per one cup of water In the winter months wild rose is also a popular food among wildlife such as grouse rabbits coyotes birds and skunks Other functional uses for the wild rose plant included the Ojibwa using green unripe rosehips to make toys and jewelry It is believed that the wood of the plant was used to make arrows the inner bark of the stems as a tobacco and parts of the roots serve as an eye ointment Rosehip seeds have also become a popular skin treatment for rosacea wrinkles acne and skin damage although there are few if any companies that use extracts from the Canadian plant CARA MCKENNA was born and raised in Edmonton is of Cree heritage and is currently studying journalism at Langara College scis65 Fotolia com Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 37

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Animal Whispers About Jos by Stephanie McColl H ello Stephanie www serenitygiftstore com Jewelry Essential Oils Feng Shui Gemstones Candles Home Decor Yoga Meditation Tools and much more My name is Mary and I was wondering if you could help me with my Shih Tzu Josh All in all he is a well behaved loveable sweet dog He is so good on his leash and was so easy to train no accidents in the house he is not destructive he doesn t beg at the table when we eat There is just this little bit about him being a bit aggressive when people come over he goes crazy when they knock on the door once they come in he is fine but he just had eye surgery he was 80 blind with bilateral cataracts and he is only four We had his eyes fixed and now he thinks he can go after everything all the cats birds etc But the worst part is when he gets upset he howls and it is not a beagle howl it is who is killing that poor dog howl You can hear him across the street with our windows shut I have tried everything and it is so upsetting when he does it and you never know when he is going to do it We spend a lot of time with him and take him almost everywhere with us as we don t believe in getting a dog to just leave it alone in the house all the time I have tried some of your suggestions and mentally send him love and comfort and I am a Reiki master and have even done healings with him and this little eleven pound dog can blow the roof off I don t know what to do Can you please help us to find out why he does this and what we can do to help him to stop and feel better Thank you so much for your time Mary Bezaire Hi Mary Josh communicated to me that he is in a sense making up for lost time When he couldn t see well he indicated to me that he was often afraid and now that his sight is mostly restored he feels the need to express his pent up fear by howling whenever he feels upset about something He also let me know that when he wasn t able to see properly he got more one on one

Page 39

Animal Whispers h attention and now he is seeking this attention by acting out when people come to the door or again when he feels triggered by something emotionally Although he gets lots of attention he misses the more intimate attention he was getting then He is also trying to protect what he thinks is his for instance the house you and your family the property and so on He feels as if he wasn t able to do this before and now he is It is important to not over react when he howls or makes a fuss when people come to the house I would suggest trying a technique in which you go outside and then knock on the door Another family member would be inside with him When the door is opened turn your back to him and ignore him Do not waver in this by turning around or saying something Dogs hate to be ignored and they don t like not being able to see your face The other family member will also need to be quiet except to tell him to sit if he misbehaves To teach a dog how to behave properly one must always go back to basics and catch the misbehaviour as soon as it happens It does no good to try and fix something in mid stream this only confuses the animal even more If he starts to make a fuss before you have even knocked this is the time to catch him and shift his behaviour by distracting him with his favourite toy or having him obey a simple command You may need to practice several times with him and reward him when he gets it right The same goes for his howling ignoring him is best while reprimanding him will only escalate his behaviour As you say he is a loveable and sweet little guy He is so excited at being able to see properly and is trying to assert himself all over the place I would suggest giving him some Chicory remedy and Heather these would help with his need for atten tion as well as his need for protecting what is his You can also ask him to communicate his feelings in a more quiet voice and in a relaxed manner He is a clever little guy and I know he is willing to learn a few new behaviours Make it like a game and fun for him and Josh will be happy to please you Blessings to you both Stephanie Dear Readers Many of you may have been wondering how a reading with an animal communicator can assist you and your pet I am asking you our readers to send me a photo of your pet along with a specific issue or concern that needs to be addressed I will then talk with your pet by connecting with them through a heart to heart connection or from one spirit to another and together we will discover the underlying causes of their issue It is helpful to me that as much information as possible be given regarding the matter For example the age breed sex and specific markings of the animal Ask a precise question and let me know how long the issue has been going on or when it first started One case will be chosen to appear in each of the upcoming issues of True Blue Spirit I look forward to assisting you and your pets to live a happier healthier life together To submit your pet for a reading send your pet details as noted above your question and a photo By mail Attention Stephanie True Blue Spirit PO Box 17 Gabriola Island BC V0R 1X0 By email Publisher truebluespirit com Attention Stephanie in subject line STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master who has been working with animals since an early age When she isn t working her magic on animals she focuses her energies towards helping people live natural and healthy lives You ll find her managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney B C Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 39

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Nature s Essence What Makes My He by Sabina Pettitt I want to share with you the impact of nature s essences and the healing that can happen from using them as told in an email I received this week from a student and friend of mine The email is self explanatory but what you don t know is how this kind of feedback affects me Literally it makes my heart sing and confirms for me the rightness of this curious path that my life has taken With much gratitude to CH the person who shared it and all the Nature Spirits who are so willing to engage with us if we choose to ask them I offer you this story Dear Sabina I want to thank you for your amazing Essences You are a blessing to the world I don t have the proper expressions because English is not my first language but I am so grateful that I found you that I am able to help people with small or bigger imbalances To make people happier raise awareness and I am sure I saved my dad s life eelnosiva Fotolia com I just came home last Friday from Germany Yes I was home again while I was already there in September My dad had a stroke two days before I arrived in September in Germany Things went awesome for him while the doctor said it is a miracle that he survived This massive stroke affected three parts of his brain With total paralyzing of all limbs all muscles and no response of the nerves As soon he came out of coma I gave him secretly essences for him on his scalp because of the alcohol and I sneaked it in the water they feed him with the feeding tube Crazy if anyone would have caught me doing that I would have get in bad trouble He can only blink with his eyes to agree me giving him the essences I massage the Balancer Essence on his feet and hands with a body lotion No movement just his eyes to communicate Day 3 some feeling is coming back on his right foot Day 4 he try to move his left arm right arm is not moving at all Day 5 he try to talk but I can t understand a word Dad I say you rest don t talk we are talking on Saturday okay He blinks I am with him every day for two hours sitting holding hand and telling him about Canada the weather and how great he is doing Day 6 I am saying Bye Dad see you tomorrow kiss him on his forehead and telling him that I love him I love you too he said and waves good bye with a very shaky hand He is talking the speech came back the paralyzing goes away every day I seen a change and he started talking clear by day 7 so that we were able to

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Nature s Essence art Sing communicate After ten days he came into rehab and two weeks later I had to leave to go back to Canada He was okay only thing still not working proper was the flap to the airway so he got mucus or fluid from his mouth into his lungs causing a lung infection so they decided to put temporary a feeding tube in his stomach and a tracheal cannula so they could start train him to swallow He fell into a horrible depression asking my mom to unplug him from all the wires he was connected to Which were only there to monitor his oxygen heart rate and blood pressure no life support While I was in Canada his feeding tube came loose and out of his stomach where he had to get a big surgery cutting open his belly to wash out and disinfect his belly because the astronaut food ran into everywhere between his organs Lots of antibiotics no nourishing besides the intravenous Ten days intensive care I was in Canada and checked on essences for him and all emotional imbalances came up for him besides the one for a stroke Until I got the essence there the feeding tube is out again we are sure now he did that by himself and he had to go through the same procedure again Ten days in intensive care again with the same surgery By now he doesn t even want to interfere with the family he only stares out of the window or pretends he is sleeping The essence arrives his wife and my mom give him the essence only three times a week they can t do more visits timewise in his mouth and sometimes in his feeding water because he has a room mate and they were afraid that they would get in trouble By then my dad lost 50 pounds I had to go back I know he survived that horrible stroke and came out of it so amazing that I am not just standing by Back in Germany on Dec 15th I visit him every day for three hours He gets his essences in his mouth I mixed them without alcohol and in the water for his feeding tube No I was not scared putting him essences in his feeding water which they injected into his stomach I know that he would get out of this and he trusted me using the essences on him He loves to get visits every day we talk a lot laugh and have fun Every day I gave him a back massage with Balancer oil or on his legs and arms I learned another energy treatment doing clearing work on people to erase old negative thinking and behavior so he got six treatments of that and I made him a new essence Ten days ago he pulled out his tracheal cannula where I said he just got a feel for it that he doesn t need it no more He is able to eat mushy food and is allowed to drink by himself I am so in peace now he just need to gain some strength and he will be able to go back to his life with his animals soon Yes that was a stressful year but I hope my dad and all around him learned something from it there was a reason for that This was a wink with a fence post wake up call everyone got away with a big scare and hopefully a lesson to learn how life is so precious and don t waste it with fight and nonsense I just know that I have to start looking better after myself get some fun into my life and count every little thing as well Thanks for your wonderful work Sabina lots of love and big hugs your way with ease and joy C H SABINA PETTITT M Ed Dr TCM is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine an author and the cocreator of Pacific Essences Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 41

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WildArc by Maryanne Campeau I The Artist and the Alien by Dena Blatt A contemporary source of wisdom and spiritual insight The only way we can helpmankind is through truth and the truth is that lifeis about love God is love Frank The true story of Shirle KleinCarsh befriended by Frank a remarkable teacher from the planet Sirius To order a copy visit her website www denawrites com or e mail denawrites comcast net ve long been interested in environmental issues I know about climate change Even so It wasn t until a particular raccoon release last fall that I felt the implications of change relative to wildlife I knew When offered the opportunity to accompany four raccoon filled kennels back to their Gulf Island beginnings I jumped at the chance Many started their stay at WildArc in the incubator small and fragile Specialized care is needed to bring wild babies to a releasable age healthy and capable We used essences in their formula Barnacle Windflower and Starfish helped them stabilize emotionally and physically There are techniques in wildlife rehab to help instill basic skills needed for those growing up in captivity Surviving the wild is a harsh occupation The raccoons graduate to large outdoor enclosures with plenty of climbing and foraging opportunities Natural foliage and water access simulate their native habitat Human parents understand the hopeful

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Raccoons ness and pride of watching grown children step solidly into independence Many will recognize the soft twinge of anxiety as offspring leave protective arms Will they manage to circumvent the obstacles of life Will they thrive It s much the same with an orphan release There s the excitement Also the niggling are they ready For these juvenile raccoons even a rural island release was complicated There s a responsibility to communities and the animals themselves Release spots are chosen with care Roads private property places with people dogs and chickens are to be avoided Predators and territorial limitations are taken into account There must be enough food water shelter Water was the critical piece for this raccoon release Late September the stream beds were parched as desiccated as a bitter pill The locals echoed each other the bone dry conditions had lasted like never before We felt the strain of crossing locations off our suggested suitability list Prolonged confinement in the kennels had made the raccoons noisy restless and hungry The odour in the vehicle was ripe Balancer essence eased the stress Earlier we d given them homeopathic Tabacum and Earth essence to prevent travel sickness We broke into the supplies we d planned to leave as their release dinner One tried to bite me as I pushed food through the bars Then he saw the juice dripping berry relaxed and reached for it Sated bellies inspired a bandit faced siesta An Island woman well versed in the needs of wildlife and local spaces joined our liberation team A heavy kennel carried over rocks and roots was a bust We saw a mink Not fair to release four raccoons on his turf Besides it too was bereft of fresh water Backtracking the kennel swayed from our exhaustion We were running out of time as dusk approached Our last returning ferry was too soon In the end we were satisfied that we had done our best for them Four empty kennels ended our day We rode home on waves of salt water and mothers worry Stay together Find enough to eat Be safe Don t climb too high until you know how to come down May you thrive Rain soon The empty streams eventually filled This spring we welcome new babies Attending to their needs body and mind is what we do Essences will be added to their formula They too will one day leave the surety of care for unfolding self determination I hope there will be enough wild left to sustain them Hope must be the future for all human and otherwise All essences mentioned Pacific Essences MARYANNE CAMPEAU is an essence practitioner and educator She is most inspired by energy based medicine including essences homeopathy EFT reiki She facilitates a complementary care programme for wildlife In the best interest of wildlife do not feed or treat them yourselves Special licensing and training is required to legally contain and treat them The complexity of their needs is beyond the scope of the caring public Call your nearest wildlife centre if you find injured or orphaned animals Support wildlife rehabilitation through centres like WildArc Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 43

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Dear Dena by Dena Blatt D Handwriting Analysis ear Dena I am a natural printer Handwriting has never been a natural thought for me I am on a path to me I only started about 1 years ago I feel I ve been on auto pilot and directed by others for a long time I am so glad a friend told me to open my eyes and see who I really am In such a short time I have come such a long way I love who I really am What you see in my writing will be another amazing avenue on my path of me Thank you Lona 40 Female I want to point out that it could take a few years after one has changed for the handwriting to show those changes because at first it s only intellectual Only when the change is at gut level and automatic does the handwriting show it So don t be discouraged watch the negative Dear Lona female 40 The first thing I see in your handwriting printing is your kindness and warmth rounded m and n your openness and honesty all a and o clear with no loops hooks or retracing and your open mindedness all e s are wide Next I notice the aesthetic placing on the page as though it were a poem with the printed capitals especially the stick like capital I indicating artistic talent The rhythm spacing between lines letters and words together with the perfectly dotted i reveal a person who is patient and works carefully You would be very good in art photography writing especially poetry and working with children I admire your courage to search for a better you but you already are the better you your higher self who knows what s best for you and loves you You now know and realize your power you show self reliance Lona underlined with exclamation point and defiance large k in thank 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3 thoughts that may still intrude as well as backslidings in the process of becoming and be kind to yourself It can be difficult a good therapist might be a good idea for helping it along Back to your handwriting You are coping well with some moodiness pessimism The

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Write Dear Dena in script on unlined paper using your usual pen black ink only If you naturally print send both printed and script Your letter can be about anything as long as it s about your issues or your relationship to somebody or something You must ask a specific and sincere question which requires more than a yes or no answer Keep it short and to the point Dena will answer in light of what she sees in your handwriting Please no fortune telling requests she cannot foretell the future Include your age and sex on the paper because neither are discernable from handwriting On the other side of the letter put your e mail address in case Dena needs another sample or has to contact you When submitting a letter to Dear Dena mail your letter to True Blue Spirit Magazine PO Box 17 Gabriola Island BC V0R 1X0 Attention of Dena Blatt sentence I am on a path to me and words thought and really suddenly slant down but the next word picks up again And most lines slant up optimism There is fear of getting hurt emotionally mostly left slant and to protect yourself you ve blocked off of some feelings retraced m Also the gradually increasing left margin wanting to be away from the past together with the leftward endings on g tell me the past is still affecting your life But now that you have a better understanding of things you will wonder why you have also felt so little confidence so little self esteem t bars lower than middle zone letters You see differently now and the love of self and self respect you now feel can be extended to others by writing with a right slant narrower right border and with t bars high and strong on the stem No one needs to tell you you already know you can do and be anything you want You have the power the choice Yes you ve come a long way DENA BLATT an International Graphoanalysis Society certified graphoanalyst since 1974 lectures and teaches graphoanalysis An accomplished businesswoman author and grandmother of four Dena is also a consultant for personality assessment couple compatibility career guidance personnel selection and forgery determination www denawrites com otolia com bouquiniste F Worthwhile Reading becoming Teachable By Gagan Grewal Gagan Grewal inspired by a true story brings us the inspiring story of a young man named Aakash whose life was a disaster Thinking himself a complete failure broke with only his bottle and brown paper bag to take him to the next day he secretly hoped that day would never come His life was in ruin since childhood One day feeling desolate damned and deserted while sitting on a park bench a stranger seemed to appear out of nowhere and sat down The stranger an elderly man listened to the young man tell of his life s grief then gently said You were born perfect Aakash found such comfort and peace being able to talk with this kind man that he accepted the invitation to go to his home the next day to talk more These visits became a daily ritual and like a gentle breeze this young man slowly made his way to complete recovery Aakash without knowing had discovered the true meaning of becoming teachable While reading this book you will wonder if Aakash is actually the author Perhaps the secret is in the book This book reached into my soul with such warmth that I too have felt change in my own life www gagangrewal com Be sure to check out other great books at www truebluespirit com Books reviewed by Allen Engst Health and Vitality 105 19610 64th Avenue Langley BC Community oriented Healing Centre featuring a team of highly qualified practitioners Services include Ear Acupuncture Art Therapy Channelled Healing and much more 604 530 8840

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Chinese Lunar Astrology Chinese Lunar Astrology Year of the Snake February 10 2013 to January 30 2014 Welcome to Black Water Snake by Debbi Coleen nickimpression Fotolia com Rat 1912 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 Love will be a powerful teacher for Rat this year Dynamic change is in store especially on the inner planes and Rat s inner landscape will be altered in many ways The best advice is to keep moving in positive ways especially in service to others Ox 1913 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009 Ah at last Peace calm time to chew the cud Ox has not had such a mellow year in a long time Abundance is at hand not in excess mind you but at least enough Ox will be able to make more sense of the many changes in recent years and make peace with them Tiger 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 This may be a boring year for intense Tiger All this navel gazing doesn t offer much distraction but why not make the best of it and check for lint lol Tiger loves a good mystery too so exploring the intriguing inner self could even prove entertaining and productive Rabbit 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 This Snake year could be highly lucrative for lucky Rabbit Also very sensuous as Snake sharpens all of our senses and engenders some pretty steamy responses in unexpected situations Woo hoo Keep a sharp lookout for all kinds of unusual opportunities Rabbit has FOUR lucky feet this year and all stay attached 46 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 3

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Chinese Lunar Astrology Dragon 1916 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 Well Dragon haven t you been longing for some time off There s likely some coming this year You can make good use of it pondering the exciting events and experiences of last year which brought many changes in interest and closure to various aspects of Dragon s life Snake 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013 Keep your eyes open Snake This is your year and the heat is on to explore any hidden aspects of your personality expose them to the light and let discoveries blossom Which could be rather unnerving even for wise and fearless Snake Other secrets also come to light this year bringing unexpected opportunities for healing Horse 1918 1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 On the whole this is a good year for Horse with opportunities to develop healthier habits and deeper perceptions which for Horse means calming their nervous energy and paying close attention to whatever triggers anxiety in order to master fear and create a peaceful life Sheep 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 Well this year is not likely to be smooth and easy for Sheep Things may be too unsettled even tumultuous for peaceful Sheep s liking Business and career issues are highlighted leaving little energy for relationship development Looks like this year will be much work and little play Monkey 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 Lots of unexpected experiences for Monkey this year with passions running high Awareness and forbearance are advised with all this powerful emotion on the loose misperceptions and mishaps may easily occur This is a good year to learn the difference between spontaneity and impulsiveness Rooster 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 Snake year brings continued good fortune for confident Roosters leading to the development of new skills as well as healthy boundaries Wise Roosters use this momentum to move out of previous routines and to expand beyond old limitations Andrey Zyk Fotolia com Dog 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 Fortune shines intensely on Dog this year This is the time to come out of the shadows and be seen in prime show dog fitness and finery Unlimited good is available but can Dog accept it all It s time to say YES to the biscuits and steaks with gratitude Pig 1923 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 Lucky for Pig to have so much natural good fortune Snake year may test that luck so Pig gets to practice awareness positive thinking and proactive behaviors That means Pig will experience the limits of luck and learn some new life skills in response to Snake s powerful challenges DEBBI COLEEN has been reading with Tarot Cards Astrology Charts Numerology Grids and other methods for over 20 years She is available to help seekers clarify emotional and spiritual issues as they discover their healing gifts and Life Purpose She manages a Wellness Centre in Langley BC with her husband an Acupuncturist askdebbicoleen shaw ca Volume 5 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit 47

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