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2022 Prospectus - Omagh Academy

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PROSPECTUS Omagh Academy

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Omagh Academy 2019 Prospectus CONTENTS 4 Our School 8 School Aims 12 Academic Ethos 16 Pastoral Care 18 Supporting Learning 22 Listening to pupils 23 Partnership With Parents 24 Year 8 Transition Support 26 Our Teaching 28 Key Stage 3 30 Key Stage 4 32 Sixth Form 36 Beyond the Classroom Our School Our School 5 Welcome 38 Music 40 Drama 42 Sport 46 Information 48 Clubs and Societies 50 Broadening Horizons 52 Looking Forward 54 Reaping the Rewards 2 3

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS OUR SCHOOL Our pupils come from a wide geographical area and from many religious and ethnic backgrounds Each child is valued as an individual and is encouraged to develop his or her talents to the full within and beyond the classroom Pupils are nurtured by a highly motivated and dedicated staff passionate about the pursuit of excellence in a caring supportive environment Children flourish when they are happy and well motivated and it is important for each boy and girl to have the freedom to develop as an individual We therefore ensure that pastoral care has a high priority and our pupils enjoy learning in a friendly caring and responsive social environment Special emphasis is placed on fostering a sense of responsibility among pupils and on cultivating leadership skills in combination with an attitude of service to others Ruth Maxwell Principal Welcome to Omagh Academy and thank you for your interest in our school This prospectus provides an overview of our school a vibrant successful grammar school where high expectations and high standards pervade every aspect of school life 4 Omagh Academy provides a rich educational experience including a broad and balanced curriculum and an impressive extra curricular programme Innovative approaches to learning and teaching coupled with technological advances ensure that lessons are interactive stimulating and engaging Our commitment to the development of each young person as a well rounded individual is reflected in a diverse range of cultural and sporting activities that continue outside the classroom and well beyond the school day Our pupils have the opportunity to develop to their potential through our many varied activities and as a result leave school with a head start in life In Omagh Academy pupils respond positively to our high expectations We take pride in the many achievements of our pupils past and present Our pupils are among the highest achievers in public examinations in Northern Ireland and are successful in gaining admission to top universities Former pupils of Omagh Academy play important roles in many countries and settings making valuable contributions to economies and societies We value our relationships with parents and strive to develop a sense of partnership within and beyond the school community We also value the links we have developed with other schools locally nationally and internationally At Omagh Academy we want every pupil to believe that they belong here and that they each have a unique contribution to make We believe passionately that every child can thrive at Omagh Academy and that their personal growth enhanced by the values of kindness respect and responsibility will empower them to be the very best that they can be I hope that you find this synopsis of life at Omagh Academy enlightening and I look forward to you meeting you in our school Ruth Maxwell Principal WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 5

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Andrew Daragh Alan Charlotte Carolyn Leah Omagh Academy has offered me so many opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities throughout my 7 years Being selected as Head Boy was a great honour and I hope to represent the school in a positive way I have been playing rugby since Year 8 and am currently a member of the 2nd XV rugby team One of my greatest achievements in school is being part of the rugby team that won the Medallion Bowl in 2019 In Year 13 I was assistant managing director of the Young Enterprise team Sparkz which facilitated the development of organisation communication and decision making skills Sparkz won the regional competition and qualified for the Northern Ireland finals I am studying A levels in Maths Biology and Technology and Design Next year I hope to pursue a degree in Engineering at university Throughout my time in Omagh Academy I have been given many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom Through studying Maths I have taken part in the UK Maths Challenges which has enhanced my understanding of this subject My keen interest in sport has given me the chance to represent the school in a variety of ways at the Ulster Championships in CrossCountry and Athletics and also in Rugby the highlights being when our team won the Medallion Bowl in 2019 and when I was appointed to captain the 2nd XV this year Presently I am completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Being chosen as Deputy Head Boy this year is undoubtedly a great privilege Throughout my time at Omagh Academy I have had many opportunities and positive experiences including being appointed as Deputy Head Boy In the Autumn term I was part of a team of pupils who organised a successful school formal I have played rugby since Year 8 and the highlight of rugby at school has been being part of the Medallion XV squad that won the Medallion Bowl in 2019 We train twice a week and play matches at the weekend which requires perseverance resilience and excellent time management skills I am currently studying Biology Geography and Maths Next year I hope to study Civil Engineering at university Being selected to take on the role as Head Girl has provided me with the honour of representing Omagh Academy a school that has given me the opportunities and support to develop as a person and I hope to take the skills and qualities that Omagh Academy has instilled with me for the rest of my life Throughout my time at Omagh Academy I have participated in the annual Spring Concert and Carol Services as a member of the Junior and Senior Choirs the Orchestra and the String Orchestra I have made lifelong friends and have made memories that will last forever Performing in a number of school musicals and plays are particular highlights I have thoroughly enjoyed my 7 years at Omagh Academy and I am proud to represent the school My 7 years at Omagh Academy have provided me the best experiences that have inspired and encouraged me to achieve my full potential Since Year 8 I have been involved in extra curricular activities such as Choir Scripture Union and Eco Schools and I am proud to have represented the school in musical productions Young Enterprise and sports events The school has also given me the opportunity to travel to France and Spain to develop my language skills and immerse myself in music on a trip to London This year I have enjoyed supporting the Year 8 students as a form prefect and maths tutor I m honoured to have been given the responsibility of Deputy Head Girl and am grateful for the continued support of the school community Throughout my 7 years Omagh Academy has provided me with amazing opportunities such as the facilitating the development of leadership skills in my role as Deputy Head Girl I have had the privilege of representing the school in a range of sports including playing in the 1st XI hockey team Currently I am completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award My favourite memories are associated with the trip organised by the Spanish Department to Barcelona when I was in Year 11 For A level I am studying Spanish Biology and Chemistry and I hope to continue my study of Biology at university I thoroughly enjoy getting involved in all aspects of school life and I look forward to representing the school during 2022 HEAD BOY 6 DEPUTY HEAD BOY DEPUTY HEAD BOY HEAD GIRL DEPUTY HEAD GIRL DEPUTY HEAD GIRL WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 7

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2022 PROSPECTUS SCHOOL AIMS We aim to Educate and develop pupils to the highest standards according to their ability providing equal opportunity for all and promoting the fulfilment of each pupil s academic cultural and sporting potential Provide an orderly and caring learning environment which combines high expectations with the necessary support to challenge and fully develop pupils intellectually morally and socially Engender a sense of community loyalty and mutual respect within the school and promote a partnership between pupils staff and parents School Life _________ Encourage positive engagement with the community Foster initiative and independent judgement and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their conduct learning and future plans Promote the development of self discipline confidence knowledge and skills that are required to progress in modern society and the world of work including entrepreneurial skills and those related to the use of new technologies Provide appropriate information to allow pupils to make informed decisions on personal social and environmental issues Cultivate an attitude of service to others ESSENTIALLY WE BELIEVE THAT THE INTERESTS OF PUPILS ARE BEST SERVED BY A BALANCED EDUCATION BASED ON CHRISTIAN VALUES TRADITION AND TOLERANCE WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 9

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2019 Prospectus 10 11 Fitness Suite ________ Our School Our School Omagh Academy

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS ACADEMIC ETHOS The Academy Experience Our Academic Ethos The Academy endeavours to provide for the holistic development of our pupils within and beyond the classroom Pupils are encouraged to strive for excellence in all aspects of school life thereby developing the attributes and qualities of character needed for life The Academy has a long tradition of academic achievement Subjects are taught with enthusiasm and expertise and we expect our pupils to respond by working to the best of their ability Classroom activities are planned to give pupils access to a wide range of learning experiences promoting the development of skills as well as the acquisition of knowledge The individual needs of pupils are addressed in a supportive caring learning environment with extra support provided for pupils who would benefit from additional help in core subjects As an innovative school we seek to combine the best of new educational and technological advances while emphasising the importance of a commitment to study and a quest for personal improvement Our pupils are annually among the top performers in Northern Ireland at both GCSE and A Level and most continue their studies at university Ranked in the Top 20 schools in NI by the Sunday Times Parent Power Survey 2020 and 2021 TOP ACHIEVERS IN NORTHERN IRELAND 2018 Armour Young A Level History First place Cara McQuaid A Level Health Social Care Second place 2019 Naomi Orr GCSE Religious Studies Full course First place Lois Johnston GCSE Religious Studies Full course Second place Tyler Buchanan GCSE Mathematics Second Place 12 Nicole Catterson A Level Digital Technology Second place Nicole Catterson A Level Health and Social Care Second place James Hawkes GCSE Agriculture First place No top achievement prizes have been awarded by exam boards since 2019 due to Covid 19 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 1 3

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Modern Languages__

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS PASTORAL CARE PASTORAL CARE AND SAFEGUARDING We endeavour to provide a warm caring and stimulating environment in which pupils feel supported and secure Each class has a Form Teacher who meets with his her class every morning The Form Teacher takes the class for Personal Development and as far as possible will teach a further curriculum subject to the group This close association enables the Form Teacher to develop a detailed knowledge of the academic and emotional needs of each pupil in his her care A Head of Year assisted by the Form Teachers is responsible for overseeing matters relating to the year group The Head of Year monitors the attendance behaviour and academic progress of pupils and may request meetings with parents to discuss matters of concern The Head of Year continues to give pastoral support to their assigned year group throughout their time at school The school has a suite of pastoral policies which regulate practice The names of the designated teacher for child protection and her deputies are known to pupils and they work with external agencies on matters relating to safeguarding Pupils can also make appointments to see the school counsellor who is present in school one day a week Designated teacher in charge of child protection Deputy teachers in charge of child protection Counsellor Miss Faris Mr Bingham Mrs Davidson Mr Hamilton Olivia Familyworks SUPPORTING LEARNERS IN OMAGH ACADEMY In Omagh Academy we aim to provide support to all pupils to ensure that they reach their potential Sources of support include Senior Leadership Team Learning Support Co ordinator Heads of Year Classroom Assistants Form Teachers School Librarian Subject Teachers Support Staff PASTORAL CARE IS EXERCISED BY ALL OUR TEACHERS AND IS LED BY THE PASTORAL TEAM COMPRISING THE HEADS OF YEAR AND SENIOR TEACHERS 16 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 1 7

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2022 PROSPECTUS SUPPORTING LEARNING Learning Support Our pupils are encouraged to achieve to the best of their abilities and if necessary are given additional support to overcome any barriers that might otherwise restrict their performance The school s Learning Support Co ordinator works in collaboration with pupils staff parents and professionals such as educational psychologists to identify and assess the special needs of pupils Effective intervention strategies to aid learning are then devised agreed and shared through the pupil s Individual Educational Plan IEP These IEPs are regularly reviewed in order to monitor both the pupil s progress and improve the effectiveness of the support provided Mentoring Technology Design As a school we recognise the central importance of good literacy and numeracy skills Year 8 pupils with additional literacy needs are identified early in the year and are able to follow a tailor made programme of study which aims to improve literacy and promote interest in reading Similarly pupils who would benefit from additional support with numeracy are invited to participate in our mathematics mentoring scheme This programme led by the Head of Mathematics provides Key Stage 3 pupils with one to one support as they work through a basic mathematics course with a Sixth Former Both schemes have proved to be very effective methods of addressing difficulties in literacy and numeracy and are supplemented by additional scheduled classes at Key Stage 4 for those pupils who continue to require special assistance Other support programmes Pupils continue to receive support appropriate to their needs throughout their time at the Academy Additional support can range from short term revision programmes to longer term strategic initiatives These include the introduction of extra timetabled classes or the organisation of smaller classes to ensure increased individualised attention This approach has proved to be a great success with GCSE pass rates A to C over the past three years of 99 in each of English Mathematics and Science I LIKE MY CLASSROOM ASSISTANT SHE HELPS ME TO CONCENTRATE ON MY WORK IN CLASS AND TO KEEP MY BOOKS ORGANISED WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 1 9

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS LISTENING TO PUPILS Omagh Academy School Council Omagh Academy School Council is an elected group of pupils whose purpose is to represent their classes and provide an active pupil input into the life of the school community The School Council meets once a month during the academic year and is made up of representatives elected from all twenty eight form classes across the school Representatives from the School Council are also members of the Strule Shared Education Student Council which meets termly Omagh Academy has previously hosted a meeting of the Strule Student Council In the 2021 22 academic year the Strule Council has moved online for virtual meetings PARTNERSHIP WITH PARENTS Our School Council has played and will continue to play a role in shaping new school policies They have also lobbied for improvements to school such as the provision of extra benches for seating at break and lunch times Fundraising for charity is also an important part of the work of the Council As part of Anti Bullying Week in 2020 and in 2021 the School Council encouraged participation in Odd Socks Day in the school community Furthermore they organised other activities including special virtual assemblies to promote the key messages of Anti Bullying Week The School Council seeks to build partnerships with Staff and Governors In previous years representatives held meetings with the members of the Board of Governors which were successful events We recognise the crucial role played by parents in the education of their children and are committed to working in partnership with them to achieve the best outcomes for all of our pupils Promoting links with parents Communication on matters relating to pupil s academic progress through reports at regular intervals Annual parent teacher meetings are held for each year group The use of home school communication methods such as the text messaging service Communicating with parents The following modes of communication are used to promote home school links Pupil diary School newsletter School website and social media School text message system Careers advice and guidance meetings for parents Pastoral meetings for parents on issues such as e safety Involving parents in school life The support of parents at major school events such as School Plays and Musicals the Spring Concert and the Christmas Carol Service as well as our many sporting fixtures is valued and appreciated 22 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 2 3

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS YEAR 8 TRANSITION SUPPORT THE PROSPECT OF STARTING A NEW SCHOOL CAN BE EXCITING AND DAUNTING WE AIM TO ENSURE THAT EACH PUPIL MAKES A SMOOTH TRANSITION FROM PRIMARY SCHOOL TO OMAGH ACADEMY AND WE ARE COMMITTED TO SUPPORTING PUPILS THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS YEAR 8 PASTORAL TEAM Year Head Mr Bingham Year 8 Form Teachers EVENTS In addition to a Year Head and Form Teachers who have a special focus on Year 8 we organise several events to familiarise new pupils with the school setting and to facilitate the development of strong and supportive relationships PEER SUPPORT Senior Pupil Leadership Team Maths mentoring Homework Club Year 8 Prefects Parent Teacher meetings were conducted by telephone during 2021 22 Feeder Primary School visits Year 8 Induction Evening June Year 8 Games Night August Year 8 Induction Days August Year 8 Trip September Parent Teacher Meeting First term Tracking reports Three times a year Study Skills event 24 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 2 5

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS KEY STAGE 3 Subjects available at Key Stage 3 Art Design 28 Learning for Life Work Drama Mathematics English Music French Physical Education Geography Religious Education History Science Home Economics Spanish ICT Technology Design Key Stage 3 Years 8 10 Pupils in Years 8 10 follow a broad curriculum which aims to develop a wide range of skills as well as laying a firm foundation of knowledge within each subject Our Key Stage 3 programme encourages pupils to enjoy learning as they participate in an extensive range of activities Throughout the three years pupils take timetabled lessons in ICT ensuring that they are expertly introduced to all the major software packages The skills base is then harnessed within subjects as part of our planned cross curricular ICT programme Similarly pupils are given the opportunity to demonstrate their literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum in varying contexts Within the Modern Languages Department all pupils take lessons in French in Year 8 In Years 9 and 10 this provision is widened to include the study of Spanish Beyond these timetabled lessons there is also opportunity to study Mandarin and gain qualifications as part of our extracurricular provision Pupils in Year 8 and 9 are timetabled for Science lessons This broad course places an emphasis on the exploratory nature of Science and the development of scientific methods as well as introducing basic scientific knowledge In Year 10 Science is timetabled as the separate subjects of Biology Chemistry and Physics This allows for specialist teaching as well as giving pupils an insight and early introduction to the distinctive nature of each subject The school provides a balance between skills gained through the study of the Arts and those acquired through STEM subjects Our pupils are fortunate to experience a wide range of subjects Pupils are always encouraged to work to the best of their ability and their efforts are rewarded by our merit system Merits awarded at the discretion of the teacher are a constant incentive for pupils to give of their best and are acknowledged by certificates and school trips SETTLING IN AT OMAGH ACADEMY DIDN T TAKE LONG THE TEACHERS ARE KIND AND UNDERSTANDING IT S ALSO REALLY EASY TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS IN THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL I ALREADY FELT LIKE I BELONGED WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 2 9

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS KEY STAGE 4 Subjects available at Key Stage 4 Agriculture Land Use Art Design Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computer Science Digital Technology English Language English Literature Food Nutrition French Further Mathematics 30 Geography History Mathematics Music Performing Arts Physical Education Physics Religious Studies Science Double Award Spanish Technology Design Key Stage 4 Years 11 12 Pupils in Years 11 and 12 follow a two year programme of study leading to a GCSE qualification Each pupil will select a range of subjects which will continue to give a broad balanced and coherent programme of study There is sufficient flexibility in the system to allow for a degree of specialisation that takes account of each pupil s aptitudes and interests It is normal practice for students to select at least nine GCSE subjects All pupils take a core programme of English Language English Literature Mathematics Science Double Award or Biology Chemistry and Physics Modern Language French or Spanish Pupils also follow courses in Careers Learning for Life and Work Physical Education Games Religious Education GOING TO OMAGH ACADEMY WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE EVERYONE IS SO FRIENDLY AND THE LESSONS ARE ALWAYS FUN WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 3 1

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS SIXTH FORM Subjects available for Sixth Form Study Agriculture Hospitality Art Design Information Technology Applied Science Mathematics Biology Media Games Development Business Studies Music Chemistry Nutrition Food Science Child Development Physics Construction Politics Digital Technology Psychology Engineering Religious Studies English Literature Spanish French Sport Geography Technology Design Health Social Care History Some subjects are offered through collaboration within Omagh Learning Community 32 The Sixth Form Years 13 14 In the Sixth Form we encourage our pupils to further develop the skills and attributes needed for adult life by playing a more significant part in the day to day running of the school Our Sixth Form pupils play leading roles in the annual musical and dramatic productions and work alongside their peers and teachers in diverse activities ranging from editing the school magazine to organising house sports or giving technical support at public events Senior pupils exercise responsibility assisting with the pastoral care of younger pupils and providing support through our mentoring programme There are opportunities for all to contribute to the school community whatever their interest Our Sixth Form pupils as young adults are expected to take increased responsibility for their own learning and career development Independent study is facilitated in the Sixth Form study room as well as other designated study areas such as the library and ICT suite A comprehensive Careers programme including interview skills and work experience supports pupils as they make decisions for the future Pupils are given individual advice and guidance as they complete applications and prepare for interviews Nearly all our Sixth Form pupils choose to continue with their studies at university Sixth Form students are encouraged to choose 4 AS subjects to study in Year 13 continuing with at least three of these in Year 14 Pupils can choose from a wide range of in house A Level courses and can additionally elect to take the equivalent of one A Level subject off site Enhancement Options Young Enterprise AILO Linguistics Community Care Mentoring Programme Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Primary school curriculum support PUPILS CAN TAILOR THEIR LEARNING PATHWAY TO THEIR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS AND INTERESTS BY CHOOSING SUBJECTS FROM AN ARRAY OF COURSES OFFERED THUS ACHIEVING THEIR POTENTIAL 33

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS BEYOND THE CLASSROOM THE CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE IS ENRICHED BY TRIPS TO PLACES OF INTEREST AND BY PARTICIPATION IN COMPETITIONS AND PRESTIGIOUS EVENTS Memorable activities throughout the school year include Investigating river features at Gortatole Learning about sites associated with Irish History by going on a residential trip to Dublin Appreciating Musical Theatre in London with the Music Department Taking part in the UK Maths Challenge 36 Acting in a school production Submitting a design for the school Christmas card Presenting research at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference Exhibiting Art work at the CCEA True Colours Exhibition Entering written work into the UK Schools Bible Competition Attending Ulster Orchestra concerts Debating a motion in a foreign language at the NICILT Debating Competition Exploring our place in the universe at Armagh Planetarium Addressing an audience as part of a public speaking competition Studying sand dunes through fieldwork at Magilligan Creating a digital story board Marketing a new product with Young Enterprise WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 3 7

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OMAGH ACADEMY MUSIC Our vibrant music department gives pupils the opportunity to develop their talents in singing and in the playing of instruments Pupils can avail of tuition in brass string percussion and woodwind instruments as well as voice guitar piping drumming and piano The Spring Concert hosted in the Strule Arts Centre is a sellout event supported by the school and wider Omagh community The school choirs ensembles bands and orchestra are regularly invited to play at civic and cultural events within the community and to perform at major school functions We are proud of the diverse musical experiences we offer to our pupils 38 2022 PROSPECTUS Extra Curricular Music Junior Choir String Orchestra Pipes Drums Senior Choir Percussion Ensemble Guitar Group Orchestra Woodwind Ensemble Ukulele Orchestra Samba Band Senior Brass Band Jazz Band WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 3 9

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS DRAMA Whether it is Omagh Academy Players for our senior pupils or the Drama Club for junior pupils there are many opportunities for aspiring actors In November 2016 we staged the musical Our House at the Strule Arts Centre following the success of our previous musical endeavours with Oklahoma in 2013 Appreciative audiences were treated to a witty and brilliantly crafted romantic tale set to the energetic and memorable songs of Madness Our production of the classic tale My Fair Lady in November 2018 will live long in our memories clever songs sparkling dialogue and energetic choreography produced performances worthy of the West End The musical celebrated the wealth and quality of acting singing and dancing talent within the cast Supporting roles in stage design and management costumes make up sound and lighting enabled many from the Omagh Academy community to be part of the action alongside those who had desires to tread the board s In 2019 the play Blithe s Spirit was staged by the Academy Players Previous drama performances include Pygmalion and Blood Brothers In Spring Junior Drama pupils participate in the West Tyrone Feis performing monologues duologues poetry recitals and scripted performances In recent years we have enjoyed much success and continue to encourage pupils to compete in a host of other competitions and attend productions to enhance their love and enjoyment of all things theatrical BEING INVOLVED IN DRAMA HAS REALLY ALLOWED ME TO EXPRESS MYSELF IN SUCH A POSITIVE WAY THE SCHOOL MUSICALS HAVE ENABLED ME TO DISCOVER A LOVE OF PERFORMING AND I VE MADE SO MANY FANTASTIC FRIENDS 40 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 4 1

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS SPORT The Academy regards participation in sport as an important part of school life Within P E and extracurricular sport we aim to promote exercise fitness and healthy living through physical activity Nine hockey teams and six rugby teams compete throughout the seasons with many pupils being selected for regional and Provincial competitions All pupils from beginner to proficient are encouraged to participate in a sport after school We also have a successful athletics tradition with pupils recently winning Ulster and Ireland medals as well as competing internationally Our fitness centre offers state of theart training facilities to all our senior pupils ranging from those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the dedicated athlete The school boasts excellent facilities including An All Weather hockey pitch Rugby pitches Cricket pitch Purpose built Sports Hall Athletics grounds Gymnasium State of the art Fitness Suite ALL PUPILS FROM BEGINNER TO PROFICIENT ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE IN A SPORT AFTER SCHOOL Access to the local leisure facilities We are committed to catering for every pupil through an exciting and varied extra curricular sports programme Activities during and after school include Aerobics Athletics Badminton Basketball Cricket Cross country Fitness training Football 42 Golf Gymnastics Health Related Physical Education Hockey girls and boys Netball Rounders Softball Rugby girls and boys Tag Rugby Table Tennis Tennis Volleyball WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 4 3

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS CLUBS SOCIETIES AT OMAGH ACADEMY WE OFFER AN UNRIVALLED VARIETY OF EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES THIS RICH AND VARIED EXTRA CURRICULAR PROGRAMME IS OFFERED TO GIVE OUR PUPILS AS MANY OPPORTUNITIES AS POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO DEVELOP THEIR GIFTS AND TALENTS TO THE FULL WE BELIEVE THAT INVOLVEMENT AND ENJOYMENT OF LIFE OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM IS IMPORTANT Junior school clubs and activities include A ILO Club a problem solving club that aims to crack challenging puzzles in little known languages B yte This an ICT club where pupils use Raspberry Pi and programme using scratch software E co Schools a group who manage and improve our school environment for the good of all F rench Club where Year 8 pupils enjoy expanding their spoken French vocabulary Grassroots Agriculture Club bringing together pupils to engage with current issues in agriculture and to equip them with lifelong skills Senior pupils can participate or help with the clubs and activities listed above They also can take part in Community Care Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Training a choir in a local primary school French debating competitions History Politics Society Psychology Society Young Enterprise Senior Scripture Union Please check our website and school Facebook page to see lots more involvement in extra curricular activities NSPCC Number Day when pupils compete relishing the challenges of crunching numbers 48 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 4 9

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS BROADENING HORIZONS Supporting Others Building Links Omagh Academy pupils generously support others throughout the school year Events such as non uniform days readathons mathionaires and the much anticipated Christmas Fun event give financial support to local and national charities selected as beneficiaries by our Student Council As an integral part of the Omagh community we support local primary schools and play our part in civic events Whether running the Sport Relief mile throwing sponges at obliging teachers or solving puzzles there is always a fun way in which our pupils can support those less fortunate than themselves Third world projects are supported through weekly collections while the proceeds of major musical productions benefit more local projects Our community service volunteers give freely of their time to brighten the lives of others by weekly visits to the elderly in local residential homes while others participate in volunteer programmes which support young people with learning disabilities The senior school provides further support to charities by assisting with street collections and bag packs in local supermarkets 50 Our senior pupils run clubs in French Spanish and ICT attend fairs and provide musical support at several primary schools Our Samba Band annually takes part in the local council s mid summer carnival while our musicians are again in demand for Culture Night at the Strule Arts Centre and at many other community events Exploring Cultures We encourage and challenge our pupils to understand the importance of looking outwards to the wider world In an effort to do this our pupils enjoy visits to other countries In the Modern Languages Department right from Year 8 all pupils enjoy contact with an e pal from the target country as well as contact in class with a Foreign Language Assistant This authentic e pal link is developed further during the exchange programme in Year 10 with our partner school in Montpellier In Years 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to go on the school trip to Paris or a region of Spain These invaluable opportunities allow our students to experience European culture at a personal level whilst being immersed in the language Other opportunities to travel with the school include both hockey and rugby tours where pupils are able to display their sporting prowess at venues from Barcelona to Edinburgh Each year a further 40 pupils spend an eventful and exhilarating week developing their skiing ability on the piste at an Alpine ski resort such as Andalo Italy WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 5 1

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS LOOKING FORWARD At the Academy we recognise the importance of equipping our pupils with the skills and knowledge needed to compete in a highly competitive local and global labour market Our carefully prepared Careers Education Information and Guidance Programme CEIAG starts in Year 8 where pupils are introduced to the concepts of employability and entrepreneurship The development of a Personal Career Plan enables pupils to research and evaluate their options and to plan for their future At key transition points pupils are fully informed of their options and have access to impartial careers advice and guidance The insight of parents is always welcomed and they are formally invited to attend a Post 16 Information Evening and a career interview when considering pathways at Post 16 level In Sixth Form pupils undertake work experience hone their interview techniques during an interview skills training day and receive individual personalised guidance and support when making applications to UCAS or employment The work of the Careers Department is enriched by presentations from university representatives at school as well as through the attendance of our pupils at local university Open Days conferences and workshops in areas of interest such as Computing Engineering Law or the Healthcare Professions Guided by an expert and very experienced Careers Department our pupils continue to be successful in securing school leaver apprenticeships with prestigious companies such as PwC and Deloitte or in the case of the majority gaining admission to top Russell Group universities to study a degree of their choice Past pupil Miss Naomi Scott Guest of Honour at Prize Day 2021 pictured with Mr Reilly Chair of Governors Mrs Maxwell Principal the Head Boy and the Head Girl 52 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 5 3

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OMAGH ACADEMY 2022 PROSPECTUS REAPING THE REWARDS AT THE ACADEMY WE ARE ALWAYS DELIGHTED TO SHARE IN THE SUCCESS OF ALL OUR PUPILS Making their voice heard our pupils have been awarded podium places across several events at the West Tyrone Feis while the linguistic ability of others was recognised by the presentation of prizes for the most promising students in Mandarin by South West College The business acumen of our Young Enterprise group was recognised at a recent provincial event and in music our Brass Band continues to compete at the highest level while other talented pupils find their niche in the EA Western Region Youth Orchestra Photographs throughout taken by Erica Irvine Photography Jude Browne Photography Isobel O Brien Tyrone Constitution Within sport our pupils continue to excel In athletics new school records have been set and pupils have gone on to enjoy good success in their individual pursuits at both Ulster and Irish competitions The sporting prowess of our pupils in team sports has also been demonstrated by the inclusion of our pupils in Ulster hockey and rugby teams and in the Irish hockey squad We are delighted to recognise the achievements of past pupil Dr Shirley McCay a former member of the Ireland hockey team who is the most capped Irish Athlete 54 WWW OMAGHACADEMY COM 5 5

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Omagh Academy 21 23 Dublin Road Omagh Co Tyrone BT78 1HF 028 8224 2688 www omaghacademy com omaghacademy

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