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3Prospectus 2022At Oakgrove we have the highest expectations, ensuring that each student develops into a unique, exceptional and diverse young person. Each child receives the highest quality care and support to become the beautiful young person they can be. We have a shared sense of purpose for every child, ensuring they are challenged and encouraged to be their very best. Our mission statement is to provide an all ability education, a character education and a can- do education for every student ensuring that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and mindset to help overcome live challenges. We are the first school in Northern Ireland to take part in Trauma Informed Compassionate Schools training because at Oakgrove we firmly believe,“YOU CANNOT TEACH THE MIND UNTIL YOU REACH THE HEART”We are a school for the heart and mind and through our Trauma Informed Compassionate Schools approach we work hard to ensure you child is supported in whatever challenges they face in life, so that they can achieve their very best academic potential. Along with high quality education and cutting edge care pastoral care, delivered along pathways to suit all abilities, needs and aspirations, our Integrated ethos provides many unique opportunities for the holistic development of each child. Learning to live together daily in a community of acceptance and diversity, where dierence is celebrated, enables each child to develop into an eective local and global citizen.You are whole-heartedly welcomed to the Oakgrove family. Parents and guardians are vital to our work, their voice and the voice of each child is invaluable to us. We are here to ensure, as first priority, our children are content and safe. We create a positive learning environment which will seek out and nurture individual talents. Together, we will enable each child to rise to challenges successfully, be confident to take risks in learning, and achieve the highest level of success. In Oakgrove each child will be supported and challenged to LEARN, BELIEVE and ACHIEVE their dreamsOakgrove Integrated College is definitely the Number 1 choice of school for any parent.Mrs Katrina Crilly HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR ALL AT OAKGROVE

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4Oakgrove Integrated CollegeAt Oakgrove Integrated College we are dedicated to the promotion of the Integrated Ethos. We provide an inclusive and diverse quality educational experience in a welcoming and aspiring environment. Our mission is to provide an All Ability Education, A Character Education and a Can - do Education. Oakgrove seeks to educate each child according to their academic ability. Providing equal recognition to and promoting equal expression of the diversity of traditions, we help remove barriers, so our children can become valuable members of the wider community in which they live, learn and work.The Integrated school is essentially Christian in character, democratic and open in procedures and promotes the worth and self-esteem of all individuals within a nurturing and caring environment. The College as an institution seeks to develop mutual understanding and consideration of other institutions within the educational community and wider society.THE OAKGROVE EXPERIENCE“My experience at Oakgrove gave me opportunities that my friends outside of the school didn’t get. I was taught in a school that welcomes people from all communities and made friends from dierent backgrounds. I have great memories from Oakgrove and I definitely feel that it has had a big impact on the person I am today whether that be my career, views or confidence!”Christina (Past Pupil)

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5Prospectus 2022Oakgrove Integrated CollegeACHIEVEMENT AT OAKGROVE“Oakgrove Integrated College was Lauren’s first choice despite being the only one coming from her primary school! It caters for all students by oering a wide range of diverse activities beyond the curriculum. Oakgrove provides a very caring and nurturing environment, whilst assisting all students to reach their full potential academically.”Clair (Parent)5 + GCSE RESULTS A *-C NI AVERAGE 80%OAKGROVE IC 86%ALEVEL RESULTS 3 A LEVELSA *-CNI AVERAGE 59%OAKGROVE IC 72%

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6Oakgrove Integrated College“NEW BEGINNINGS”Oakgrove College’s sta ensure that all our new Year 8 students join us feeling secure and confident that they are members of the Oakgrove family. The move from primary to post-primary is an exciting time and we aim to ensure this is as smooth as possible. Students get the opportunity to visit the college in June, to meet their Head of Year, Ms Canning, and their teachers, giving them an insight into life at the College. In July students can spend time getting to know their peers in a relaxed and friendly manner, at our specially designed summer scheme, whilst becoming familiar with the College. “My three children went to Oakgrove Integrated College and then on to university. Oakgrove equipped them not only academically but instilled a strong belief in integration into their lives. Each one of them is confident, independent and has developed a strong sense of belief in themselves. I could not have asked for more.”Maria (Parent)

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7Prospectus 2022“Fully Integrated Education – NICCY will advocate for a fully integrated system of education where all children, inclusive of religion, race, ability or gender are educated together”. Educational Inequalities and Inclusion Position Paper July 2017 NICCY – promoting the rights of children and young people.

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8Oakgrove Integrated CollegeWORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PARENTSParental involvement and support is a key factor in pupil success. Therefore we value and encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education and together we will ensure your child reaches their full potential.

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9Prospectus 2022STUDENT VOICEAt the heart of our school community, is our child centred approach. Our students are seen as a valuable resource for improving the school environment. They possess a unique knowledge and perspective of the college. Oakgrove is recognised by UNICEF as a Rights Respecting school. This means our Young People are given opportunities to have their say. Based on the UNICEF model, Oakgrove Whole School Council elects two members from each Year group annually. They meet monthly and work closely with their peers, the college’s Leadership Team and Board of Governors. Recognising themselves as capable and valuable members of the school community, they help initiate and implement the needs of the whole school community.

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10Oakgrove Integrated CollegeOUR COMMUNITYWe aim to promote a happy, nurturing environment centred on the needs of the student, in preparation for their future. We reward student achievement in all areas, promoting positive behaviours and attitudes to learning. We recognise that every student is individual and some have additional needs. We oer support through the curriculum and specialist teachers to support these needs. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for all our students.“I would recommend Oakgrove to absolutely everyone because it’s a space where everyone is made to feel like they can achieve anything they put their mind to. We grow up with people from all walks of life, and learn to embrace our dierences. Personally, I found my 7 years at this school to be a wonderfully rewarding experience both academically and culturally.”Ciara (Past Pupil)

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11Prospectus 2022One of my biggest achievements to date was having the responsibility, honour and privilege of being appointed as Head Girl this academic year, a role I’ve only dreamt of since I began here at Oakgrove Integrated College in Year 8. This has provided me with the opportunity to be viewed as a role model and mentor within our school community. Oakgrove is a great place to meet new people, a safe place to give everyone a sense of belonging, to grow in confidence, to be protected and nurtured, supported through the good and bad, a place where you are valued for who you are and encouraged to be the best version of yourself. Being In an Integrated School has benefited me as I have been able to meet all dierent kinds of people from dierent cultures and backgrounds, allowing me to be in an environment where diversity is not just accepted but encouraged and I feel this is something everyone should have the chance to experience and be immersed in. I will forever be grateful to the sta, who have helped me accomplish all that I have achieved. I have always had such pride in being a student here at Oakgrove Integrated College. It has been such a fulfilling journey, a transition that I know has prepared me for life and all that will bring. Your child will grow, learn and thrive here because Oakgrove is not just a place or building, we the students, the teachers and sta are Oakgrove!HEAD GIRL Suranne MullanBeing Head Boy of Oakgrove Integrated College 2021/2022 is a great privilege and I am delighted to represent my peers and to be seen as a role model in the school. Oakgrove has always been a place where everyone is welcome and looked after, no matter where you come from or what your background may be. Throughout my years at Oakgrove, and from being part of the Oakgrove community, I have gained so many valuable skills and have had so many wonderful experiences that I would not have had without Integrated Education. The support provided to the students from the sta, academic and emotional, is something you won’t find at any other school. The wellbeing of the students is always put first and their emotional and mental health is always so well looked after. Having experienced it first-hand, I truly believe that Integrated Education is the best way to prepare a child for the real world, where everyone works and socialises together, making Oakgrove a great choice for any family.HEAD BOY Dara Donaghy

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12Oakgrove Integrated CollegeKS 3MATHEMATICSENGLISH INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGYSCIENCELEARNING FOR LIFE AND WORK (Including Home Economics)TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGNLANGUAGESRELIGIOUS EDUCATIONPHYSICAL EDUCATIONMUSICHISTORY GEOGRAPHYART AND DESIGNYOUR SEVEN YEAR JOURNEY BEGINS HERE!At Oakgrove Integrated College we oer every student a challenging, motivating and fulfilling curriculum. Students receive opportunities to realise their own potential, whilst encouraging them to develop a wide range of skills and qualities which are necessary to become valuable citizens in today’s society.

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13Prospectus 2022“I really think Oakgrove is by far the best of all the school choices available. It is absolutely great! All the teachers are really nice and the food is great too!”“My first few weeks have been great. I’ve made lots of friends and I love it here. All my teachers are great and so helpful. I feel like I have chosen the best school out there. If I was a parent I would definitely bring my child here!”Year 8 Students

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14Oakgrove Integrated CollegeAT KEY STAGE 4At Oakgrove Integrated College, a wide range of academic and vocational subjects are on oer, these are based on the needs and aspirations of our students. The curriculum is reviewed annually to ensure courses and pathways oered, remain relevant and purposeful, leading to progression at KS5. Year 10 is dedicated to ensuring pupils and parents are given the correct careers advice and support, so that informed decisions can be made.POST 16 Oakgrove is an active member of the Foyle Learning Community. We work in collaboration with other post primary schools in the area to ensure our students have access to a curriculum which provides a range of pathways. These are reviewed annually to ensure the curriculum meets not only the needs of the pupils, but also the current demands of the labour market.

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15Prospectus 2021 - 22THE ARTSAlways at the forefront of innovative projects in the Arts, Oakgrove relishes the opportunity be creative. With CCEA, we piloted the Moving Image Arts GCSE and ‘A’ level courses opening doors for students around the world. Students’ art work adorns the hallways enthralling visitors and celebrating success. Consistently praised at National Theatre and Shakespeare Schools’ Festivals, latest feedback extolled : “This production was a love letter to the possibilities of education”. Through Art, Music and Drama, Oakgrove students embrace the creative skills which open up the world of imagination, exploration and confident expression.

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16Oakgrove Integrated CollegeBEYOND THE CURRICULUMOakgrove develops the whole person, breaking down all barriers, in a community where people constantly support each other. Extra-curricular activities provide rich experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds to learn outside the classroom. Students connect together in shared passion for Sport, Music, Drama, curriculum-linked-clubs, debating, and more. International connections and visits include Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, France, Seattle, London and Rome opening eyes and minds to the world they can explore.

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17Prospectus 2022“The pupils benefit from the wide range of extra-curricular activities during and after school.” ETIRecognising the importance of extra-curricular activities, a bus service is available from Oakgrove to various parts of the city for those pupils staying for after-school activities. Careers Support BT Young Scientist Drama Theatre Singing Badminton Drum Lessons Keyboard Lessons Special Assemblies Acclelrated Reading Soccer Rugby Girls Gaelic Competitions Shakespeare School Festival Language Club Breakfast Club Netball Debating Hockey Tennis Archery Basketball Cricket Choir ICT Club Duke of Edinburgh Art Club Cross Country Dance

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18Oakgrove Integrated College• 1st post primary school in Northern Ireland to introduce a Nurture room with fully trained member of sta, • 1st school in Northern Ireland to have whole sta involved in trauma informed compassionate schools training. • 1st school in Northern Ireland to engage with University of Ulster School of Psychology and charity “Resilio” in Research Pilot into the impact of a trauma informed compassionate school. We intend to publish a paper on our findings. • 1st school in Northern Ireland to have created, developed and introduced a brand new curriculum subject called MEE, mental and emotional education. This is not a programme or an add on but a fully developed curriculum subject which is part of Year 8, 9 & 10 timetable. This subject is the results of months of research into other countries approaches. • 1st school in Northern Ireland to my knowledge to introduce vertical form classes, enable better relationships across the whole school between younger and older pupils.A TRAUMA INFORMED COMPASSIONATE SCHOOL

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19Prospectus 2022“Putting MEE First”Mental and Emotional Education (MEE) is a ground breaking, stand-alone bespoke subject to address the mental and emotional wellbeing and development of our students. This pioneering subject will provide students with the understanding and knowledge to become more self-aware and resilient in looking after their own mental health. It will encompass areas such as HOPE, Resilience, Empathy and Metacognition, which underpins our status as a Trauma Informed Compassionate School. Oakgrove is a school that looks after the mind, heart and body of every pupil.MEEWhat isMEEHopePrideResilienceEmpathy/CompassionSelf RegulationMetacognition/ Learning Pit

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20Oakgrove Integrated CollegeNURTURE ROOMThe Nurture Room is an oasis of calm and tranquillity. It was set up to provide short term focused intervention in a safe environment, in which students with particular social, emotional and behavioural diculties can avail of specific support.Students who avail of the Nurture Room will be provided with support in a one-to-one or small group capacity, to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to manage their own health and well-being. Strategies used within the Nurture Room include Drawing and Talking Therapy, Mindfulness, Mentoring and Relaxation techniques to help students deal with times of trauma and adversity. At Oakgrove Integrated College we pride ourselves on being a nurturing school where we focus on the young people’s overall well-being and drive to support the growth and development of each young person.”

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21Prospectus 2022THE CHILL ZONEThe Chill Zone aims to create a safe, secure and supportive environment for our student body. It is an informal setting which is open at various stages of the school week, including after school and facilitated by trained sta. The Chill Zone oers students an opportunity to work and socialise together. This is achieved through providing students the opportunity to participate in board games, arts and crafts and informal discussion. The aim is to provide each other with the social and emotional support to build self-esteem, identify self-worth and build resilience. This is an excellent opportunity to develop new friendships and just simply to relax and have a bit of fun.

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22Oakgrove Integrated CollegeOakgrove has widespread support systems for all our students. Form Tutors provide academic and pastoral support. Support comes in all manner of ways, tailored to the individual needs of our students. These include:• Promotion of positive attitudes and behaviours• Student reward systems• Mentoring support • Revision programmes• Careers advice and support • Target setting • Assessment to support learning• Transition workshops• Positive sta/student relationships• Targeted academic intervention• Counselling services• Monitoring, recording and tracking progress• Safeguarding Team: Mr Russell Years 8 – 10; Mr Harkin Years 11 – 14.TUTOR GROUPS

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23Prospectus 2021 - 22“Going to Oakgrove taught me that everyone in the world has an opinion, it might not always be something you agree but all you have to do is listen to it. You can always find common ground with someone.” Aaron (Past Pupil)

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24Oakgrove Integrated College“My favourite subject so far is English. My teacher makes it so much fun. My overall opinion is that Oakgrove is amazing, the teachers and all of my new friends.”“Oakgrove is a great place to go. The early mornings are hard, and so were the first few days, meeting friends and getting lost! But now I’m settled with great new friends and I know my way around. I’m so glad I chose to come here.”Year 8 Students

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25Prospectus 2022FREE SCHOOL TRANSPORTOur magnificent campus is situated on the grounds of Gransha Park. It is surrounded by 400 acres of green fields and mature woodlands. All of our students are entitled to free school transport and travel to school by bus. Our transport providers service Cityside, Waterside and rural areas extending to Limavady, Strabane, Claudy and Eglinton.STRABANECITYSIDECLAUDYEGLINTONLIMAVADYWATERSIDERIVER FOYLEOAKGROVEINTEGRATED COLLEGE

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26Oakgrove Integrated CollegeADMISSIONS CRITERIA FOR ENTRY OF PUPILS TO YEAR 8 SEPTEMBER 2022Oakgrove Integrated College is an all ability, co-educational, integrated school. The school was set up by parents to purposely bring together young people from all faiths and none as part of the process of healing the division in Northern Ireland. Through the admissions criteria the Board of Governors seeks to maintain an overall balance amongst all traditions, as outlined in the statement of principles of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE).Where there are more applicants than places available, the following criteria shall be applied, in the order listed:(a) Applicants who name Oakgrove Integrated College as their First Preference post-primary school on the Transfer Form.(b) Applicants who have a “child of the family” presently or previously enrolled in the school. Within this criterion, priority will be given to those applicants where all elder ‘children of the family’ attended this College.(c) Applicants who are the rst child in the family to be of the age to transfer to secondary education or in the case of a family having arrived in the area within the P6/P7 year (proof required), is the rst to reach transfer age since arrival.(d) Applicants who are transferring from any Grant Maintained Integrated Primary School or Controlled Integrated Primary School as dened in the Education Reform Order (NI) 1989.(e) Other applicants.In the event of there being more applicants than places available for the last criterion that can be applied, then selection for the remaining places will be on the basis of the initial letter of the surnames in the order set out below (if applicants have the same surname then the rst forename will be used to list applicants. In the event of two or more children having exactly the same name, the date of birth, as entered on the birth certicate, will be used as a tie-breaker with the oldest child being chosen rst). Mac, N, V, E, U, L, Mc, C, H, K, T, Y, O, B, A, Z, X, O’ I, G, F, R, W, J, S, M, D, P, Q(The order was determined by a random selection.)EXPLANATORY NOTESProspective parents should complete the Ocial Transfer Form, providing the relevant and correct information. The Board of Governors reserves the right to seek conrmation on any information supplied.In order to achieve a reasonable balance Oakgrove College will reserve a maximum of 20% of the places available for pupils from traditions other than the Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions. In the event of there being fewer applicants from the “other traditions” sector than the allocated 20% of places then the balance of places will be divided equally between Protestant and Roman Catholic applicants. In the event of an odd number of places remaining in this division, an additional place will be allocated to the sector having the greater number of applicants. In the event of there being fewer applicants from either the Protestant or Roman Catholic traditions than there are places available for that tradition then the balance of places will be allocated to the other tradition. The perceived religious aliation of an applicant will be decided by one or other of the following means:(i) The religious aliation noted on, or uploaded with, the Transfer Form by the parent/guardian; or(ii) The type of primary school which the pupil attended; i.e. controlled or maintained; or(iii) Directly from the applicant’s Primary School Principal; or(iv) The information supplied to the College on, or uploaded with, the Transfer Form. In the event that the total number of applicants for a particular tradition is greater than the number of places within that tradition of applicants as set out above, then the allocation of places will be determined, in the order set down above, to applicants in order of preference, i.e. the criteria above will be applied to rst preference applicants of that tradition and then, if places are still available in that particular tradition, to second preference applicants of that tradition and so on.

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27Prospectus 2022The selection for admission to the College will be applied rstly to applicants whose normal place of residence is in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission and secondly, if there are any places still remaining, to applicants not so resident at the time of application.RESPECTIVE FUNCTIONS OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS AND PRINCIPAL IN RELATION TO ADMISSIONSThe Board of Governors draws up the admissions criteria and delegates to an Admissions Sub-Committee, which includes the Principal, the responsibility for applying these criteria. Any reference herein to the term the Board of Governors includes any Committee or Sub-Committee appointed by the Board of Governors for the purposes of applying the Admissions Criteria set out herein.It is a matter for the parents/guardians to ensure that all the information required by the College to apply the criteria, set out below, is fully provided on, or uploaded with, the ocial Transfer Form. The relevant information must include the parent’s/guardian’s religion, the child’s religion and place in the family and normal place of residence. The Board of Governors reserves the right to seek conrmation of any information supplied. Parents are advised to read the Guidance in this booklet regarding the type of evidence that will be required to satisfy a particular criterion.The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide information within the deadlines set by the Procedure can result in the withdrawal of a place and the inability to offer a place on the part of any post-primary school nominated on the applicant’s Transfer Form.The Board of Governors reserves the right to seek verication or conrmation of any information supplied by parents/guardians.The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any application/transfer form. If you are successful in gaining a place in Oakgrove College you will be asked to provide the following:A Any one of the following original documents:• The Child’s Birth Certicate.• A letter awarding Child Benet to the child or another letter relating to the benet.• The child’s Medical Card showing the child’s current permanent place of residence.• AndB Any two of the following original documents:• A Bank, Post Oce, Credit Union or Building Society statement which shows the address at which the child is resident.• A current utility bill (for instance Electricity, Gas, Television Licence, Telephone) which shows the address at which the child is resident.• A letter awarding Child Benet to the child or another letter relating to this benet.• The Child’s Medical Card showing the child’s current permanent place of residence.Please note that other documents equally capable of verifying your information, or other equally capable means of verication will be considered at the discretion of the Board of Governors. If, therefore, you are unable to provide the specic documents listed above then please contact Oakgrove College to establish how you can verify your application.WAITING LIST POLICYShould a vacancy arise after 21 May 2022 all applications for admission to Year 8 that were initially refused, new applications, late applications and applications where new information has been provided will be treated equally and the published criteria applied. This waiting list will be in place until 30 June 2022.Oakgrove Integrated College would contact you in writing if your child gains a place in the College by this method. Your child’s name will be automatically added to the list. Please contact the College if you wish for your child’s name to be removed from the list.YEAR Admissions No.Total ApplicationsAll PreferencesTotal Admissions2019/20 130 125 1132020/21 130 123 1032021/22 130 80 78

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28Oakgrove Integrated CollegeStradreagh Gransha Park,Derry-Londonderry, BT47 6TGN. Ireland, Tel: 028 71 860443E-Mail: Fax: 028 71 860536Web: www.oakgrovecollege.comOakgrove Integrated College@OIntegrated