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2022 report

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TABLE OF CONTENTSPhoto Credit: Jeff VanugaIntroduction Staff & Board of Directors Contributing Writers Why

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Photo Credit: Steve FullerWelcome to Mountain Journal andthank you for reading about us!Mountain Journal (MoJo) is the firstnonprofit journalism entity in theregion dedicated to an in-depth,fact-based approach to ponderingbroader environmental issueswithin the Greater YellowstoneEcosystem (GYE).The GYE represents every majorissue the West is confronting—climate change, population growth,affordable housing, watershortages, protecting public landsand imperiled species, outdoorrecreation, the role of private lands,and tourism, among others. MoJo'sreporting covers these criticalissues. And thanks to you, MoJo isable to provide the essentialinformation and reporting neededto protect this wild and belovedregion.Our public-interest journalism isnot for profit, and not governed byshareholders or owners. We makeno attempts to placate all sides inthe issues we discuss. Instead, weaim to inspire environmentalliteracy and public debate by allstakeholders who are affected bythese complex issues, and we strivefor your involvement.T H E V O I C E O F T H EG R E A T E R Y E L L O W S T O N EAs MoJo rounds into its sixth year,we've achieved big milestones,affecting decisions and policy onland management in all 20 countiessurrounding the GreaterYellowstone. We've had more than30 million eyeballs on our storiesfrom over 20 countries, and grownour staff to further theorganization's mission. MountainJournal is nationally recognized as aleader in conservation journalismand fearlessly challenges thechoices standing in the way of athriving ecosystem.When you support MountainJournal, you support environmentalliteracy and better public policy forthe future of our most treasuredecosystem. We're thrilled you'rehere, our dedicated readers, andappreciate your continued financialand social support. Your help allowsMoJo to give voice to the wildlifeand wild lands of GreaterYellowstone. Thank you.Sincerely,Hank Perry, Board ChairBoard Members: Joanne Dornan, Dr.Shane Doyle, Sandra Lambert, RogerLang, Dave Hall, Chris Edelen, MikeSutton

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STAFF & BOARD OF DIRECTORSJoanne DornanVice-ChairWriter, Patagonia Inc.Shane DoyleTreasurerEducational & Cultural ConsultantRoger LangCEO & Co-Founder, PredictaHank PerryCHAIRReal Estate Broker/OwnerMike SuttonGlobal EnvironmentalFoundation EDJoseph T. O'ConnorMANAGING EDITORSandra LambertSecretaryProfessional EditorTodd WilkinsonWRITER & FOUNDER Sarah DeOpsomerDEVELOPMENT &EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTDave HallArtist Jessie Wiese EXECUTIVE DIRECTORChris EdelenCEO Safe ShowersSTAFF

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2022 Contributing Writers

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Communities across the country are losing their newspapers, tearing ahole their civic and democratic fabric – Montana is no different. If notfor Mountain Journal’s innovative, persistent and credible newscoverage, the Yellowstone Region would, at times, be subject tosuperficial and often inaccurate reporting on issues that are vitallyimportant to the ecological health, integrity, and prosperity of thelands, water, and wildlife of the American West. At Mountain Journal, we believe that thoughtful, truthful journalismcan lead to a more informed public, and better public policy. Our effective and equitable platform brings fact-based public servicejournalism to expand community coversations and dialog for thebetterment of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Photo Credit: Jake MosherW H Y W E ' R E H E R E

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In 2022, MoJo's main support was made up of 1,290 individual donations. These gifts made it possible for us to do our important work - and we couldn't do it without you. We are especially grateful for our loyal monthly donors and their on-going support. Every donation to Mountain Journal counts. Space, not gratitude, prevents us from listing those whocontributed less than $5,000.$25,000+Patagonia Inc.Baltoro TrustWillard L. Eccles Foundation Kate Jensen and FK DaySandra LambertAnonymous$10,000+Spruance FoundationNewsMatch - Miami FoundationKnobloch FoundationPark County Community FoundationCindy ScrippsKent NelsonDavid Bryn CookS U P P O R T E R S$5,000+Hank PerryChris EdelenTim and Starleen WoodPhoto Credit: Tom Mangeleson

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Individuals75%Foundations24%Other1%F I N A N C I A L S 2022 Total Expenses: $363,993Program87%Admin 7%2022 Total Revenue: $489,846Photo Credit: Tim CrawfordFundraising 6%

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Connect with us Credit: Hank PerryP.O. Box 11251Bozeman, Montana 59719