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2022 Impact Report

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ari derfel ina pockrass BOARD PRESIDENT eat well be well My grandfather a grocer and immigrant from what is now Ukraine taught me many lessons the only constant in life is change and when you re resilient you bend you don t break Change and resilience exemplify this year at your Co op We all hoped the pandemic would be well behind us in 2021 yet it continued to impact everything from staff health to shortages throughout our supply chain We found creative ways to keep our shelves full like exploring new product lines and doubling down on our commitment to True Local We were resilient because we planned for risks such as these We focused on adapting our governance and our management structure to meet the needs of our larger more complex business And as always our cooperative values like providing fair compensation and just work for our beloved staff and enriching our community informed every decision we made The only constant in life is change and when you re resilient you bend you don t break Our resilience and willingness to accept change as a fact of life is what has allowed your Co op to thrive through these times and all the challenging times that have come before It is your Co op s ability to consider opportunities and face challenges through the lens of our vision mission and values which allows us to be flexible and brave in the face of change It is our commitment to being a values based business that will allow us to continue to meet your needs as a member now and in the future 6 out of our 20 largest suppliers are True Local Kootenay Bakery Co op Kootenay Meadows Farm Sunshine Valley Organics Cutter Ranch Tarzwell Farms Chuckureese Abbattoir Shopping Local Matters 115 True Local suppliers in peak season 37 of produce items are True Local 3 6 impact report JUNE 1 2021 MAY 31 2022 million paid to True Local suppliers this year 69 from BC True Local Running a business is hard in today s world Running one based on Core Values like ours is even harder We look at everything we do through the lens of our Core Values every product decision human interaction policy change and strategic objective And I m proud to say we walk the talk The world changes constantly and we always have something to learn But the intention is always there When we don t get it right and someone points it out we go right back to our principles and figure out the way forward Our Vision Mission and Values are the heart and soul of our Co op And our commitment to them truly differentiates us from other grocers It guarantees we can never sell out or lose our way area where we shine is Our Vision One how we equally balance Mission and financial environmental and social factors when Values are the navigating the heart and soul complexities of a multimillion dollar of our Co op business with 140 employees In the words of a GM who managed a successful Co op for nearly forty years No margin no mission And no mission no margin Both are true It s a Yes and scenario We must do a stellar job managing our business through strategic effective efficient and proactive decisions so that we can remain financially healthy This empowers us to use our resources for good At the same time it s staying true to our principles that inspire all of us to be members and shop at our Co op So three cheers for the wonderful interconnected ecology of our Co op May we continue to do good in the world and be graced with good fortune along the way We thank each of you for continuing to shop at your Co op You made another outstanding year possible Learn more at kootenay coop truelocal GENERAL MANAGER www kootenay coop

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social Success means more than just strong profits It means a thriving region where local organizations providing services creating initiatives are supported to strengthen our communities Your Co op invests in the communities we serve 97 local 121k donated to community organizations organizations supported 5k 7k granted in scholarships in community grants this year 14 community initiatives funded 14 economic Supporting your Co op is a direct investment in your community Shopping at your Co op means your dollars stay local going directly to local farmers food producers artisans local community organizations and contributing to higher wages benefits for staff Our members drive our growth financial success and our commitment to sustainability community Thank you for shopping local and thank you for choosing your Co op As your Co op grows so does our ability to give back From local food security and climate action to education and arts culture we are always looking to support community initiatives working to benefit us all organizations receive produce donations weekly environmental Small actions big impact With a 100 organic produce department sustained commitment to True Local and many housemade products coming in home compostable packaging you can shop where your choices make a difference both locally and globally Our commitment to climate action informs our decisions every step of the way Our Profits are Your Profits 3 261 kg total volume bulk soap sold 2 566 plastic containers saved Your produce department commits to Your Co op has a Buying Committee Keeping Food Out of Landfills Following our rigorous Buying Guidelines this committee reviews all products coming into our store From animal welfare to maintaining our list of banned food ingredients we do the digging so you don t have to Food waste is a big driver of emissions in landfills Your Co op diverts thousands of pounds of food and food waste from landfills each year Regularly donating unsellable produce to local food banks and maintaining a robust composting program across all departments ensures almost all food is either consumed or composted Your choice to buy local put 3 6 million directly into the pockets of True Local artisans food producers last year 100 organic for the well being of our soils pollinators farmers and you 6km Recycling Heat single use plastic saved using reusable pallet wrap Instead of venting all the heat generated by our refrigeration system out of the building it s recirculated to keep you warm during the chilly months 709 new members this year 16k members 26 million 144 76 employees total store payments paid to BC businesses in sales 2 million in member savings 5 4 million total wages benefits

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