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2023 Residencies

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Dancer, Choreographer / Architect • Chicago, Detroit • Partner: Théâtre Louis Aragon—How do citizens transform architecture? Hamid Ben Mahi and Christophe Hutin’s film series explore the relationships between cities and the communities working within them from Venice to Hanoi and, soon, Chicago to Detroit.Painter • Chicago • Partners: Beaux-Arts de Paris, Sarr Collection—Sarr Award-laureate Abdelhak Benallou will immerse himself in Chicago, taking photo-graphs of the windy city to inspire a new series of oil paintings about the way humans relate to their surroundings.Visual Artist • New Orleans • Partners: Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Reiers Art Initiatives—In New Orleans, Raphaël Barontini will explore the creativity behind Creole cultures and parades to create a public, collaborative performance that brings together the visual and musical arts.Textile Artist • Boston • Partner: Le Mobilier National—At the MIT Media Lab—the birthplace of the electronic loom—Chloé Bensahel will work on an interactive installation that looks at weaving as a means of storing and sharing data.Ugo ArsacVideographer • New York • Partners : Seconde Nature | ZINC - Chronicles Biennial—In New York, Ugo Arsac will meet the “Mole People” living beneath the city, crafting a documentary and digital art that presents a contemporary take on the pathways hidden under our feet.Hamid Ben Mahi & Christophe Hutin—TPierre-Antoine BadarouxMusician • Chicago, New York, Washington DC • Partners: Institute of Jazz Studies, la vie brève – Théâtre de l’Aquarium, Philharmonie de Parishrough extensive study of manuscripts unearthed from US government archives, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux will explore the artistic, social, cultural, and historical impact of the written word in jazz music.Abdelhak BenallouRaphaël BarontiniChloé Bensahel1Villa Albertine — 2023 ResidenciesAll rights reservedAll rights reservedAll rights reservedAll rights reserved © Felix ColardelleCyrille de la Motte Rouge

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Architect • Portland, Oregon• Partner: ODEYS (sustainable construction and development cluster)—Mathilde Billet will explore sustainable construction practices in Portland, Oregon – a pioneering city in the field. She will research the intersection of construction waste management and architecture and investi-gate how Portland as mastered the art of reusing materials.Visual Artist • Houston, Marfa • Partners: École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, Espace multimédia Gantner—For her next experimental film, “Worlding Marfa,” Diane Cescutti will examine the overlapping relationships between weaving, space engineering, virtual spaces, and the desert.Dancer, Choreographer, Doctor of Dance Anthropology • Atlanta, Chicago, Houston • Partners: Choreographic center James Carlès, Lafabri’k espaces des arts en mouvement, Georgia State University, Rice University—Meeting with choreographers and academics in Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston, Léna Blou will explore the “aesthetics of disordered harmony” by drawing from the concept of bigidi (from the creole bigidi mè pa tonbé —“they who falter but do not fall”).Architects • Chicago • Partner: Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine—In Chicago, Frédéric Chartier and Pascale Dalix will study the archetypal Modern Tower and its distinctively American features, and reflect on the restoration of more communal, simpler, and more socially integrated high-rise districts. Filmmakers • Bakersfield • Partners: Films de Force Majeure, Giansily-Doyle Media Consul-ting LLC—At the Bakersfield juvenile detention facility, located at the desert’s edge in California, the filmmaking duo will develop their new film, about a world that is going up in flames before teenage women’s very eyes.Architect, Graphic Designer, Documentarian • Philadelphia • Partners: Atelier Nationalde Recherche Typographique, Éditions B42—François Chastanet will develop a new docu-mentary on the urban tags of Philadelphia, combining photography, drawing, and typography to showcase a genuine, yet little-known, calligraphic jewel in the history of American graffiti.Mathilde BilletDiane CescuttiLéna BlouFrédéric Chartier & Pascale DalixDiane Sara Bouzgarrou & Thomas JenkoeFrançois Chastanet2Villa Albertine — 2023 Residencies©Dominique DesplanAll rights reservedAll rights reserved© plantation - Ayomide Tejuoso© Gabriel RenaultAll rights reserved

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Graphic Novelist • Yellowstone National Park • Partners: Edition Dargaud, Revue Topo—On the trail of the legendary American black bear, Alice Chemama will meet with the rangers and tourists of Yellowstone National Park, using her own stories and illustrated reports to show how the imaginary can influence our relationship with the natural world.Heritage Curator, Museum Director • Boston, New Orleans • Partner: Château de Chantilly—From the grand mansions of the East Coast to the stately homes of the Gilded Age and the plantations of Louisiana, Mathieu Deldicque will explore ways to make heritage homes relevant to today’s audiences and future generations alike. Choreographer / Videographer • Los Ange-les, San Francisco, New York • Partner: CCN de Caen en Normandie—Ashley Chen and Peter Stevens will travel across American urban and rural landscapes to capture the movements of the workers inhabiting them. Then, from these on-site explorations, they will create a choreographic work of film, OutSide Flow.Writer • Columbus, New York • Partners: Centre for Operational Excellence Ohio State University, Éditions Gallimard —François-Henri Désérable, an accomplished author, will undertake immersive research for his ambitious and sprawling next novel, first by exploring classic American college campus life, then by frequenting the oenophiles of New York City. Concert Violonist, Musicologist, Radio Producer, Author • Boston, New York • Partners: Philharmonie de Paris, SciencesPo—Based on a cross-cultural approach, Marina Chiche will explore gender and diversity in classical music, by interviewing figures from the fields of music and academia.Choreographer • New York • Partner: Maison de la Danse—In New York, Flora Détraz will work on “HURLURA,” a concert performance and film project about the act of screaming, focusing her research on experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas and filmmaker/choreographer Maya Deren.Alice ChemamaMathieu DeldicqueAshley Chen & Peter StevenFrançois-Henri DésérableMarina Chiche Flora Détraz3Villa Albertine — 2023 ResidenciesAll rights reserved© Gregory ChrisAll rights reserved© Tony TrichanhD.R©Pierre Gondard

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Choreographer / Visual Artist • Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles • Partner: Théâtre de la Ville – Paris—By exploring the ballrooms and city streets of Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Amala Dianor and Grégoire Korganow will strive to discover the new forms of urban dance, music, and visual art shaping these under-ground cultures. Designer,Interior Designer, Stage Designer • New York • Partners: Ecole Camondo, WantedDesign—Gala Espel sees objects as points of connection and sharing between individuals. She will meet with craft artists in Brooklyn to design a series of hybrid objects inspired by the neighborhood’s cultural diversity.Filmmaker • New York • Partner: Petit Film—To draw inspiration for her next film, Julia Ducournau will investigate the world of skin surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and meet with tattoo artists from the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo.Journalist / Biologist • Miami • Partner: COAL—Through their exploration of the many gardens of Miami, Charlotte Fauve and Marion Chartier will compile an herbarium of texts and plant specimens to tell the story of a metropolis at the mercy of ever-rising waters. Musician • Atlanta • Partner: Friche la Belle de Mai - L’A.M.I. (Support for Innovative Music)—By getting acquainted with the day-to-day life of local residents, Djellali El Ouzeri will attempt to build a musical bridge between Atlanta and Marseille, based on audio samples of architectural and urban realities.Associate Professor, American and African American Studies • New York • Partner: Centre National de la Danse—In New York, Sarah Fila-Bakabadio will study the history of Dancemobile, a traveling Black dance festival that provided a space for pan-African political performance, basing her research on archival material, as well as interviews with dancers and choreographers. Amala Dianor & Grégoire KorganowGala EspelJulia DucournauCharlotte Fauve & Marion ChartierDjellali ElouzeriSarah Fila-Bakabadio4Villa Albertine — 2023 Residencies© Philippe QuaisseAll rights reservedAll rights reserved© Jérôme Bonnetd© Sarah KoekeAll rights reserved

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Designer, Glassblower • New York • Partner: WantedDesign—In New York, Eve George will develop a collec-tion of blown-glass works inspired by the ocean and its bond with the city.Curator • Houston, Miami, Washington DC • Partner: Centre Pompidou—What will museum tours look like ten years from now? To find out, Anna Hiddleston will focus her research on the way US museums can keep on attracting people of all ages and backgrounds, and imagine the visitor experience of tomorrow.Stage Producer • Chicago, Détroit • Partners: Le Centquatre, La Muse en Circuit, Le Phénix, La Pop—Delving into the electronic scene of two landmark cities, Chicago and Detroit, Halory Goerger will write “Jack”, a musical where artists come together within a derelict club.Podcast creator, Author • Roaming, starting from Zeno Mountain Farm, Lincoln, Vermont • Partners: Unapei, Zeno Mountain Farm—Léa Hirschfeld will debut a new chapter of her podcast, “Décalés”, to discuss the varying North American experiences of disability.Musician • Miami • Partners: École euro-péenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne – Site de Brest, Mairie de Die—In Miami, Aymeric Hainaux will meet with beatboxers to discuss practices and visions of musical performance, and to spark new collaborations, creative sessions, and recording sessions.Archaeologist • Nunalleq (Alaska) • Partners: Aberdeen Univ., Nunalleq Culture and Ar-chaeology Center, Qanirtuuq Inc., Univ. de Franche-Comté—Starting her project at the Nunalleq archaeo-logical site, in southwestern Alaska, Claire Houmard will explore how the Yup’ik people of both past and present have withstood the dangers of climate disruption.Eve GeorgeAnna Hiddleston-GalloniHalory GoergerLéa HirschfeldAymeric HainauxClaire Houmard5Villa Albertine — 2023 ResidenciesAll rights reserved© François GolfierAll rights reserved© Giovanni Cittadini CesiAll rights reservedAll rights reserved

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© Mathieu Waddellm Geneviève DumasVisual Artist • New York • Partners: Bétonsalon, 1014 – space for ideas—In New-York, Euridice Zaituna will focus her research on the historical impact of Interna-tional Style architecture and its lingering influence in our post-slavery, post-industrial, post-colonial, and post-modern world.Choreographer, Graphic Designer, Filmmaker • Miami, New Orleans • Partner: Les AteliersMédicis—In Voodoo philosophy, dance can open agateway between the visible and the invi-sible. Smaïl Kanouté intends to developperformances combining Voodoo dance with other forms of dance as a way to create newthoughtscapes.—Writer • Eugene, Oroville, San Francisco • Partner: Montevideo—To tell the story of Oroville, California, Nina Leger will investigate the city’s layered histories, its role in the California Gold Rush, the extermination of the Yahi people, and the construction of the largest dam in the state.Graphic Novelist / Actor, Writer, Filmmaker • Miami, New Orleans, Washington DC • Partners: Nouvelles Écritures, Saint-Denis Ville au Coeur—Marame and Bamar will spend time among African and Caribbean communities across several US cities, meeting people of African descent to question the notion of assimila-tion, a study that will culminate in a podcast, a docu-report and a graphic novel.Filmmaker • New York, San Francisco • Partner: Barberousse Films—In San Francisco and in New York, Marie Losier will meet with the legendary band The Residents to create a sixteen-millimeter cinematic portrait of masking, identity, and punk spirit.Euridice Zaituna KalaSmaïl KanoutéWanjiru Kamuyu & Dirk KorellChoreographer, Dancer / Dramaturge • Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC • Partners: Espace 1789, L’Onde ThéâtreFueled by rarely heard, unheard, misheard, ignored histories, Wanjiru Kamuyu’s work conceives of the body as a vector for healing, justice, and liberation. In collaboration with dramaturge Dirk Korell, she will explore the way her own history, African American history, has been imprinted in her body.Nina LegerMarame Kane & Bamar KaneMarie Losier6Villa Albertine — 2023 Residencies© Valérie Frossard All rights reservedAll rights reserved© Francesca Mantovani EditionsGallimardAll rights reserved

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Visual Artist • Chicago, Las Vegas • Partner: Galerie Sultana—Paul Maheke will explore the political and cultural heritage of roller disco in the Black communities of Chicago’s South Side, drawing parallels with the life of world- renowned women’s figure skating champion Surya Bonaly.Visual Artist • New York • Partners: A.I.R Gallery New York, AWARE—Winner of the AWARE Prize, Myriam Mihindou works on making indivisible cultural heritage accessible to all, with a particular focus on museum collections of holy art. Her New York residency will also take place in the realm of museums, where she will research perceptions of American society and care.Architect, Art Historian, University Lecturer • Cambridge, Houston, New York, Washington DC • Partner: Archives of Art Criticism—For her project about exhibition spaces,Roula Matar will trek across the US in search of archival documents and previously unpubli-shed essays by author and curator James Johnson Sweeney.Filmmaker • Los Angeles, New York, San Antonio • Partners: Ciné+, Cinémathèque Méliès, Texas University—From New York to San Antonio to Los Angeles, Raphaël Millet will follow the amazing American adventure of Gaston Méliès (brother of the famous Georges Méliès) in order to produce a feature-length documentary tribute to him.Writer • Oxford • Partner: Le Livre sur la Place—Nicolas Mathieu plans to spend time in Faulkner’s hometown of Oxford, Mississippi, where he will reread the Nobel laureate’s eminent works, experience an America not so far removed from his own vision of France, and work on his next novel.Visual Artist • Marfa, Houston • Partners: Le Centquatre, Lucid Realities—In Houston and Marfa, Elise Morin will examine relationships between humans and non- humans, and how they have intertwined with spatial exploration ever since the first human spaceflights.Paul MahekeMyriam MihindouRoula MatarRaphaël MilletNicolas MathieuElise Morin7Villa Albertine — 2023 Residencies© Astrid di Crollalanza© Tina RoweAll rights reservedAll rights reservedAll rights reserved©Michele Rosier

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Filmmaker • California, Hawaii • Partner: Silex films—From Los Angeles to Honolulu, Phuong-Mai Nguyen will study Californian surf culture and its Hawaiian roots, carrying out reference drawings and meeting key figures to create her first feature-length animation, “In Waves.”Visual Artist • Houston , Los Angeles • Partner: Polaris Gallery—From Houston to Los Angeles, Sara Ouhaddou will carry out a comparative study on the social and political applications of the star symbol in the Arab world and in the United States.Performer, Musician, Researcher • New Orleans • Partner: Matrice – institute for technological and social innovation—In New Orleans, NSDOS will work on motion capture technology and its resulting gesture replication, while collaborating with a number of performers who have inspired his own practice at the crossroads of dance and tech.Musician, DJ, Visual Artist • Miami, New Orleans, Detroit • Partner: Art Explora —Christelle Oyiri will explore traditions in music and performance, focusing on the conflicting relationship of creolization and hybridity in a variety of musical genres, from New Orleans bounce to techno, among others.Composer, Harp Player • Washington DC • Partner: La Ferme de Bel Ébat – Théâtre de Guyancourt—In Washington DC, Isabelle Olivier will research the work of female filmmakers belonging to Native American, Afro-American, or immigrant ethnic minorities, alongside her composition project. Craftmaker, Gilder • New York, Los Angeles • Partners: La Chambre des Métiers de Haute-Savoie, Galerie Carole Decombe - Los Angeles—How has the old European heritage of gilding evolved within the bustling cultural and artistic scene of the US? Manuela Paul-Cavallier will meet with artists, designers, gilders, curators, and academics to find out. Phuong-Mai NguyenSara OuhaddouNSDOSChristelle OyiriIsabelle OlivierManuela Paul-Cavallier8Villa Albertine — 2023 Residencies© Flavien PrioreauAll rights reservedAll rights reservedAll rights reserved© Irwin BarbéAll rights reserved

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Advisor, Curator • New York, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City • Partner: Musée mémorial du terrorisme—In New York City and Oklahoma City, “What Remains?” will examine the impact of terrorist attacks on our society through the language of graffiti, exploring how the tale of these traumatic events has been told through urban art.Musician • New Orleans • Partners: New Orleans Jazz Museum, Philharmonie de Paris—Drummer and dancer Tiss Rodriguez studied the rhythms of Afro-American music in New Orleans. He will lead this musical and corporal exploration in music clubs, from jazz to funk, from rhythm and blues to hip-hop.Designer • New York • Partner: WantedDesign—Combining gastronomy, photography, and industrial design, Felipe Ribon’s “Comfort Goods“ project aims to bring together popular knowledge around food and the concept of home.Choreographer / Performer • Las Vegas, Los Angeles • Partners: Centre National de la Danse, Théâtre National de Chaillot—In Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Marlène Saldana and Jonathan Drillet will further their research on Paul Verhoeven’s cult movie “Showgirls”, examining its adaptation and various politico- aesthetic overlappings in order to produce their own experimental film/music video.Paper Finisher • New York • Partner: Villa Kujoyama —After his residency at Villa Kujoyama, François-Xavier Richard now heads to the US to explore the sound of paper and how it awakens our memory, enabling us to perceive the world through the senses. He will work with musicians and craft artists to create a paper organ.Entrepreneur, Activist • Portland, Chicago, Boston • Partner: Le Périscope—Building on her studies in Europe of the music industry’s impact on the environment, Gwendolenn Sharp now heads to the US in search of more eco-friendly concert touring initiatives.Laure Pressac Tiss RodriguezFelipe RibonMarlène Saldana & Jonathan DrilletFrançois-Xavier RichardGwendolenn Sharp9Villa Albertine — 2023 ResidenciesAll rights reservedAll rights reserved© Olivier Ezratty / QFDNAll rights reservedAll rights reserved© Sébastien Poirier

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Writer • New York • Partner: Institut du Monde Arabe—In New York, Leïla Slimani will research the city’s Muslim community and, more broadly, the little-known place that Islam occupies in the history of the city and the American nation.Visual Artist • New York, Cambridge, Washington DC, Los Angeles • Partners: Le Centquatre, CNAP, CRAC 19, Jonas Films—For her film project, Victoire Thierrée will further her research into the work of E.A.T. (Experiments in Art & Technology), from New York to Washington DC to Los Angeles, visiting M.I.T. and a number of aeronautics museums. Visual Artist, Filmmaker / Writer • Los Angeles • Partners: Éditions Gallimard, Christophe Gaillard Gallery, La Filature – Scène Nationale de Mulhouse—Steeped in the culture of Los Angeles since childhood, Smith and Marie NDiaye will return there to write a new kind of opera, drawing on imagined perceptions of city-scapes and wilderness, while exploring the practice of cognitive trance.Game Designer, Digital Artist • Roaming from San Francisco and Los Angeles • Partners: Château Éphémère, CREM, IndieCade, SIANA, Un Singe En Hiver—Hoping to bring the gaming world and visual art closer together, Tatiana Vilela dos Santos will head to the American frontier to meet individuals working on an alternative controller- oriented game and psychedelic art.Choreographer • New York • Partner: La Filature – Scène Nationale de Mulhouse—In New York, Noé Soulier will collaborate with members of the Trisha Brown Dance Company to create a new choreographed piece, contrasting their dierent ways of approaching movement, between clarity and fluidity, exertion and tension.University Lecturer and Researcher • Boston • Partner: LATTS – Université Gustave Eiffel—For her documentary film, “Recovery Island,” Elsa Vivant will visit care facilities and rehab centers, meeting the people who are trying to put a stop to the overdose epidemic.Leïla SlimaniVictoire ThierréeTatiana Vilela Dos SantosNoé SoulierElsa Vivant10Villa Albertine — 2023 ResidenciesAll rights reservedAll rights reserved© Willfried Thiery – CndcAll rights reserved©Arnaud LajeunieAll rights reservedSmith& Marie NDiaye

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Architect • Chicago • Partner: Ateliers Médicis—In Chicago, Feda Wardak will look at the rela-tionship between dierent types of political abandonment and their impact on water management and distribution systems. His encounters will serve as the basis for the creation of a new “water(s) machine”.PhD Student in Art History • Atlanta, New York, Washington DC • Partner: INHA—Paul-Aimé William will take a deep dive into the writings of pioneering art historian James Amos Porter, credited with bringing African-American studies into art history. In his research, he aims to show how 20th century Black intellectuals shaped the science and politics of today.Choreographer • New York • Partner: MetLiveArts - The Metropolitan Museum of ArtIn New York, Nelisiwe Xaba will meet artists and individuals working in the museum industry to inspire a new piece based on African artwork.Feda Wardak Paul-Aimé William Nelisiwe Xaba11Villa Albertine — 2023 ResidenciesAll rights reserved© jOLA SEHU© Thibaut ChapototPisar PrizeMarcel Duchamp PrizeAfrican ResidentsMusic—The Pisar Prize, presented in partnership with the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées and The Juilliard School, is awarded to a young contemporary composer. The winner embarks on a residency with Villa Albertine in the United States, during which they will compose a short orchestral composition. This year, the orchestra Les Siècles will perform the winner’s brand-new piece throughout the 2023–24 season, under the direction of François-Xavier Roth.Visual Arts—In partnership with the Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (ADIAF), Villa Albertine will grant a two- month residency to the winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, in the Villa Albertine city of the winner’s choice.All disciplines—Five African residents will be supported by the Ford Foundation to open new pers-pectives on contemporary creation and thought in a transatlantic dialogue. Coming from dierent countries and backgrounds, these residents are selected in conjunction with an expert in the African intellectual and artistic ecosystem and with Villa Albertine’s partners.