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2022 CFLT Fresh from the Farm Guide

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A South Sound Food & Farm Resource Guide @SSCFLTFARMER INTERVIEWS • FOOD BANK GUIDE • CSA GUIDE MARKET GUIDE • CONSERVATION • AND MORE! GRAYS HARBOR • LEWIS • MASON • THURSTONRegional Farm Map & Directory Regional Farm Map & Directory •• Farm Stand & Market Map Farm Stand & Market MapPreserving working, a ordable farmland in the South Sound for 25 years      YEARSFor the latest information on our work please FRESH FROM THE FARMCOMMUNITY FARM LAND TRUST

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Giving BackTO OUR COMMUNITYNISQUALLY INDIAN TRIBERED WIND CASINO & NISQUALLY INDIAN TRIBEDONATED OVER$1.3 MILLION IN 2021 Annually, the tribe invests a portion of its gaming revenuesgenerated from the Nisqually Red Wind Casino to localorganizations, providing a strong foundation of supportservices for future generations of families and neighbors.Last year, Community Farm Land Trust received$10K in funding that is vital to its operation.

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Table of ContentsHow To Use This Guide .................................................................. 3, 12, 43Fresh From The Farm Guide Team ............................................................ 4The Community Farm Land Trust ........................................................ 4-5CFLT Celebrates 25 years ......................................................................6-11How To Get Involved ..................................................................................11Products and Services Guide .............................................................12-19CSA Guide .................................................................................................20-26Seasonality Guide ........................................................................................27Farm Stand & Market Map ..................................................................28-29Daily Farmers Market Guide ....................................................................29Market Farmer Spotlight: Mak's Garden ..............................................30Farmers Market Listings ......................................................................31-33Farmers Market Spotlight: Tenino Farmers Market .........................34Food Access & Nutrition Incentive Programs, SNAP-Ed ...........35-37Food Bank Listings ................................................................................37-40Thurston County Food Bank School Gardens Program .................41Four County Regional Farm Map .....................................................42-43Grays Harbor Co. Farm Spotlight: Argos Farms .................................44Grays Harbor Co. Farm Listings ........................................................45-47Lewis Co. Farm Spotlight: Strawberry Moon Farm ..........................48Lewis Co. Farm Listings .......................................................................49-53Mason Co. Farm Spotlight: Hungry Hollow Farm ............................54Mason Co. Farm Listings ......................................................................55-57Thurston Co. Farm Spotlight: Cosmic Turtle Farm ............................58Thurston Co. Farm Listings .................................................................59-74Sponsor Spotlight: Organically Grown ................................................75Local Businesses Supporting Local Farms ..........................................76Restaurant Spotlight: Jeremy's Farm to Table ...................................777 Reasons to list your farm • Membership Form ..............................78Sponsors & Thank You ................................................................................80Table of ContentsHOW TO USE THIS GUIDE2022 Fresh From The Farm Guideto all who keep this resource in print — the farmers who provide our community wonderful things to eat, our board, sta, volunteers and interns that donate their time, skills, and energy to bring this guide to life and to the farms and other contributors for generously allowing us to use their photos for this publication.Thank Yo,Information submitted by farms and advertisers is presented without endorsement of accuracy of information or quality of products sold.Join us in preserving local farmland.Community Farm Land Trust MAIL: P.O. Box 12118, Olympia, WA 98508Located at the Thurston Conservation District2918 Ferguson St. SW #1-A, Tumwater, WA 98512 (360) 353-4838 communityfarmlandtrust.orgFollow us on Facebook & InstagramCombined Fund Drive (#1480419)  Select a product from the Products & Services Guide on pages 12-19  Farms are color coded by county and alphabetical Or use the Quick Reference Guide at the beginning of each countyHOW TO USE THIS GUIDEGRAYS HARBOR LEWIS MASON THURSTONFront Cover Artist: Lisa Telling Kattenbraker is an artist living & working in Olympia for the last 15 years. For over 25 years, Lisa has been creating batiks using locally harvested beeswax, fiber reactive & natural dyes on cotton fabric. The narrative batiks are expressions of experiences from her own life, while the imagery, patterns, symbols, & faceless stick figures invite the viewer to bring their own stories into each creation with the hopes of sparking conversation & connection. More recent series are based on connecting with ancestors and growing community as a whole. Lisa travels the country exhibiting her award winning batiks, & when home, can be found in her studio & garden.See Lisa's other work at: @lisauntitledWelc the 2022 Fresh from the Farm GuideAncestor Garden– your best resource for healthy local food!3

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Heart SoulFARMLANDS 4EVER!!=RESILIENCE RESILIENCIADIVERSITYDIVERSIDADENVIRONMENTMEDIO AMBIENTECOMMUNITYCOMUNIDADPERPETUITYPERPETUIDAD OPPORTUNITYOPORTUNIDADLOCAL LOCALEQUITYEQUIDADJOYALEGRÍALEARNINGAPRENDIZAJEAFFORDABILITYASEQUIBILIDAD Values:CFLTMeet Our Fresh From The Farm Guide TeamOur Community Farm Land Trust Board of DirectorsJeanine TothEditor in Chief, Copy Writer, CFLT Development ManagerI have worked in non-prots for over 20 years and have dedicated the last 7 years to farming organizations. I believe in a fresh and healthy local food system where everyone has access! I've never met a fried radish I didn't like. I'm an aspiring metal artist handcrafting jewelry and embarking on a journey of taking a deeper dive into this craft. I love cooking and sharing food with friends. Enjoying all the incredible bounty of the PNW, from the water to the mountains to the farmers' elds, is my happy place.Natalie MartzolfManaging Editor, Copy Writer, CFLT Outreach CoordinatorI am a homesteader striving to focus my time and money on our local community. Working for CFLT keeps my mind sharp while fullling my desire to give back to our farmers, land, and in turn our ecosystem. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and connecting with my amazing community of friends. Carol LinneburSponsorships & Sales, CFLT Operations & Development CoordinatorGrowing up in Iowa, I experienced the passion and hard work my Mom and Dad and family invested in the land on our family farm. I feel privileged to now work with so many farmers in the South Sound area with the same commitment to their land. Some of my favorite experiences with my husband and son in the Pacic Northwest have been enjoying the beauty of our surroundings and nding new foods and products from our local farms and farmers markets.Christine PhilippsenFresh From The Farm Guide - IOlympia. This awe inspiring region has been my home since the late 70’s (wow! how time ies). I’ve been an artist most of my life, an entrepreneur since 2008, and part of the CFLT farm guide team since the 2017 issue. I’m proud of being a part of this dedicated team and CFLT's integral work. When I’m not at my computer, I’m likely tending my small city garden, practicing guitar/Pilates/photography, or trying new plant-based recipes with my family.Marcie Cleaver - Chair, Retired RancherPat Labine - Clerk, Faculty Emeritus, Ecological Agriculture, The Evergreen State College, Retired Farmer, Member of the Thurston Agriculture Advisory CommitteeByron Cotton - Treasurer, Ag EconomistColin Barricklow - Co-owner, Kirsop FarmJoel Slovick - Small Business Banker Rachel Friedman - Former owner of Motion in Balance StudioAnn Vandeman - CPA, Former Director of Left Foot OrganicsThe CFLT annually publishes this resource guide as part of our mission to support local agriculture.Meet our newest team member, Dug! Find him throughout this guide for useful facts and info. How many times does Dug appear?GIS and Mapmaker: Jennifer Radcliff, Olympia, WAVolunteer, Editor, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee Member: Debbie Leung Olympia, WAPrinting Consolidated Press, Seattle WAFor the answer see the bottom of page 78.4

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Heart SoulFARMLANDS 4EVER!!=RESILIENCE RESILIENCIADIVERSITYDIVERSIDADENVIRONMENTMEDIO AMBIENTECOMMUNITYCOMUNIDADPERPETUITYPERPETUIDAD OPPORTUNITYOPORTUNIDADLOCAL LOCALEQUITYEQUIDADJOYALEGRÍALEARNINGAPRENDIZAJEAFFORDABILITYASEQUIBILIDAD Values:CFLTWhat is the Community Farm Land Trust?Our Vision:We work to:Community Farm Land Trust (CFLT)is a local, membership-based nonprofitdedicated to preserving local farmland and keeping it affordable and accessible for the next generation of farmers in the South Sound.Abundant, productive, sustainable local farmland providing healthy food for our community & contributing to a vibrant, viable farm economy.• Save farmland forever• Keep farmland affordable• Build community support for local food & healthy living wages for farm workers• Keep farmland in production• Support viable agricultural economy & local food securitycommunityfarmlandtrust.orgOur mission is to promote:Local FoodFarming SystemsPreservationOutreachPartnershipsOpportunitiesThe CFLT"I don’t think those of us working for farmland preservation emphasize strongly enough: farmland preservation is conservation, in every sense of the word." — Pat Labine, CFLT Board Member5

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Acquire-Protect-Lifetime LeasesCFLT uses the Community Land Trust Model to preserve farmland. This means that after we buy or receive farmland as a donation, we oer farmers 99-year Agricultural Ground Leases. Farmers receive secure land tenure and the land remains in active farming forever. Farmers who have purchased or constructed housing or improvements on leased CFLT land can capture a fair value return on those investments by selling these to the next farmer.Agricultural Conservation EasementAgricultural Conservation Easements with an Option-to-Purchase can be a useful rst step in protecting farmland forever. In the right circumstances, CFLT can help landowners acquire compensation for permanently removing development rights from their farm property and for accepting a permanent farming requirement on the land. The Community Farm Land Trust works with the owner to steward the farmland.CFLT at Work:communityfarmlandtrust.orgWe acknowledge that for centuries prior, this land was occupied by the Salish Sea Tribes. These tribes lived along the waterways in what is now known as the South Sound subsisting on salmon & the resources of the surrounding prairies and forests.We give thanks for their stewardship of this land.Over the past 9 years Community Farm Land Trust preserved 216 acres of farmland in Thurston County.View aerial footage of these beautiful South Sound properties on the Community Farm Land Trust’s YouTube Channel: Family Historic FarmlandScatter Creek Farm & ConservancyGRuB (Garden-Raised Bounty)Oyster Bay Farm 29 acres 2021147 acres20131 acre201539 acres2015Join us in celebrating 25 years of farmland preservation in the South Sound! Help us keep our farmlands growing!2022199725 YEARS6

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The Community Farm Land Trust (CFLT) originated from the actions of a few passionate community members that were concerned about the future of a local family farm enterprise. (Learn more in the message below from one of our founders.) Over the years the work of the Trust has grown to include ownership of working farms and, along with its many other eorts, has helped to secure the health of our local food systems. CFLT has evolved to become a community asset and we could not accomplish our mission without YOUR support. Many wonderful community members have stepped up to join our eorts. As the Board Chair, it is a privilege to meet and work with them, from farmers to donors, from government ocials to business owners. This past year CFLT has had a number of successes. We are honored to be entrusted with the purchase of a portion of the James Family Historic Farmland. This farmland has been in one family for over 150 years. Trust ownership ensures it will remain as working farmland. Take a historical tour in the CFLT section as we reect on 25 years of preserving farms. Thanks to your support our annual Farms Forever fundraiser was a great success. The addition of our Locavore event inspired local businesses to participate, donating a percent of sales to help promote the vision of the Trust. In turn, CFLT supporters patronized the businesses. 2022 is o to a great start with two generous grants that assist with organizational operations and the printing and distribution of this Fresh From the Farm Guide. Help us celebrate by making a $25 donation in honor of our 25th anniversary. Consider becoming a member, volunteer, or a potential new board member. We couldn’t do what we do, including this Farm Guide, without YOU. Email farmland@ssc to share your interests. Thank you all for helping to keep agriculture a viable part of our community! I hope you enjoy reading this Farm Guide put together by our talented sta. Sincerely,Marcie Cleaver, Chair, CFLT Board of Directorscommunityfarmlandtrust.orgOrigins of Community Farm Land Trust (CFLT) CFLT was established in 1997 by a coalition of young farmers, environmental planners, low-income housing advocates, university faculty & students, and local food security advocates.The initial goal was to save the Evergreen Dairy in Littlerock from foreclosure and sale. A decade of capacity building followed with other attempts to acquire farmland, including a historic local blueberry farm and a 750 acre dairy farm. Join us in celebrating CFLT's history of farmland preservation and conservation by touring our farms on the following pages.-Ru x, CFLT Founding MemberJoin us as we celebrate 25 years of preserving farmland in the South Sound! DONATIONS CAN BE MADE AT:Community Farm Land Trust P.O. Box 12118Olympia, WA

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The purchase of this land is a collaboration of important partners working together to conserve the land. Kirsop Farm - Colin Barricklow & Genine Bradwin (Farm #55) As CFLT's anchor tenant, Kirsop holds the 99 year Agricultural Ground Lease for most of the farmable acres. They own the farmhouse, a large loang shed, the former milking parlor, & a few other buildings. To learn more about how this property has beneted Kirsop's expansion, see page 65.A solar array, installed in November 2020, produces clean energy for farm use.Scatter Creek Farm & Conservancy (SCFC) Purchased: October 2013 Acres of Farmland Preserved: 147 acresWobbly Cart - Joseph Gabiou & Asha McElfresh (Farm #88) In 2016, Wobbly Cart purchased and upgraded "Building 8", a former dairy loang shed, which they currently use as a packing and washing station for fresh vegetables, refrigeration, CSA pick-up, & as a curing shed for specic fall produce.The current buildings are remnants of prior dairy operations from the 1930's.CFLT owns nearly 100 acres of prime farmland with water rights dedicated to sustainable local food production. Creekside Conservancy (CC) owns 48 acres bordering on the Chehalis River dedicated to conservation for wildlife, the protection of salmon habitat, & water quality in perpetuity.Celebrating 25 Years Community Farm Land Trust2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide2022199725 YEARSAt one time the James Family, immigrant farmers, owned a larger tract of land that included Scatter Creek Farm. The soil has always been very fertile & today is considered some of the best in the county, with over 2 ft of topsoil.8

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GRuB (nonprot organization) Farm# 50 & 51 Land Purchased: June 2015 Acres of farmland preserved: 1.18 acrescommunityfarmlandtrust.orgKathleen O’Shaunessy and CFLT Board Member, Pat Labine, bought OBF in 1990 & owned it for 30 years. The land was transitioned through CFLT’s rst Agricultural Easement & preserved in perpetuity. Melissa & Nate, former OBF farm sta, bought the remaining value of the farm.Originally homesteaded from the late 1800’s. It has been farmed continuously ever since. To learn more about OBF, see page 68.OBF supports a high biodiversity with tide lands, grazed elds, gardens, hedgerows, wetlands, seasonal streams, & a mature forest plot.James Family Historic FarmlandPurchased: August 2021Amount of Farmland Preserved: 29 acresOur most recent farmland purchase was a portion of a 1852 Donation Land Claim to the James family. CFLT is excited to welcome new lessee Common Ground CSA (Farm #45). For more info about this acquisition: Bay Farm (OBF/Farm #65)Nate Lewis & Melissa BarkerAgricultural Conservation Easement Established: December 2017Acres of Farmland Preserved: 39 acresA change in ownership on a portion of the land that GRuB was farming led to the purchase of 1.18 acres by CFLT. This allowed GRuB to keep growing on this land & continue their good work in the community.GRuB engages people of all ages in relationship-based programming around growing & preparing good food. They work at the intersection of food, education, and health systems to grow healthy food, people, and communities. Their primary focus is serving marginalized communities.CFLT - Celebrating 25 YearsTo learn more about GRuB, visit their website at: goodgrub.org9

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through the labor of many and the support of its members. Along the way, the farm provided an entry point for quite a few young women farmers. Julie Puhich has been with Common Ground from the start. Julie fell into growing vegetables for market in her early 20's and is only a little surprised to nd herself still at it. Her mentor Jasper Martin, then in his late 70's, demonstrated clearly for her the joyful possibility of farming into old age. These days Common Ground is in transition to new ground and new ownership. In 2017 the CSA moved to south Thurston County while also beginning a hand-o to the next generation of farmers. Tierney Creech rst came to farming through an interest in food and community and has stayed for her love of physical work, mental challenge, and a life lived mostly outdoors. She arrived at Common Ground in 2013, having worked on farms from New Zealand to Orcas Island, and has dug in for the long haul.For the past ve seasons Tierney and Julie have been farming in tandem, with Tierney managing their Maytown eld and Julie their eld near Rochester. Enter the Community Farmland Trust (CFLT) in By Julie PuhichCommon Ground has a history nearly as long as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has been in the U.S. Born in 1990 from the collaboration of Dana Schuerholz, Carol Poole, Aggie Agapito, Nancy Laich, and Julie Puhich, Common Ground's home for its rst twenty-ve years was a farm on Olympia's west side. The rst season saw 50 members, a surfeit of vegetables, and the expectation that every member household would help out on the farm twice each season. The proximity to town was ideal for spawning community. A neighbor delivered CSA boxes to drop sites around Olympia in the farm's '68 Ford pickup with her two young children buckled in beside her. Soon a system evolved in which a few members traded regular harvest help for their shares. There were potlucks, harvest parties, and the Annual Potato Dig.Fast forward through many seasons of interns and apprentices, eld workers, and nascent collectives. Common Ground became an institution of sorts 2021, with a successful bid to purchase part of the historic James family farm adjacent to their Rochester elds. Common Ground CSA has now become the lessee of this new CFLT acquisition. The farm includes both prairie ground, where they grow vegetables, and ood plain, now in hay. Magnicent Garry Oaks line a terrace between the elds, tracing a former course of the Chehalis River. Beyond the lower eld lies the river itself, a wild thicket of woodland in between.For Tierney and Julie, the opportunity to farm this ground presents itself as both a gift and a challenge. With it comes room for year-long fallow rotations and the security of a long-term lease. They are jazzed to resume the relative ease of farming mostly in one place, and of working together most days. Yet this land is simultaneously the traditional homeland of the Q'way'a yilq', or Upper Chehalis Peoples, and part of an 1852 Territorial Land Grant made to immigrant settlers. For the Common Ground farmers, this legacy feels ambiguous and complicated. Their intention and hope in becoming lessees are to broaden their understanding of that legacy and the community they serve, and to nd a way within their work to address it.communityfarmlandtrust.orgCommon GroundNew CFLT Leasee!10

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DonateFarmsForeverBecome a MemberVolunteerFollowUsSupport Local FarmersList Your FarmHAVE FARMLAND? We accept donated farmland and seek farms for possible agricultural conservation easements or purchase. We seek land that is currently (or recently) farmed, with mostly prime agricultural soils, and generally 20 acres or more. We prioritize land with active water rights located near the urban/suburban fringe. We welcome conversations with actively farming families who would like to see their farm continue as working farmland forever and especially landowners who want to see sustainable agricultural practices on their protected land. CONSERVE YOUR LAND Contact us to learn more about agricultural conservation easements and farmland conservation. (360) 353-4838 • farmland@ssct.orgYOUR SUPPORT Preserves Farms ForeverWe are dedicated to preserving farmland and ensuring aordable farmland remains in agricultural production. Our success depends on the support of people who are committed to the future of agriculture in the South Sound.How To Get Involved:Cómo partícipar:¿TIENE FINCA Aceptamos tierras de cultivo donadas y buscamos granjas para una posible compra o servidumbre de conservación agrícola. Buscamos tierras que se cultivan actualmente (o recientemente), con suelos agrícolas en su mayoría de primera calidad, y generalmente 20 acres o más. Priorizamos terrenos con derechos de agua activos ubicados cerca de la franja urbana / suburbana. Damos la bienvenida a las conversaciones con familias de agricultores activos que deseen que su granja continúe como tierra de cultivo para siempre y especialmente con los propietarios de tierras que desean ver prácticas agrícolas sostenibles en sus tierras protegidas.CONSERVE SU TIERRA Contáctenos para obtener más información sobre las servidumbres de conservación agrícola y conservación de tierras agrícolas. (360) 353-4838 • farmland@ssct.orgSU APOYO preserva las granjas para siempreNos dedicamos a preservar las tierras agrícolas y garantizar que las tierras agrícolas asequibles permanezcan en la producción agrícola. Nuestro éxito depende del apoyo de personas comprometidas con el futuro de la agricultura en South Sound.• Incluya su granja aquí • Donar • Convertirse en miembro • Voluntario • Granjas para siempre • Síganos • Apoyar a los agricultores locales •CFLT:- is an active steward of its farmlands. - conducts annual stewardship inspections of all its properties. - encourages Organic Certication or Salmon Safe practices for its farms and requires a farm plan.CFLT farmlands:- remain farmed forever, providing local food security for our surrounding communities.- have become a farming community resource. The extensive infrastructure at SCFC has blossomed into opportunities to support WSU Extension activities, Thurston CD, neighboring farms & businesses. This includes dry storage for grain, grain cleaning, as well as leased space for dry storage of farm equipment to protect it from seasonal ooding.Community Benefits of CFLT Farmland Photo Credits for Pages 8-10: Common Ground CSA, Fletcher Ward, GRuB, Oyster Bay Farm, Wobbly Cart & art by Kevin Jester.11

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Products & Services1. Select products that interest you from the categories listed. 3. Find your farm in the lists of products & services provided or in the quick reference guide at the beginning of each county.4. Go to the corresponding county & nd farm listings by name or number. Listings provide details about product availability & contact information.Grays Harbor CountyLewis CountyMason CountyThurston County2. Farms are color coded by• Annual & Perennials• Seeds & Garden Supplies• Pottery & Bird Baths • Landscape Fabric• Trees & Shrubs• Cedar Products• Garden Tools• Gift• Mushroom Compost• Bark & Wood Products• Soil Amendments• Fire Pits & Benches• Topsoil• Sand & Gravel• Flagstone• BouldersONE STOPFOR LANDSCAPE& GARDEN NEEDSRetail & Wholesale9418 & 9510 Old Highway 99 S.E. OLYMPIA, WAPick-up & Delivery Available Hunter Family FarmsAlpacaWashington is second only to California in the number of agricultural commodities produced. WSDA2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideBush Creek Farm3 Feathers Emu RanchCoee Creek Community & GardensLBH RanchPan American Berry GrowersRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmBush Prairie FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCClyde 'n Dale's Holiday Trees & GiftsGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHunter Family FarmLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmLost Peacock CreameryMoriko FarmOlympia Kiwanis Food Bank GardensPrairie Oak FarmRiverbend RanchScatter Creek NurseriesSchilter Family FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmAnimal Visits/ Family FunBee Organic Farm & ApiaryCultivating Roots Community GardenGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmKirsop FarmRising River FarmBeans/GrainsBee Organic Farm & ApiaryOlde Achers FarmPan American Berry GrowersSeedpod FarmHuckleBeary HomesteadCircle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuB Victory FarmQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmSchilter Family FarmSpooner Berry FarmsTaber RanchThe Organic FarmVail View FarmsWalupt FarmsBees/HoneyTO USE THIS GUIDE:FFind ind YOURYOUR ffarm byarm byPhoto courtesy of Queenie Bee Raw Honey FarmDig This...12

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BerriesFive Star Farm Cadillac RanchNelson Family Ranch LLCRiverbend RanchTaber RanchTwo Box Ranch CattleLIVESTOCKHunter Family FarmRutledge Corn Maze LLCSchilter Family FarmCorn MazeProduct & Service GuideFlying Cow CreameryHelsing Junction FarmLost Peacock CreameryCheese/DairyRaven's Wind Farm Silverwolf Rabbitry & FarmAlamere HerbsCircle Hawk Farm LLCScatter Creek NurseriesCompost/SoilClyde 'n Dale's Holiday Trees & GiftsHunter Family FarmRiverbend RanchSchilter Family FarmThe Iron Horse FarmChristmas TreesSeedpod FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCHunter Family FarmLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmSchilter Family FarmCiderMarisha's Permaculture Plant NurseryStrawberry Moon FarmLynch Creek DahliasGRuB Victory FarmBulbs/SeedsCultivating Roots Community GardenMarisha's Permaculture Plant NurserySky Island FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason CountySilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmLittle Dipper FarmLost Peacock CreameryMoriko FarmMycoUprrhizalQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmThe Iron Horse FarmUrban Futures FarmEducation/WorkshopsWA is ranked #1 in the nation for raspberry sales. 92.3% of all raspberries sold came from Washington. WSDABee Organic Farm & ApiaryCultivating Roots Community GardenSky Island FarmBoistfort Valley FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensOlde Achers FarmPan American Berry GrowersRaven's Wind FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadSkokomish Valley FarmsAlamere HerbsCarr’s Certied Organic Blueberry FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmJohnson Berry Farm, LLC Certied OrganicLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmPrairie Oak FarmSpooner Berry FarmsSundance FarmTaber RanchThe Organic FarmThe Iron Horse FarmUrban Futures FarmRound Up! At the Olympia Food Co-opundSupport the Community Sustaining Fund of Thurston County Your support enables CSF to invest in local environmental and social justice projects ask your friendly cashier to round up!

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Thurston County Thurston County Lewis County Lewis County Lewis County ranks #1 out of 39 WA Counties in poultry, eggs, and Christmas trees. Thurston County ranks #2 for poultry and eggs sales. WSDABee Organic Farm & ApiarySky Island FarmLonely Mountain GrowersNewaukum Valley FarmRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeLynch Creek DahliasMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Skokomish Valley FarmsBush Prairie FarmCedar Slope FarmCircling Together FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmFlowersBee Organic Farm & ApiaryCultivating Roots Community GardenSky Island FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensOlde Achers FarmPan American Berry GrowersSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmHuckleBeary HomesteadSkokomish Valley FarmsCedar Slope FarmCircling Together FarmDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmOyster Bay FarmQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmSchilter Family FarmSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmUrban Futures FarmFruit/ Fruit TreesMarisha's Permaculture Plant Nursery Newaukum Valley FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Circle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmHunter Family FarmLost Peacock CreameryMycoUprrhizalOlympia Kiwanis Food Bank GardensRiverbend RanchRutledge Corn Maze LLCSchilter Family FarmTapestry Garden & FarmUrban Futures FarmWalupt FarmsEvents3 Feathers Emu RanchTaber RanchEmu ProductsArgos FarmsBee Organic Farm & ApiaryCoee Creek Community & GardensLBH RanchOlde Achers FarmRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadHungry Hollow FarmSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmSkokomish Valley FarmsCircle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBKirsop FarmLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmLost Peacock CreameryMoriko FarmOyster Bay FarmScatter Creek NurseriesSilverwell FarmSundance FarmTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmThe Iron Horse FarmUrban Futures FarmVail View FarmsEggsProducts & Service Guide (continued)Kirsop FarmLadyberry ProduceMoriko FarmPrairie Oak FarmQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmRutledge Corn Maze LLCScatter Creek NurseriesSpring Creek FarmSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic Farm2022 Fresh From The Farm GuidePhoto courtesy of Lynch Creek Dahlias14 Protecting Farmland & Farming ForeverCommunity Farm Land Trust

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Product & Service Guide (continued)Bee Organic Farm & ApiaryCultivating Roots Community GardenHarbor Roots FarmSky Island FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLonely Mountain GrowersMak's GardenNewaukum Valley FarmOlde Achers FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Skokomish Valley FarmsBush Prairie FarmCalliope Farm, LLP /Kingsher OrganicsCedar Slope FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmKirsop FarmLadyberry ProduceLittle Big FarmPrairie Oak FarmRising River FarmRoot Digger Herb FarmRutledge Corn Maze LLCSkipping Stone GardenSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmUrban Futures FarmWobbly Cart FarmGarlicArgos FarmsNewman Creek FarmLBH RanchRaven's Wind FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeCircling Together FarmDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmHunter Family FarmLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmMoriko FarmScatter Creek NurseriesGoatsLIVESTOCKFive Star FarmHarbor Roots FarmSeedpod FarmHunter Family FarmKirsop FarmRiverbend RanchSchilter Family FarmTwo Box RanchHay/StrawBee Organic Farm & ApiaryCultivating Roots Community GardenMarisha's Permaculture Plant NurserySky Island FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLonely Mountain GrowersMak's GardenNewaukum Valley FarmOlde Achers• Grays Harbor County • Lewis County • Mason County • Thurston CountyRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Skokomish Valley FarmsAlamere HerbsBush Prairie FarmCedar Slope FarmCircling Together FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmKirsop FarmLadyberry ProduceLittle Big FarmPrairie Oak FarmRising River FarmRoot Digger Herb FarmSkipping Stone GardenSpring Creek FarmSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmUrban Futures FarmWobbly Cart FarmSky Island FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLonely Mountain GrowersCircling Together FarmClyde 'n Dale's Holiday Trees & GiftsGRuB Victory FarmHunter Family FarmRiverbend RanchSchilter Family FarmTapestry Garden & FarmHolly/WreathsApril 14–July 4 • Tuesday–Sunday • 10am–5pm17101 Vircon Drive SW, Rochester, WA 98579 • 360-273-6730• Vegetables • Vegetables •• Herbs Herbs •• Flowers Flowers •• Hanging Baskets Hanging Baskets ••Over 250 varieties locally grown from seed • Since 1979Scatter Creek NurseriesScatter Creek Nurseriescommunityfarmlandtrust.org15

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Cultivating Roots Community GardenSky Island FarmLonely Mountain GrowersMak's GardenSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmHuckleBeary HomesteadAlamere HerbsCircling Together FarmGRuBHelsing Junction FarmPrairie Oak FarmScatter Creek NurseriesSpring Creek FarmSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmWalupt FarmsLavenderNewman Creek FarmBone Dry Ridge FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLBH RanchSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmKirsop FarmOyster Bay FarmRiverbend RanchSilverwell FarmTaber RanchLamb/SheepBUTCHEREDBush Creek FarmNewman Creek FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLBH RanchSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmSkokomish Valley FarmsScatter Creek NurseriesTaber RanchLamb/SheepLIVESTOCK• Grays Harbor County • Lewis CountyDig This...Chehalis Valley FarmNewman Creek FarmBone Dry Ridge FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensHungry Hollow FarmColvin RanchKirsop FarmOyster Bay FarmRiverbend RanchSilverwell FarmTaber RanchVail View FarmsPorkBUTCHERED94% of Washington farms are small farms - selling less than $250,000 per year. WSDAFive Star FarmBone Dry Ridge FarmOlde Achers FarmStrawberry Moon FarmCrooked Creek FarmHungry Hollow Farm Cadillac RanchColvin RanchNelson Family Ranch LLCOyster Bay FarmRiverbend RanchTaber RanchTwo Box RanchBeefBUTCHEREDCoee Creek Community & GardensCircling Together FarmLost Peacock CreameryGoatsBUTCHEREDArgos FarmsLBH RanchClyde 'n Dale's Holiday Trees & GiftsHorses Locally-Raised Meat3 Feathers Emu RanchTaber RanchEmu BUTCHEREDProducts & Service Guide (continued)CMYCMMYCYCMYKCoopAdFarmTrust2021-v2.pdf 1 12/3/21 1:39 PM2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide16

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Raven's Wind FarmStrawberry Moon FarmGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmMycoUprrhizalTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmMushroomsDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmTaber RanchNuts/Nut TreesSky Island Farm Olde Achers FarmHuckleBeary HomesteadCosmic Turtle FarmEllis Creek FarmGRuB Victory FarmLittle Big FarmLittle Dipper FarmPrairie Oak FarmSkipping Stone GardenMicrogreensProduct & Service Guide (continued)Argos FarmsChehalis Valley FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensSeedpod FarmHuckleBeary HomesteadHungry Hollow FarmRiverbird FarmSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmKirsop FarmOyster Bay FarmTaber RanchVail View FarmsPoultryBUTCHEREDFind out more at! Orders: (800) 780-9126 • WE’RE PROUD TO SAY THAT AS OF 2020, FUNGI PERFECTI® IS NOW CLIMATE POSITIVE, OFFSETTING OUR BASELINE CARBON EMISSIONS BY MORE THAN TEN TIMES!11 Refers to scopes 1 and 2 emissions offsets.FROM THE FOREST, TO OUR FARM, TO YOU™ • Mason County • Thurston CountyMarisha's Permaculture Plant NurseryStrawberry Moon Farm Farm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Alamere HerbsSundance FarmTaber RanchThe Organic FarmNative PlantsCoee Creek Community & GardensHuckleBeary HomesteadSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmRabbitBUTCHEREDChehalis Valley FarmNewman Creek FarmRaven's Wind FarmHunter Family FarmLost Peacock CreameryRiverbend RanchScatter Creek NurseriesTaber RanchVail View FarmsPigsLIVESTOCKCultivating Roots Community GardenMarisha's Permaculture Plant NurserySky Island FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLonely Mountain GrowersOlde Achers FarmRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Skokomish Valley FarmsAlamere HerbsCedar Slope FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmKirsop FarmLadyberry ProducePrairie Oak FarmRising River FarmScatter Creek NurseriesSpring Creek FarmSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmThe Iron Horse FarmUrban Futures FarmWalupt FarmsPlant Starts17

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Mason County Mason County Thurston CountyThurston CountyBee Organic Farm & ApiarySky Island FarmBoistfort Valley FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensOlde Achers FarmRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Skokomish Valley FarmsPumpkinsBee Organic Farm & ApiaryBoistfort Valley FarmOlde Achers FarmSkokomish Valley FarmsBush Prairie FarmGRuBHelsing Junction FarmHunter Family FarmLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmRising River FarmRutledge Corn Maze LLCSchilter Family FarmSundance FarmThe Organic FarmUrban Futures FarmSweet CornProducts & Service Guide (continued)• Grays Harbor County Seedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeGRuB Victory FarmHunter Family FarmLost Peacock CreameryQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmSchilter Family FarmRecreationRabbitsCoee Creek Community & GardensStrawberry Moon FarmHuckleBeary HomesteadSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmKamilche Sea FarmsTom Farmer Oyster CompanyShellfish • Lewis County • Mason County • Thurston CountyArgos Farms 3 Feathers Emu RanchBone Dry Ridge FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLBH RanchSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmCircling Together FarmKirsop FarmOyster Bay FarmSilverwell FarmTaber RanchSkins/TextilesChehalis Valley Farm Coee Creek Community & GardensLBH RanchRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCHunter Family FarmMoriko FarmOyster Bay FarmScatter Creek NurseriesTaber RanchThe Organic FarmUrban Futures FarmVail View FarmsPoultryLIVESTOCKCASCADIA VENOM COLLECTIONCASCADIA VENOM COLLECTIONFREE REMOVALUnsprayed Hornet, Yellowjacket,Bee & Wasp Nests___360-866-1834cascadiavenomcollection.comFREE REMOVALUnsprayed Hornet, Yellowjacket,Bee & Wasp Nests___360-866-1834cascadiavenomcollection.comCASCADIA VENOM COLLECTIONCircle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHunter Family FarmKirsop FarmLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmPrairie Oak FarmRising River FarmRutledge Corn Maze LLCSchilter Family FarmSkipping Stone GardenSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmUrban Futures FarmMason County ranks #1 out of 39 WA counties in aquaculture sales and #5 in the US. Thurston County is #2. WSDA2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide18

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Bee Organic Farm & Apiary 3 Feathers Emu RanchRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeSkokomish Valley FarmsAlamere HerbsBush Prairie FarmCircle Hawk Farm LLCDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmHunter Family FarmLost Peacock CreameryQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmTaber RanchThe Organic FarmToursBee Organic Farm & ApiaryCultivating Roots Community GardenHarbor Roots FarmSky Island FarmBoistfort Valley FarmCoee Creek Community & GardensLonely Mountain GrowersMak's GardenNewaukum Valley FarmOlde Achers FarmRaven's Wind FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmFarm at Water's EdgeHuckleBeary HomesteadMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.Skokomish Valley FarmsBush Prairie FarmCalliope Farm, LLP/Kingsher OrganicsCedar Slope FarmCircling Together FarmCommon Ground CSACosmic Turtle FarmDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic FarmEllis Creek FarmGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmKirsop FarmLadyberry ProduceLattin's Country Cider Mill & FarmLittle Big FarmOlympia Kiwanis Food Bank GardensOyster Bay FarmPrairie Oak FarmRising River FarmRutledge Corn Maze LLCScatter Creek NurseriesSilverwell FarmSkipping Stone GardenSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmUrban Futures FarmVail View FarmsWobbly Cart FarmVegetablesFarm at Water's EdgeHelsing Junction FarmQueenie Bee Raw Honey FarmRiverbend RanchVenue RentalMaster Gardener Foundation of Mason Co.GRuB Victory FarmWiser Worm FarmWorms3 Feathers Emu RanchPan American Berry GrowersRaven's Wind FarmStrawberry Moon FarmHuckleBeary HomesteadSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmCircling Together FarmColvin RanchGRuBGRuB Victory FarmHelsing Junction FarmHunter Family FarmJohnson Berry Farm, LLC Certied OrganicKirsop FarmRiverbend RanchRoot Digger Herb FarmSpring Creek FarmSundance FarmTaber RanchTapestry Garden & FarmThe Organic FarmWalupt FarmsValue Added ProductsProduct & Service Guide (continued)Small farms are 65% of Washington's total farmland. Far higher than the national average of 45%. WSDAWA is ranked #2 in the nation for asparagus, potatoes, and onions. WSDADig This...communityfarmlandtrust.org19

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WHY BUY A CSA?Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) fosters a mutually benecial relationship between you and a farmer. CSA's allow consumers to directly invest their money into local agriculture. 1. Know your food source. 2. Support a living wage for farmers.3. Optimize your health with nutrient rich food. 4. Better for you and better for the environment!5. Tantalize your taste buds with new foods and recipes.6. Support sustainable growing practices.7. Better access to aordable healthy food for all! (Check out which farms accepts EBT/WIC)8. Provide nancial security for local farmers. 9. Reduce your carbon foot print.10. Eat seasonally and locally.20

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GRAYS HARBORBee Organic Farm & Apiary Harbor Roots Farm Helsing Junction Farm Sky Island FarmLEWISBoistfort Valley FarmCoffee Creek Community & GardensLonely Mountain GrowersNewaukum Valley FarmSeedpod FarmStrawberry Moon FarmWobbly Cart FarmMASONFarm at Water's EdgeHelsing Junction Farm Silverwolf Rabbitry & FarmSkokomish Valley Farms THURSTONBoistfort Valley FarmBush Prairie FarmCalliope Farm, LLP/Kingfisher OrganicsCedar Slope FarmCommon Ground CSACosmic Turtle FarmHarbor Roots FarmHelsing Junction FarmKirsop FarmLadyberry ProduceLittle Big FarmLonely Mountain GrowersLost Peacock CreameryNewaukum Valley FarmPrairie Oak FarmRising River FarmRoot Digger Herb FarmSkokomish Valley FarmsSky Island FarmStrawberry Moon FarmThe Organic FarmUrban Futures FarmWobbly Cart FarmCSA Quick Reference Distribution List By County:CSA GuideCSA GuideBee Organic Farm & ApiaryDistribution Area: Grays Harbor(360) 470-4541beeorganicfarm@outlook.combeeorganicfarm.comYour Choice CSAAll year round. Online CSA. See our shop page on our website. beeorganicfarm.comPricing $100, $400, or $600Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-Up, Farmers Market Pick Up, Home DeliveryHarbor Roots FarmDistribution Area: Grays Harbor, Thurston(360) 637-9962harborrootsfarm@gmail.comharborroots.comHalf-share or Full shareVarious vegetables & what is in season at the time of delivery. Please call for an appointment & driving directions.Pricing Full share $550, Half-share $275Sky Island FarmDistribution Area: Grays Harbor, Thurston, Pierce, King(360) 593-4775skyislandfarm291@gmail.comskyislandfarmcsa.comWe have been running our CSA for over 5 years! This includes no contact home delivery or pickup at the local Aberdeen Sunday Market. We oer you a choice with your CSA so you never have to be stuck with a vegetable you do not like. We also oer Farmers Choice where we choose for you for those who like to be surprised! Our quality, taste, & freshness are what we pride ourselves on!Pricing We oer 18 weeks @ $25.00 for a week’s worth of vegetables!Pick-up/Delivery locations Farmers Market Pick Up, Home DeliveryDistribution List by County:Grays Harbor County CSAs2022 Fresh From The Farm GuidePhoto courtesy of Rising River Farm21

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Grays Harbor County CSAs (continued)Boistfort Valley FarmDistribution Area: Lewis, Thurston, Pierce(360) 245-3796info@bvforganic.combvforganic.com2022 Summer and Winter SharesEnjoy a variety of fresh organic vegetables & fruit, along with simplerecipes to help you enjoy them. Each week, mid-June through October,brings the freshest produce of the season, harvested from our farm &other northwest organic farms & delivered just for you. Choose fromtwo share sizes to best suit your family’s needs. Our Winter shares aredelivered twice monthly from mid-November through May, & we widenour reach to give the best variety possible for Winter & Spring eating.Pricing Prices vary by share size & season. Please see our website for details.Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-UpCoffee Creek Community & GardensDistribution Area: Lewis(360) 623-2103CoeeCreekCommunity@gmail.comco Weekly Boxes of Fresh & Nutritious Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits & Berries.Two sizes with plenty of add-onsavailable to suit your needs &desires! Egg & Meat shares arealso available.Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-Up,Home Delivery,Retail LocationsLonely Mountain GrowersDistribution Area: Lewis, Thurstonlonelymountainowers@gmail.comOur cut ower CSA lasts between4-8 weeks & is unlike anythingavailable in Lewis county.We oer a beautiful weekly oralarrangement to our supportersalong with a special bonus giftthat varies week to week(example include seeds fromour farm, herbal bundles,plant starts & more!).Supporters have said they lookforward to seeing what theirbouquet will look like all week.Pricing 4 weeks for $100Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites,Farmers Market Pick Up,Retail LocationsLewis County CSAsBuy a CSA and receive the freshest foodavailable. Many farms harvest the same day.You can't get food any fresher unless  you grow it yourself!Photo courtesy of Seedpod FarmIS YOUR  FARMINTERESTED IN  SELLING THROUGH
A FOODHUB?CONTACT ASLAN MEADE AT  AMEADE@THURSTONEDC.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION.washingtonsouthwestfood hubNewaukum Valley FarmDistribution Area: Lewis, Thurston(360) 269-6102newaukumvalleyfarm.comMembers receive weekly deliveries of freshvegetables grown on our farm. We providepick up at several conveniently locatedbusinesses including our farm stand. All ofour vegetables & fruit are certied organic bythe WSDA. Please visit our website for moreinformation or to join our program.Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-Up, Retail LocationsSeedpod FarmDistribution Area: Lewis(360) 807-4693info@seedpodfarm.comseedpodfarm.comServant Share CSAOur CSA oers a unique experience thatprovides connection & community whilelearning to grow food for yourself & yourfamily. PLUS-You’re supporting weeklydonations made to low-income seniors whostruggle to access fresh veggies. You’ll growfood for yourself, connect to where your foodcomes from, watch the progress of plants youstart from seed & learn what it takes to putfood on the table. Take home a weekly share offresh, naturally grown vegetables. Be of serviceto your neighbors by helping to prepare foodto donate weekly. Have fun, breathe somefresh air, & dig in the dirt! Limited shares areavailable. First-come, rst-served basis. You’lllove being part of the Seedpod Farm-ily!Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-Up22 Protecting Farmland & Farming ForeverCommunity Farm Land Trust

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CSA Guide (continued)Farm at Water’s Edge CSADistribution Area: Mason, Kitsap(360) Farm at Water’s Edge CSA was established in 2020 to meet the needs of those in our community interested in receiving fresh produce regularly. Our shares include a diverse array of vegetables, berries, herbs, & even owers. In an eort to connect members with the farm & their food, we include a newsletter with notes on the growing season, recipes, & cooking tips for each item. We oer our CSA via a one-time, sliding scale donation. Please see our website for details, updates, & to sign up.Pricing Sliding ScalePick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-UpSilverwolf Rabbitry & FarmDistribution Area: Mason, Kitsapsilverwolfrabbitryfarm@gmail.comsilverwolfrabbitryfarm.comPre-order on poultry.Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-UpMason County CSAs2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideCUTTING OUT THE MIDDLE MANSTEPS BETWEEN FARM AND YOUR TABLE WHEN YOU PURCHASE FROM:Local CSAFarm Your TableFarmers MarketFarm Your TableFarmers MarketSupermarketFarm Your TableSupermarketDistributorShipping“When consumers buy farm direct, more money goes to farmers. And when farmers have needed funds to put back into the farm, they’re more likely to stay in business & keep growing more food for the community.”— South Sound Food Systems NetworkSkokomish Valley FarmsDistribution Area: Mason, Thurstonfarmer@skokomishvalleyfarms.comSkokomishValleyFarms.comThe CSA will provide you with a variety of seasonal fresh vegetables each week for 20 weeks from the beginning of June through mid-October. We oer one size share of 6-8 items. You can expect to nd old-standbys (what would summer be without tomatoes and basil?) & new favorites (shishitos, anyone?) in your share, but the best part is that we grow varieties that you won’t nd in the local grocery store & we pick the vegetables for you at the peak of their season. You can also sign up for an egg add-on: a dozen organic, pasture-raised eggs. Eggs will be delivered with your CSA share during the season.Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farmers Market Pick Up, Home DeliveryStrawberry Moon FarmDistribution Area: Cowlitz, Lewis, Thurston(360) 593-0797strawbmoonfarm@gmail.comWe’re oering a monthly produce subscription. You’ll get a crate loaded with what’s in season on our farm, & a rapport with the people producing your food. We’ll arrange drop-o locations as needed. Call, text, or email us for the details!Pricing $600/ full season or $75/ monthPick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-Up, Farmers Market Pick

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Bush Prairie FarmDistribution Area: Thurston(360) 357-4526kathleen@bushprairiefarm.combushprairiefarm.com16-week vegetable CSA. Vegetables are grown without pesticides. The farm is located on the original homestead of Tumwater’s rst settlers, George & Isabella Bush, and home to their 175-year-old butternut tree.Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-Up, Home DeliveryKingfisher Organic Farm (formerly Calliope Farm)Distribution Area: Thurston(360) 515-1355calliopefarmoly@gmail.comcalliopefarm.comAbundance and quality distinguish our CSA. Our CSA members are repaid handsomely for their vital commitment of support. Summer & Fall shares are available.Pricing Please see our website for the latest details.Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-UpCedar Slope FarmDistribution Area: Flower CSAPricing $100-200Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-UpCommon Ground CSADistribution Area: Thurston(425) 802-0858commongroundfarmcsa@gmail.comOur farm has a 32-year history of providing CSAs to the Olympia Community. We pride ourselves on providing the freshest vegetables you can get in a quantity that satises an active cook who loves vegetables! CSA is the only thing we do so our members get a true share of the vegetables we grow. Our main season is 25 weeks long, mid-May thru October. We have small & large shares available. We also have an optional 4-week Spring Share that begins mid-April, & a 3-week Winter Share in November. We have 5 neighborhood pick-up sites within Olympia as well as at our farm elds in Maytown & Rochester.Pricing All prices are sliding scale.Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-UpThurston County CSAsCosmic Turtle FarmDistribution Area: Thurston(360) Club Microgreens CSAA bi-weekly CSA delivery alternating with two kinds of microgreens (Sunower shoots, Radish, Pea shoots, & Spicy salad mix) every two weeks. When we have a special microgreen we will send an email update with the latest information. Please note we grow to order so depending on the time you sign up it could be 7-10 days to delivery. *Once you sign up we will reach out & let you know when to expect your rst delivery.Pick-up/Delivery locations Home Delivery, Retail LocationsHelsing Junction FarmDistribution Area: Thurston, King, Pierce, Mason, Grays Harbor(360) 273-2033Helsingfarm@gmail.comhelsingjunctionfarms.comPhoto courtesy of Cedar Slope FarmCSAs create a trusting relationship between local people and a local farm. In turn, farms are able to provide their workers with a living wage and invest in sustainable farming methods.Helsing JunctionPhoto courtesy of Little Big Farm24 Protecting Farmland & Farming ForeverCommunity Farm Land Trust

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CSA Guide (continued)Helsing Junction Farm CSAHelsing Junction Farm is certied organic & provides a variety of CSA shares with home delivery & pick-up sites in Seattle, Olympia, & the WA coast June- Nov. We partner with local producers to provide additional shares of handcrafted Cheeses, yogurt, mushrooms, tree-ripened fruits, & Olykrauts.Pricing $350-$1000Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop SitesKirsop FarmDistribution Area: Thurston, King(360) 402-5028kirsopfarm@gmail.comkirsopfarm.comMain Season CSA provides a nice box of veggies each week from June through October. Please see our website for details. Earlybird discount for shares paid in full before March 1.Ladyberry ProduceDistribution Area:Thurston(360) 810-4001Ladyberryproduce@gmail.comLadyberry CSA runs for 22 weeks from June through the end of October. An additional winter CSA runs through November & December. Full & half shares available. You will receive a wide array of vegetables weekly, harvested within 24 hours of box pickup, handled rarely by more than two people.Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-UpLittle Big FarmDistribution Area: Thurston, King(360) salad-centric CSA featuring seasonal produce. 20 weeks of farmer-curated produce boxes available for pickup at community drop sites in Olympia and Seattle. Share in our abundance and eat seasonally with us.Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farmers Market Pick Up, Retail LocationsLost Peacock CreameryDistribution Area: Thurston(360) 280-6730hello@lostpeacock.comlostpeacock.comIt is a rotating carousel of all our fan favorites, plus, special, made just for you, cheese &, yes, oh yes, yogurt. When you join the CSA you get access to our wholesale prices which means more products for less money. And, as always, every product we produce is made with milk from our goats. Pay in full at the time of signing up. You can sign-up online through our secure payment processing.Pricing VariablePick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-UpPrairie Oak FarmDistribution Area: Thurston(214) 215-0758prairieoakfarm@gmail.comprairieoakfarm.netChoose the months of the year that you would like fresh veggies delivered to your door. Email for full details!Pick-up/Delivery locations Home DeliveryRising River FarmDistribution Area: Thurston(360) 273-5368info@risingriverfarm.comrisingriverfarm.comOur CSA oers members a wide variety of familiar, well-loved, & easy-to-use veggies and culinary herbs. The season runs from mid-June through mid-October. We oer summer & fall shares, as well as large & small shares. Choose from one of the many convenient pickup locations from Rochester to Tacoma. See our website for more info.Pricing Large Share-$684, Small Share-$504 (prices subject to change)Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-Up, Farmers Market Pick Up, Retail • fermented • deliciousPhoto courtesy of Lost Peacock Creamery2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide25

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Root Digger Herb FarmDistribution Area: Thurston, Kingrootdiggerherbfarm@gmail.comrootdiggerherbfarm.comMonthly for 6 months, includes four varieties of herbs, & recipes.Pricing Sliding scalePick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-UpThe Organic FarmDistribution Area: Thurston(360) plan to have a small CSA this summer. Stay tuned on social media or contact us for more information. As an educational farm, students gain the experience of growing crops, planning, harvesting, & packing the CSA boxes. We oer a “traditional” or “farmer’s choice” CSA to provide greater learning opportunities for the students & for you to experience seasonal eating. Weekly assortment of fresh vegetables, fruit, & herbs with optional eggs & cut owers as additional add-ons.Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-UpThurston County CSAs (continued)Urban Futures FarmDistribution Area: Thurston(360) 338-8654urbanagrarian@comcast.neturbanfuturesfarm.comIn 2022, we are oering 3 CSA share options. Our small share is designed to feed 1-2 people, our medium share feeds 2-3 people, & our large share feeds 3+ people. Starting around June 1st, enjoy 18 weeks of delicious, nutritious, sustainably grown vegetables, fruits, & herbs. Each week you will receive 6-12 dierent items, which you pick up on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon/evening at the farm, conveniently located in Olympia’s Northeast neighborhood. Visit our website to sign up, see examples of what is in the weekly box throughout the season, & read reviews from our satised customers.Pricing Check our website.Pick-up/Delivery locations Farm Pick-UpWobbly Cart FarmDistribution Area: Thurston, Lewis(360) 273-8008info@wobblycart.comwobblycart.comOur CSA is a partnership between our local farm & nearby residents. Join by buying a “share” in the farm in early spring. This provides money up front allowing us to purchase seeds to get the season started. You can feel condent that your food dollars are investing not only in your health but indirectly supporting small-scale, environmentally responsible agriculture. Each week you will receive a box with a variety of the best crops on the farm. The veggies are harvested the day of or the day before delivery to ensure maximum avor, freshness, & nutrition. Your produce is delivered weekly to a pickup point near you. Produce deliveries run from mid-June through mid-Nov 22 weeks total.Pick-up/Delivery locations City-wide Neighborhood Drop Sites, Farm Pick-Up26 Protecting Farmland & Farming ForeverCommunity Farm Land Trust

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communityfarmlandtrust.orgPRODUCESEPOCTNOVDECJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDECDARK GREENArugulaBeet greenBok choy, babyBroccoliBraising mixChardsCollard greensDandelion greensEndive, curly (Frisée)EscaroleKales‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Kohlrabi greensLettuces, butterhead*Lettuces, loose-leaf*Lettuces, romaine*Mustard greensMizunaRapini (Broccoli rabe/Chinese broccoli)Salad mix (Mesclun **)SpinachTurnip greensWatercressRED &ORANGECarrots‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Peppers, redPumpkins‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Sweet potatoes, yam‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡TomatoesWinter squash, acorn‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Winter squash, butternut‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Winter squash, hubbard‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡LEGUMESBlack beans, dryCranberry beans, dryGarbanzo/Chickpea, dryGreat Northern beans, dryKidney beans, dryLentils, dryNavy beans, dryPink beans, dryPinto beans, dryPRODUCESEPOCTNOVDECJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDECSTARCHYCorn/Sweet corn‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Green peas/Shell peas‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Potatoes, fingerlingPotatoes, purplePotatoes (Yukon/red/russet etc.)Sunchokes (Jerusalem artichoke)OTHERAsparagusArtichokesBeets (red/golden/Chioggia etc.)‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Brussels sproutsCabbages (green/red/savoy)Cabbages, napaCarrots (purple/white)Cauliflower & RomanescoCeleryCelery root (celeriac)CucumbersFennelGreen beansGreen peas, snap/snowKohlrabi, rootLeeksLettuce, iceburgMushrooms (crimini/enoki/oyster/portabella/shiitake/white)Onions, yellow/storageOnions, sweet/Walla WallaParsnipsPea vinesPeppers (green/yellow/orange)Peppers (purple/chocolate/white)Radicchio (chicory, red-leaved)RadishesRhubarbRutabaga ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Summer squash, white scallopSummer squash, yellowSummer squash, zucchiniTomatillosTurnips, root‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡Produce Seasonality Guide* Iceburg lettuce is listed in OTHER subgroup, as it does not meet the criteria for Dark-green.** Mesclun often includes arugula, chervil, leafy lettuces, endives and other greens such as mizuna, radicchio or sorrel. ‡ Peak harvest season for this product. However, this product is stored and available in other seasons from local sources.Washington Grown Vegetables and LegumesWashingtonState Department OfAgricultureOrganized 2012 USDA Nutrition Standards Vegetable Subgroups2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide27

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MARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKET21071218142122252029272635504748465453525156576961727173777678807984818286Farm Stand & Market Mapcommunityfarmlandtrust.org2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideGrays HarborAberdeen Sunday MarketLewisMorton Farmers MarketToledo Thursday MarketCommunity Farmers Market of ChehalisMasonShelton Farmers MarketThurstonOlympia Farmers MarketTenino Farmers MarketTumwater Towne Center MarketParticipating Markets:TeninoTeninoteninofarmersmarket.orgteninofarmersmarket.org701.552.3032701.552.3032Farmers MarketIN TENINO’S HISTORIC DOWNTOWNMay - SeptemberSATURDAYS10am - 3pmThe Best Little Farmers Market in Thurston County! Fruit, vegetables, plant starts, meat, and much more!SUSSEX AV. W, TENINO, WASheltonBelfairUnionMatlockHumptulipsAberdeenElmaOakvilleRochesterEthelChehalisToledoOlympiaYelmTeninoPe EllMontesanoCentraliaWinlockTumwater28

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MARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKETMARKET21071218142122252029272635504748465453525156576961727173777678807984818286Grays Harbor Farmers MarketOlympia Farmers MarketSouth Sound Fresh (delivery)Toledo Thursday MarketTHURSDAYSUNDAYAberdeen Sunday MarketGrays Harbor Farmers MarketOlympia Farmers MarketTumwater Town Center Farmers MarketFRIDAYCentralia Farmers MarketElma Friday MarketGrays Harbor Farmers MarketOlympia Farmers MarketBelfair Saturday MarketGrays Harbor Farmers MarketHarstine Island Farmers MarketMontesano Sat. Morning MarketMorton Farmers MarketOlympia Farmers MarketPackwood Farmers MarketPe Ell Farmers MarketShelton Farmers MarketTenino Farmers MarketWinlock Saturday MarketYelm Farmers MarketSATURDAYInterstate 5State Highways & BywaysFarm StandFarmers MarketMARKETNSEWGrays Harbor Farmers MarketWEDNESDAYMONDAYGrays Harbor Farmers MarketCommunity Farmers Market of ChehalisGrays Harbor Farmers MarketTUESDAYDAILY FARMERS MARKET GUIDEDAILY FARMERS MARKET GUIDEYear Round10am – 3pmolympiafarmersmarket.comEvery Saturday Thursday thru Sunday Saturday and Sundayjanuary – March April – October November – DecemberVisit farm listings & websites for farm stand hours & info!Be sure to look for types of payment that are accepted at your local farmers markets in bold at the end of each listing!MortonPackwood29

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“I have been very fortunate in how well people are accepting new and dierent products to the market. There’s a whole spectrum of Asian produce that people are not familiar with. It’s a lot about me educating the customers as I’m meeting them.” Gai choy is her favorite of the fall/winter season with a sweet mustard avor and is grown from their family’s heirloom seed harvested bi-annually. Short choy sum is another winter veggie that she showcases at the market. “In the spring and summer, I will be introducing the market to a whole new ball game of produce they haven’t seen yet,” Mak Lee exclaims. Keep an eye out for gai lan, also called Chinese broccoli. Mak’s decision to transform her life, much like her mother did years ago, has brought her back to herself, her farming roots, and her cultural heritage. (See farm listing #17)Mak’s Garden at the Olympia Farmers Market is part of Mak (pronounced MAKE) Lee's journey following her parents’ footsteps back to her farming roots and cultural heritage. In 1980, Mak Lee's parents took factory jobs near Everett after immigrating to the United States from a war torn Laos. The grueling demands of factory work, coupled with poor treatment due to language barriers, had the couple reevaluating how to make a living for their growing family. Mak’s father shifted to a better paying job as a certied mechanic. Mak’s mother took care of the children during the day and continued with factory work at night. The impact on her mother’s mental health took a toll and it was time to get back to what she knew best, farming. Her mother grew up farming in Laos. She carried the knowledge of growing vegetables within her. Mak’s parents leased 20 acres in the Everett area. Their garden started as a way to feed the family. It grew into a thriving wholesale business for Seattle’s International District. Over the years, they sacriced quality family time together to ensure the farm’s success. Saving every cent they could, they eventually purchased a 60 acre family farm, OJ’s Produce, located in Ethel. While growing a robust wholesale produce business, Mak’s parents put their seven children through college. 2020 was a hard year for many, and for Mak Lee, it was profoundly dicult. She had left a job in Seattle, faced a health crisis, and a family emergency. Mak 2022 Fresh From The Farm Guidecommunityfarmlandtrust.orgwas forced to reevaluate her life, a similar situation as her mother many years ago while struggling in the factory. Mak sold what she owned and moved to her parents’ farm to help them as she gured out her next steps. Through her parents’ guidance, Mak began to work a two acre piece of their land. She learned how to plant, thin, and harvest vegetables for the market. Knowing the wait for a booth at the Olympia Farmers Market can sometimes be a year long, Mak decided to start the application process. Surprisingly within a month, she obtained her business license, completed her site visit, and was able to oer Asian produce as Mak’s Garden at the market in 2021. “There is no equipment to harvest the Asian produce we grow,” Mak explained. These vegetables are so tender and fragile, and they grow directly on the ground. She continued, “All of this is done on your hands and knees. You’re cutting every single vegetable by hand and you’re packaging every vegetable by hand.” Land is one of the biggest hurdles for up-and-coming farmers. "I am so fortunate that I’m able to lease two acres from my parents. If I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t know where to begin." Mak’s inherent and invaluable farming knowledge can be traced through her mother’s family lineage dating back several generations from mother to child. “For the rst time, I feel like I have a grasp on my life.” Market Farmer SpotlightMak’s GardenMak’s GardenPhoto courtesy of Mak's Gardenwikimedia.orgwikimedia.orgwikimedia.orgGai ChoyGai Lan with Oyster SauceChoy Sum30

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Grays Harbor Farmers Market1956 Riverside AveHoquiam 98550(360) Harbor Farmers MarketOpen daily, year-roundMonday - Thursday, 9am - 5:30pm Friday, 9am - 6pm Saturday, 9am - 5pm Sunday, 11am - 4pmDiscover local produce, delicious pastries from Nancy’s Bakery, ne soups & sandwiches at Deidra’s Deli, Johnson’s Smoked Meats & Cheeses, ne arts, & quality crafted items, Handmade Soaps & sundries, Candles, & Goods! Something for everyone! Visit our Facebook page for directions.Montesano Saturday Morning MarketFleet Park located atMain St & Pioneer Ave WMontesano 98563(360) Saturday Morning MarketJuly 9th - August 27thSaturdays, 9am - 1pmWe will have local artists, vendors, painting, & hopefully music in the park. Fleet Park is a beautiful park in downtown Montesano where as a community we can gather together & enjoy our morning. We will have fresh local food and products from Grays Harbor.• Market Guide • Farmers Market Spotlight FARMERS MARKETS BY COUNTYAberdeen Sunday MarketBroadway & E HeronAberdeen - August, (Extended Holiday Season TBD!)Sundays, 10am - 3pmThe Season Is The Reason We’re Rooted In Our Community! Come See What the Harbor Has to Oer! Shop the freshest local produce and goods from Grays Harbor & surrounding counties! Fruit, Veggies, Eggs, Honey, Flowers, Crafts & More! Dog Friendly (Leashed) & Live Entertainment (see website for details). COVID-19 safety procedures are practiced & enforced per State Guidelines. We are located in Downtown Aberdeen, between Mount Olympus Brewing & Furniture World. Free Parking. See website for additional information.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Fresh Bucks, Senior FMNP/WICElma Friday Market222 W Main StElma 98541Elma Chamber of Commerce(360) 3rd - September 30thFridays, Noon - 6pmStop by the Elma Friday Market from noon to 6pm and see what the gateway to Grays Harbor has to oer! You will nd local farmers with freshly harvested produce, artisans with uniquely crafted gifts, and a spirit of community. Join us opening day June 3rd. See you there!Grays Harbor CountySouth Sound Fresh461 N Sweetgrass Lane, Shelton 98584Paul Miller(360) year-round • Thursdays, 1pm - 7pmSouth Sound Fresh is an online marketplace of locally grown & produced food. We make it possible for farmers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food in your area. Farmers benet from the marketing, selling, packaging & delivering of their produce & prepared foods. Our marketplace delivers fresh, healthy, locally grown and produced food to you, the buyer, in a cost-eective manner on a weekly basis. Our weekly ordering period is from Sunday through Tuesday at midnight. We get pick lists out to farms & producers on Wednesday for them to harvest (or bake or make). Then we collect everything & deliver it to your door-step with no-contact home delivery on Thursday from 1-7pm. Check website for hours.Credit/Debit, Online Sales Southwest WA Food Hub7249 Cleanwater Drive Tumwater 98501Emily - DecemberSouthwest Washington Food Hub oers a Local Gourmet Box curated with the best our farmers have to oer. Each month high-quality seasonal produce, meat, and more from local farmers and artisans are boxed with recipes and bursting with goodness! Pick up once a month at our conveniently located warehouse in Tumwater. Pay by the month for $75 per box. Subscribe for the entire 2022 season (April-December 2022) with a one-time payment of $625; a $50 savings! Subscribe for the 2022 season (April-December 2022) with two payments of $325; a $25 savings!Credit/Debit, Online SalesLOCAL FOOD HUBS2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideFood Hubs connect small farmers & producers to buyers (wholesale & consumers) through a centralized distribution site or online marketplace.Due to the impact of COVID-19, please check with markets for closures, changes in hours and protocol updates. Thank you to all our farmers and markets for supporting our South Sound communities.31

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Centralia Farmer’s Market109 West High StCentralia 98531(360) - OctoberFridays, 11am - 5pmWe’re still going strong! Since 1979 our farmers, producers, artists, bakers, & craftsmen have been bringing you the best in Lewis County. This year will be no dierent. Our vendors' products are all handmade or homegrown. Fresh in-season produce, ower, vegetable and nursery plants, woodworks, baked goods, soaps & lotions, jewelry, honey, knits & crochet items, hot food, & more. Easy access from I-5 at Exit 82. We are always looking for new vendors to join our family. See you at the market! Check website for directions & hours.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Fresh Bucks, Senior FMNP/WICCommunity Farmers Market of ChehalisBoistfort StChehalis 98532(360) - OctoberTuesdays, 11am - 4pmThe Community Farmers Market in downtown Chehalis is a vibrant hub for local food and goods, grown and produced by small farms and businesses. It oers fun activities for children, live music, and a place to gather and celebrate healthy living.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Senior FMNP/WICMorton Farmer’s MarketGust Backstrom City Park700 Main AveMorton 98536Marie Shankle(360) 7th - Oct 29thSaturdays, 10am - 3pmWelcome to our 6th year!! Our location at Gust Backstrom Park is perfect! On the grass, under the trees, playground for the kids! We feature all local handmade, homegrown, home-baked treasures for you. Our line-up of vendors brings seasonal fresh produce, spring-time plant starts, baked goods, knit & crochet crafts, wood crafts, honey, soaps, wools & bers, hot food, & more! Check website for directions & hours.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Fresh Bucks, Senior FMNP/WICPackwood Farmers MarketPackwood Library Park area109 Main St WPackwood 98361Gretchen Fritsch(360) - OctoberSaturdays, 9am - 1pmThe Packwood Farmers Market’s goal is to provide the area of eastern Lewis County with quality handmade, homemade and homegrown goods. We are a community of talented, hard-working people, surrounded by incredible natural beauty. The Packwood Farmers Market is a place to gather and celebrate the things that make this place so special.Pe Ell Farmers MarketState Route 6 & Seventh AvePe Ell 98572Rebecca Ambrose(360) 245-3339rebambrose@yahoo.comMid-May to the 1st weekend OctoberSaturdays, 8am - NoonWe are excited to be in our 7th season this year! Come visit our local growers who employ natural growing practices. You can nd crafts, plant and tree starts, berries and more. Burden cloths by original design, grab a piece of history and make garden clean up a cinch. Natural remedies for what ails you too. Vendors oer special orders with advance notice. Head out to west Lewis County and enjoy the bounty of our local agricultural oerings! Opening Day the day before Mother’s Day, Health Checks, Come to the Community Tent and visit us!Cash, Credit/DebitFarmers Markets by County (continued)Lewis CountyToledo Thursday MarketSteamboat Landing115 Ramsey WayToledo 98542Marie Shankle(360) 17th - December 8thThursdays, 2pm - 6pmStarted in 2017, we bring you fresh produce, baked goods, candies, honey, meats, dairy products, mushrooms, plant starts, & so much more. Our mission is to provide Nutrition, Education, & Community. Online shopping is now available thru LocalLine. Orders must be placed by 11:59pm on Tuesday night for pick-up that Thursday. We will have some delivery options for those who are self-quarantining. Our summer location is the Toledo Boat Launch (June-September). We also oer a matching funds program that increases the purchasing power of these nutrition assistance funds! Check website for pickup info, directions, & hours.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Fresh Bucks, Online Sales, Senior FMNP/WICWinlock Saturday MarketAcross from the Cedar Village IGA grocery store305 E Walnut StWinlock - SeptemberSaturdays, 10am - 3pmYou’ll nd a bounty of delightful vendors featuring local farmers & artisans from our community. Come taste the local avor!communityfarmlandtrust.orgMORTONCity ofFarmersMarketPhoto courtesy of Toledo Thursday Market32

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Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market237 Dennis St SETumwater 98501(360) 1st - September 25thSundays,11am - 3pmFind us at our new location, Peter G Schmidt Elementary School. Enjoy fresh vegetables, fruits & berries, eggs, cheese, cut owers & nursery plants, coee & baked goods, honey, smoothies, prepared food vendors with hot lunch plates, body care products, jewelry, & handcrafted delights.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Fresh Bucks, Senior FMNP/WICYelm Farmers MarketThe Yelm Community Center301 Second St SEYelm 98597Jon Jamieson(360), 28th - October 29thSaturdays, 10am - 3pmThe market has grown to 25 vendors including farmers, artisans, bakers, beekeepers, leatherworkers, and much more plus a thriving children’s program and special events. Every dollar you spend contributes to a strong local economy and a healthy food network in our community.EBT/SNAP, Senior FMNP/WICThurston CountyOlympia Farmers Market700 Capitol Way NOlympia 98501Brett Warwick(360) - October: Thursday - Sunday, November - December: Saturday - Sunday, January - March: Saturdays10am - 3pmMarket Match ($40 per day). Local & Organic produce, WA grown fruit, meat, sh, clams, oysters, owers, bread, desserts, eggs, cheese, jams & jelly, 8 restaurants, vegetable starts, fruit trees, handmade artisan crafts, live entertainment. Call or check website for directions & hours.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, SNAP Market Match, Senior FMNP/WICTenino Farmers Market213 Sussex AveTenino 98589(701) 7th - September 24thSaturdays, 10am - 3pmVisit the Tenino Farmers Market in historic downtown Tenino. We have something for everyone, fresh fruits & vegetables, bedding plants, farm fresh meat, kettle corn, handmade soaps, handmade jewelry, up-cycled crafts & more! Call or check website for driving directions.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Senior FMNP/WICMason County Belfair Saturday MarketBelfair Elementary22900 Highway 3Belfair 98528Erin Smith(253) Saturday Market - OcialMay 7th - October 29thSaturdays, 10am - 4pmWelcome to the Belfair Saturday Market! Here you will nd local art, sundries, produce, & much more! Stop by & shop from local artisans & growers!Harstine Island Farmers Market3371 E Harstine Island Rd NShelton 98584Lee 28th - September 24thSaturdays, 10am - NoonPlease visit our Facebook page for our schedule and latest information. We have a wide variety of vendors.Shelton Farmers MarketEvergreen Square 306 W Railroad AveShelton 98584(360) - OctoberSaturdays, 9am - 2pmLocated in the heart of downtown Shelton, we provide a forum for local farmers & gardeners to provide our community with fresh, local produce. We have a wide variety of talented artisans that present one-of-a-kind items made with love. We accept vendors within Mason County as well as adjoining counties. Live music ows as you shop our market. Senior Days the First Saturday of the month. Stay tuned for special events throughout the season. Check website for directions & hours.Cash, Credit/Debit, EBT/SNAP, Fresh Bucks, Senior FMNP/WICFarmers Market Guide (by County)Photo courtesy of Tenino Farmers Market2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide33

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Seeds ofKeep the Change!Sow the Seeds ofLook for our Seeds of Love donation box at participating farm stands while you shop at a market near you!Preserving Working, Aff ordable Farmland In The South SoundDonate your change to benefi t CFLT’s work of preserving productive, aff ordable farmland in the South Sound. Help the next generation of farmers thrive in a viable farm economy!Keep the Change!!Tenino Farmers Market began in 2005 on a small lot in a city park with only six vendors. It was founded by a couple dedicated to getting it o the ground. When the couple retired, the market’s future rested on its Board of Directors. The following year the market moved near the school district oce, and in 2016 it relocated to its current location in downtown Tenino on Olympia Street. This location beneted the market in many ways. It strengthened its connections with local businesses, provided greater visibility, and allowed the market to expand its oerings both for vendors and consumers with an expanded schedule. The market now runs from May to September on Saturdays from 10am-3 pm. Prior to moving downtown, the market’s lack of foot trac created some challenges. Sherry Bachmann, a vendor since 2009 and board member since 2016, said, “This has been a growing process. We would struggle every year to get and retain produce vendors.” Last year, the market grew to an average attendance of 300 to 500 people per day with approximately 22 vendors. This expansion and success has brought produce vendors to the forefront of the market. “Not only do we have more produce vendors, we have more types of produce available now.” At the start of the pandemic, essential vendors were the only booths allowed on-site, giving produce vendors more prominence in the market and providing them more stability. Many passionate people worked to promote the market and continue its success. Sherry explained that part of the growth in the number of vendors can be attributed to aordability. For the rst time, it has been necessary to hire a market manager. The vendors at the market are like a family and really enjoy the time they spend together. On the second Saturday of each month, an adjacent community artisan market joins the farmers market. It showcases handmade goods and wares from local artists and crafters. The Tenino Farmers Market’s ow and vibe is brought alive by their volunteer site manager. “We are very blessed to have a wonderful site manager, Sean Broadbent,” Sherry notes. He helps with set up, establishes the site map every Saturday, and plays great music for the shoppers and vendors. Tenino Farmers Market oers a variety of programs for low-income individuals and families. In 2021, donations were provided through the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program and WIC. In addition, a grant from Timberland Bank provided $4 tokens to children and seniors that helped to oset their purchases for the day. Farmers also donated leftover produce at the end of market day to the local food bank. This year, the market would like to increase their food vendor options. Find their vendor policies and application online, Stay tuned on Saturdays for live Facebook videos of their vendors and what you can nd at the market.2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideFarmers Market SpotlightPhotos courtesy of Tenino Farmers Market34

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Food insecurity refers to USDA’s measure of lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods. Food-insecure households are not necessarily food insecure all the time. Food insecurity may reect a household’s need to make trade-os between important basic needs, such as housing or medical bills, and purchasing nutritionally adequate foods.communityfarmlandtrust.orgWhat is Food Insecurity?Food Insecurity & Food AccessIt’s estimated 273,387 people (15% of our state’s food insecure population) are above the poverty thresholds of SNAP, WIC, & other nutrition programs, thus DON’T qualify for food assistance.that is 804,080 people.11% of Washington State is food insecure,FOOD GAPS PER COUNTYTotal food insecure people per countyIndividuals that qualify for food assistanceIndividuals that DON’T qualify for food assistance $ needed to close the gap in food assistanceGrays Harbor10,86015% of the county9,23185% of 10,8601,60015% of 9,231$6,339,000Lewis11,060 14% of the county9,180 83% of 11,0601,88017% of 9,180$6,155,000Mason8,860 14% of the county7,26282% of 8,8601,60018% of 7,262$5,041,000Thurston30,940 11% of the county20,11165% of 30,94010,82915% of 20,111$17,564,000Food Insecurity definition and data on pages 35-41 is from:, and Banks play an important role in our communities by distributing donated and purchased groceries directly to food insecure individuals and families. They are critical in assisting individuals/households that receive nutritional assistance that are still not getting all their needs met through Nutrition Incentive Programs. On average individuals/households report not getting their basic food needs met even after they have received food assistance causing a budget shortfall annually throughout the U.S. 2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide35

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communityfarmlandtrust.orgSNAP Market Match Makes Getting Fresh and Local Produce a SNAP!$1One DollarFind a list of participating farmers markets at: No change given. Expires 12/31/2021.Redeemable at participating farmers markets in Washington.$1One DollarFind a list of participating farmers markets at: No change given. Expires 12/31/2021.Redeemable at participating farmers markets in Washington.Here’s how it works:Go to the farmers market information tent.Swipe your EBT card for the amount you want to spend at the market.Match your EBT dollars with SNAP Market Match.Shop for fresh produce, seeds, and plant starts.Farmers Market Infofruitmushroomsherbsseeds and edible plants$1One DollarveggiesRedeem SNAP Market Matchdollars for:$1One DollarFind a list of participating farmers markets at: No change given. Expires 12/31/2021.Redeemable at participating farmers markets in Washington.Redeem SNAP Market Matchdollars for:herbsseeds and edible plantsmushroomsveggiesfruitMarkets match up to $40 per day. Check with your local market for their daily match amount.Find a list of participating farmers markets at: in offering SNAP Market Match at your famers market or farm stand? Contact us at to discuss your eligibility.This material is based upon work that is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under award number 2020-70030-33180 and administered by the Washington State Department of Health.36 2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide

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Food Access & Nutrition Incentive ProgramsFood Access & Nutrition Incentive ProgramsFood Banks have become even more essential since the pandemic hit, as more people lost hours or their jobs. They help bridge the gap for people who are food insecure and play a vital role in assistance for those who DO NOT qualify for other types of nutritional assistance programs. FMNP (Farmers Market Nutrition Programs) There are two federal funded FMNP programs: Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Senior FMNP. WIC provides resources for pregnant women and women with infants and children up to 5 years of age, who are found to be at nutritional risk. This program provides fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits and vegetables to WIC participants, and expands the awareness, use of, and sales at farmers markets. Senior FMNP provides low-income seniors with coupons that can be exchanged for eligible foods (fruits, vegetables, honey, and fresh-cut herbs) at farmers markets, roadside stands, and CSAs. For more about FMNP programs visit, (Electronic Benets Transfer)The Washington Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-formerly known as food stamps) helps low-income individuals and families obtain a more nutritious diet by supplementing their income with SNAP benets. These funds are available through EBT cards that work just like a debit card. These benets are accepted at some farmers markets, individual farms/farmstands and even some community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs. Eligible items are the same as at the grocery store and include fruits, vegetables, baked goods, seeds, meat, jams and jellies, bread, sh, vegetable starts, syrup and honey, dairy, and poultry. Check with your local farmers market to see how to use your EBT benets while shopping there. To apply for SNAP visit, Harbor Food BanksAberdeen Avenue Baptist Church3rd Saturday 11am - 1pm2733 Aberdeen AveAberdeen 98520(360) 533-2193Aberdeen Community Food BankTuesdays 3 - 5pm2120 Commerce StAberdeen 98520 @aberdeenfoodbankBASH (Bikers Against Statewide Hunger)Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 3 - 5pm427 West Main, Elma 98541(360) 861-8062Copalis Community Church Food BankWednesdays 1:30 - 5:30pm3134 State Rte 109Copalis Beach 98535(360) 289-2233copalisfoodbank.weebly.comEast Grays Harbor County Food BankMondays 10:30am - 4pm 106 West Main St, Elma 98541(360) 471-6181Faith House Ministries4th Friday 10am - Noon211 E Wishkah StAberdeen 98520(360) 533-4802Harbor Landing Food PantryTuesdays 10am - 2pmGrays Harbor College, 500 Building (Gym)1620 Edward P. Smith DriveAberdeen 98520(360) 538-4096Days/hours may change during college Bank GuideFood Bank Guide(continued on the next page)Use of any food assistance rose from 30% before COVID-19 to 42% during COVID-19. (WAFOOD 2 Washington State Food Security Survey, Survey 2)2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide37

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Hoquiam Food BankMondays & Wednesdays Noon - 2pm720 K Street, Hoquiam 98550(360) 533-4909Humptulips Food Bank3rd Wednesday Noon - 3pm32 McAfee Rd, Humptulips 98552(360) 987-2546 @humptulips.foodbankMalone Food Bank2nd & Last Wednesdays 7 - 9am25 Mox Chehalis Rd, Malone 98559(360) 482-2329McCleary Food Bank2nd & 4th Mondays 9 - 11am100 S Simpson Ave, McCleary 98557Montesano Food Bank1st & 4th Fridays 1 - 3pm213 West Spruce St, Montesano 98563(360) 249-5374 @montefoodbankOcean Shores Food Bank1st & 3rd Thursdays 10am - 5pm848 Anchor Ave NWOcean Shores 98569(360) 289-2171Emergency Food: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 4pm - 6pm & Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 10am - Food Bank1st & 3rd Tuesdays 1 - 4pm31 Burn Rd, Neilton 98566Salvation Army Food Bank-AberdeenTuesdays & Thursdays 10 - 11:30am, 1 - 3pm120 W Wishkah St, Aberdeen 98520(360) Day Adventist Church Food BankThursdays 10am - 2pm3101 Cherry St, Hoquiam 98550(360) 532-9247South Beach Food Bank1st & 3rd Thursdays 9 - 11am314 N Broadway, Westport 98595(360) 268-1686Emergency Referral: Mondays, Wednesdays, FridaysThe Lord's Pantry/Foursquare Church2nd & 4th Thursdays 10am - Noon4800 Central Park DrAberdeen 98520(360) 538-0111Grays Harbor Food Banks (continued) 2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideFood Bank Guide (continued) Each month, households who experience food insecurity face 1 to 7 days of not getting basic nutritional needs met. This occurs on average 7 months out of the year. (USDA)GAPS IN FOOD ASSISTANCE: Donate money Volunteer at your local food bank Volunteer as a gleaner* Thank food bank workers & volunteers (Send them a note) Donate food & bags5 ways to help local food banks:nd-services/list-of-locations thurstoncountyfoodbank.orgFood Bank WebsitesPlease visit these websites for more info about Food Banks in Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, & Thurston CountiesLewis County Food BanksHub City Mission Food Pantry2nd Saturday 9 - 10 am (Fresh Market) Last Saturday, 9 am (Food Box Distribution)Bethel Church416 N Tower AveCentralia 98531(360) County Food Bank Coalition (LCFBC)750-B SW 21stChehalis 98532(360) 330-1519After hours assistance, leave a message (checked regularly).* Many communities have gleaning programs that use volunteers to harvest excess produce from local farms to be donated to area food banks. These programs get fresh, healthy food with better nutritional content to people who might otherwise not be able to aord it or have access to it. Volunteers are needed. Get involved today. communityfarmlandtrust.org38

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Mineral Food BankWednesdays Noon - 3pmMineral Neighborhood Christian Center127 Mineral Rd NMineral 98355(360)’s Pantry MortonFridays 11am - 3pm277 Seventh StMorton 98356(360) 496-5456Pe Ell Community Food BankLast Wednesday 11am - Noon417 State Rte 6/Main StPe Ell 98572 (360) 291-3434S.O.M.M.A. Food Bank2nd, 3rd, 4th Wednesdays 9am - Noon144 Wilcox RdSalkum 98582(360) 985-2904The Greater Chehalis Food BankFridays 12:15 - 3pm(Chehalis, Adna, Boisfort, Napavine)750 SW 21st StChehalis 98532(360) 748-1226The Salvation Army - CentraliaTuesdays - Fridays 10am - Noon & 1 - 3pm303 N Gold StCentralia 98531(360) Food Bank2nd & 4th Fridays 10am - 1pm101 N Second StToledo 98542(360) 269-7001White Pass Community Food Bank1st & 3rd Fridays 9 - 11am106 Kindle RdRandle 98377 (360) 520-3817 @WhitePassCommunityFoodBankWinlock/Vader Food Bank3rd Wednesday 11am - 2pm, 4th Wednesday 4 - 7pm, 2nd Saturday 9am - 4pm 503 NE 1st StWinlock 98596 (360) 785-6399 @WinlockVaderFoodBankLewis County Food BanksFood Bank Guide (continued)Cielo4th Friday Noon - 3pmLutheran Church of the Good Shepherd1602 North St SETumwater 98501Drive up serviceThe Evergreen State College2nd & 4th Tuesdays 2 - 4pmEvergreen Students & the Community2700 Evergreen Pkwy. NWC.C.B.L.A. Sem II E2115Olympia 98505(360) 867-6866Drive-up: Distribution in Lot CEvergreen Vista Apartments (Bus 47)2nd & 4th Thursdays 11:30am - 2:30pm1209 Fern St. SWOlympia 98502(360) 352-1315Call prior Mondays to reserve your bag.Faith Harvest Helpers (Bus 66)1st & 3rd Sundays 10am - 1pm5615 30th Ave SELacey 98503(360) 459-1444Heritage House Food BankSaturdays 2 - 5pmHeritage Baptist Church1315 Sussex Ave ETenino 98589(360) 264-2740Hidden Creek Community Church (Bus 47)Wednesdays 10am - 2pmFor Zip Codes 98502 & 98512 Only1807 Ninth Ave SWOlympia 98502(360) 357-3739Littlerock United MethodistLast Tuesday 9:30am - NoonCall ahead6336 SW 128th AveLittlerock 98556(360) 943-4720Call aheadOlympia Senior Services3rd Friday 10:30 - 11:30amSeniors only222 Columbia St NWOlympia 98501(360) 586-6181, X105Call aheadCommunity Food PantryMondays, Tuesdays, Fridays Noon - 5pm71 Old Belfair Hwy NEBelfair 98528(971) 813-4027 @BelfairCFPHood Canal Food Bank1st & 3rd Mondays 12:15 - 2:45pm331 N Finch Creek RdHoodsport 98548(360) 877-6507One recipient family member to receive food. Only 10 recipients inside at a time.hoodcanalfoodbank.orgMatlock Community Church Food BankWednesdays Noon - 2pmMatlock-Deckerville RdMatlock 98560(360) Mason Food BankTuesdays 10am - 2pm, Wednesdays 1 - 5pm, Thursdays 2 - 6pm 22471 NE State Rte 3Belfair 98528(360) Saints’ Pantry Food BankTuesdays & Wednesdays 9:30 - Noon214 S. Second StShelton 98584(360) United Methodist Church Food BankFridays Noon (Pick up at Shelton United Methodist Church, South Hall)Residents of Mason County1900 King StShelton 98584(360) 462-5683Call Love INC (not Shelton UMC) at (360) 462-5683 on Tuesdays 10am - 3pm to be added to food bank pick up /this-communitySquaxin Tribal Food BankFridays 9am - Noon, 1 - 3pmHealth Promotions BuildingShelton 98584(360) 432-3931Mason County Food BanksThurston County Food Banks(continued)(continued on the next page)Due to the impact of COVID-19, please check with food banks for closures, changes in hours and protocol updates. Thank you to all our local food banks for supporting our South Sound communities.2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide39

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Thurston County Mobile Food Banks are a service provided to community members living in low income housing who may have trouble accessing food bank services. South Sound Villa, LaceyBoardwalk Apartments, OlympiaCapitol House Apartments, OlympiaCasa Madrona, OlympiaDrexel House, OlympiaOlympia Village, OlympiaOlympian Apartments, OlympiaSt. Francis House, OlympiaValley Heart Church, RainierShelton Senior Center, SheltonTumwater Apartments, TumwaterTumwater Mobile Estates, TumwaterTumwater Senior Center, TumwaterYelm Adult Community Center, YelmThurston County Food Banks (continued) Sacred Heart Emergency Outreach2nd Saturday 10am - 12:30pm812 Bowker St SELacey 98503(360) 923-0929Emergency outreach building next to church.SPSCC Food PantryTuesdays & Wednesdays 11:30am - 2:30pm, Thursdays 5 - 7pm SPSCC Students2011 Mottman Rd SWOlympia 98512(360) 596-5200Park in Lot J, walk in, SUB Room 121Tenino Community Service Center Food Bank PlusTuesdays & Thursdays 9am - Noon, Drive-up only 224 Sussex E, Tenino Senior Shut In: Tuesdays Deliveries (Tenino), Wednesdays Deliveries (Bucoda)Tenino/Bucoda Area224 Sussex ETenino 98589(360) 264-5505teninocsc.orgThurston County Food Bank: Lacey’s Food PantryTuesdays & Thursdays 10am - 1pm7027 Martin Way EOlympia 98516(360) 352-8597Park in upper lot if you have limited mobility. Indoor shopping. Other Bank (cleaning & personal care items) available 2nd week of month.Thurston County Food Bank: Olympia’s Food PantryMondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 11am - 3pm220 Thurston Ave NEOlympia 98501(360) 352-8597Drive-up: follow signs & stay in vehicle, volunteers will load food. Walk-up: Line up along Thurston Ave NE, volunteers will bring food to you. Other Bank (cleaning & personal care items) available 2nd Wednesdays.Turning Point Church2nd & 4th Thursdays 1 - 5pm3525 Marvin Rd NELacey 98516(443) 783-9405Tumwater Fire Department (Bus 13)3rd Tuesday 3:30 - 5:30pm311 Israel Rd SWTumwater 98501(360) 754-4170Tumwater Senior Center2nd Friday 11am - Noon215 N 2nd SWTumwater 98512(360) 754-4160REGULAR STOPS:For more information about these locations and how the mobile food bank program works, contact: or call (360) 754-5703 x106.2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide40 Protecting Farmland & Farming ForeverCommunity Farm Land Trust

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The entire school helps plant the garden. Kindergartners start by planting the pumpkin patch, each grade level planting a dierent crop, ultimately learning about their vegetable starts and gaining a little more responsibility in the garden each year. The school does a total of 30 school garden eld trips over the course of 6-8 weeks. TCFB hosts evening programs that facilitate the next generation of parents/families to continue the program’s success. One program involves families in meal preparation using garden harvests. It provides an opportunity for the kids to show their parents what they have been learning. Occasionally the parents jump in and are part of the learning and teaching. “What I love about this program is that it is not just about kids.” Michaela continued, “We’re all learning together; students, parents, and teachers.” TCFB oers many programs for the community including the Emergency Food Assistance Program, a Mobile Food Bank System, Holiday Meal Boxes, and more. They prioritize kids through the FORKids program, Summer Lunch, Baby Day, SNAP-ED Nutrition Education, and the School Gardens programs. The new Lacey location has a farmstand with a variety of produce from their on-site garden and other growers, including home growers that have an overabundance. During the growing season, Saturday mornings are a great time to drop o veggies. Visit their website at for more program and donation information. 2022 marks the 50th anniversary for the Thurston County Food Bank. More than 67,000 individuals were served in 2020, with 20% of those never needing services before. Food banks are critical in addressing food insecurity in our communities and we are lucky to have this resource in our community for all these years. Celebrate their 50 years of service by joining the “Giving 50” campaign this year. Donate 50 lbs of food, a $50 contribution, or 50 hours of volunteer service.School Gardens @thurstoncountyfoodbank in Washington state? It starts by educating our youth in the basics of cultivating, harvesting, and processing food! Connecting kids to where their food comes from is the main focus of the School Gardens Program (SGP). "We are not only educating our next generation of farmers, we're also teaching the next generation of consumers," SGP manager, Michaela Winkley explains. The program aspires to teach kids that food security is a life skill to learn early. Along with AmeriCorps sta and college interns, you can nd Michaela in local schools and community gardens. Her passion is teaching children to observe the wonder of nature and love of locally grown food.The Thurston County Food Bank (TCFB) School Gardens Program has been serving low-income students by providing them with fresh, nutritious produce since 2010. There are at least ve schools that participate, focusing on schools that have a larger population of kids on reduced lunch. Michaela consults with each school on their goals and the outcomes they want to achieve. Some schools focus on growing food for the food bank while others prioritize teaching kids about how to grow food. The program grows with the children as they grow. Just as a seed themselves, they start at the elementary level, building basic garden knowledge and skills. This prepares students with a deeper level of learning and understanding when they take horticulture classes in middle school, high school, and beyond.A collaboration with Mountain View Elementary, St. Mark Lutheran Church (SMLC), and the SGP is a great example of this type of learning through the years. Since 2010 the SMLC has grown 13,000 pounds of produce annually for the food bank on a one-acre plot in Lacey. -Michaela Winkley, SGP ManagerThurston County Food BankPhotos courtesy of Thurston County Food Bank School Gardens Program41

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5224516371091312171415181921222420252927263031323335363843373444463950484954535156585759606361656466696872717473777576807879818584828687888347 • 67Grays Harbor • Lewis • Mason • ThurstonInterstate 5State Highways & BywaysFarmSee farm listings and more online at:NSEWUSDA 2017 Census of Agriculture, U.S. Summary & State Data: Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason & Thurston County WA Profile2012 to 2017 ACRES OF FARMLAND LOST IN OUR AREAGRAYS HARBOR COUNTY14,207 acres lost (-12%)LEWIS COUNTY9,969 acres lost (-8%)MASON COUNTY5,607acres lost (-24%)THURSTON COUNTY14,388 acres lost (-19%)and there are even fewer acres of farmland left today.Regional Farm Map2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideSheltonBelfairUnionMatlockHumptulipsAberdeenElmaOakvilleRochesterEthelChehalisToledoOlympia42

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5224516371091312171415181921222420252927263031323335363843373444463950484954535156585759606361656466696872717473777576807879818584828687888347 • 67Grays Harbor • Lewis • Mason • ThurstonRegional Farm MapHow to Use this Guide• On the following pages, farms are listed and color coded by county, alphabetically by name, numbered and marked on the map with that farm listing number.• A Products & Services Guide is on page 12-19. Farms are listed by category for the products/services they oer and also color coded by county. • Look for Product & Service Icons that show what each farm oers     • Use the Quick Reference Product Guide at the beginning of each county's farm listings. Farms are listed by number next to the icon of what they oer.• Look for Commerce Categories in bold at the end of each farm listing. These are the payment options accepted by farmers and how they sell their products/services.Product & Service Icons— LEGEND —AlpacaAnimal Visits/Family FunBeans/GrainBees/HoneyBerriesBulbs/Seeds/TubersCattle (livestock)Cattle (local meat) Cheese/ DairyChristmas TreesCiderCompost & SoilCorn MazeEducation/WorkshopsEggsEmu (livestock)Emu (local meat)EventsFlowersFruit/Fruit TreesGarlicGoat (livestock)Goat (local meat)Hay/StrawHerbsHolly/WreathsHorsesLamb/Sheep (livestock)Lamb/Sheep (local meat)LavenderMicrogreensMushroomsNative PlantsNuts/Nut TreesPlant StartsPigs (livestock) Pigs/Pork (local meat)Poultry (livestock)Poultry (local meat) PumpkinsRabbit (livestock)Rabbit (local meat)RecreationShellfishSkins/TextilesSweet CornToursValue Added ProductsVegetablesVenue RentalWormsMossyrockYelm43

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Grays Harbor County Farm Spotlight of working with endurance horses spurred her interest in farming. “You have to realize that until 100 years ago, horses were the farm. You didn’t have tractors to do the heavy lifting.” She continued, “If you wanted to move anything, it was a horse, a beast of burden. Until the engine became popular, a horse was all you had for centuries.” Besides raising and selling horses, Renee also sells angora goats, goat ber, honey, eggs, chickens, and heritage turkeys. She and her niece, Tiany, handle all the vetting, feeding, and care for the animals. Renee’s love for animals shines through in her education about livestock care, and in the precautionary safety measures she actively pursues on her farm. “It's worth it just to look at them out in the eld, even if I don’t sell any horses or goats,” she states. The res in California prompted Renee Taylor and Dan Berger to move to Washington. In 2013, they purchased a 50 acre farm in Montesano. It took until 2017 for them to relocate all their animals to their new homestead and lifelong dream, Argos Farms PNW. “Any day the farm is not on re, we’re in heaven,” Renee exclaims. While they no longer have to worry about having enough water from the Colorado River for the animals, their new farm is bordered by the Chehalis River and much of it is wetland. Now they focus on precautions around potential ooding with the safety of their animals at the forefront of their minds. A robust deck with a ramp was built around the outside of their home. “By chance, we get some kind of tsunami or ood, worse comes to worse, the horses and goats can go right up there.” Renee is prepared for the worst nature can bring, even if it means having their animals right next to the house or spending three days straight keeping them watered during a heat wave.Argos FarmsRenee and Dan were surprised to nd no farmers markets in Grays Harbor County when they moved to their new farm. After a year, Renee saw an ad in the paper about a meeting to start a farmers market in Aberdeen and she decided to attend. Little did she know, she would leave as the vice president of the board of directors for the Aberdeen Sunday Market. Renee helped with the necessary legal paperwork and through the strength and dedication of the board and many volunteers, the market was born. Being a livestock farmer, Renee doesn’t have a lot of items to sell at the Aberdeen Sunday Market until the fall when her heritage turkeys become available for Thanksgiving. Since the beginning of the market, Renee brought her animals to educate folks on the feeding and care. She also covered the shearing cycles of her angora goats. In the past, Tiany set up demonstrations for milking and shearing. Children loved petting and feeding the goats. A tom turkey, Junior, was the star of the market. Renee explained that her weekly contribution has largely been an educational labor of love. “I always have someone that I am teaching,” said Renee. “People need to know where their food and clothing come from and what is entailed in those processes. Even people living in rural areas still don’t know.” Lastly, she gives advice to anyone thinking about farming. “I would say if you want to homestead or to farm, don’t wait until you retire, because it's heavy physical work. When you retire you might have the time and maybe even the money, but you might not have the energy or strength. Make it a priority in your life if it's something important to you.” (See farm listing #1)Grays Harbor County Farm Spotlight2022 Fresh From The Farm Guidecommunityfarmlandtrust.orgPhotos courtesy of Argos Farm44

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Grays Harbor County FarmsPhoto courtesy of Bee Organic Farm & Apiary“Come Grow With Us”. We strive to grow & provide the freshest, nutritious, & best tasting fruits, vegetables, & honey. Coming Soon: beautiful cut owers, plants, & trees. CSA, Farmers Markets, Local Events. We will have our farm stand setup at the Aberdeen Sunday Farmers Market, Montesano Saturday Morning Farmers Market, & on Fridays in Elma at 3rd and Main. Call for more information. Please visit our FB page for hours, directions, & updates. Visit our website for a list of our farm stand locations and dates.Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Aberdeen Sunday Market, Montesano Saturday Morning Market, Elma Friday Market, Farm Stand, Food Collective/Hub SW WA Food Hub, Online Sales, 3 2, 5 2 2, 5, 10 8 61 Argos FarmsRenee Taylor/Dan Berger213 Katon Rd, Montesano 98563(360) @argosfarmspnwFree Range/Pasture RaisedOur focus is on heritage animals & foods while supporting native plants, the land, waterways, & wildlife. We breed ENDURANCE HORSES, ANGORA GOATS, & pasture-raised non-GMO, no-corn, no-soy-fed chicken EGGs & TURKEYs, all in a natural environment. Visits by appointment only.Charitable Donations WHOLE Harbor, Aberdeen Sunday Market, Farmers Markets Aberdeen Sunday Market, Retail Stores Organics 1012 Bee Organic Farm & ApiaryRob & Rocki Horton40 Lennon Rd, Elma 98541(360) @BeeOrganicFarmAndApiaryWSDA Certified Organic, ROP Certified (Real Organic Project)PRODUCT & SERVICE QUICK REFERENCEGrays Harbor County Farm Listings2022 FRESH FROM THE FARM GUIDECOMMUNITY FARM LAND TRUST• Find the icon for the products/services you want. • Then nd your farm by number. • Icon legend is on page 43Grays Harbor Farms 5, 8, 10 1, 2 8 2, 10 2, 5, 10 2, 5, 7, 10 1, 9 6, 7 2, 5, 8, 10 10 1 3, 9 5, 10 6 9 4, 9 1, 4 10 8 4, 9 5, 8, 10 4 2, 10 1 2 2 2, 5, 7, 10Retail Stores The Market Place Store, Gordon’s Select Market, Special Orders, Wholesale3 Bush Creek FarmRita & Tony Carroll198 Bush Creek Rd, Elma 98541(253), Hormone-Free, Veteran-OwnedBush Creek Farm is involved in a rare breed conservation project for Barbados Blackbelly Sheep. They’re known as gourmet lamb, with tender, mildly avored meat. We raise all-natural, pastured lamb with no vaccines or hormones. We also do not use herbicides or pesticides on the farm. Registered starter ocks are available by arrangement. BB sheep lamb year-round & they’re very low maintenance–no horns to remove, no tail docking & no wool to shear! Our sheep are biosecurity tested for CL, Johne’s, & OPP. So, you may be sure you’re purchasing healthy breeding stock. Call or email to schedule a visit to see the ock! Bush Creek Farm is a dual military veteran owned & operated farm.Special OrdersFARM #'s45

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(continued)• 97% of farms in Grays Harbor are family owned• 105,233 acres of farmland• 25% hire farm labor4 Chehalis Valley FarmJohn Hagara69 Taylors Ferry RdElma 98541(360) @chehalisvalleyfarmChehalis Valley Farm is located near Elma, WA in the Chehalis River Valley. We use regenerative farming practices to raise pigs in the forest & chickens, ducks, & turkeys on pasture. Our animals’ forage is supplemented with Washington-grown, non-GMO grains, that are corn & soy-free. They are never given hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. We process our poultry on-farm in our WSDA-certied facility, minimizing the stress & discomfort of the animals. Our pigs are processed in a USDA-certied facility. Order online for easy pick-up at the farm & the Olympia, Tacoma Proctor, & Bellevue farmers markets. Pre-order on our website for easy on-farm and farmers market pickup.Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Tacoma Proctor Farmers Market, Bellevue Farmers Market, Food Collective/Hub South Sound Fresh, Online Sales, Retail Stores Beast & Cleaver, Marlene’s Market & Deli5 Cultivating Roots Community Garden Joshua Francy357 Oak StAberdeen 98520(360) Cultivating Roots Community GardenCultivating Roots Community Garden provides a space for people in the housing projects to garden. We also have space for some non-prots in the area to grow produce. We grow produce to fundraise for the community garden at the Aberdeen Sunday Market. Please visit our FB page for directions.Charitable Donations, Farmers Markets Aberdeen Sunday Market, Special OrdersUSDADig This...253.448.7290BUSH CREEK SHEEP6 Five Star Farm David & Gloria Edwards1555 South Bank Rd, Oakville 98568(360) 273-7313vestarfarmbeef.comGrass-Fed, Hormone-Free, WSDA Certified OrganicWe raise certied organic grass-fed & nished beef; a healthy choice for you & your family. Our animals are born & raised on our family farm in the Chehalis River Valley & eat homegrown grass, hay, & silage. No grain, antibiotics, hormones, or non-organic pesticides are used on our farm. Our animals are sold by the whole, half, or quarter; which is sold by the “hanging” weight. We also have USDA-certied organic Boxed Beef available. Please check our website for availability & current prices. Just send us an email & we will contact you ASAP.Online Sales, Special Orders7 Harbor Roots Farm Christopher Olive52 Arland Rd, Montesano 98563(360) @harborrootsDedicated to helping local communities, we use farming to hire people in rehabilitation & help them back on a path to success. This year we have a new farm, new management, & a greater variety of produce! Please call for an appointment & driving directions. CSA prices: Full share $550, Half-share $275. Half of the money is due upfront & the remainder is due halfway through the season. Please visit our FB page for updates.CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Aberdeen Sunday Market, Farm StandPhoto courtesy of Cultivating Community Roots Farm• 469 farms• Average farm size is 224 acres46 Protecting Farmland & Farming ForeverCommunity Farm Land Trust

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8 Marisha’s Permaculture Plant NurseryMarisha Auerbach and @permaculturerisingnurseryWe are a permaculture inspired plant nursery.Marisha's Permaculture Plant Nursery provides organic locally grown plants that oer yields and ecological functions for home gardeners & farmers. Our plants have been selected for their ability to thrive & provide food, medicine, and beauty reliably in their appropriate season. We specialize in edible & medicinal plants, plants for pollinators, cultural plants, & plants that oer diverse ecological functions & services. At Permaculture Rising, we oer permaculture workshops & trainings, mostly online. Visit our website to see our Plant CSA oerings.CSA Shares, Special Orders9 Newman Creek Farm Neil & Cindy Weinberg32 Hunter Ranch RdElma 98541(360) Neil WeinbergGrass-Fed, Hormone-FreeGrass-fed lamb. Registered breeder of Dorper sheep, prized by cooks for its mild taste. Naturally-raised pork. Breeder of American Guinea hog & Alpine dairy goats. Check out our website for more information.Special Orders10 Sky Island FarmBil Thorn & Katharine Harwell291 Walker Rd Hoquiam 98550(360) @SkyIslandFarmproduceSky Island Farm is a 15-acre farm located in Grays Harbor on the Olympic Peninsula! We grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, & owers! We provide a CSA home delivery service as well as wholesale to stores, restaurants, & attend a market! We serve from Grays Harbor to Seattle! We grow using only organic farming methods! In the winter, we focus on wreaths & garlands that we make for sale during the holidays! Please visit our FB page for directions and updates.Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Seabrook Saturday Market, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Restaurants Jeremy’s Farm to Table, Retail Stores, Special Orders, U-Pick, WholesaleGrays Harbor County Farms (continued)Photo courtesy of Sky Island FarmPhoto courtesy of Marisha's Permaculture Plant NurseryPhoto courtesy of Cultivating Community Roots Farm2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide 47

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Lewis County Farm Spotlight, previously Terralumina Gardens, shows the need for farmland preservation while showcasing the resilience and persistence of farmers with a passion for growing fresh food. Malachi Starling, age 25, has been farming in a wide variety of locations since they were 10 years old. Their love of farming was inuenced by their great grandmother. “I really wanted to live on a farm. That’s where most of my relatives lived so I had some context of farms being ‘cool’." Finding secure and rich farmland kept their family farm on the move. Generally disenchanted with city life outside of Seattle, Malachi, with their mom and step dad, made their rst attempt at farming part time on a demonstration farm. The soil was heavy clay and eventually the project dissolved. Malachi recalls, “I don’t know if we ate much o of that farm, it was rough.” A sharecropping opportunity on a couple of acres surfaced at an old dairy farm with vast pasture land in Orting. “That soil was incredible because they had cows on it,” Malachi explains. “The vegetables out of that place were monstrosities.” After working this land for a few years the owners received a generous oer from someone to buy the land and the family needed to move again. Wanting more stability, the family established a lease agreement with an option to buy on acreage in Toledo thanks to the generous nancial help of Malachi’s great grandma. “She really wanted to see us succeed, to farm, and become stable there. Three-and-a-half out of ve acres were put in bio-intensive vegetable cultivation,” Malachi explained. The tireless hours of labor had nally paid o. They were able to successfully oer a CSA. Then misfortune. A series of events left this vibrant farm severely understaed. No longer able to sustain Lewis County Farm Spotlightthe demands of farmlife, they lost the farm. This led the family to a small property in South Tacoma where they established a new urban farm with vegetable plots, goats, chickens, and more. In addition, the family ran a bakery and Renee, Malachi’s mother, went to school for midwifery. Development pressures eventually led the family to seek new, temporary land arrangements in Lewis County. Meanwhile, Malachi explored other opportunities in Seattle. As luck would have it, ve acres in Onalaska became available to Renee in 2017 through a friend who was ready to retire from farming. Farming, family life, and schooling all happened simultaneously there. Soon the farm became too much to manage with the blossoming of Renee’s new career. In 2020, Malachi was asked to return to Lewis County to take over the farming. Malachi and four tight-knit friends hit the ground running. The rst day they were on the land together was June 17th and a new farm was born. “That’s why we decided on the name, Strawberry Moon Farm, because that’s the closest full moon to the day we came.” Malachi doesn’t see this as a linear passing down of farmland. Instead they relate it to “a sort of reciprocity for all of those years between when I was 12 to 22, when I was working as hard as my mom and step dad were working,” they explained. The need for permanent, aordable, rich agricultural land is a challenge for many new and small farmers. Malachi’s story is one that showcases this need as well as the innate drive and hard work of passionate farmers that bring food to our tables. We look forward to seeing Strawberry Moon Farm thrive in Lewis County. Find them at the Centralia Farmers Market and learn more about their farm in listing #23. 2022 Fresh From The Farm Guidecommunityfarmlandtrust.orgStrawberry Moon FarmPhotos are courtesy of Strawberry Moon Farm48

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Lewis County Farms11 3 Feathers Emu RanchJanean Parker & Tony CitrhynChehalis 98532(360) @3feathersemusCertified Business Member of the American Emu Association & we sell only AEA Certified fully refined emu oil.We raise emus to provide quality emu oil products & heart-healthy emu meat. We use only AEA Certied Fully Rened emu oil in all our handmade lotions, soaps, salves, & skincare products. Emu oil has an extraordinary eect on skin irritation & soreness. Its unique combination of essential fatty acids provides therapeutic properties for burns, cuts, rashes, & dryness. Emu oil is hypoallergenic & leaves skin silky, smooth, & moisturized. Emu oil will also penetrate deeply to soothe sore joints & muscles. Emu meat is a tasty high-protein red meat akin to beef but lower in fat. All products can be ordered from our website or call for an appointment to visit the farm.Farmers Markets Community Farmers Market of Chehalis, Farm Stand, Food Collective/Hub SW WA Food Hub, Online Sales, Restaurants, Retail Stores Ewe & I, Special Orders, Wholesale12 Boistfort Valley Farm Heidi & Mike Peroni426 Boistfort Rd, Curtis 98538(360) @boistfortvalleyfarmWSDA Certified OrganicAt Boistfort Valley Farm we oer certied organic berries and produce through a curated Summer and Winter CSA program, farmers markets, & on-farm pickup. Summer shares are delivered weekly from mid-June through October & include our freshly harvested organic produce & fruit from our farm & other northwest organic farms. Winter/Spring shares are delivered twice per month from mid-November through May. These shares will include our produce, northwest organic produce, & other organic produce & fruit outside our region as less is available locally. Find us at the Community Farmers Market (Chehalis) & Vancouver Farmers Market for berry season! See our website for more details & to sign up for farm shares!Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Community Farmers Market of Chehalis, Vancouver Farmers Market, Farm Stand, Food Collective/Hub SW WA Food Hub, Online Sales, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op, Special Orders, WholesalePRODUCT & SERVICE QUICK REFERENCE 11, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23 19, 20, 22 12, 14, 19, 20, 21, 23 23 22 21 14, 21, 22, 23 14, 15, 19, 21, 22, 23 11 18, 22, 23 16, 18, 21, 22, 23 14, 19, 20, 22, 23 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23 15, 21, 23 22 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23 14, 16 15 14, 15 16, 17, 22, 23 13, 19, 23 11 14 13, 14, 15 13, 14 14, 22 14 19 21, 23 23 21 14, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23 14, 15, 21, 22, 23 12, 14, 19, 21, 22, 23 14, 23 22, 23 11, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23 12, 19 11, 21, 22, 23Lewis County Farm Listings2022 FRESH FROM THE FARM GUIDECOMMUNITY FARM LAND TRUST• Find the icon for the products/services you want. • Then nd your farm by number. • Icon legend is on page 43Lewis County Farms 11, 20, 21, 23 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23Photo courtesy of Lonely Mountain GrowersFARM #'sPhoto courtesy of 3 Feathers Emu Ranch49

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Photo courtesy of Seedpod Farm13 Bone Dry Ridge FarmSelma Bjarnadottir209 Hyppa Rd E, Rochester 98579(360) 273-1045selma@bonedryridgefarm.combonedryridgefarm.comWe raise Icelandic Lamb, Wagyu Beef Cattle, & Heritage Breeds of Pigs. We sell meat directly to the consumer by the whole, half, or a 1/4. If you would like to order or be included in our email list send us an email. We also have eeces for sale. We have been selling directly to consumers for over 20 years. Visit our website for more info.Special Orders, Wholesale14 Coffee Creek Community & GardensMokey Skinner716 W Carson, Centralia 98531(360) 623-2103coeecreekcommunity@gmail.comCo @coffeecreekcommunityHormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture RaisedSmall, femme-run farm oering Seasonal Plants & Produce, Meat & Egg Shares, Farm Stand, CSA, & so much more. Look us up on Facebook & Instagram. Call for an appointment!Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Special Orders, Wholesale15 LBH RanchSusan Sorg676 Haywire Rd, Chehalis 98532(360) 791-7160ssorg6@gmail.comGrass-Fed, Hormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture RaisedFarm fresh eggs, chickens, & hens available! Sheep & Wool for spinners & crafters! Market & Locker lambs depending on demand and season. A couple of goats are expected. Planning on Maremma livestock guardian litters this year! Miniature horses for sale. Litter of Labradors. Call for an appointment to visit the farm.Special Orders16 Lonely Mountain GrowersMossyrock 98564lonelymountain lonelymtngrowersGratefully growing in East Lewis county, we tend perennial herbs, annual veggies, & grow an extensive crop of cut owers every year. Our hybrid approach utilizes what's best in standard organic practices while also attempting to be as low impact as possible by using low-tillage practices. Soil health and quality are our priority. Find us at the Chehalis or Morton farmers markets, & feel free to email for inquiries about custom oral work, (continued)Local for over 20 years Without you, we would not be hereThank you our ower CSA, herbal bundles, or bulk vegetable orders. Or just say Hey! Follow us on Instagram at Donations, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Community Farmers Market of Chehalis, Morton, Restaurants Rivers Coffeehouse & Bistro, Special Orders, Wholesale17 Mak’s GardenMak Lee501 Boone Rd, Ethel 98542(425) 299-2661Located on a family-owned 60-acre property, Mak’s Garden uses organic growing techniques to cultivate Asian produce on a 2-acre plot. You can nd various forms of Asian cabbage/greens: Bok Choy, Gai Choy, Pea vine, Gai lin. In Spring & Summer, lookout for a more diverse variety of Asian greens. Greenhouse-grown Bok Choy & Short Choy Sum are available in the Fall/Winter months. Please contact to make an appointment to visit.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations Food Banks, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Special OrdersPhoto courtesy of Feathers Emu RanchPhoto courtesy of Bone Dry Ridge FarmPhoto courtesy of Lonely Mountain GrowersPhoto courtesy of Raven's Wind FarmPhoto courtesy of Seedpod Farm50 Protecting Farmland & Farming ForeverCommunity Farm Land Trust

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18 Newaukum Valley FarmJosh Hyatt & Melissa Henderson482 Spooner Rd, Chehalis 98532(360) @NewaukumValleyFarmWSDA Certified OrganicWe grow a wide variety of certied organic vegetables year-round in the Chehalis River Valley. Established in 2003, we provide fresh produce to the Olympia Food Co-op, local restaurants, & other wholesale customers. We also sell direct through our CSA program & at our farm stand which is conveniently located near Chehalis & the Willapa Hills Trail. Refer to our social media pages for specic hours & updates.CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Special Orders, Wholesale19 Olde Achers FarmBrett & Marie Shankle142 Harms Rd, Ethel 98542(360) @OldeAchersVeteran-Owned, Farmer Veteran Coalition “Homegrown By Hereos”“LETTUCE Grow It For You!” Olde Achers Farm, LLC is Veteran-owned & is “HomeGrown By Heroes” certied through Farmer Veteran Coalition. And as of 2021, we are now an LLC! We’re just a couple of Air Force retirees who love playing in the dirt & growing stu! We have vegetable starts, vegetables from A-Z, herbs, eggs, & berries. Need something special or quantities for canning? We do custom growing! We gure Mother Nature has been growing synthetic & chemical-free for quite a while, so we follow her lead. Always 10% Military and First Responder Discount. Find us at Centralia, Morton, & Toledo farmer’s markets, & order our products on Southwest Washington Food Hub. No on farm sales. Please call or visit our FB page for more info.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations, Farmers Markets Centralia Farmer’s Market, Morton Farmer’s Market, Toledo Thursday Market, Food Collective/Hub SW WA Food Hub, Online Sales, Special Orders, Wholesale20 Pan American Berry Growers212 Klickitat Creek RdMossyrock 98564(360) 983-3525 @PBGMossyrockPan American Berry Growers in Mossyrock has fresh, handpicked blueberries available July–August. Be sure to get your supply before time runs out! Also Available: Local Raw Honey, Chocolate Covered Blueberries, & other berry products such as pies, jam, salsa, & mustard. So come out & enjoy the health benets of blueberries! Lewis County Farms (continued)576 W Main Street, Chehalis, WA 98532Restaurant (360) 748-4417 & Market (360) 345-1520www.jeremysfarmtotable.com561 West MainChehalis, WA 98532360-748-3369 • 800-562-0949OPENM-F 8AM to 6PMSAT 8AM to 5PMSUN 9AM to“Dedicated to Excellence”We are located on the north side of Highway 12, a mile west of Mossyrock. We are open 7 days a week. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am to 6pm & Sunday, 10am to 4pm, July 4th–Labor Day. Please call ahead for orders of 100 lbs or more.Farm Stand, Wholesale21 Raven’s Wind FarmRobert Zozaya & Rainy Karnes116 Drews Prairie Rd, Toledo 98591(360) 904-9004mail@ravenswindfarm.orgravenswindfarm.orgHormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture Raised, Local LineRaven's Wind Farm is family-owned & operated. Our passions are crafting delightful body care products, growing high-quality mushrooms, & fresh produce. We are cultivators of the land, creating a place we call home, & sharing our story with others. We raise Nigerian dwarf goats. Our two Great Pyrenees dogs, Mairu and Akasha, look after & protect our herd. We have ocks of a variety of quail, chickens, & ducks. We also raise vegetable crops & culinary/medicinal plants. Our apiary of bees pollinate our crops. The milk the goats provide makes for wonderful cheese & body care products that we hand-craft. We also craft herbal balms & ointments. Call or email to make a visit to our farm.Accept EBT/WIC, Farmers Markets Aberdeen Sunday Market, Community Farmers Market of Chehalis, Centralia Farmer’s Market, Toledo Thursday Market, & others soon to come. Farm Stand, Online Sales, Restaurants Boccota, Jeremy's, Mackinaws, & more to come. Retail Stores Jeremy’s, Toledo Market Fresh, Elma Farmers Market, The Market Place, Franko’s Farmer Market & more to come. WholesalePhoto courtesy of Raven's Wind FarmPhoto courtesy of Natalie Martzolf2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide51

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MORTONCity ofFarmersMarketSee our Farmers Market listings for market details.See You At The Market!See You At The Market!EBT/SNAP/Senior FNMP/WIC participating marketsFind us each on FacebookWashington StateFarmers Market AssociationPROUDMEMBERScommunityfarmlandtrust.org2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide52

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Photo courtesy of Boistfort Valley Farm23 Strawberry Moon Farm Malachi Starling, Evelyn Shulga-Morskoy, Kevin ShimkavegOnalaska 98570(360) @strawbmoonfarmWe are a small found-family farm in Onalaska specializing in produce, plant starts (vegetable, ornamental, culinary & medicinal herbs), angora ber, ber crafts, & goat milk soap. We are using permaculture design to create a healthy community of plants, animals, and people that all help each other thrive. Come visit us some time to shop, spectate, or attend one of our special events! Our products are available online, at farmers markets, an o-site farm stand, & our CSA program. Please email for an appointment. Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Centralia Farmers Market, Toledo Thursday Market, Morton Farmers Market, Cowlitz Community Market, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Special Orders22 Seedpod FarmAdam & Julie Gullett2330 Howard AveCentralia 98531(360) @SeedpodFarmCharitable donations to low-income seniorsOur family raises naturally grown fruits, vegetables, owers, & poultry for meat & eggs. We love what we do & to share our journey with others! Check out our Servant Share CSA, educational opportunities, on-farm Spring & Harvest Festivals & Craft Fair, cider pressing event, public school & homeschool tours, & more! We are also home to The Keystone Labyrinth & Discovery Therapeutic Services, the perfect place to relax, restore & renew for individuals, families, & groups. We’d love to connect with you! Check our website for unique classes & events.Charitable Donations We have adopted a low-income senior housing complex that we keep in Veg through the summer & fall CSA seasons with weekly donations from our Servant Share CSA. CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Restaurants Dawn’s Delectables, Special Orders, U-PickLewis County Farms (continued)Farmer Veteran Coalition certifi ed “Home Grown By Heroes” LETTUCE GROW IT FOR YOU!LLCLewis county is ranked #15 for total agricultural products sold, in comparison with Washington's 39 counties.Dig this...Photo courtesy of Strawberry Moon FarmPhoto courtesy of Seedpod Farm• 122,870 acres of farmland • 23% hire farm labor• 97% are family farms• Average farm size is 71 acres• 1723 farmsUSDA(continued)53

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 established in 1888 in what is now Shelton, has been passed down through generations. It was first farmed by Grant Jones’ great grandfather Jacob Edmund Jones who left Kansas in search of a farm to raise his family. Various members of his family worked the land growing vegetables and grapes in the 1920’s and 30’s, transitioning to a small-scale livestock operation in the 40’s. Grant’s Uncle Fred owns 120 acres of the original family farm, lives on-site, and manages their forested acres sustainably with no clear cuts. Grant’s parents and their family lived there in the 80’s and grew strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, and Christmas trees before moving to Brinnon. Grant told his mom when he was young that he “wanted to be a farmer.” She said it was “really hard to do that nowadays because all the farms are really big and they don’t make very much money.” Somewhere in the back of his mind, he never let go of the idea to prove that he could do it.After graduating from the University of Washington, Grant got his feet wet in the farming world by starting a business called Seattle Microfarm. They built and installed 35 backyard gardens for people in the first year. Half of those were full-service vegetable gardens where they returned weekly to help cultivate the vegetables and manage the garden beds. Grant then went on to other business endeavors for the next 12 years. Eventually, Grant left the city in search of more trees and greener pastures at Hungry Hollow, his family’s farm. Grant stated, “I wanted 3 things: bees, chickens, and blueberries,” and as luck would have it, he got a lot more. He started by homesteading and trying different things on a small scale for his own needs. After some trial and error, he then decided to proceed on a larger scale as part of a farm business. His business expanded from pasture-raised chicken and eggs to pasture-raised pork and beef. Grant currently manages about 20 acres in pastures. Twelve of those are intensively managed with chickens, pigs, and cows. He also has fruit trees and grows hay for the animals. After figuring out what he wanted to do as a farmer and what products to bring to consumers, he had to develop a sales strategy. Eggs were easy to sell but finding a market for meat birds was more of a challenge. In the fall of 2019, Hungry Hollow began shipping products throughout Western Washington and their sales began to take off in 2020. Grant advocates strongly for local farms. “Buy from your local farm. If you are not in our area, reach out anyway, and we will help connect you to your local farmer.” He emphasizes that buying locally addresses environmental concerns even when shipping products because it benefits the customer with a higher quality product and supports the local farmer. “Small producers aren’t necessarily more efficient; they don’t necessarily have a lower carbon footprint. What it comes down to ultimately is local,” he explains. He examines his carbon footprint by limiting the region where he ships his products. Grant continues, “If you can buy local, then it all works out, but what we don’t want is to have these small local farms shipping nationally. That’s the worst of both worlds. It becomes problematic from a sustainability standpoint.” Grant’s larger vision for Western Washington and the future of Hungry Hollow is to build sustainable and positive relationships with our unique environment by preserving and enhancing it.Check out Hungry Hollow Farm’s listing #27 and website for an array of products and delivery options.Hungry Hollow FarmMason County Farm SpotlightMason County Farm Spotlight2022 Fresh From The Farm Guidecommunityfarmlandtrust.orgPhotos courtesy of Hungary Hollow Farm54

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24 Crooked Creek Farm Joe Salmeri & Myrn Stewart2320 W Deckerville Rd, Matlock 98560(360) 951-4924crkcrkfrm@live.comHormone-FreeWe sell Angus beef by hanging weight: half, quarter, & whole. Beef is naturally raised on pasture hay, dry hay, & nished on grain. No hormones. Orders are taken in advance. Please call for appointment & directions.Special OrdersMason County Farms25 Farm at Water’s EdgeHood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group600 NE Roessel RdBelfair 98528(360) @the.salmoncenterFree Range/Pasture Raised, Salmon Safe, WSDA Certified Organic, Real Organic Project CertifiedFarm at Water's Edge is a demonstration farm at the Salmon Center, home to U-Pick gardens, a Pumpkin Patch, & livestock. Certied Organic & oering produce by-donation, our goal is to provide accessible food without negatively impacting salmon habitats. Farm at Water’s Edge incorporates educational components for youth, schools, & families so that those living in our community & eating the food we grow understand how & why we farm with a focus on environmental sustainability. The Salmon Center grounds are open during daylight hours year-round. Please visit our website for current U-Pick hours/produce availability.Charitable Donations Belfair Food Pantry, CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Online Sales, U-PickPhoto courtesy of Hucklebeary HomesteadPhoto courtesy of Master Gardener Foundation of Mason County 25, 32 26 25, 26, 33 29 32 25, 26, 30, 32 25, 26, 27, 32, 33 25, 30 25, 29, 30, 33 26, 33 25, 26, 30, 33 25 25, 26, 30, 33 32, 33PRODUCT & SERVICE QUICK REFERENCE2022 FRESH FROM THE FARM GUIDECOMMUNITY FARM LAND TRUST• Find the icon for the products/services you want. • Then nd your farm by number. • Icon legend is on page 43 26 24, 27 32 27 26, 27, 31, 32 26, 32 26 25, 26, 30 25, 26, 30, 33 25, 26, 32 25, 30, 33 26, 32 25 28, 34 25, 32 33 25, 33 26, 32 25, 26, 30, 33 25 30Mason County Farm Listings• 18,136 acres of farmland• 93% family farms• 27% hire laborUSDA Dig This...Mason County• 324 farms• Average farm size is 56 acresFARM #'s55

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of agriculture products annually.$48,532,000Dig This...Mason County’s 561 total producers and 18,136 acres of land in farms produces and sellsUSDA 2017 Census of Agriculture, U.S. Summary & State Data: Mason County WA Profile26 HuckleBeary HomesteadSheilia Canada931 East Phillips Lake Loop RdShelton 98584(360) Huckle-Beary-HomesteadFree Range/Pasture Raised, Veteran-OwnedOur Homestead is a 3-acre Farm on the Traditional Lands of the Salish Peoples, aka the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We are surrounded by fresh & saltwater, wetlands, evergreen forests, & the Olympic Mountains. We raise Rabbits, Bees, Ducks, & Chickens. We grow Vegetables, Herbs, & Berries. We specialize in Fairy Gardens, Herbal Products, & Magickal Art at local Farmers Markets, our Farmstand, & our Etsy Shop.Accept EBT/WIC, Farmers Markets Shelton Saturday Farmers Market, Aberdeen Sunday Market, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Special Orders27 Hungry Hollow FarmGrant Jones2490 E Pickering RdShelton 98584(360) @HungryHollowFarmFree Range/Pasture RaisedPasture-raised chickens, pork, beef, & eggs from our family’s 4th generation farm settled in 1888. Order online & we’ll deliver anywhere in Western WA! Call for more information.Farm Stand, Online Sales, Wholesale(continued)28 Kamilche Sea Farms Charlie StephensShelton 98584(360) @kamilcheseafarmOur farm is in Totten Inlet which is certified by the State of WA to have clean water.Kamilche Sea Farm is a small shellsh company specializing in sustainable practices to grow fresh, great-tasting mussels. Our Mediterranean mussels are grown in the plankton-rich waters of Totten Inlet, Puget Sound. Strong currents bring a steady, year-round food supply to the shellsh here, resulting in plump, nutritious mussels high in protein & Omega-3 content, low in saturated fat. And they're loaded with necessary minerals such as zinc, iron, & Vitamins A, & B12! In addition, we sell small Pacic Oysters & Manila Clams. We grow Mediterranean mussels on longlines hanging in the water. Won’t be able to accommodate on-farm sales, but enjoy our shellsh at several South Sound restaurants & seafood vendors.Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Online Sales, Restaurants Anthony’s Restaurants, Tugboat Annie’s, Primo’s Grill, Octopas Cafe, Retail Stores Olympia Seafood Company, Wholesale29 Lynch Creek Dahlias Andy & Tracey Hunter1880 SE Lynch RdShelton 98584(360) @Lynch.Creek.DahliasLynch Creek Dahlias is a U-Pick Dahlia farm located between Olympia & Shelton at 1880 SE Lynch Rd. Over 3-acres of owers blooming from Mid-July until Mid-October. Open Dawn until Dusk every day during the season. Clippers & buckets provided! Great for families & fun for all. Visit our website for driving directions.Farm Stand, U-Pick30 Master Gardener Foundation of Mason CountyWSU Extension303 N Fourth St, Shelton 98584(360) @masoncountymastergardenersMason County Master Gardener WSU Extension events for 2022 • Annual Plant Sale in May selling hundreds of homegrown veggies, owers, perennials, native plants, and more. • Catalyst Demonstration & Food Bank Garden, happily growing food for our community. • Educational workshops January–November. • Plant Clinic: Master Gardeners answer your plant questions January–November. Events also listed at Donations Saints Pantry Foodbank, North Mason Foodbank, Farmers Markets Shelton Farmers Market, Online SalesLocal & Family Owned Since 1984communityfarmlandtrust.org56

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Mason County Farms (continued)www.PortBlakely.com31 Riverbird Farm Henry Schmidt, Maia Erickson, Josephine Perez, William Smythe2984 SE Kamilche Pt RdShelton @riverbirdfarmFree Range/Pasture RaisedWe are a small rst-generation farm raising pastured poultry in Kamilche, WA. Our work is grounded in a deep respect for the animals we raise, the land we steward, & the community we serve. We currently specialize in pasture-raised chicken & duck. Our birds forage on grass & insects, supplemented with a WA-grown feed mix that is corn-free, soy-free, & non-GMO. Our pastures benet from the activity of our ock, & our customers benet from poultry that is healthier & tastier. We process all our birds ourselves to ensure a safe product for our customers, & to minimize stress for our animals. Please visit our website for more information. We look forward to meeting you!CSA Shares, Online Sales32 Silverwolf Rabbitry & Farm Greg & Carrie120 E Prairiewood Pl, Shelton 98584(360) @SilverwolfRabbitryfarmVeteran-OwnedOur farm is home to a variety of animals. We raise Shetland Sheep for showing, wool & oer breeding stock, ber pet sheep, as well as raw & processed wool for sale. We do on occasion oer lambs for processing please contact us for details. Rabbits (Breeds- Rex & Silvers) we raise primarily for show. Poultry we oer farm fresh eggs available for sale. We do meat chickens/turkeys/ducks on occasion for sale, too. Please contact us for more details. We also do a variety of other things: Check out our website for more details. We oer Classes on Soapmaking, & Animal Care/Husbandry Practices. We hope to oer crafting studio time for those interested in the future. For more info email Markets Harstine Farmers Market (on occasion), Online Sales, Special Orders, Wholesale33 Skokomish Valley Farms 10 N Sweetgrass Ln, Shelton 98584(360) @skokomishvalleyfarmsWSDA Certified Organic, Real Organic Program, CREPOur 720-acre farm is owned by several families who work together to provide tasty vegetables & eggs for the local community. We are passionate about the food we grow & are dedicated to supporting a truly local & sustainable food system. Our farm is about more than just growing good food: we also want to grow community & help people reconnect to their food & the land that produces it. Our 20-week CSA season runs from early June through mid-October. You can also nd us at the Shelton & Olympia Farmers Markets & online for home delivery on South Sound Fresh.CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Shelton Farmers Market, Food Collective/Hub South Sound Fresh, Online Sales34 Tom Farmer Oyster Company Tom17001 East State Rte 3, Allyn 98524(360) @TomFarmerOysterCoWe are your local oyster & clam farm, with a retail store. Retail store hours are 10am–4pm on Friday, Saturday, & Holidays. Please call our business number to make orders during closed days. We oer fresh daily oysters, any size, & manila clams. Call for an appointment & more information. Please visit our FB page for hours, directions, & updates.Farmers Markets Port Orchard Farmers Market, Restaurants The Boat House, The Boat Shed, Yacht Club, Special Orders, WholesalePhoto courtesy of Silverwolf Rabbitry and FarmPhoto courtesy of Riverbird Farm2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide57

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Cosmic Turtle FarmCosmic Turtle FarmThurston County Farm SpotlightCosmic Turtle Farm is an evolution in growing food for Tom Wiseman and his family. “There’s not a cookie-cutter way that you come about growing food. It used to be back in the day, you grew up on the farm, and then you took over the farm, and you’re a farmer! I think there’s a re-emergence in growing food and we’re all coming from dierent angles.”The dream of starting a farm for Tom began as a seed that was planted 17 years ago with a visit to the PNW from Golden, Colorado. “Nature is loud here. If you listen to it, it's talking to you.” Tom heard loud and clear, and the idea of Cosmic Turtle Farm and the importance of growing food began to take root. Cosmic Turtle Farm is ocially in its rst year as a business. It is a great partnership between Tom and his daughter Alissa. Tom works hands-on with production and growing microgreens while Alissa helps with the website, logo, marketing, and invoicing. When new ideas sprout up, they work together to create eciency and to bring new products to the consumer.The farm’s name, Cosmic Turtle Farm, comes from a story from many indigenous tribes that reminds us that we are all on a live planet. “What nature does is that it gives you a feeling of abundance that one little seed is going to give you more food than you could possibly eat. It’s amazing,” Tom marvels. “Every time you plant a tray and see people eating, it is all connecting you back to the living earth. It’s the ‘cosmic’ in Cosmic Turtle.”Tom’s long-term goal is to approach the land with a permaculture lens by adding food forests, a market garden, and edible owers. His chickens and goats are already helping clear and fertilize the land. He recently purchased their rst tractor which will help change their landscape to better address their needs for their long-term goals with an abundance mindset. They look forward to a new farmstand providing food year-round. Cosmic Turtle Farm’s main product is currently microgreens. Tom’s interest in microgreens led him to expand his knowledge with a course from Nate Dodson. He then did a mentorship with Donnie Greens and Micro Acres in Canada. “It’s amazing what seeds do in a controlled environment and how seeds hold that packet of information.” He stays up-to-date on all things microgreens in Facebook groups and has learned the importance of creating systems for planting and harvesting from Curtis Stone, a commercial urban farmer in Kelowna, BC. Broccoli microgreens are proving to be quite a hit. Pea shoots and sunower seed sprouts are a delicious staple for the kids. “Conquering cilantro was great for us.” You can nd them at Don Juan’s in Tenino. Cosmic Turtle’s diverse microgreens are sprouting up in more restaurants in the area. Tom states, “We are a source for fresh ingredients year-round.” He believes in supporting his local community. Tom notes, “When my food is on their table, that’s a huge honor.” Add a big pop of freshness to your table by considering their Microgreens CSA.Thurston County Farm SpotlightPhotos are courtesy of Cosmic Turtle Farm2022 Fresh From The FarmAya SushiCarbon PopDon Juan’s in TeninoOctapas CafeOlympia Food Co-opSpud’s Produce MarketTumwater Farmers MarketTenino Market FreshYelm Food Co-opLearn more about their Microgreens CSA on page 24 and refer to their farm listing #4658

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Thurston County Farms35 Alamere HerbsThe Kemp Family1561 McCorkle Rd SEOlympia 98501(360) 704-9181alamereherbs@yahoo.comAlamereHerbs.wordpress.comHigh efficiency heated cold frames in our propagation facilities reduce energy use.Our nursery produces a diverse bunch of plant starts propagated by seeds or cuttings right here on the farm. When you visit, some of these favorites are bound to catch your eye. Coast Redwood, Dawn Redwood, cold-hardy Eucalyptus, Hawthorn, Mugwort, Skullcap, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Thurston County Farms 53 36, 41, 43, 50, 51, 53, 57, 60, 61, 64, 66, 69, 72, 73, 79, 80, 81 50, 51, 52, 55, 68 41, 47, 51, 67, 73, 76, 79, 81, 85, 86 35, 39, 41, 47, 50, 51, 52, 54, 57, 66, 76, 78, 79, 81, 82, 84 51 37, 63, 69, 79, 83 49, 52, 60 43, 53, 69, 73, 82 41, 53, 57, 73 35, 41, 72 53, 71, 73 41, 47, 50, 51, 52, 59, 60, 61, 62, 67, 80, 81, 82, 84 41, 47, 50, 55, 57, 60, 61, 65, 72, 74, 78, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85 79 41, 47, 50, 51, 52, 53, 60, 62, 64, 69, 71, 73, 80, 84, 86 36, 40, 42, 50, 51, 52, 55, 56, 61, 66, 67, 71, 72, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81 40, 42, 47, 50, 51 ,52, 57, 65, 67, 73, 78, 79, 80, 81, 84 36, 38, 40, 41, 50, 51, 52, 55, 56, 58, 66, 68, 70, 71, 75, 78, 79, 80, 84, 88 42, 47, 53, 57, 61, 72 53, 55, 69, 73, 83 35, 36, 40, 42, 50, 51, 52, 55, 56, 58, 66, 68, 70, 75, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 84, 88 42, 43, 51, 53, 69, 73, 80 43 72, 79 35, 42, 50, 52, 66, 72, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 86 37, 44, 63, 65, 69, 79, 83 79 42, 60 55, 65, 69, 74, 79 44, 55, 65, 69, 74, 79, 85 55, 65, 79, 85 46, 48, 51, 58, 59, 66, 75 51, 52, 62, 79, 80 35, 78, 79, 81 47, 67, 79 53, 60, 69, 72, 79, 85 35, 40, 41, 47, 50, 51, 55, 56, 66, 68, 72, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84, 86PRODUCT & SERVICE QUICK REFERENCE2022 FRESH FROM THE FARM GUIDECOMMUNITY FARM LAND TRUST• Find the icon for the products/services you want. • Then nd your farm by number. • Icon legend is on page 43 41, 53, 61, 65, 72, 79, 81, 84, 85 41, 47, 50, 51, 53, 55, 57, 66, 68, 71, 73, 75, 78, 79, 80, 84 51, 53, 60, 67, 73 42, 55, 65, 74, 79 36, 50, 52, 53, 57, 68, 71, 73, 78, 81, 84 35, 36, 41, 47, 50, 51, 52, 53, 60, 67, 79, 81 42, 44, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 69, 70, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 86 36, 38, 40, 42, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 64, 65, 66, 68, 71, 72, 74, 75, 78, 79, 80, 81, 84, 85, 88 52, 67, 69 51, 87Thurston County Farm ListingsAstragalus, Burdock, Elecampane, Marshmallow, Chamomile, Valerian, Arnica, Hyssop, many kinds of Sage, Echinacea, Comfrey, Lemon Grass, Licorice Root, Blueberry, Currant, Lavender, Thyme, Santolina, Aloe & other indoor plants. Natives: Huckleberry, Thimbleberry, Black Cap Raspberry, Salmonberry, Kinnikinnik, Western Mugwort, Pacic Madrone, Maples, Geary Oak, Elderberry, Wild Strawberry, & more.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations Schools, Cities, Nonprofits, Religious, Community Gardens, Low income & those working to heal the planet & it’s people. Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Farm Stand, Retail Stores, Special Orders, Wholesale36 Bush Prairie FarmKathleen & Mark Clark8400 Old Highway 99 SETumwater 98501(360) Bush Prairie FarmNRCS hedgerows16-week vegetable CSA. Vegetables are grown without pesticides. The farm is located on the original homestead of Tumwater’s rst settlers, George & Isabella Bush & home of their 175-year-old butternut tree. Call for an appointment & more information.CSA SharesFARM #'s59

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37 Cadillac RanchBob Mahan12307 Vail Cut O Rd SERainier 98576(360) cadillacranchbeefGrass-Fed, Hormone-FreeOur ranch was owned by a US Army Major who settled the land in the 1850s. As kids growing up on the ranch, we showed cattle, sheep, & hogs in 4-H, FFA, & Open Class at fairs & livestock shows & we even entered livestock judging contests. Bob Mahan went through college on a livestock judging scholarship. He judged livestock at judging contests throughout the country & has used his knowledge to produce national champion bulls & heifers. We sell our beef at a fair price & are currently working on a meat processing facility on our ranch which will open in the Winter. We love our animals & use all approved animal husbandry practices.Online Sales38 Calliope Farm, LLP/Kingfisher OrganicsJacob Wilson & Teva Grudin13303 Littlerock Rd SWRochester 98579(360) 515-1355calliopefarmoly@gmail.comcalliopefarm.comWSDA Certified OrganicWe grow organic produce on the banks of the Black River near Littlerock, WA. Since moving to our new location we have renamed our farm, Kingsher Organic Farm, to leave the name Calliope at the old west Olympia property which we leased while beginning our veggie operation. We sell produce close to year-round, through the Olympia Food Coop, The Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia, & Seattle restaurants, & through our CSA program. We grow a wide diversity of crops, proud to supply our community with a steady supply of aordable staples such as potatoes, carrots, & lettuce as well as specialty crops such as fava beans, heirloom tomatoes, radicchio, purple daikon, & much more! Call for more information.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets The Olympia Farmers Market, Food Collective/Hub, Restaurants Chicory, Basilco Ristorante, Parkside Cafe, Old School Pizzeria, Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar, Retail Stores The Olympia Food Co-op, Special Orders, Wholesale(continued)39 Carr's Certified Organic Blueberry Farm Thomas Carr & Wren Wolf-Carr3844-1/2 Gull Harbor Rd NEOlympia 98506(360) Carr's Organic Blueberry FarmWSDA Certified OrganicBlueberries late July–September. Washington State Certied Organic Blueberries. U-Pick all sizes of blueberries, many older Heritage varieties. Bring a picnic & enjoy this tranquil hidden oasis close to town! The good news, COVID-19 is not a food-borne illness. It is extremely unlikely that someone will catch it through eating. The virus is most likely to cause illness through respiratory transmission, not eating. In light of the Covid-19 virus outbreak & to keep you safe at our farm, we will have a hand sanitizing station set up to be used before & after picking, along with bucket liners for use with your or our picking buckets. Call ahead (360) 352-3622 for more information, hours & directions. Please visit our FB page for updates.U-PickDonna Moir Agricultural Lending | | 800.455.6126 | Equal Housing Lender | Member FDICOur focus is on our communities: helping customers in our local markets build their• 97% family owned farms• 25% hire farm labor• 1,200 farms• 62,250 acres of farmland• Average size of farm is 52 acresDig This...60

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40 Cedar Slope FarmMcKennae McColm & Rory LenehanOlympia @cedarslopefarm cedarslopefarmWSDA Certified OrganicCedar Slope Farm is a USDA-certied organic farm located in South Puget Sound. We specialize in gourmet organic produce: heirloom tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, & many other specialty vegetables. We have edible owers, organic bouquets, & many owers such as Asiatic & Oriental lilies, dahlias, & sunowers. We sell wholesale & at the Olympia Farmers Market. Check out our social media pages or email us for more information!Accept EBT/WIC, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op Eastside, Olympia Food Co-op Westside, Steamboat Island Market, Wholesale41 Circle Hawk Farm LLCShelly BentleyO Rich Rd near Lattins Cider MillEast Olympia 98501(360) 402-3845circlehawkfarm2002@gmail.comcirclehawkfarm.comCapitol Land Trust, NRCS, Thurston Conservation District, Thurston Co. Stream TeamWe are an Educational Farm demonstrating land stewardship through hands-on learning of habitat restoration/conservation & sustainable bio-intensive gardening practices for people of all ages. Contact CHF for information on internships. Check website for year-round events & reservation requests. By appointment only. Call for more information & for an appointment.Charitable Donations TC Food Bank, Special Orders42 Circling Together FarmNancy Laich4004 11th Ave NWOlympia 98502(360) 866-9527Salmon Safe, WSDA Certified OrganicDirect sales of vegetables, fruit, lavender, herbs, & goats.Charitable Donations Plant starts for the Thurston County Food Bank Gardens, Special Orders, Wholesale43 Clyde ‘n Dale’s Holiday Trees & GiftsCarol & Mark Downing10712 Tracie Ct SWOlympia @ClydenDalesChristmasTreesU-cut Christmas Trees (Noble, Fraser, Grand, & Douglas Fir) & wreaths. Ride a trolley pulled by our team of draft horses. Gift shop with local crafts & ornaments. Free services: Santa on Sundays from 1–3 pm, candy canes, food trucks, cutting assistance, trees baled, & tree shaker. Opening on the day after Thanksgiving. See website & FB for more information on dates we will be open, hours, and updates.U-PickPhoto courtesy of Colvin Ranch44 Colvin RanchFred & Katherine Colvin16816 Old Highway 99 SETenino 98589(208) @colvinranchSalmon Safe, WSDA Certified Organic, Conservation ProgramA fourth-generation local ranch producing grass-fed, grass-nished beef, & pastured pork. Special order beef (quarter, half & whole) & pork (half or whole) is available for order starting February 1st for the May through November harvest season. Individual cuts of beef are available year-round through our online store. Individual cuts are also available at the Proctor Farmers Market in Tacoma, the Olympia Food Co-op, and Spuds Produce Market stores. Please visit our website or call for more information.Farmers Markets Proctor Farmers Market, Online Sales, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op, Spuds Produce Market, Special OrdersThurston County Farms (continued)2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide 61

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(continued)45 Common Ground CSA Tierney Creech & Julie PuhichRochester 98579(425) @commongroundfarmcsaOur farm has a 32-year history of providing CSAs to the Olympia Community. Vegetables are harvested fresh the morning of delivery to sites around Olympia, Maytown, & Rochester. CSAs are all we do, meaning you are buying a true share of the vegetables we grow. Small & large shares are available mid-April through November including spring, main season, & winter boxes. At the core of our business is the belief that great food should be accessible to everyone; we oer our shares with sliding scale pricing. Call for more information.CSA Shares46 Cosmic Turtle Farm Tom Wood Wiseman14538 Old Hwy 99 SETenino 98589(360) @cosmicturtlefarmWe are a father-daughter duo whose passion for food & agriculture inspired us to start our own business. When we came across micro-greens we realized we 6,500 acres of farmland was lost to development in Thurston County between 2000-201522,600 acres of farmland in Thurston County is at risk of being lost to developmentTRPC Analysis (2015)As of recent years, only 2,300 acres of Thurston County are protected as farmland from a future of development.Since the mid 1950's the county has lost 75% of its actively farmed land.— WSU Extension Thurston Countyhad found the perfect plant that would combine our green thumb & powerful avor to every meal. Bringing wonderfully fresh micro-greens from our farm to your front door! Herbicide & pesticide free as well as organically grown. Call for an appointment & more information. Please visit our FB page for updates.CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Restaurants Don Juan’s Mexican Kitchen, Carbon Pop, Retail Stores Spud’s Produce Market, Olympia Food Co-op, Special Orders47 Dancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic Farm Farmer Ayub14062 Yelm Hwy SEYelm 98597(360) @dancinggoatsandsingingchickensfarmHormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture Raised, Permaculturecommunityfarmlandtrust.org14062 Yelm Hwy SE, Yelm, WA 98597 Contact FARMER AYUB at • 360-489-2830Dancing Goats & Singing ChickensOrganic Farm, Petting Zoo & Sustainable Living Learning CenterKeep Our Farmlands Growing!62

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ladies that provide us with our great milk. Our motto is: if you were a dairy cow, you would want to live on our farm. Call for more information.Retail Stores See a list of over 50 stores on our website, Wholesale50 GRuB 2016 Elliott Ave NWOlympia 98502(360) @GRuB.WAGRuB grows healthy food, people, & community. With roots in the land, we create opportunities for people to lead, learn, & thrive. We partner with youth, veterans, seniors, & more! We oer workshops, a youth-led on-site farm stand, CSA, & bouquet sales. We build free raised bed gardens for low-income families, apply online. Contact us about farm eld trips, volunteer opportunities for all ages, & ways you can get involved. Check our website for upcoming activities, fun engagement opportunities, & keep up-to-date on our current oerings. Please visit our FB page for hours, directions, & updates.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations Thurston County Food Bank, Food Not Bombs, Farm Stand, Online SalesOur yogurt is available in over 40 stores around the Puget Sound Region, on the Olympic Peninsula and in Vancouver.flyingcowcreamery.comIndependence Valley, WAYour Local Yogurt Maker!Dancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic Farm is a 12-acre farm, located near the Nisqually Indian reservation in Yelm, Washington. Its main focus is not on making money, but on educating the children using the PETTING ZOO as a focal point of teaching. With a great amount of enthusiasm & passion, the volunteers in the community hold OPEN HOUSE educational events at the farm to share knowledge during workshops on greenhouse construction, solar panels, wind turbines, composting, Hugelculture, honey bees, rainwater harvesting, Earthship homes, sustainable living, lowering our foot-print, & responsible nancial investments. Call 360-489-2830 for more information.Farm Stand, Retail Stores Yelm Food Co-op, Special Orders48 Ellis Creek Farm Ann Petricola & Joel Baranick1810 33rd Ave NEOlympia 98506(360) @elliscreekfarmSalmon Safe, WSDA Certified OrganicWe are a 3-acre Certied Organic, Salmon-Safe farm oering unique salad mixes & microgreens. Our produce can be found, seasonally, at restaurants, grocery stores, & our farm stand. Buy local & taste the dierence! Call for an appointment & more information. Please visit our FB Page for hours, directions, & updates.Farm Stand, Food Collective/Hub SW WA Food Hub, Restaurants Gather Gastropub, Chelsea Farm Oyster Bar, Vic’s Pizzeria Westside, Vic’s Pizzeria Wildwood, Jean Pierre’s Three Sixteen, La Petite Maison, Cascadia Grill, Retail Stores Ralph’s Thriftway, Bayview Thriftway, Spud’s Produce Market, Farm Fresh Market, Marleen’s Market Tacoma, Marleen’s Market Federal Way, Special Orders, Wholesale49 Flying Cow Creamery Selma Bjarnadottir & Keith Fagernes11717 Independence RdRochester 98579(360) 273-1045info@yingcowcreamery.comWe are your local Yogurt makers. We use our own very high-quality milk. We sell in over 50 stores in Western Washington. Check out our website for a store near you & information on the 2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideThurston County Farms (continued)Photo courtesy of Dancing Goats and Singing Chickens Organic FarmDancing Goats & Singing Chickens Organic Farm (continued)63

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(continued)52 Helsing Junction FarmJessica Armstrong, Angie Camp, Anna Salafsky, & Susan Ujcic12013 Independence RdRochester 98579(360) @helsingfarmcsaWSDA Certified Organic, Washington State (PCC) Farmland Trust Conservation Easement FarmHelsing Junction Farm is certied organic & provides a variety of CSA shares with home delivery & 30+ pickup sites in Seattle, Olympia, & on the WA coast from June–Nov. We partner with local producers to provide additional shares of handcrafted cheeses, yogurt, mushrooms, tree-ripened fruits, & Olykrauts. We focus on the vitality & health of our soil & work to protect our Chehalis watershed. Our farmstand is open 7 days a week. We are open 51 GRuB Victory Farm / Haki Farm Mercy Kariuki-McGee7027 Martin Way ELacey 98516(360) @GRuB.WAWe empower veterans, active duty service members, and their families to establish strong roots in their community and a deeper connection with the natural world. Partnered with the Haki farmers collective, we are seeking to bolster and reincorporate traditional and inherently sustainable farming knowledge and practices present in our migrant and indigenous communities. Please visit our FB page for hours, directions, and updates.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Special Ordersfor U-Pick strawberries in June. We are an event venue & also host our own events & tours. Please call for directions and more information. Visit our FB page for hours, directions, & updates.Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op, Special Orders, U-Pick, Wholesale53 Hunter Family FarmGreg, Tami, Curt, & Sandy Hunter7401 Yelm Hwy SEOlympia 98513(360) Hunter Family Farm LLCChosen 2020 Best Christmas Tree Farm in Washington State by The Pioneer Woman.Sweet corn starts in August. Pumpkin Patch in the fall with U-pick pumpkins, hay maze, corn mazes, animals & wagon rides during the week. Pony rides, kiddie train, kiddie quad rides, pillow jump, giant super slide, & more on weekends. 160-acre tree farm featuring a large selection of U-Cut & pre-cut trees. Wagon rides, Mrs. Klaus' kitchen, Santa visits the rst three weekends of December, large gift shop, fresh Noble Fir wreaths & Cedar garlands available. Please visit our FB page for hours & updates. Call for more information.Charitable Donations Trees for Troops, Farm Stand, Retail Stores, U-Pick$176,090,000agriculture products annually.USDA 2017 Census of Agriculture, U.S. Summary & State Data: Thurston County WA ProfileThurston County’s 2,120 total producers and62,250 acres of land in farms produces and sellsDig This...communityfarmlandtrust.orgPhoto courtesy of Ellis Creek Farm64

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54 Johnson Berry Farm, LLC Certified Organic James & Lisa Johnson2908 Wiggins Rd SE, Olympia 98501(360) @johnsonberryfarmWSDA Certified Organic, CCOF Certified OrganicCertied Organic–Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, & Jams from June - late July. Johnson Berry Farm Stand on Wiggins Rd is OPEN, 7 days a week, during the season, from 8am - 6pm. Feel free to call ahead for questions. We are at the Olympia Farmers Market all year round with Berries, Jams, Pickles, & Flowers. Other Markets are Pike Place Market in Seattle, Ballard Farmers Market, & Puyallup Farmers Market. Please call or check our website for current markets & updates. Look for the red & white farm stand on Wiggins Rd with the BIG ower patch in front. You can’t miss it! You will see our Johnson Berry Farm logo & stand. Call for more information. Please visit our FB page for hours, directions & updates.Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Puyallup Farmers Market, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Special Orders55 Kirsop FarmGenine Bradwin & Colin Barricklow8941 James Rd SW, Rochester 98579(360) @kirsopfarmWSDA Certified OrganicWe are so happy to be creating the diversied farm of our dreams on preserved farmland along the Chehalis River. Certied organic vegetables, grain, poultry, eggs, bone broth, & chicken stock. Pasture-raised pork & lamb, sheepskins, & yarn. Check our website for a list of farmers markets where you can nd our products. Call for an appointment.Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets University District, Ballard, Columbia City, Food Collective/Hub SW WA Food Hub, Online Sales, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op, Central Co-op Madison Market, Wholesale56 Ladyberry Produce Evan Berry8038 Zangle Rd, Olympia 98506(360) @ladyberryproduceWoman-run & community supported. Vegetables are available through Summer & Winter CSA (June-December), at our year-round farm store, & wholesale. Everybody loves a Ladyberry carrot. I also grow over 30 varieties of cut owers available in-store, a weekly ower CSA, or for special events & weddings. Call for an appointment & more information.CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Restaurants Ninevah, Chicory, Octapas, Special Orders, WholesaleThurston County Farms (continued)360-491-7328 9402 Rich Road SE, Olympialattinscider.comLattin’sCountryCiderMill &FarmYear Around Farm Market• Fresh Fruits & Vegetables• Baby Farm Animals• Crisp Apples & Fresh Cider• Homemade Fritters & Pies• Good things to eat & drink!Photo courtesy of Little Big FarmPhoto courtesy of Kirsop Farm2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideKirsop Farm: -Processes all the organic feed for their large pastured meat bird operation at SCFC -Grows 25% of the input grains used as feed for their animals. (See more details on page 8.)65

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(continued)57 Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & FarmCarolyn & Debbie Lattin9402 Rich Rd SEOlympia 98501(360) @LattinsCiderAward-winning cider, fruit, honey, eggs, veggies, sweet corn, pumpkins, pies, jams, dried fruit, frozen berries, & gifts. Fresh donuts daily, apple fritters (Thurs & Fri mornings, Sat & Sun all day). Apples all year. Also at Saturday Tacoma Market (Proctor). Hours: Open year-round Mon-Sat, 9-5:30, Sun, 9-4. (Closed Sundays, Jan-June 1st). Apple festival last weekend in Sept. & weekends in Oct. Call for an appointment & driving directions.Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Special Orders, U-Pick, Wholesale58 Little Big FarmMaya Wood & Phelan PaganoPrine Dr SWOlympia 98512(360) @littlebigcsaHand-tended, locally-grown produce. Little Big Farm grows for our community through Community Supported Agriculture, the Olympia Food Co-op, & Seattle Farmers Markets. Specializing in salad crops, we organically grow a diverse array of seasonal produce. We take great pride in our work & are committed to building a food system that is transparent, resilient, & nourishing. Call for an appointment & for more information.Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets West Seattle Farmers Market, Retail Stores The Olympia Food Co-op, Wholesale59 Little Dipper FarmArianna Jacobson & Linsey Fields7607 Trowbridge LN SEOlympia 98513(360) @littledipperfarmolyWe are first generation farmers. Woman owned & operated.We are a 5-acre farm located in south Thurston. Currently, we oer microgreens direct to consumers. In the future, we will be oering CSA & vegetable produce. Please call for appointment.Online Sales, Special Orders2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideREDEEM BEFORE APRIL 2023AT 8036 RIVER DRIVE SE #208COME VISIT US IN TUMWATERGOOD FOR $1 OFF ANY PINT$1$1Photo courtesy of Moriko Farm60 Lost Peacock CreameryMatthew & Rachael Tuller5504 Cross Creek Lane NEOlympia 98516(360) @LostPeacockCreameryVeteran-Owned, WSDA Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, Homegrown by Heroes & Thurston County Green BusinessRidiculously fabulous goat cheese, from the milk of our goats. At Lost Peacock Creamery the goats have wings, pigs have polka dots, & the trees hug us back. And no, we don’t milk the peacocks. Our farm is closed to the public except for events. Please check our website or Facebook/Instagram for classes, kids camps, preschool, goat cuddles, & goat yoga.CSA Shares, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Special Orders, Wholesale61 Moriko FarmThe Arai Family205 25th Ave SEOlympia 98501(206) morikofarmHormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture RaisedOur family operates an urban farm in the heart of Olympia's historic South Capitol neighborhood. We raise chickens & ducks for eggs, keep goats for milk, & grow owers, fruits, & veggies. Please check our Instagram page for weekly updates & the latest farm oerings.Farm Standcommunityfarmlandtrust.org66

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for hours, directions, & updates.Online Sales, Retail Stores Spud’s Produce Market, Special Orders64 Olympia Kiwanis Food Bank GardensOlympia Kiwanis Club3839 11th Ave NWOlympia 98502(360) @olygardensOlympia Kiwanis Food Bank Gardens are a 31-year, ongoing service project of the Olympia Kiwanis Club. With the help of volunteers, we raise tens of thousands of pounds of produce each year for donation to the Thurston County Food Bank (TCFB). We use organic growing practices to raise vegetables that are most widely appreciated by food bank clients, as well as some more unusual varieties that are introduced to clients by the TCFB nutrition team. This Photo courtesy of Olympia Kiwanis Food Bank Gardens62 MycoUprrhizalAva ArvestPO Box 2374Olympia 98507(971) @MycouprrhizingWe grow mushrooms, mushroom kits, & sell cultivation tools. Inquire about consultations or wholesale accounts. Find our online store through our website!Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Online Sales, Retail Stores East Side Urban Farm & Garden Center, The Barn Nursery, Pioneer West, Special Orders, Wholesale63 Nelson Family Ranch LLCRon, Kay, Scott, Jill, Ginny & Karen Nelson3624 Waldrick Rd SEOlympia 98501(360) 352-4124jill@nelsonranch.comnelsonranch.comGrass-Fed, Hormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture RaisedOur family-run farm has been providing meat to our community for 160 years. All of our cattle are born on the farm, grass-fed & grass-nished beef. They are free of antibiotics & growth hormones. Special order beef is sold by the quarter, half, & whole available July through November. Driving directions available on our website. Call for an appointment & more information. Please visit our FB Page Beautiful, sustainably handcra ed products using all natural and organic materials for a healthy, eco-friendly life and home.Production104 W Pine Street, Oakville360-273-9400Olympia Bed Store418 Washington St. SE, Olympia360-819-4293holylamborganics.comNEW LOCATION MARCH 2021Thurston County Farms (continued)year we are farming two acres on three sites donated by generous community members & the state. Visit our website and Facebook page for more information on how to volunteer.Charitable Donations Thurston County Food Bank2022 Fresh From The Farm GuidePhoto courtesy of Rutledge Corn Maze, LLC67

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(continued)65 Oyster Bay FarmMelissa Barker & Nate Lewis4931 Oyster Bay Rd NWOlympia 98502(360) @oysterbayfarmFree Range/Pasture Raised, Salmon Safe, WSDA Certified OrganicOyster Bay Farm is a 40-acre certied organic diversied livestock & crop farm on Totten Inlet in Olympia. We raise certied organic pastured eggs & chicken, grass-fed lamb & beef, & pastured pork. Our rainbow eggs are available year-round at the Olympia Food Co-ops. We sell our chickens directly from the farm in July & August. Lamb, beef, & pork are available each Fall by the quarter, half, & whole. Bulk quantities of certied organic produce, peppers, tomatoes, pears, & apples are available by special order. Email or call for more information on available products.Charitable Donations Thurston County Food Bank, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op, Special Orders, Wholesale66 Prairie Oak FarmJoy Nguyen7613 Delphi Rd SWOlympia 98512(214) Prairie Oak FarmPrairie Oak Farm is a small fruit & vegetable farm 20 minutes from downtown Olympia that uses organic growing methods & works to preserve biodiversity & natural resources. CSA with free delivery available.Charitable Donations Thurston County Food Bank, CSA Shares, Food Collective/Hub South Sound Fresh, Online Sales, Restaurants Stellar Juices, Three Magnets, Park Side Cafe, Special Orders, Wholesale360-491-2022Olympia, WAwww.jnipe.com360-400-6000 Yelm, WAFollow us on Facebook @JandIpowerequipmentServing Thurston County Since 1974Family Owned & Operated POWER EQUIPMENTINC.67 Queenie Bee Raw Honey FarmLizzie, the Honey Bees Lady14062 Yelm Hwy SEYelm 98597(253) @Queenie-Bee-Raw-Honey-Farm-111108854766025PermacultureLizzie is a local Yelm resident, also known as the “HONEY LADY” who loves bee-keeping. She has trained in bee-keeping and has shadowed other local Apiarists. You can buy organic, raw, unprocessed honey from her. Here are some health benets raw honey has to oer: A good source of antioxidants. Raw honey contains an array of plant chemicals that act as antioxidants. Antibacterial and antifungal properties. Soothe a sore throat. Choosing honey over rened & processed sugar may lead to long-term health benets. Honey is known to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, & soothing eects. Call her at 253-380-6837 or email.Farm Stand, Online Sales, Special Orders2022 Fresh From The Farm GuidePhoto courtesy of Queenie Bee Raw Honey Farmcommunityfarmlandtrust.orgPhoto courtesy of Oyster Bay FarmPhoto courtesy of Oyster Bay FarmOyster Bay Farm is home to an array of wildlife. Kathleen O'Shaunessy, prior owner, recorded various species over her 30 years on the land.• 140 species of Birds • 24 species of Mammals • 10 species of Reptiles & AmphibiansPhoto courtesy of Fletcher Ward68

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68 Rising River FarmJennifer Belknap & Jim McGinn13208 201st Ave SWRochester 98579(360) Rising River FarmWSDA Certified OrganicCertied Organic since 1994. Summer & Fall CSAs are available. We grow over 100 varieties of vegetables & culinary herbs. We sell veggies, herbs, & owers starting in April through June. We are widely known for our PICKLING CUCUMBERS & other bulk crops for canning, freezing, & storage. Visit us at the Olympia Farmers Market & the Tacoma Proctor Market year-round. Call ahead for on farm sales, an appointment, & more information.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations Rochester Food Bank, GRuB, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Tacoma Proctor Market, Food Collective/Hub SW WA Food Hub, Online Sales, Restaurants Curry In A Hurry, Paella Pro, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-ops, Yelm Food Co-op, Farm Fresh Market, Special Orders, Wholesale69 Riverbend Ranch Kevin & Krystal Jensen3639 Skookumchuck Rd SE, Tenino 98589(360) @RiverbendRanch2012We have 8,000 ft of riverfront enrolled in the CREP program & many implemented/soon to be implemented EQIP conservation projects going on.Riverbend Ranch is a sustainable grazing cow/calf family ranch oering grass-fed & all-natural, nished beef, natural pork, grass hay, & U-Cut Christmas trees. By appointment only, the Christmas Tree farm will have posted hours of operation. The Old County Barn wedding venue is also oered at Riverbend Ranch. Please visit our website & Facebook pages for hours, directions, & current information. Call for appointment & more information.Charitable Donations Tenino FFA, Tenino PTA, Farm Stand, Online Sales, Retail Stores Johnson's Smokehouse, Special Orders, U-Pick, Wholesale70 Root Digger Herb Farm Benjamin AshOlympia @rootdiggerherbfarmGrowing & sustainably wildcrafting a diversity of 60+ medicinal herbs. Available fresh or dried, in retail & limited wholesale quantities. 2022 will see our rst Medicinal Herb CSA! Contact via email or social media to arrange orders or join the CSA.CSA Shares, Online Sales, Special Orders71 Rutledge Corn Maze LLC302 93rd Ave SEOlympia 98501(360) @rutledge.cornmazeRutledge Corn maze is a 3rd generation family farm. Our main crops are sweet corn & pumpkins. Sweet corn begins at the end of July & runs through Oct. 1st. Our corn maze, haunted maze, & pumpkin patch open the last weekend in Sept. & runs through Oct. 31st. Visit our website for more info.Accept EBT/WIC, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Farm Stand72 Scatter Creek Nurseries Guy Rostan17101 Vircon Dr SWRochester 98579(360) @ScattercreeknurseriesScatter Creek Nurseries was founded by Grant & Nancy Rostan in 1979 & the family tradition is carried on by Guy & Devi Rostan, providing naturally grown Annuals, Flower Baskets, Berries, Herbs, House plants, Perennials, & Vegetables. 42 years of GROWING KNOWLEDGE can be found at Scatter Creek Nurseries. Open April 14th through July 4th. Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm. CLOSED MONDAYS. Located 5 miles from I-5. Please visit our Facebook page or Google us for Specials, updates Thurston County Farms (continued)14062 Yelm Hwy SE. Yelm, WAQueenie BeeOrganic Raw Honey Farm253-380-6837Find us at our farmstand and the Yelm Farmers Marketlizlake1968@gmail.comPhoto courtesy of Rutledge Corn Maze, LLC2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide 69

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74 Silverwell FarmCarlin Briner & Jess Silver4604 Shincke Rd NEOlympia 98506(206) @SilverwolfRabbitryHormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture Raised, Salmon Safe, WSDA Certified Organic, Voluntary Stewardship Program with Thurston County Conservation DistrictSilverwell Farm is a collaborative women-run farm located outside Olympia, WA on Coastal Salish land. We steward 34 acres of forest, wetland, & pasture, with a focus on producing high-quality pasture-raised meat (pork and lamb), sheepskins, and bigleaf maple syrup. Contact us or nd more information at Call for more information or to schedule a visit.Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Online Sales, Special Orders(continued)We are fi rst generation farmers on two small plots of land in Olympia, WA. We are fi rst generation farmers on two small plots of land in Olympia, WA. We use only OMRI approved organic materials, and use ecologically-conscious We use only OMRI approved organic materials, and use ecologically-conscious methods of growing, such as low/no tillage, cover cropping, and methods of growing, such as low/no tillage, cover cropping, and “feeding” compost to the soil“feeding” compost to the soil. . — — Sarah & Gabriel BaisanSarah & Gabriel Baisan @skippingstonegarden @Skipping Stone Garden Pageskippingstonegarden@gmail.comHello from your local farmers at Skipping Stone Garden! Hello from your local farmers at Skipping Stone Garden! Find our large variety of microgreens nearly year-round along with select vegetables at the Olympia Farmers MarketFind our large variety of microgreens nearly year-round along with select vegetables at the Olympia Farmers Market75 Skipping Stone GardenSarah & Gabriel Baisan2111 Kaiser Rd NW, Olympia @skippingstonegardenWe oer a cornucopia of Olympia-grown vegetables year-round at the Olympia Farmers Market & with South Sound Fresh. From our early snacking cucumbers to our pink heirloom tomatoes & our crisp salad greens, all crops are grown chemical-free & harvested fresh for market. We also oer a large variety of fresh microgreens in plant-based, biodegradable clamshells that you can nd all year, including winter!Accept EBT/WIC, CSA Shares, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Food Collective/Hub South Sound Fresh, Online Sales, Restaurants Blue Heron Bakery, Asahi Sushi, Tokeland Hotel, & more to come! Special Orders, Wholesaleor even driving directions.Farm Stand, Retail Stores, Special Orders, U-Pick, Wholesale73 Schilter Family Farm Jeff & Stephanie Schilter141 Nisqually Cuto Rd SEOlympia 98513(360) @SchilterFamilyFarmSunower Experience- August. Stroll through 5 acres of 30 varieties of Sunowers. Enjoy a wagon ride to our sunower elds, photo props & ower cutting, along with tasty summertime treats. Ticketing information online. Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze open September 23rd-October 31st. Family fun includes wagon rides, corn maze, farm animals, trikes, zip swings, cannons, paintball, pony rides, & more. Treats include cider donuts, fudge, roasted corn, hot spiced cider, & more. Beer Barn on weekends. Christmas Trees- open daily the day after Thanksgiving-December 10th. U-cut & precut trees available, fresh wreaths, & cedar garlands. Santa visits the farm Saturdays. Lighted nativity scene in the barn. Visit our website or Facebook for updates, hours, and online ticketing.Charitable Donations Thurston County Food Bank & many other nonprofits, Farm Stand, U-PickPhoto courtesy of Taber RanchLocal Food Creates Jobs Food production in the South Sound – such as shellsh, meat, fruits, vegetables, and craft beer & spirits – is one of the top ve industries in our region, generating more than one billion dollars in revenue every year. — SSFSNDig this...Scatter Creek Nurseries (continued)communityfarmlandtrust.org70

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76 Spooner Berry Farms Tim & Sue Spooner3327 Yelm Hwy SEOlympia 98513(360) Spooner Berry Farms-OlympiaFresh market sales of Strawberries, Raspberries, Marionberries, & Blueberries. Strawberries in June. Raspberries & Marionberries in July. Blueberries in August until mid-September. We do have a U-Pick for Strawberries & Blueberries. Hours 9-6 (when in season). All of our berries are picked fresh every morning & 100% sold the same day that they are picked, assuring you the freshest berries possible! Visit our website for more info.Accept EBT/WIC, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Farm Stand, U-Pick77 Spring Creek FarmChris Robinson & Melissa Southwick20544 Van Dyke Rd SWRochester 98579(360) 273-0704300 dierent varieties of plant starts. A wide selection of veggies, owers, & culinary & medicinal herb starts. Blueberry, currant, & strawberry plants are available! Fresh cut lavender from mid-June to the end of July. Dried Lavender in bulk or sachets all year. All grown organically, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. In business for 34 years. Plants available at both Olympia Food Co-ops from Feb-Oct. Plants & lavender are available at Olympia Farmers Market from mid-March through July. Sales at farm by appointment. Call for more info.Accept EBT/WIC, Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Farm Stand, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op, Special Orders, Wholesale78 Sundance Farm4227 Boston Harbor Rd NEOlympia 98506(360) 528-9923Free Range/Pasture Raised, Pesticide FreeVisit our farm stand oering a full selection of in-season fruits, vegetables, & a perennial plant nursery. Open DAILY starting the end of APRIL through OCTOBER, 9am - 6pm. We enjoy growing our food using organic farming practices. We also showcase other local organic farms to add variety. Our perennial plant nursery focuses on culinary, medicinal, pollinator, & native plants. Stop by to see what we are up to! Farm Stand located at 4227 Boston Harbor Road, April–October, open daily 9am - 6 pm.Farm Stand79 Taber Ranch360-456-45543327 Yelm Hwy SE, Berry Farms-Olympiaspoonerberryfarms.comOUR BERRY SEASONfor other locations visit us onlineStarts in June9am–until sold outAndrew Taber & Naomi Muraoka4210 36th Ave NEOlympia 98516(360) 810-0682andrewtaber@gmail.comHeidenrosleingermanshepherds.comGrass-Fed, Hormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture RaisedTaber Ranch raises & sells registered Black Angus cattle, Barbados Blackbelly sheep, & AKC registered White German Shepherds. We tend honey bees for personal use & to pollinate our many crops including blueberries, tayberries, elderberries, lavender, many fruit trees, & herbs. Our garden methods use the “Back to Eden” technique of “heavy mulching” with wood chips. Call for more information.Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Farm Stand, Special Orders, U-Pick, Wholesale80 Tapestry Garden and FarmTracey & Lenny Kosenski7948 Normandy St SEOlympia 98501(360) @tapestrygardenNational Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife HabitatFarm Stand open daily. Our family-owned farm stand oers sustainably grown produce, Garlic, Shallots, Eggs, Culinary & Medicinal Herbs, Cut Flowers, Lavender, & Lavender products. Please see our website for more info, news and events.Farm Stand, Online SalesThurston County Farms (continued)Tapestry GARDEN & FARMHerbs, Fresh Cut Flowers, and Farm Fresh Food7948 Normandy St. SE, Olympia, 98501 NaturesTapestryLandscapes.com360.515.03182022 Fresh From The Farm Guide 71

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Iron Horse Farm photo courtesy of Jeanine Toth81 The Organic Farm The Evergreen State College2712 Lewis Rd NW, Olympia 98502(360) @EvergreenOrganicFarmHormone-Free, Free Range/Pasture Raised, WSDA Certified OrganicThe Organic Farm is a small-scale teaching farm providing students hands-on experience & knowledge in the production of certied organic produce, fruit, plant starts, cut owers, herbs, & value-added products. The Organic Farm hosts a student-run farm stand at the farm on Thursdays from 3-6 p.m. April through early November, and a CSA starting July through early November. Call or email for more information. Generally open to visit Monday-Friday. Visit or our Facebook and Instagram for updates.Accept EBT/WIC, Charitable Donations The Evergreen State College Food Bank & Thurston County Food Bank, CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Online Sales(continued) • Value-added production systems: direct-marketing, cooperative marketing (SW WA Food Hub), and vegetable processing for consumer-direct and school buyers • Conservation on working lands: habitat enhancement, hedgerows, native interseeding • New farmer training: Whole Farm Planning course, off ered annually • Specialty grain crops research: malting barley, alternative grains for school lunch programs, veg-grain cropping systemsTo learn more about this program contact: Stephen Bramwell, WSU Extension, 3054 Carpenter Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98503The WSU Thurston County Extension Agriculture Program provides research-based information and education to farmers, consumers, decision-makers, and others, with a focus on:82 The Iron Horse FarmGene & Karin Kraft2702 Gull Harbor Rd NE, Olympia 98506(432) 207-0949kraftkf@comcast.nettheironhorsefarm.comThis year we are featuring raspberries, plant starts, along with farm & art classes for children. We raise our plants & animals organically. Our focus is on respecting the land, plants, & animals domestic & wild. We work hard to maintain the health of our soil & encourage everyone to grow some portion of what they eat.Farm Stand, U-Pickcommunityfarmlandtrust.org72

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OLYMPIA SUPPLY CO.OLYMPIA SUPPLY CO.HARDWARESince 1906Serving The Community For Over 100 Years • 360-357-6659 • • 625 Columbia St. SW, Downtown Olympia, Thurston CountyWe are here to help you to fi nd what you need.• Blade Sharpening• Key Cutting• Paint Matching• Pipe & Steel• Plumbing Supplies• Discovery Pass• Fishing License• Shellfish License• Hunting License83 Two Box RanchColin & Millie Chopic32002 48th Ave SouthRoy 98580(360) @TwoBoxRanchTwo Box Ranch is a fourth-generation farm & ranch located in both Roy and Toledo, WA. The Chopic Family has been raising registered Angus cattle since 1948. We oer custom Angus Beef by the whole, half, or quarter. Both grain-nished & grass-nished beef is available nearly year-round. Two Box Ranch harvests our own hay & silage for the cattle. Hay & silage round bales are also available for sale at the Roy farm location. If you are interested in raising your own cattle, stop by & chat with us, we usually have a limited number of Angus bulls, cows, heifers, & feeder steers that would make a great addition to your farm! Visit our FB page for information.Thurston County Farms (continued)84 Urban Futures Farm TJ & Stephanie Johnson928 Wilson St NEOlympia 98506(360) @urbanfuturesfarmCarbon negative/solar poweredJoin the urban food revolution! Spring plant starts, vegetables, fruits, & herbs grown with intention & attention to detail on our regenerative, solar-powered farm in the heart of the city. By prioritizing soil health, enhancing biodiversity & choosing seeds & varieties based on climate resilience, avor & nutritional content; we guarantee the best food possible for you & your family. Learn more & sign up for your 2022 CSA share by visiting our website, where you can also subscribe to our blog to get announcements about plant sales & special events. Like us on Facebook. Call for more information. Please visit FB for updates.Charitable Donations, CSA Shares, Farm Stand, Special Orders, U-Pick, WholesalePhoto courtesy of Urban Futures Farm85 Vail View Farms Fred & Heather Delaney14145 Brumby Ln SERainier 98576(360) @vailviewfarmsFree Range/Pasture Raised, Veteran-OwnedWe are a small family-owned & operated farm in Rainier, Washington. It is our mission to be dedicated to caring for our animals in the most ethical matter possible, as well as providing customers with high-quality fresh farm products.CSA Shares, Online Sales2022 Fresh From The Farm GuidePhoto courtesy of Walupt Farm73

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Connecting farmers with future brewers and craft industry.communityfarmlandtrust.orgWA is the #1 producer of hops in the nation. 79.2% of hops sales came from Washington state. Dig This...86 Walupt Farms Jennifer Winter19441 Jordan St SWRochester 98579(360) 870-7921waluptfarms@gmail.comwaluptfarms.comWoman-owned & operatedWalupt Farms is a local lavender farm. We are open to visits during the summer bloom. Follow us for updates on hours of operation & events. We are always available by appointment to purchase plants, lavender products, & bee products. Contact us for hours or to schedule a visit.Farm Stand, Online Sales, U-Pick88 Wobbly Cart Farm Joseph Gabiou & Asha McElfresh10940 Independence Rd SW, Rochester 98579(360) @WobblyCartFarmWSDA Certified OrganicIn business since 2005, Wobbly Cart Farm is a certied organic vegetable operation. We specialize in CSAs & wholesale sales in Olympia, Centralia/Chehalis, & Portland. Our farm oers an outstanding selection of specialty & heirloom vegetables, fruits, & herbs from June through December. Bulk quantities are available. Please visit our FB page for hours, directions and updates. Email for more information.CSA Shares, Retail Stores, Special Orders, Wholesale(continued)87 Wiser Worm Farm Alex Weisser120 State Ave NE #156Olympia 98501(360) 480-3995wiserwormfarm@hotmail.comWiserwormfarm.comWSDA Certified OrganicWSDA certied organic worm castings, composting worms, & worm tea: a concentrated, odorless, sediment-free, liquid natural fertilizer. Worm tea helps prevent “black spot” on roses. Use on vegetables, owers, house plants, & your lawn. Your plants will look robust & healthy, & be naturally resistant to insects & disease. Call for an appointment, driving directions, & more information.Farmers Markets Olympia Farmers Market, Online Sales, Retail Stores Olympia Food Co-op, Eastside Urban Farm & Garden, Olympia Supply, Marlene’s Market & Deli, Indoor Garden & Lighting, Special Orders, Wholesale74

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 to retailers, restaurants, and eaters across the Pacic Northwest. For more than 40 years the company’s progressive and entrepreneurial spirit has fueled its mission and growth, meeting the demand for organics in the marketplace while supporting its community of farmers. In its journey Sponsor SpotlightOrganically Grownto promote and build sustainable food systems, OGC has become a leader in rethinking ownership, nancing and ethical operating practices, as well as what it means to be part of the larger organic movement. OGC is driven by a future that requires stewardship of the planet and a just food system and is dedicated to doing its part to make it happen. Learn more at organicgrown.comcommunityfarmlandtrust.orgSponsor Spotlight2022 Fresh From The Farm GuideDelivering Produce to the People Since 1978This January, the South Sound saw near historic ooding levels. Many farms & elds were in jeopardy & some had to evacuate. Dry building space at SCFC, owned by Wobbly Cart Farm, (See pg. 8) is leased to neighboring farmers to safely store hay bales & equipment out of the Chehalis River Flood zone. Learn more about How To Prepare For Emergencies On Your Farm at courtesy of Wobbly Cart Farm75

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Octapas CafeOld School PizzeriaOlyKrautOlympia Food Co-OpsOlympia Seafood CompanyOlympia Supply & Ace HardwarePaello ProRalph's ThriftwaySophie's Scoops GelatoSplat Hot SauceSpud's Produce MarketSteamboat Island MarketStellar JuicesSweetlee's Ice Cream Tenino Market FreshThe Barn NurseryThe Park Side CafeThree MagnetsTriceratops BrewingTugboat Annie'sVic's Pizzeria (Westside & Wildwood)Whitewood CiderYelm Food Co-OpGrays HarborElma Farmers MarketFranko's FarmstandGordon's Select MarketOrganics 101 MarketThe Marketplace in AberdeenLewis CountyBoccotaDawn's DelectablesEwe and I Jeremy's Farm To TableJeremy's Fruit Stand & MarketMackinawsPioneer West Garden & Pet CenterRivers Coeehouse & BistroToledo Market FreshMason CountyThe Boat House (Allyn)Local Businesses Supporting Local FarmsThank You, to these businesses for supporting our farms!Thurston CountyAnthony's Homeport & Hearthre GrillAsahi SushiAya SushiBailey's IGABasilico RistoranteBayview ThriftwayBlue Heron BakeryCarbon PopCascadia GrillChelsea Farms Oyster BarChicoryCountry Corner MarketCurry In A HurryDon Juan's Mexican KitchenEastside Urban Farm & GardenFarm Fresh MarketGather GastropubGeorge & Sons FruitHaggen Food & PharmacyJay's Farm StandJean Pierre's Three SixteenJohnson's SmokehouseLa Petite MaisonMatchless BreweryNinevah Assyrian Food Truck We know there are many more businesses that support local farms. The information within these pages was provided by our farms with regards to who they directly sell to. If you would like to add your name to this list or to advertise in the 2023 Fresh From The Farm Guide, please send us an email at Thank you!A special Thank You to Octapas Cafe, Splat Hot Sauce and Type & Style Design Services for sponsoring a listing for a farmer in need this year.2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide.comTypePAGE DESIGN SERVICESAND76

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Farm to Fork - Restaurant Spotlight - Jeremy's Farm to Table restaurant began as an oshoot of Pam Wildhaber’s family fruit stand. It is the product of family tradition and current-day family ties to farming. Canning was a family tradition that was passed down in Pam’s family through generations. “We always had a big garden and canned everything that we grew,” said Pam. She drove to Yakima to pick up cases of fruit for canning. Before she knew it, she needed a bigger truck because she was buying fruit for her friends, too. A simple desire to can fruits and veggies blossomed into her family’s fruit stand. “My very first summer I got all my local strawberries from Reisinger’s out here in Adna.” It began as a 10’ x 20’ tent in the parking lot of their family’s commercial retail space and grew to 30’ x 60’. Pam continued, “I never get tired of that trip to Yakima because we are now buying from third-generation farmers. We love to go right to the farmers over there and get produce straight out of the field.”The commercial building has been in the Wildhaber family since 1974 and housed several businesses over time. Her eldest son Jeremy took a shine to the family’s fruit stand and was well-loved by their customers. Pam and Jeremy dreamed of having a restaurant to showcase Pam’s home cooking. “I loved to cook and made everything from scratch and tried to always cook really healthy. It was always a family thing to eat healthy,” Pam stated. In 2012, space opened inside the building and the opportunity to start a restaurant, Jeremy’s Farm to Table, was ripe for the picking. As the footprint of the successful restaurant grew each year, their outdoor farm stand quickly outgrew its space. In 2019, she opened a second location at 1849 N. National Avenue in Chehalis. It’s open year-round with indoor and outdoor space. Pam explained, “Our fruit stand can now go back to the big production it was before the restaurant started.” It is now Jeremy’s Fruit Stand and Meat Market, a one-stop-shop expanded to include butcher shop quality meat, fresh seafood, local dairy, specialty cheeses, bread, beer, and wine, as well as fruit and produce. Family has always been at the center of their business. Pam and her eldest daughter Amber run the day-to-day operations of both locations. Jeremy is now an off-site catering chef and helps with their famous holiday buffets. He also has his own farm and is working towards his WSDA certification with plans to sell his Wagyu beef to the restaurant. Several other family members have become suppliers to the restaurant and farm stand. Pam’s daughter, April Santee, provides herbs, lettuce, kale, beets, and carrots during the summer months. Nephew, Jeremy’s Farm to TableFarm to Fork Restaurant SpotlightPhotos courtesy of Jeremy's Farm to Tablecommunityfarmlandtrust.orgJosh Hyatt and his wife Melissa Henderson of Newaukum Valley Farm, supply the restaurant with some of its produce and flowers. “We love their heirloom tomatoes for our caprese salad.” Pam adds, “As far as my producers; most of my proteins, cheese, milk, and eggs are also locally sourced.” Catering to dietary needs like gluten-free diets sets Jeremy’s Farm to Table apart, and they are happy to accommodate. They only carry gluten-free flour to avoid any cross-contamination. All their breading, breakfasts, and desserts are gluten-free (gf ). Be sure to give their gf Walla Walla onion rings a try! Pam beams, “The most rewarding thing is when families come in and they're happy and everyone feels good when they leave. People can always count on getting really good, fresh food.”2022 Fresh From The Farm Guide77

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