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2022 NWE Graduation

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2022 Masters Graduation Album

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Our Story 2022 Graduation Album

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Congratulations Masters Carrie Winnie Ruby Zorah Cindy Joanne food s u o i c i del Kevin Austin

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Look at you now We ve come a long way since the first day we come to NWE Andrew Mia Angela Jeremy Gigi Melody Tony Wilson Leo You did it

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Congratulations Leaders Shawn Roy Jerro Rainie Zayn Alan Yoyo

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Good Old time

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Do you remember the old days

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We ve shared so many stories

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Love Laugh Learn

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We visited so many places

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Those memories

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Our friendship

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We look out for each other

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We were an amazing class because we had each other

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Always remember the time that we spent together

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Keep this in mind Put what you learned in New World English to use Become leaders that are loving kind happy and grateful

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2022 Graduation

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Today, we are celebrating the graduation of the 2022 Masters andLeaders classes. It has not been an easy journey to get here, but bydedicating themselves to learning English and because of that, theyhave become masters of it.They have, perhaps in a way they do not fully understand yet, openedup a world of possibilities for themselves. There is nowhere they won’tbe able to go, and there’s nothing they won’t be able to do because ofwhat they have learned here at New World English. They will neverknow the limitations of their fellow peers. The English language andthe incredible people they are becoming will guarantee that.What they have learned here at New World English goes far beyondjust English. They have learned compassion through giving to thoseless fortunate. They have learned to be successful through followingthe thinking of the most successful people in the world. But mostimportantly, the thing that enabled them to get where they are todayand will ensure they continue to do amazing things far into the future,is that they have learned to have grit.I have no doubt this amazing group of people will do incredible thingsin their life and will be very successful. Now, without further ado, Iwould like to welcome our 2022 Masters class valedictorian, JeremyChen, to the stage.TEACHER ADAM

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On behalf of the graduating master class of 2022, I’d like to thank allthe teachers at New World English. They have made New WorldEnglish a wonderful place to learn English, and taught us many skillsthat made us stronger, braver, smarter and that made a better road forour future.I’d like to thank everyone in our class. We worked hard together, wemade lasting relationships, and will always cherish the memories thatwe have made together that changed our lives day by day. Over the past six years we’ve learned a lot about life, like how to bea leader, and most importantly, how to be a loving, kind, happy, andgrateful person. We have also had the opportunity to learn tocommunicate in ASL, and even invent new things through engineering.It’s been an amazing experience.By the time we are grown, many challenges will have appeared.These challenges may be difficult, but please remember what DenzelWashington said, “Fall forward.” Try to learn from the failedexperiences, take what you have learned, and be better thanyesterday. Even though it is time to say goodbye, our memories will stay withus and make us better. It’s time for a new adventure to begin. I thankyou for being my companions on this one.JEREMY CHENMASTERS GRADUATEVALEDICTORIAN

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New World English is like a home to me. New World English is notjust an English school to me. It is a place to learn how to become abetter person, a stronger person. New World English taught me how to do things fast and accurate. Iremember when I was in CC1, it was the first day I came to New WorldEnglish. I was very shy and nervous because it was a new school tome. I didn't speak a word for two weeks. Slowly, I began to make newfriends and speak more English. I have become more and moreconfident. I think if there was no New World English, my Englishspeaking would not be good. And I also wouldn't be as a good personas I am now. I wouldn't have grit if there was no New World English. Teacher Scott taught me a lot about investment and business. In thefuture, I want to become a rich person, so I can help people in need.Finally, I want to say thank you to New World English teachersbecause they taught me a lot of things that I will need in the future.ALAN KUOMASTERS GRADUATE

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I came to New World English at a very young age. When I learnedhow to speak English, I felt English was very special and important. When I was in Teacher Alastair's class, he made me want to learnEnglish every day. Teacher Adam's class was fun, too. If I hadn't cometo New World English, I wouldn't have won a lot of trophies and Iwouldn't have liked speaking English. I also wouldn't have met so many amazing teachers.My life is better because of New World English. It is a good place tolearn. New World English made my English better and better. It gaveme the chance to make more friends. It changed my life in a great way. I joined a lot of camps at New World English. I will always rememberthe fun times we had and how much it changed me. They were thebest times of my life. I want to use my English ability to find a goodjob. I want to thank Teacher Adam, Teacher Judy, and all the teachersthat taught me before. I would also like to thank my parents forbringing me to New World English. It has changed my life.ANDREW WANGMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is not like a normal school. We are not justlearning English. We also learned how to have a better life. Theteachers here are very kind to us, and they keep us happy and safe.New World English is like a second home to me. Before I came to New World English, I was afraid to talk in front ofeveryone. Now, my English has gotten better. My teachers have evencalled me to help others in class. I'm not scared of speaking Englishanymore. If I hadn't come here, my English may not have been as goodas it is now, and I probably wouldn't be able to speak so well. I am gladthat I came to New World English. My grammar, writing, and speakinghave all improved.My favorite thing at New World English was listening to TeacherAdam's life stories. He told us so many funny stories about his life, andtaught us ASL so that we could talk to deaf people. Being at NewWorld English was so fun! Now I have learned so much English, so Iwant to travel the world.Finally, I'd like to thank Teacher Adam, and Teacher Judy for teachingme so many things. I also want to thank my parents for bringing me toNew World English. Lastly, I want to thank my friends for playing withme. Thank you all!ANGELA HUMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is my second home. School C teachers are verykind and lovely. At School A, I had class with Teacher Adam. He alwaystaught us a lot of new English words and about grammar. Then afterclass, I would go home and tell my mom about all the funny storiesTeacher Adam would tell us.The first day when I stepped into New World English, the class wasvery fun. Sometimes, we needed to write a lot, but our class was stillfun. After writing, we played many games and that was how I mademore friends. I loved learning English and making friends at NewWorld English.In the future, I need to continue to practice my English and becomemore fluent, so I can travel the world. I'd like to thank all my teachers for teaching me so many things. I wantto thank my parents for bringing me to New World English. Finally, Iwant to thank my friends for helping me and playing with me. Thankyou to everyone who has changed me so much.AUSTIN YOUMASTERS GRADUATE

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Since grade 1, I have been coming to New World English, and sincethen, my English skills have grown dramatically. I remember getting tobake or do art while learning English in class, which showed me thatlearning doesn't have to be boring.I think the thing that New World English has changed the mostabout me is that I am not afraid to express my thoughts. The mostdifficult thing about English is to actually say it out loud, which I hadlots of trouble with.My favorite memory of New World English was the time when wewere making pumpkin mochi. We did every step right, but the resultsturned out disgusting. It was because we used sweet potato instead ofpumpkin. In the future, I hope I can use my English skills to help other peoplewho aren't as lucky as we are. Last but not least, I would like to saythank you to my parents and New World English teachers forproviding such a great learning space and for being there for me allalong the way.CARRIE CHIUMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is like a theme park to me. I made a lot of friends,the teachers were friendly and never gave up on any kind of student.We learned English or anything with no pressure.If I hadn't come to New World English, I would have lost all myhappiness and just sat in a chair doing writing practice. New WorldEnglish has helped me with my terrible English, messy life skills andpronounciation. Now, I'm able to speak and write well. There are a lot of memories in my mind about New World English.They are like shining jewels in the dark. The one I like the most is thetime with Zorah at Leo Fu Village. We tried the Pirate Boat and rivertubing, and I felt so grateful and loved. Without New World English, I would have missed meeting a lot ofwonderful friends and amazing teachers. It made me feel English wasa game that I was playing with everyone, and I really enjoyed thatgame a lot. I want to thank my parents for bringing me to New World English, andI also want to thank my teachers and classmates because theybrought me a lot of knowledge, experience and fun. I really enjoyedthe time with all of you.CINDY CHENMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is not just a place where we learn English. It'salso a place where we make friends. New World English gave me abetter life, a better environment to grow my confidence, a goodchildhood. It was like my second home. One of my favorite things to do at New World English was listening toTeacher Adam's childhood stories. They were funny and ridiculous.Baking was another thing I liked to do here. We learned, we laughed,we played. I'll never forget the time we spent with each other. Without New World English, my mom would have probably sent meto school after school, and she would never have been satisfiedbecause she knows how important learning English is for my future. New World English helped me become the person I am today, theone who stands here in front of many people. I believe New WorldEnglish changed my life and my future. I must thank all the teachers atNew World English and especially Teacher Scott for creating thiswonderful place.GIGI LIMASTERS GRADUATE

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Since the first time I stepped into New World English. I felt it was amagical, wonderful, and remarkable place to learn English. I've learned a lot of things like baking, writing, art, speaking, and ASL.They have made my English and my life better in many ways. I'mliving a great life and New World English has made me a betterperson.In the past six years, many things have happened. There are lots ofmemories that I have made at New World English. One day in SportsCamp, we went kayaking. When I was getting in the boat, I suddenlyfell into the pond and the boat floated away. I was so embarrassed. With my English skills, I'd like to make my future better. I'd like tothank my teachers. They have made my English much better in manyways. Finally, I'd like to thank my parents for bringing me to New WorldEnglish. Thank you very much!JEREMY CHENMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is a happy place for me. It's a place for me tohave fun and learn English. New World English has helped me to makemore friends and learn more skills. We learned to make fire, to climbwalls and to river trace. One of my best memories is the time I wentriver tracing with my brother. We jumped off a cliff that is about threemeters above the water. It was very scary but also exciting. If I didn't come New World English, I wouldn't have experienced all ofthese wonderful memories. Learning at New World English allows meto have the dream of becoming a English youtuber. Since I can speakboth English and Chinese, I can have more followers. Now, I want to say thanks to Teacher Thomas, Alastair, Travis andScott for helping me through out these six years at New World English.I will never forget the great memories that I made here.JERRO YANGMASTERS GRADUATE

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At first, I didn't even know what English was, but when I came to NewWorld English I knew what it was and I knew that English was veryimportant. Every time I came here, I felt happy and safe. New World English wasmy second home. At New World English, a lot of fun things happened.I haven't forgotten a single thing. There was a day, we were playinglazer-tag, and I was the leader. The leader could have two guns. It wasa really fun memory, and made a really great picture.New World English helped me a lot. In the beginning, my English wasreally bad, but now I know how to spell, read, and speak English. In thefuture, I would like to try my best to learn more English, and go toother countries with my friends and family.Finally, I want to thank all of the teachers, my friends, and my parents. Thank you for changing my life.JOANNE FANMASTERS GRADUATE

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I think New World English is the best English school. It was able torelax and keep me from being stressed. Each day was a great day. Ilearned that you could learn English and have fun at the same time.New World English taught me how important it is to be loving, kind,happy, and grateful.My mom and dad were happy that I was happy at New WorldEnglish because I became a better person. I became a better personby learning English, making more friends and having good teachersthat helped me find my goal. My goal is to have a factory and to be aloving, kind, happy and grateful person.New World English changed my life and I will always be grateful. if Ihadn't come to new World English. I wouldn't have been able to speakEnglish or type fast. I have learned so much and can now type 60words per minute. I still remember the moment when Teacher Phoebefound out that I beat her in Typing Club by 100,000 pts. It was veryfunny.Thank you to my parents for bringing me here. Thanks to all the NewWorld English teachers who gave me a good place to study Englishand thank you to all my friends.KEVIN DENGMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is my second home. It helped me to learn English.When I went there I was always happy. New World English was a goodplace for me. I made a lot of good friends there. The teachers wereloving, kind, happy, and grateful and they were very friendly. New World English is a wonderful place to be. If I hadn't come toNew World English. I wouldn't have known the nice teachers and havehad interesting friends. I remember playing basketball every day inclass with Josh and Ivan. It was so much fun. When I needed help theyalways helped me. They are my best friends. New World English turned me into a great person. It helped me somuch. My English went from zero to hero because of the teachers.Thanks to my teachers, my friends, and my parents. The teacherstaught me English; my friends always encouraged me; my parents sentme to New World English. Because of you I can stand here today.Thank you!LEO LIUMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is my second home. It always brought me warmand happy feelings. There, we weren't just learning English, we wereactually taught to be better people and even to talk with our hands byusing ASL. My teachers were very loving, kind, happy, and grateful.They always made me feel comfortable. After I came to New World English, my English got better and better.At school, I didn't need to worry about my English level. When myfamily and I went to other countries I could communicate with thelocal people in English. Doing this made me feel confident and taughtme English is very important. I'm happy I came here. My life haschanged a lot because of this. I will always remember New World English as a place that broughtme so much fun. English is the most important language in the world. Ican travel the world by speaking English and experience differentcultures.I'd like to thank all the teachers. They taught me so much, and alwaysmade us laugh. I want to thank all my friends for helping me. Finally, Iwant to thank my parents for bringing me to New World English. Thankyou so much.MELODY XUMASTERS GRADUATE

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When I started coming to New World English I cried every day, but Ireally liked English, so I quit crying. New World English was like mysecond home. My best friends were there and they were my family. Ilike them so much. New World English changed who I was and addedso much happiness to my life.When I was little, Joanne was not my best friend. Now, we're likesisters. We even talk to each other every night and tell each otherwhen we go to bed.New World English helped me a lot. Without New World English, myEnglish would not be as good as it is now. In the future, I would like totravel around the world with the knowledge I have learned.Finally, I want to thank all of the teachers, my parents, and my friends.Thanks to all of you for your help. I will always remember all thesememories.MIA LIMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is like my second home. All the teachers are likemy family. When I came to New World English, I always felt good andhappy. Coming to New World English made me a better person, a betterchild and a better leader. New World English does not just teachEnglish. It also teaches us to be a loving, kind, happy, and gratefulperson. If I didn't come to New World English, I wouldn't have manygood memories. I remember one time, Teacher Jack, Teacher Joshuaand I were walking on the street. It was cold, so I wore a jacket andTeacher Jack told me, "Look! You and I are wearing jackets, onlyTeacher Joshua is not cold. He is wearing a T-shirt because he hasmore muscles." This made me laugh a lot. If I didn't come to New World English, I wouldn't be able to speakEnglish so well. New World English helped me to try hard to be theperson who I want to be. I want to be a brave and kind person. I want to say thanks to all the teachers who worked so hard to teachus. I will always remember you!RAINIE CHUANGMASTERS GRADUATE

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ROY LINMASTERS GRADUATENew World English is a wonderful place that teaches me not onlyhow to speak English, but also how to become a better person. I havebecome more "loving, kind, happy, and grateful". Now, I am also ableto communicate with people around the world.I remember there was one Christmas that Teacher Scott picked twopeople to receive the Christmas prizes from the raffle box. Shawn gotchosen twice. Instead of keeping them for himself, he picked one forme. The prize he gave me was a Nerf gun. I was very happy and I stillhave that gun with me until now. If I didn't come to New World English, I wouldn't be as good as I amnow. In the future, with my English ability, I want to become aninternational actor because I want to make everybody laugh. Finally, I want to say thanks to all my teachers and New WorldEnglish. You taught me not just English, but also taught me about lifeand a lot more. I will always remember the time at New World English.

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New World English is very important to me. The first time I came toNew World English, Teacher Scott was talking to me. He said, "Hello,what's your name?" I didn't answer. He kept asking, "Is it Apple?Banana? Elephant?" I said, "My name is Ruby." Then Teacher Scott said,"Nice to meet you, Ruby". From that day on, I loved to come to NewWorld English. And I also became more and more confident each day. I could say that New World English has changed my life. If I hadn'tcome to New World English, my English would have been horrible andmy life would be very limited. New World English has changed myEnglish ability and my life. In the future, I would like to use my English to take a trip around theworld. I want to thank you, my teachers, you taught me how to loveEnglish, how to have courage, and how to be myself. I'd also like tothank my parents. They brought me to New World English and gaveme a chance for a better life.RUBY WANGMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is a wonderful place. We came here not just tolearn English, we were also learning to become better people. Wehelp others, teach others and learn from others.New World English really has helped me a lot. At first, I didn't reallywant to go to New World English, but when I got in. I saw all of myfriends were there. We did a lot of things together. I was very glad tohave come here. I remember there was one Christmas when I was insecond grade, Teacher Scott was going to pick a student to get a bigprize, and I got it twice. I felt so lucky and grateful. If I didn't come toNew World English, I would not be very good in English. If I was notgood at English, then maybe I wouldn't talk to foreign teachers and Iwouldn't do well on my test. New World English taught me a lot ofthings, like science, engineering and good behavior, they are all veryimportant. I learned a lot from New World English.Thank you to all of the teachers. Without you, I would not be a goodperson. Thank you for teaching me English.SHAWN CHENMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is a place that made me happy every time I wentthere. I learned English, had so much fun, and made a lot of friends.Every time I played games with my friends in class, it would make mewant to speak English.Since I began studying at New World English, my English score hasgotten better and better. My teachers would ask me to help otherstudents, and each time I helped them, I learned more. I became amore independent person.My life would have been different without New World English. If Ihadn't been there, I wouldn't have reached my English goals, myparents might have been disappointed, and my life could have beensad. I love to play with my friends at New World English. I remember onetime that we went out to play "Capture the Ball". Austin and I were onthe same team. When Austin caught the ball, he threw it to me and Iran back to our team and we won the game. That very moment mademe really happy.In the future, I will use English to find my dream job. I want to thank allmy teachers, especially Teacher Adam and Teacher Judy for helpingme a lot with my English. I also want to thank my parents for sendingme to New World English. Thank you!TONY LIAOMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English was a place to forget about sad things for me.Every time I stepped into New World English all the sad things justdisappeared.At New World English, I knew learning English didn't mean just sittingthere and writing. It could be very fun in class. We sang songs, playedsome games, and shared a few funny stories that made me feellearning English didn't have to be boring.I still remember the first time I came to New World English I wasscared of my new classmates and teachers. And I was afraid that myEnglish was not good enough. After class, I knew that was not true. Allmy classmates and teachers were very kind, and I told my mom that Iloved New World English.In the future, I would like to travel all over the world because I reallywant to talk to other people. Finally, I'd like to thank Teacher Adam,Teacher Alastair, and Teacher Judy for teaching me so much. I alsowant to thank my parents for bringing me to New World English. Thankyou so much!WILSON KUNGMASTERS GRADUATE

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I like New World English because every time when I come to NewWorld English I feel happy. I learned English, played games, and didart. I also made a lot of friends there.New World English was like my second home. I remember one timein Eco-Camp we went hiking. One of my friends didn't look at theground and fell down. A teacher carried her and kept hiking. All of mymemories at New World English are loving, kind, happy, and gratefulones. New World English changed me a lot. I was able to make many greatfriends there and was able to become a better person. New WorldEnglish helped me to see the world in different ways and changed theway I saw myself. I know I will never forget those lessons and willbecome the best me.In my future, I would like to come to New World English to be ateacher because I like to help people. I want to thank all of myteachers. Teacher Adam, Teacher Thomas, Teacher Scott, andTeacher Alastair. Thank you for teaching me so much. Finally, I wouldlike to thank my parents for bringing me to New World English. Thankyou so much!WINNIE TSAIMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English means a lot to me. It's like my second home. Allthe teachers are kind and friendly to me. When I first came to New World English, I didn't even know oneEnglish word. It changed me from having no English ability to beingable to communicate in English. I remember when I was in fifth grade,Roy gave his reading competition speech. It was super funny andeveryone laughed a lot. It was such a great time, but if I didn't come toNew World English, I wouldn't be here today. My English would alsonot be as good as it is now. I am really thankful for what New WorldEnglish has done for me. Thanks to New World English, I became very confident with myEnglish. Also, I want to say thank you to all the teachers because theyhave taught me a lot. They were very patient and took care of me. Soonce again thank you all.YOYO WANGMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English is a special place because all my friends are here.It is a place where I can learn English and principles for my life. Before Icame here, my English was a mess, but my teachers helped me withmy English and it's much better now. I still remember there was one time in Sport Camp. I walked pass myclassmate and he just suddenly and farted. It sounded like "Ah-ChooBoo!" It was so funny that I can't forget. If I didn't come here, I wouldn'thave learned as much about life as I would have. I learned about howto invest and use money wisely. I think this is important because I wantto be successful in life. I want to say thank you to teacher Scott for your help. Without you, Iwouldn't know so much about life.ZAYN LINMASTERS GRADUATE

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New World English has always been like my secret garden. Idiscovered all kinds of things here. I was in second grade when I firstcame to New World English. All of the classmates talked to me a lot,which gave me lots of happiness. Soon, I got into third grade and metmy best friend, Cindy. Cindy smiled all the time and she always mademe laugh. I remember when I first came to New World English, Joanne came tome and said, "Don't play with Carrie." After a while, I saw Joanneplaying with Carrie, so I started playing with them, and found out thatthey were amazing people. I've made many great friends andmemories while at New World English. The teachers at New WorldEnglish have helped me a lot. They were really nice and taught us lotsof things. If I hadn't come to New World English, I would have never met myfriends, and I wouldn't have had so much fun while learning English.New World English has become a big part of my life. I want to thankmy teachers, my friends, and my parents. Thank you for making all theunforgettable memories with me.ZORAH LIMASTERS GRADUATE

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Yours, Teacher LynOTHERSNew World English

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17:45 Gathering at New World English18:00 Arrive at the Graduation Party18:05 Greeting by Feona and Adam18:15 Valedictorian Speech18:20 Individual Speech19:00 ASL Performance - High Hope19:15 Key to Success19:30 Dinner20:15 Teacher Scott's Speech20:30 Closing20:40 Family Picture TimeOur ScheduleGraduation Party新世界美語畢業晚餐派對

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