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Valo 2023 Annual Report

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2024: Our Vision for Growth and Sustainability

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"Valo has inspired meto have more openand vulnerableconversations thatcreate moremeaningfulconnections with thepeople around me."Valo weekendprogram participant1,01414,40052

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“Before today, Inever realized beingvulnerable can create such a realconnection.”Valo school programparticipant61216

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“I am grateful to havehad the chance to meetso many new peopleand learn about waysthat I can make adifference in mycommunity.”NEYIS participant300507

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“The Beach to Beacon racewas an amazingexperience, it felt so goodto know that the communitywas behind us. I leftknowing that people careabout youth mental health.” Valo teen runner62$13 5,000500

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"Valo has been doing importantwork over the last ten yearsfocused on kids’ emotional well-being, much needed these days inlight of pandemics, climate crises,and school shootings. This is oneof those philanthropic investmentsthat just makes sense because,frankly, we need a grounded 'nextgeneration' to carry on the goodwork we’re trying to do now."Valo donor30%$146,00080%

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"The embers podcasthas been a uniqueopportunity for us asteens. We havelearned a lot aboutother nonprofits inMaine and find itinspiring to see whereour missions to supportyouth overlap."Embers podcastteen co-host1,000127

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“As an alumna, my journeywith Valo has been nothingshort of transformative. It'snot just a part of my past, it'sa part of me. I've learned toask questions that go beyondthe surface, because Ibelieve in the power ofconnection, the beauty ofbeing open, the thrill ofbeing curious, and thestrength in being vulnerable. These four ways of being, they're not just Valo's, they're minenow. Valo, my heartfelt thanks. You've been my compass in life'svast ocean. More than an organization, you've been a beacon ofhope, a home, a family. Your impact on my life is immeasurableand for that, I am forever grateful.”- Leila, Valo alum

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