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2022 Impact Report

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02 Dear friends Welcome to Apiary for Practical Support s first ever impact report We re so excited and proud to tell you about our work our vision and all of the ways we stepped up and grew during a tumultuous year In 2022 the reproductive rights the US has known for 50 years crumbled before our eyes While none of us were exactly surprised when Roe v Wade fell last June we were certainly sad angry and called to action 2022 also happened to be the year that Apiary became a fully independent organization After two years of conversation with practical support organizations PSOs around the country about what help they were missing and testing ways to best support them we launched And what a launch In just twelve short months we have Brought hundreds of people who work or volunteer at PSOs together through the Hivemind our network of community spaces to share resources and bolster our collective skills and knowledge Launched a public directory for abortion seekers and those who support them with key allies and partners in this movement Developed training materials for new PSOs and prepared to launch a nationwide training program called the Blueprint and so much more We knew the overturn of Roe v Wade would be catastrophic and it certainly has been But we are continually awed by the strength of this movement Tens of thousands of people have continued to show up day after day to make sure that people get the abortion care they need despite countless legal threats and logistical challenges Clinic workers practical support volunteers abortion fund staff administrators Board members advocates they just don t stop And that s why we re here to make sure the people helping people access their abortion care can keep going It is hard exhausting work and we look for big and small ways to lift labor off their shoulders Throughout this document you ll read about all the ways that happens but before we get into it practical support workers we see you we love you we re here for you In solidarity Marisa Falcon Tessa Benson Executive Director Deputy Director

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03 About Apiary Apiary for Practical Support helps practical support organizations grow and thrive We provide operations and programmatic services to any grassroots organization or group that provides travel lodging food assistance childcare or other basic needs support to people seeking abortion care We also offer trainings and services to groups interested in learning more about how practical support works We do that by Convening groups together and ensuring strategies and goals are communicated across the network Training local services organizations to meet the needs they expect to fulfill Screening and training new groups moving into the ecosystem Building and maintaining tools that make it easier for direct service workers to help their clients

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04 The Work of Practical About Practical Support Support We define practical support as logistical assistance to people seeking abortion care This can include local and long distance travel lodging childcare meal assistance direct cash assistance and more but these are the most common among practical support organizations PSOs Many PSOs also offer things like aftercare kits doulas other emotional support direct internal referrals to local resources like interpersonal violence or longer term housing support funding for any number of things a client needs support with in order to travel for their care cash to renew a driver s license pay for a pet sitter or pay for a prepaid phone they can use while traveling Practical support requires managing a lot of moving parts and a lot of collaborators abortion funds clinics other practical support organizations and the list goes on The work is complicated and nuanced

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05 Practical support is about collaboration and logistics Confirm appointment is scheduled Update database to make sure all records are correct Send Jane money to pay her cousin to babysit while she s gone Find additional funds if needed Call National Abortion Federation abortion funds to make sure Jane can pay for her procedure If no volunteers are available an ey c if th ent e e tm os oin ic t clin app he he t t r from nea oup to and ll gr Ca t Jane ge Call their volunteer networks to see if anyone can help Jane Book flight to city where appointment is located Rent a taxi Uber Lyft to take Jane to and from their appointment Book a trusted hotel near the clinic on Jane s behalf Send Jane some extra cash to cover miscellaneous expenses Research local bus lines and book a ticket for Jane to get to the airport Coordinate with a local mutual aid group to drop off groceries for Jane at her hotel Schedule a volunteer and make sure Jane gets picks up and dropped off Make sure Jane has all the information and tickets she needs to be able to travel to her care

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06 Why Practical Support Exists In its essence practical support is community care We have all participated in community care driving a friend to the doctor delivering a casserole when someone is sick looking after a cousin s kid while they go to an appointment In the last few years the size and scope of practical support for abortion seekers has grown significantly As clinics close and bans go into effect people must travel for their care The farther people have to go the more complicated and expensive access becomes The destruction of our social safety net stagnant wages no universal health care or child care food insecurity housing insecurity the climate crisis on top of the legislative assault on reproductive freedom means that needs have been growing significantly Before June 2022 practical support organizations mainly focused on supporting people seeking abortion care with complex medical or legal needs later abortion care young people and people working to make ends meet When Roe fell it meant an enormous increase in the sheer number of people who need help to get to a clinic and the distances they will need to travel

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We built Apiary to be a hub for all of the groups doing this work to meet and learn from each other centralizing information without centralizing power

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08 Our Services Hivemind TThe Hivemind is the backbone of all our programs our community spaces made up of people who work or volunteer at practical support organizations We host twice monthly calls manage a listserv and in 2022 launched a Slack and Signal group where anyone can quickly raise questions or share resources By the end of 2022 the Hivemind had 267 people from 67 groups in our shared spaces and we had brought in external speakers to talk about fundraising emotional well being digital security and much more Directory launched June 2022 We partnered with the folks at ineedana com and the National Network of Abortion Funds to make a comprehensive resource directory of abortion funds clinics and practical support organizations so that people seeking abortions and the groups helping them can see more easily what resources exist and how to connect to them PS 101 A macro level training provided to organizations within the reproductive health rights justice movement that want to understand what practical support is and its impact TA Coalition launched Feb 2022 A monthly call with other organizations that provide technical assistance or other supportive services to abortion access organizations to align goals and strategies What started as a small collaboration with the Digital Defense Fund and Forefront Project had by the end of the year grown to ten organizations and continues to expand

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Practical support in the abortion funding world is its own beast and requires its own magic and it feels really really good to be in community with other people who get it Hivemind member

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10 Practical Support Blueprint Groups interested in providing practical support often come to us looking for help on how to start In 2022 we began building a training model for how to provide client centered trauma informed anti racist services In October 2022 we hired the Blueprint Manager to build and expand this project They will be running training cohorts for new and existing organizations launching Spring 2023 The Blueprint Cohort is a facilitated space where organizations assess the specific needs and capacities in their communities imagine possibilities and build out a plan for practical support services in their area The cohort will include 6 8 organizations at a time working together over a 3 month period with planning sessions and optional supplemental skill shares A million thanks to our collaborators at the Brigid Alliance Midwest Access Coalition Fund Texas Choice and the Northwest Abortion Access Fund who sat with us in early 2022 and walked through all their systems documents and theories of change Volunteer Management Coordination In response to requests for help with vetting training and managing volunteers and thanks to financial support from the Abortion Movement Fund in 2022 we started building out a tool for helping organizations get through their long list of potential volunteers In October 2023 we hired the Volunteer Coordination Manager to build and expand this project The Practical Support Volunteer Training Program will screen volunteers and provide training on the fundamentals of practical support guided by the theory of Reproductive Justice and will launch in Spring 2023 We will begin offering this service to PSOs in late spring 2023 and will offer accessible times to volunteers with both weekday and weekend options PS Summit Returns in 2023 In May 2021 we held the first ever large scale conference by and for practical support organizations We re thrilled to announce that the Summit will be back September 22 23 Reproductive Justice is a framework whose central tenants are that every person has right to have a child the right to not have a child and the right to parent a child or children in safe and healthy environments

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I learned a lot got a lot of new resources met some awesome people and generally came away feeling supported hopeful and determined to be better in the future 2021 Summit Attendee

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12 The People The Board The Team President Anna Rupani Executive Director Marisa Falcon Deputy Director Tessa Benson Blueprint Manager Ay Volunteer Coordination Manager Sara Treasurer Kristie Williams Secretary Erin Case Members Diana Parker Kafka Stephanie Loraine Odile Schalit The Consultants Chris Cabuzedo IT Erin DeCou Fundraising Ops Collective Operations The Volunteers Anna Bean Jordan Myles Apiary s co founders last names unlisted by their request

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13 Organizations in the Hivemind Abortion Fund of Arizona Abortion Fund of Ohio Abortion Liberation Fund Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts ACCESS REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE All Options Hoosier Abortion Fund ARC Southeast Arkansas Abortion Support Network Athens Healthcare Support Network Baltimore Abortion Fund Baltimore Doula Project Bay Area Doula Project Birth Mark Doulas Blue Ridge Abortion Fund Buckle Bunnies Carolina Abortion Fund Carolina Reproductive Action Network Cascades Abortion Support Collective Clinic Access Support Network Cobalt Abortion Fund Colorado Doula Project DC Abortion Fund DMV Abortion Practical Support Network Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund Elevated Access Faith Choice Ohio First State Abortion Fund Florida Access Network Frontera Fund Fund Texas Choice Haven Coalition Holler Health Justice Hope Clinic for Women Indigenous Women Rising Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts Jane s Due Process Just The Pill Kentucky Health Justice Network Los Angeles Abortion Support Collective Louisiana Abortion Fund Mama Aicha Mujer Montuna Midwest Access Coalition Mountain Access Brigade New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice New River Abortion Access Fund Niagara Reproductive Justice North Jersey Practical Support Northwest Abortion Access Fund Our Justice Ozark Circle for Choice Anonymous Philadelphia group Reprocare Reproductive Access Fund Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project SPIRAL Collective Steel City Access Network SYS Fund Tampa Bay Abortion Fund Texas Equal Access Fund The Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund The Bridge Collective The Brigid Alliance Tucson Abortion Support Collective Utah Abortion Fund Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom Wild West Access Fund of Nevada Women in Need Fund of CA Yellowhammer Fund

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14 Since their inception Apiary has been an indispensable thought partner to ineedana com Apiary is a genuine innovator and connector which is exactly what we need in this Post Dobbs landscape ineedana com Thanks to all our 2022 partners Abortion AF Abortion Care Network All Above All Brigid Alliance Digital Defense Fund Forefront Project Fund Texas Choice Guttmacher Institute INeedAnA Lawyering Project Midwest Access Coalition Northwest Abortion Access Fund National Abortion Federation National Network of Abortion Funds NIRH Planned Parenthood Federation of America Provide Reprocare Repro Legal Defense Fund

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15 2022 Funding Breakdown Total Income Total Expenses 1 075 016 16 621 651 37 Thank you to our funders Anonymous Abortion Movement Fund Corinthian International Foundation Grove Foundation Highland Mills Fund Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust Karen Grove Discretionary Fund Krupp Family Foundation Laura and Sam Rigby Family Foundation Laura and John Arnold Donor Advised Fund Lori Ginzberg Donor Advised Fund Peace Development Fund Rebecca Sheff Ethan Stone Tikkun Olam Fund Schusterman Family Foundation Siena Chiang Giving Fund SLH Fund Summer Oaks Fund Tara Health Foundation Speakers Fees 1 2 Income Individuals 21 1 Grants 77 7 Expenses Fundraising 4 9 Administration 21 8 Regranting 12 9 Programs 60 3

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THANK YOU to the partners donors family members friends allies thought partners leaders and ancestors who helped us get here Why Apiary An apiary is a group of beehives a collective of individuals pooling their labor to make a large intricate complicated beautiful support system A hive doesn t thrive without all the worker bees collaborating and leaning on each other and neither do we Apiary for Practical Support 99 Wall Street 1279 New York NY 10005 www apiaryps org contact apiaryps org

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