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Spring 2023 Wellness Guide

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TA KI N G C A R E O F YOU THIS SPRING To support you in achieving your best health this spring Health First has developed a new Spring Wellness Guide in partnership with some of our favourite brands Focused on your personal health journey it includes supplement strategies recipes and easy swaps to achieve the best health for you your family and your home CONTENTS KEY SUPPLEMENTS FOUNDATIONAL HEALTH 5 SLEEP AND STRESS 7 GUT HEALTH AND DIGESTION 9 MINDFUL FOOD AND DRINK FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGES 13 HOLISTIC MOCKTAILS 15 FEEL GOOD FOOD 21 SIMPLE AND S U S TA I N A B L E H O M E LAUNDRY AND CLEANING 35 NATURAL APOTHECARY CABINET 37 FA M I LY W E L L N E S S KEY SUPPLEMENTS 43 FAMILY FOODS 47 MEAL PREPPING AND STORAGE 49 2

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KEY SUPPLEMENTS F O U N DAT I O N A L H E A LT H With all the information and options out there choosing the right supplements can be daunting This area is not a one size fits all While supplements alone won t achieve your health goals together with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits like quality sleep and daily body movement there are key supplements that can help provide a solid foundation for optimal health 5

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KEY SUPPLEMENTS MAGNESIUM We have placed magnesium in several places throughout this guide and for good reason It is used in more than 300 processes in the body and unfortunately the foods we eat often do not provide enough For optimal absorption in our intestines try New Roots Herbal Magnesium Bisglycinate as it is gentle on the stomach and gets where it is needed Adequate magnesium intake may improve a wide range of health concerns from musculoskeletal concerns to stress management MULTIVITAMIN Tired of feeling guilty for not getting 10 cups of fruits and vegetables 5 portions of protein and 25 grams of fibre each day We get it Achieving a balanced diet daily can be difficult even at the best times Instead of beating yourself up for a lack of this or that consider adding a high quality multivitamin as a part of your health insurance policy Platinum Naturals Easymulti combines essential vitamins and minerals key phytonutrients with omega 3 and 6 Their Omega Absorb delivery system ensures your body absorbs key ingredients in the formula OMEGA 3 Omega 3 fatty acids are part of the good fat group and benefit your cardiovascular brain cognitive eye and visual health Our body cannot produce omega 3 s on its own so we must consume them typically through supplementation as our diets are often insufficient Nature s Way NutraVege is a pure and effective plant based omega 3 with 500 mg of EPA and DHA per softgel Sourced from algal oil it is vegan friendly and with a natural mint flavour it has no fishy burp back The algae used in NutraVege is grown in a closed controlled environment which means it is not competing with the aquatic food chain cycle VITAMIN D3 Warmer temperatures increasing daylight hours and budding plants typically add a much needed pep to our step after a long dark cold winter It is estimated that over 73 of Canadians are deficient in vitamin D mostly caused by our lack of sun exposure in the north combined with too much time indoors Ongoing studies of this powerful fat soluble vitamin show more and more how important it is for bone immune and hormone health Health First Vitamin D3 offers several different formats to ensure each family member can get their recommended amount 6

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KEY SUPPLEMENTS SLEEP AND STRESS We often talk about stress and sleep separately but to have a healthy stress response we need quality sleep and vice versa The sleep hormone melatonin is released in response to darkness and opposite to that cortisol our stress hormone promotes wakefulness When we don t sleep cortisol increases and we don t think clearly which causes more anxiety stress and irritability and the cycle continues The following key minerals and supplements can help you achieve balance in both areas 7

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KEY SUPPLEMENTS CALMING HERBS AND ADAPTOGENS Stress comes at us at all times of the day If you re feeling overwhelmed making time to pause breathe and reset the mind may help Go for a walk expose yourself to nature or create space to meditate Another trick to help reset is A Vogel Relax Spray The blend of passionflower lemon balm and zinc help to relieve restlessness and nervousness and may help support sleep later in the day Most family members can enjoy its benefits as it is appropriate for ages 13 and older L THEANINE Our body perceives stress the same way whether we are running from a tiger or an unattainable work deadline Being in this sympathetic state for a long period of time may lead to increased inflammation tissue damage and reduced immunity The parasympathetic state is much better for our health and longevity and getting there can be achieved through yoga meditation or taking certain supplements Health First L Theanine Supreme contains Suntheanine L theanine which has been clinically studied to help promote relaxation while improving focus concentration and even sleep The delicious natural chocolate tablets can be chewed throughout the day to help maintain a relaxed yet alert state MAGNESIUM FOR RELAXATION While exercise proper nutrition and meditation can help minimize stress levels key supplements like magnesium should not be overlooked in any self care routine Magnesium is essential in our everyday supplement regime and should be the first thing to try if you re looking to improve your sleep and support a healthy stress response Sisu Magnesium 250 mg Relaxation Blend combines magnesium with GABA and L theanine to help ease the negative effects of stress while improving sleep quality MELATONIN AND MORE Many of us have tried melatonin to help us fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer but getting the right amount at the right time can be tricky Natural Factors regenerLife Sleep Better features 10 mg of melatonin alongside 5 HTP L theanine and a botanical sleep blend The advanced tri layer tablets release 5 mg of melatonin immediately along with other relaxing and sleep supportive ingredients to help you fall asleep faster then a gradual release of 5 mg of melatonin to help you stay asleep longer Try taking one tablet shortly before bedtime to achieve deeper restful sleep 8

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KEY SUPPLEMENTS G U T H E A LT H A N D D I G E S T I O N Our digestive system breaks down and absorbs nutrients and energy from food and eliminates toxins from the body It s also the control centre of our immune system and produces many hormones including serotonin and dopamine which impact mood sleep and the nervous system Prolonged stress processed foods and overuse of some medications can negatively impact our gut flora resulting in digestive tract inflammation The following products can help ensure healthy digestion this spring 9

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KEY SUPPLEMENTS DIGESTIVE BITTERS Did you know bitter tastes naturally get our digestive system primed and ready to work The trouble is that we don t often reach for bitter foods St Francis Herb Farm Canadian Bitters Apple Cider Vinegar not only helps to retrain the body s digestive system but also helps soothe uncomfortable symptoms like gas bloating heartburn and indigestion The unique spectrum of herbs plus apple cider vinegar may also help reduce sugar cravings while improving nutrient absorption To best support digestion take 15 60 minutes before meals with a little water DIGESTIVE ENZYMES Many of us need the help of supplements to get all our key micronutrients because our food doesn t stack up As we age our enzyme production can also slow down and make us much more likely to experience symptoms like heartburn gas bloating and abdominal pain To help support our digestive juices and to get the most out of the foods we eat a digestive enzyme can be helpful Health First Primezyme is a full spectrum digestive enzyme plus betaine hydrochloride to help break down proteins fats carbohydrates and lactose It can reduce digestive discomfort and ensure you re getting the most out of your food GUT HEALTH SUPPORT Think of inflammation in the gut like a sunburn Irritated red possibly peeling If we are experiencing prolonged periods of stress eating processed foods or taking certain medications we may be causing burns to our intestinal lining Healthology GUT FX Formula is like aloe on a sunburn It provides the building blocks your body needs to repair the lining of the intestinal tract It contains herbs to reduce inflammation and soothe digestion and probiotics to support a healthy gut flora which may improve our ability to absorb nutrients eliminate toxins balance the immune system and support neurological hormones PROBIOTICS Our gut is filled with trillions of good and bad bacteria The good bacteria help maintain balance in our intestinal tract remove and support our immune system and digestion Health First ProBio Supreme strains are specifically chosen to work well together and to take residency in the gut ProBio Supreme is gluten free dairy free and soy free The new delayedrelease capsule ensures the formula gets exactly where it needs to be 10

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGES While staying hydrated with water remains essential for good health sometimes you want a bit more support A functional beverage is a drink that provides health benefits beyond nutritional value to help promote well being We are sharing some of our favourites for hydration and overall health 13

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES COLLAGEN Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body but we naturally produce less of it as we age Collagen loss is usually seen in the skin where lines and wrinkles form But underneath it all the loss of collagen also affects the integrity of our bones joints and muscles Garden of Life Grass Fed Collagen Peptides Powder is a simple addition to your daily supplement regime as it is easy to use and absorb Blend into warm or cold beverages for 20 grams of sustainably sourced protein per serving plus probiotics ENERGIZER Looking for a way to give yourself a boost without drinking yet another coffee For something more refreshing try Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer The blend of naturally occurring caffeine from yerba mate and green tea along with electrolytes and American ginseng works great before longer workouts The sustained energy may also be beneficial to get you through a long workday MORNING HYDRATION Do you hydrate properly first thing in the morning and throughout the day Inadequate hydration can lead to mental fog dry skin reduced immunity and decreased energy One simple and cost efficient way to improve your health is to ensure you are well hydrated Challenge yourself to drink half your body weight of water in ounces each day about 8 to 10 cups Consider adding a small amount of Redmond Real Salt to your water It is pure unrefined sea salt filled with naturally occurring trace minerals to support your hydration ACTIVE HYDRATION When you need a little extra hydration to improve physical performance or support your health on hot days or through illness try Genuine Health Enhanced Hydration What makes this different from other electrolyte formulas is the balance of electrolytes plus Melorun an all natural melon juice concentrate rich in superoxidase dismutase SOD SOD is the antioxidant enzyme that lowers oxidative stress and inflammation in the body preventing muscle and joint damage and physical and mental fatigue The delicious raspberry lemonade flavour can be mixed into water or a smoothie before a workout 14

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES H O L I S T I C M O C K TA I L S Many of us got sober curious in recent years adjusting our relationship with alcohol Mocktails are becoming staples on restaurant menus and alcohol free beers and spirits are readily available While reducing or eliminating alcohol is great why not take it one step further and swap that cocktail for a functional mocktail 15 DEEP SEA DARK AND STORMY

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES D EEP S EA DAR K AN D STO R MY WITH AQUA GREENS Spirulina and chlorella are rich in antioxidants chlorophyll carotene protein and essential fat They have a gentle cleansing effect that may reduce inflammation and boost energy when taken daily I NGRE DIE NTS METH OD 4 5 ounces ginger beer 1 ounce fresh lime juice 8 tsp Prairie Naturals Organic Aqua Greens Powder 1 Whisk lime juice with Aqua Greens until dissolved 2 Pour over ice filled glass 3 Add ginger beer and stir 4 Garnish with lime 16

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES SPARKLING GINGER BEET LEMONADE WITH BEET CRYSTALS Beet crystals don t just taste great they help you easily enhance your water while improving your health An added bonus They look beautiful I NGRE DIE NTS METH OD 3 cups sparkling water or club soda 1 cups fresh lemon juice 4 scoops Flora Red Beet Crystals 2 Tbsp maple syrup to taste 2 Tbsp fresh ginger juice 1 Stir sparkling water or club soda lemon juice beet crystals maple syrup and ginger juice in a large pitcher 2 Divide among glasses filled with ice and serve Cheers SERVES 2 17

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES COS M I C CO L ADA WITH LIPOSOMALS Liposomal supplements envelop your active ingredients in a bubble of phospholipids the same stuff our cell walls are made from Because of their unique biological properties they are an exciting new way to administer nutrients Unlike other supplement forms you don t have to worry about how long it takes for your nutrients to be absorbed They are also more stable ensuring they get where they need to go I NGRE DIE NTS METH OD 1 cup canned coconut milk 1 frozen banana 1 cup ice 2 dates pitted cup shredded coconut 2 Tbsp CanPrev Vitamin C 1000 Liposomal 2 scoops of collagen 1 A dd all ingredients to a blender and blend on high until smooth 2 Garnish with pineapple pour into two glasses and enjoy with a friend SERVES 2 Recipe credit Hilary Bajzik 20

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES FEEL GOOD FOOD When we need fast yet balanced nutrition dicing sauteing boiling and mixing can seem overwhelming Thankfully several products on the market can fill you up and nourish you fast The following options need minimal additions for massive impact 21 T R O P I C A L M ATC H A S M O OT H I E

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES T R OPICA L M ATC H A S M O OT H I E WITH H E MP MATC H A Hemp is a powerful superfood Lucky for us it grows easily in Canada and can be added to snacks salads and baked goods Manitoba Harvest Hemp Matcha combines sustainably grown hemp seed protein powder with matcha green tea and beet powder Each scoop provides 6 grams of protein 2 grams of fibre and 56 mg of caffeine per serving I NGRE DIE NTS METH OD 1 cups almond milk 2 handfuls greens spinach kale or mixed greens 3 Tbsp Manitoba Harvest Hemp Matcha ripe avocado cup frozen mango 1 P lace all ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth and creamy Add more liquid if it s too thick SERVES 1 22

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES PL A N T B A S E D C H I C KE N SAL AD WITH YOUNG JACKFRUIT Cha s Organics believes in better business practices that support organic and fair trade principles They focus on providing consumers with nourishing and delicious foods Their Young Jackfruit is an ideal plant based substitute for pork poultry or fish providing a similar texture that can easily be flavoured It is naturally high in fibre and vitamin C and works great in several dishes 23 I NG R EDIE N TS METH OD 1 can Cha s Organics Young Jackfruit drained and rinsed 2 Tbsp vegan mayonnaise tsp salt tsp black peppercorns freshly ground tsp Cha s Organics ground turmeric tsp Cha s Organics ground cumin seed tsp Cha s Organics ground coriander seed 3 cups mixed greens lettuce kale baby spinach etc 1 Tbsp olive oil Juice from lemon 1 green apple sliced cup strawberries sliced cup green grapes sliced cup cherry tomatoes sliced cup olives sliced 1 cucumber peeled into ribbons cup mixed of nuts or seeds pumpkin seeds chia seeds walnuts etc for garnish Microgreens or fresh herbs for garnish 1 In a large saucepan bring water to a boil then add rinsed jackfruit lower heat and simmer 15 minutes 2 Strain jackfruit and slice it into bite size pieces then toss with vegan mayonnaise salt and spices 3 I n a large bowl drizzle olive oil on greens and toss with lemon juice 4 Add the jackfruit and remaining salad ingredients and toss to combine 5 Serve in a large salad bowl garnished with seeds nuts and microgreens or fresh herbs S ERVES 4 6 Recipe credit The Food Snaps

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES ROA S T ED TOM ATO VEG AN P E STO TOAS T WITH SPROUTED WHOLE GRAIN BREAD Food For Life takes the time to sprout the grains in their products This is important as it helps make them easier to digest allowing us to better absorb nutrients and antioxidants All of their products are free from GMOs and are certified organic kosher and vegan They don t use any flours and utilize a slow baking process to preserve the natural benefits of the grains I NG R EDIE NTS METH OD 2 slices of Food for Life Ezekiel 4 9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread 2 pints of rainbow cherry tomatoes 2 cups fresh basil 3 Tbsp walnuts 4 Tbsp nutritional yeast 2 Tbsp lemon juice 3 garlic cloves 4 Tbsp 1 Tbsp olive oil tsp tsp sea salt plus more to finish tsp pepper 1 Start by prepping the pesto Grab a food processor and combine basil walnuts garlic lemon juice nutritional yeast and tsp sea salt until a paste forms 2 Stream in 4 Tbsp of olive oil slowly Once the olive oil has been blended start adding 1 Tbsp of water at a time until the pesto becomes a spreadable consistency Set aside until ready for assembly 3 Preheat your oven to 400 F 4 Add 2 pints of cherry tomatoes on a baking sheet and drizzle over 1 Tbsp of olive oil Sprinkle with tsp salt and tsp pepper 5 Roast tomatoes for 25 30 minutes Set aside 6 Take slices of the sprouted whole grain bread brush with olive oil and toast in a pan until golden on both sides 7 Top with a dollop of vegan pesto spread evenly and scoop the roasted cherry tomatoes on top Finish with sea salt and ribbons of basil SERVES 4 26

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES TUNA CHICKPEA SAL AD WITH WILD AHI YELLOWFIN TUNA Canned fish products have seen a rise in popularity for their ease of use cost effectiveness and time saving capabilities But not all fish are created equal More importantly not all fish are harvested sustainably or tested for purity Safe Catch products are sustainably caught using pole and line They never use netting that can negatively impact the ocean floor and ocean populations Before processing all fish are tested for purity ensuring low mercury levels The only things you will find in their cans are fish and a little bit of salt They never artificially enhance their products with fillers or additives I NG RE DIE N TS METH OD Dressing 2 Tbsp hummus 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 W hisk the dressing ingredients in the bottom of a medium size bowl Tuna Salad 1 can of Safe Catch Wild Ahi Yellowfin Tuna drained cup of cooked chickpeas 1 cup chopped celery 1 cup cherry tomatoes halved cup chopped fresh Italian parsley 27 2 Once combined mix with the tuna then fold in the rest of the ingredients Season with salt and pepper SERVES 1 O ptional Garnish with red or green onion and chopped pistachios

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES PINEAPPLE BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE BOWL WITH OMEGA PLUS D Like vitamins and minerals it can be tricky to get adequate omega 3 fatty acids from diet alone Health First Family First Omega Plus D offers 760 mg EPA and 505mg DHA per teaspoon and is sourced from small non farmed fish species that are sustainably harvested It is certified by IFOSTM to uphold the highest quality safety and purity standards for fish oil in the world It is a quick and delicious addition to any smoothie like the recipe below I NG R EDIE NTS METH OD 1 cup of water or non dairy milk 1 cup of spinach cup of pineapple fresh or frozen cup of blueberries fresh or frozen 1 avocado peeled 1 frozen banana 1 scoop of collagen 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder optional tsp 1 tsp of Health First Family First Omega Plus D fish oil 1 Add all ingredients except collagen protein and fish oil to high powered blender blend until smooth 2 Next add collagen protein optional and fish oil and blend until combined 3 Serve immediately Optional Top with shredded coconut nuts chia seeds granola or fruit of your choice 30

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MINDFUL FOOD BEVERAGES DA R K CH O CO L AT E T R U F F L E S WITH MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS Looking for an alternative to coffee but want to ensure your mind stays sharp without the caffeine We love PURICA Zensations Clear Mind which features 1 600 mg of organic lion s mane mushroom in a delicious chocolate beverage Lion s mane along with cacao can help keep you mentally sharp focused and productive This diverse mushroom cacao mix can be enjoyed as a warm beverage or mixed into smoothies and baked goods like the sweet treat below I NG R EDIE NTS METH OD cup raw cacao powder cup plus 2 Tbsp of maple syrup 2 tsp PURICA Zensations Clear Mind tsp vanilla extract tsp fine sea salt cup melted cacao butter cup melted virgin coconut oil 1 B lend all ingredients except the melted cacao butter and coconut oil in a blender until smooth GARNISH OPTIONS Sifted raw cacao power Very finely shredded coconut Almonds pecans or hazelnuts chopped very fine 2 Slowly add the cacao butter and coconut oil until completely incorporated 3 Pour into a bowl and place in the fridge for about 15 minutes or until the mixture is firm enough to scoop and mold 4 Using a spoon or small ice cream scoop form the mixture into small balls Use clean hands and work quickly 5 Roll each ball in your choice of garnish to coat the truffle and then store in the fridge MAKES 1 DOZEN TRUFFLES 31

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S I M P L E A N D S U S TA I N A B L E H O M E LAUNDRY AND CLEANING Does anyone really love to clean Sure it feels great once we re done but did you know that we could be doing damage in an effort to clean Harsh fragrances phthalates and parabens can negatively impact the air quality in our homes and respiratory systems increasing our allergies and harming our waters The simple swaps below are just as effective as their conventional counterparts without having a negative impact on your health 35

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S I M P L E A N D S U S TA I N A B L E H O M E LAUNDRY DETERGENT STRIPS Tired of big messy jugs of detergent Or trying to figure out how much or little to add to the machine Good Juju Laundry Detergent Strips are formulated with plant enzymes for extra cleaning power Each innovative laundry strip is a super concentrated easy to use way to clean your laundry effectively and sustainably Each 36 strip envelope prevents one 1 litre plastic jug from entering the landfill and results in a 94 reduction in transportrelated greenhouse gas emissions compared to liquid alternatives WOOL DRYER BALLS Want to know the perfect companion to your newfound love for laundry strips Good Juju Wool Dryer Balls maximize drying efficiency reduce drying time and electricity consumption all the while softening your clothes naturally They last for a minimum of 100 loads and when you are no longer using them they can be composted HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS In the past few years household cleaning products have become an extension of personal care Cleaning routines are part of our daily tasks to keep our home environment tidy while ensuring viruses stay away Attitude All Purpose Cleaners and Dish Soaps contain powerful cleansers that are tough on grime but soft on hands They are made in Canada are vegan and cruelty free and come in refillable aluminum bottles that look and work beautifully I NG R ED I ENTS cup pure borax poweder cup pure washing soda 5 10 drops of your favourite NOW Essential Oil TOILET BOWL CLEANER Traditional cleaning products contain many synthetic ingredients fragrances and dyes that can end up in soil waterways and our bodies Toilet bowl cleaners are one of the worst culprits Try this recipe to keep your home and our waters clean ME TH OD 1 Mix above ingredients together 2 Pour into bowl and scrub vigorously with a toilet brush Note To deodorize your toilet pour vinegar leave for a few minutes and flush Another alternative is to drop 1 000 mg of vitamin C in your toilet bowl and leave it to soak overnight The result is a clean and healthy toilet 36

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S I M P L E A N D S U S TA I N A B L E H O M E N AT U R A L A P OT H EC A R Y C A B I N E T In a world full of serums lotions and potions taking care the best care of yourself your family and the planet may feel confusing and complicated But it doesn t have to be We refer to natural health and beauty products as unicorns since they often do double duty to support your skin injuries or illness when they strike Simply swap some of the suggested products as you run out of your conventional version to build a natural apothecary cabinet of your own 37

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S I M P L E A N D S U S TA I N A B L E H O M E AFRICAN BLACK SOAP Made from a century old recipe of handcrafted shea butter and sustainably harvested palm oil Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap is an effective multi use soap The black colour comes from the extensive cooking process turning it into charcoal This allows the soap to cleanse detoxify and purify the skin while still being gentle Because of this it can be used as a face cleanser body wash and even a shaving soap BODY MOISTURIZER Great products don t have to be complicated Giddy Yo Love Butter is no exception Four plant based organic nourishing ingredients are combined to create a multi purpose full body moisturizer Love Butter makes a fantastic massage lotion personal lubricant hair mask makeup remover baby bum cream a very light SPF and sunburn soother It is completely edible so you can even add it to a coffee if you want BENTONITE CLAY Used for centuries to reduce oil production exfoliate soothe and heal Just add water to Redmond Bentonite Clay to create a paste and get ready to glow It is naturally rich in minerals and does not contain any artificial fragrances additives or preservatives NATURAL DEODORANT Many of us have tried to switch to natural deodorants after learning about the harsh chemicals and heavy metals that linger in conventional versions Unfortunately for us and our friends many natural options do not work well We love routine Deodorant Sticks for their clean ingredients incredible scent and 100 post consumer recycled packaging Most importantly they work You will feel confident in your new signature scent NATURAL FEMININE CARE Did you know that feminine care products typically contain wood pulp synthetics chlorine pesticides and polymers to improve absorption These are not the ideal substances you want to have close to your skin We love Natracare personal care products as they don t include chemicals or synthetic ingredients are certified organic and are completely biodegradable 38

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S I M P L E A N D S U S TA I N A B L E H O M E ARNICA When you or your family members experience bumps bruises and muscle or joint pain reach for Boiron Arnicare Gel The gel texture absorbs quickly and is not greasy It contains the homeopathic arnica montana among other ingredients to work as a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory It helps to ease bruises inflammation and edema quickly MAGNESIUM GEL We ve talked about how much we love magnesium in the previous pages Did you know it can be applied topically as well To help relieve pain quiet aching muscles tics and spasms and support a good night s sleep try Bolton s Naturals Magnesium Gel as a part of your evening routine It contains topical magnesium chloride from seawater combined with Amigel a natural gelling and stabilizing agent without the use of petroleum WOUND DRESSING Looking for a multi tasker for cuts lacerations skin irritations and burns Silver Biotics Armor Gel is the natural go to for your first aid kit It is safe for the whole family including pets and helps to cool and soothe without stinging or sticking It is free from alcohol petroleum chlorine and scents It uses a patented silver technology that has been shown to kill organisms while providing a protective layer to the skin M NUKA HONEY Bees make manuka honey from the nectar of the New Zealand m nuka tree It is naturally rich in antioxidants vitamins and trace minerals Its versatility allows it to blur the lines between pantry and medicine cabinet Scientific research shows potential benefits for immune health wound care soothing sore throats oral health and digestive health We love M nuka Health honey for all these reasons Plus it is sustainably sourced non GMO raw and unpasteurized DEFENSE AGAINST COLDS When cold viruses enter your home you want to be sure you have a shield of protection Health First Cold Defense Supreme is a novel cold formula that contains a blend of traditional Chinese herbs and adaptogens for an all in one formula that helps to snuff out your cold fast It s non drowsy too so you can keep moving forward with your day Vegan friendly and safe for family members 12 and older make it a staple in your cabinet year round 39

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S I M P L E A N D S U S TA I N A B L E H O M E 40

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F A M I LY W E L L N E S S 43

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As humans we are social creatures that crave interaction Did you know that our social network can strongly influence the success or failure of our lifestyle changes Including friends family members or your partner in your journey can be a wonderful way to connect and keep each other accountable Furthermore making wellness a priority in your child s life from an early age is key to supporting their health later in life This spring get a buddy or the whole family involved in ensuring you are contributing to each other s wellbeing The strategies below help infuse foundational supplement habits nutrition and whole home and body health 44

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KEY SUPPLEMENTS Unfortunately most diets do not provide all the key macro and micro nutrients that growing bodies need Picky eaters allergies stress active lifestyles and not getting enough fruits and vegetables may leave our family falling short of some key pieces The Health First Family First products taste so good that your family will actually ask to take their vitamins HEALTH FIRST FAMILY FIRST MULTI We believe that every member of the family deserves the best quality multi Family First Multi features highly absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals including active B vitamins buffered vitamin C and plant sourced calcium and magnesium from Aquamin HEALTH FIRST FAMILY FIRST VITAMIN D The sunshine vitamin helps to build strong bones and teeth and support immunity for the whole family It ensures calcium is absorbed where it s needed in the bones Each Family First Vitamin D tablet contains 400 IU of vitamin D3 plus real fruit and vegetable extracts HEALTH FIRST FAMILY FIRST VITAMIN C Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that the body cannot make on its own It plays an important role in immune health collagen production and overall skin health Family First Vitamin C contains 400 mg of vitamin C including 200 mg of sodium ascorbate a buffered form of vitamin C that is gentler on teeth and tummies 45

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F A M I LY W E L L N E S S HEALTH FIRST FAMILY FIRST PROBIO PLUS D There is a growing body of research connecting probiotics with good gut health and good gut health with good immunity Family First ProBio Plus D offers a mix of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains that support the entire intestinal tract They are stable compatible and attach very well in the gut Vitamin D is added as an immune and bone building benefit HEALTH FIRST FAMILY FIRST OMEGA PLUS D Omega 3s are high in EPA eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA docosahexaenoic acid which have been shown to help prevent heart disease reduce high blood triglycerides and blood pressure while improving cognitive health brain function and overall mood Family First Omega Plus D is sourced from small non farmed fish species that are sustainably harvested The added vitamin D helps to keep your family s immune health in tip top shape HEALTH FIRST FAMILY FIRST ZINC PLUS COPPER Zinc supports immunity and helps to support wound healing when our little ones get hurt combat skin conditions through adolescence and beyond and keep hair and nails strong and beautiful Taking zinc without copper may cause a copper deficiency so Family First Zinc Plus Copper is a winning combination because it combines the two It features zinc citrate in a balanced ratio with copper 46

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F A M I LY W E L L N E S S FA M I LY F O O D S Want an easy way to meet the nutritional needs of each family member Enter the blender This sneaky kitchen appliance can blend and hide a plethora of ingredients into a single cup Smoothies can be served cold or they can be sweet or savoury like soup Use these key principles to perfect the perfect blend for your family H47 OW TO MAKE THE PERFECT SMOOTHIE

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F A M I LY W E L L N E S S HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT SMOOTHIE Smoothies or soups are a great way to feed all members of the family quickly and easily There are lots of recipes out there We will let you in on a secret if you master the technique and ratios of liquid fibre fat and protein you can easily make the perfect blend out of everyone s favourite foods Below we have given you the secret sauce for this versatile meal I NG R EDIE NTS METH OD 1 cup of liquid water non dairy milk half juice half water 1 cup of frozen or fresh fruit vegetables berries peaches mango cauliflower zucchini or a blend of many 1 cup of leafy greens spinach romaine kale or a blend 1 3 Tbsp of fat avocado coconut oil MCT powder nut or Sunbutter optional Small handful of ice if you like your smoothie cold optional 1 serving of protein powder plant based whey collagen 1 To a blender add liquid and a serving of fruit and or vegetables and leafy greens fat and blend until combined 2 Next add protein and blend until smooth Optional Add a serving of superfoods like hemp hearts chia seeds or greens powder These can be added at the same time as the protein and blended in or used as a t opper like granola if eating like a smoothie bowl Pro tip Blending in avocado or small piece of frozen banana will prevent your smoothie or soup from separating Have extras Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for a nutrient dense cold treat SERVES 1 CONSCIOUS SNACKING Prana is on a mission the provide your family with all non GMO mostly organic gluten free nutritious snacks They are family owned manufactured in Canada B corp certified and working towards being a zero waste company by the end of 2023 When life gets busy reach for their exotic blends of nuts seeds fruits and chocolate to satisfy all members of the family cravings 48

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F A M I LY W E L L N E S S MEAL PREPPING AND STORAGE Allocate one night a week for planning and prepping your meals and snacks for the week ahead Your future self will thank you You can get all family members involved Start with a template look at flyers for items on sale or peruse cookbooks together for inspiration then build out a menu for the week 49

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F A M I LY W E L L N E S S HELPFUL TIPS TO REDUCE TIME IN THE KITCHEN FOLLOW A FEW KEY STRATEGIES Clean and prep your produce when you bring it home from the store This makes adding to salads stir fries and soups quick and easy Having all family members like kids involved in preparation can encourage them to try new ingredients and be more invested in mealtime Create your favourite restaurant meals at home Give each family member a role at the restaurant Have a team or one individual be the chef and another be the hostess while others are patrons Outfits and accessories can make this fun for the whole family without leaving the house Cook a larger batch of protein all at once and divide for meals and snacks Start a recipe or food swap Make a plan with family members inside or outside your home to cook and share larger batches of food to create variety in your fridge and reduce kitchen time and costs for everyone Cook a batch of grains or complex carbohydrates as an easy base for meals Examples include quinoa rice sweet potatoes and squash Have a favourite dressing recipe Make a large batch weekly to easily dress salads and bowls and consult with family members about their favourites Freshly made protein bites muffins cookies and pancakes can be frozen and quickly reheated if desired for a fast breakfast or snack Storage is key too We love reusable silicone bags Made from reusable materials that won t degrade over time you can use these bags to store freeze and even reheat your favourite foods Food safe and free from BPA BPS lead latex and phthalates you will be proud of your new found meal prep and storage routine 50

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