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2022 Films on the Green Festival

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June 3 Sept 9 Free French Films in NYC Parks 2022 Festival program

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A fresh take on Films on the Green We are thrilled to bring back Films on the Green this summer with an exciting lineup of international cinema and a new and vibrant visual identity inspired by movie theaters and electrifying city nightlife From June 3 to September 9 Films on the Green is bringing French and Francophone cinema to the New York City area with our free screenings in nine different Manhattan and Brooklyn parks The festival s 14th edition is centered on the theme From Page to Screen Highlighting movies based on literature this year s lineup includes 12 features that you can enjoy even if you haven t read the book Did you know that in France one in five movies is adapted from a book Through an array of different cinematic genres the 2022 film selection includes contemporary and classic movies adapted from a wide range of international literature crafted by filmmakers as diverse as Jiro Taniguchi The Summit of the Gods Dai Sijie Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress and Dolores Hitchens Band of Outsiders Our program aims to illustrate the diversity of French and Francophone cinema with films from Senegal Mandabi China Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress and Mexico Fever Mounts at El Pao You may want to grab a book before enjoying our screenings in our beautiful New York City parks Whether you come for the movie or the book we will be thrilled to see you at Films on the Green Bon festival Ga tan Bruel Director Villa Albertine

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Film schedule 1 June 3 Central Park Les Choses de la vie by Claude Sautet 7 July 13 J Hood Wright Park Fever Mounts at El Pao by Luis Bu uel 2 June 10 Washington Square Park The Summit of the Gods by Patrick Imbert 8 July 15 Seward Park The Class by Laurent Cantet June 17 Washington Square Park Band of Outsiders by Jean Luc Godard July 22 Riverside Park Pier I Mandabi by Ousmane Semb ne 4 June 24 Transmitter Park Le Capitan by Andr Hunebelle 10 July 29 Riverside Park Pier I Delicacy by David St phane Foenkinos 3 July 1 Tompkins Square Park Touchez pas au Grisbi by Jacques Becker 5 6 July 8 Seward Park Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie All films have English subtitles Screenings begin at sunset 7 11 1 9 10 9 11 Sept 8 Columbia University The Velvet Queen by Marie Amiguet Vincent Munier 12 Sept 9 McGolrick Park Eleanor s Secret by Dominique Monf ry 4 12 2 3 5 6 8

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Based on the novel Les Choses de la vie by Paul Guimard 1967 Courtesy of Rialto Pictures 1970 Drama Romance PG 1h29 France Italy Switzerland In French with English subtitles With Romy Schneider Michel Piccoli L a Massari Central Park Cedar Hill Friday June 3 8 30 pm Based on the acclaimed novel by Paul Guimard Les Choses de la vie begins in the aftermath of a violent car crash along a rural motorway As the man Pierre lies in a semi conscious stupor his life flashes before his eyes specifically his complex entanglement with two quite different women his dutiful long suffering wife and his adoring free spirited lover Directed by Claude Sautet Godard Hunebelle Becker Bu uel Sijie Cantet Semb ne Foenkinos Amiguet Munier Monf ry The Things of Life Imbert Les Choses de la vie Sautet

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Courtesy of Rialto Pictures 1964 Drama Crime 1h37 France In French with English subtitles With Anna Karina Sami Frey Claude Brasseur Presented in partnership with the Washington Square Park Conservancy Friday June 17 8 30 pm Washington Square Park Based on the novel Fools Gold by Dolores Hitchens 1958 Directed by Jean Luc Godard Washington Square Park Friday June 10 8 30 pm Franz and Arthur don t have money jobs or prospects but they do have a black convertible and a shared romantic interest in Odile When Odile lets slip that a stash of cash is ineptly hidden in the isolated villa where she lives the men hatch a plan to take it for themselves Bande part 2021 Animation PG 1h34 France Luxembourg In French with English subtitles With the voices of Eric Herson Macarel Damien Boisseau Lazare Herson Macarel Presented in partnership with the Washington Square Park Conservancy Band of Outsiders Courtesy of Netflix Directed by Patrick Imbert Based on the manga series Kamigami no Itadaki written and illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi 2000 2003 which was itself based on a novel by Baku Yumemakura Le Sommet des dieux The Summit of the Gods Were George Mallory and his companion Andrew Irvine the first men to scale Everest on June 8th 1924 Only the little Kodak VPK camera they took with them might reveal the truth In Kathmandu 70 years later a young Japanese reporter named Fukamachi recognizes the camera in the hands of the mysterious Habu J ji an outcast climber believed missing for years Fukamachi enters a world of obsessive mountaineers hungry for impossible conquests on a journey that leads him step by step towards the summit of the gods

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The 1 for the Planet checking account is provided through BNP Paribas subsidiary Bank of the West a California banking corporation member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender Sustainable Supply Chain Financing Solutions are provided in the US through BNP Paribas New York Branch licensed by the NYDFS 1960 Action Adventure 1h41 France Italy In French with English subtitles With Jean Marais Bourvil Elsa Martinelli Directed by Andr Hunebelle Based on the novel Le Capitan by Michel Z vaco 1909 Captain Blood We ve committed over 200 billion USD to furthering the UN s SDGs Let us From the first bankhelp account designed for climate you expand your organization s action in the US to the first sustainable supply chain investments in clean energy and Financing solution we re empowering individuals mobilitytoand guideto you on the path to corporates and institutions contribute a responsible and sustainable net zeroeconomy carbon emission Together we re building a better future Together we re building a better future PositiveBanking TargetNetZero Le Capitan France 1616 King Louis XIII is 15 and his mother Marie of Medicis regent of the kingdom since the death of Henri IV entrusts power to Concino Concini a deceitful and ambitious man After the assassination of his friend by Concini noble swordsman Francois de Capestan known as Le Capitan goes to the young sovereign to warn him of the multiple betrayals that threaten the King s Court Friday June 24 8 30 pm Transmitter Park STRIVE FOR NET ZERO LET S ALL BE PART OF THE TRANSITION

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With Jean Gabin Jeanne Moreau Lino Ventura 2002 Drama Romance 1h50 France China In Mandarin with English subtitles With Zhou Xun Liu Ye Chen Kun Presented in partnership with the Seward Park Conservancy Seward Park Friday July 8 8 30 pm Directed by Dai Sijie Friday July 1 8 30 pm Tompkins Square Park Based on the novel Balzac et la petite tailleuse chinoise by the director himself 2000 Balzac et la petite tailleuse chinoise 1954 Drama Crime 1h34 France In French with English subtitles In 1971 China in the lingering grip of the cultural revolution two university students are sent to a remote mountain village for re education to purge them of their classical western oriented education Amid the backbreaking work and stifling ignorance of the community the two boys find that music and the local tailor s seamstress granddaughter are the only pleasant things in their miserable life After discovering a secret cache of forbidden books they set about teaching her things she had never imagined Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress Courtesy of Rialto Pictures Directed by Jacques Becker Based on the novel Touchez pas au Grisbi by Albert Simonin 1953 Touchez pas au Grisbi Touchez pas au Grisbi After pulling off their retirement job 50 million in gold bars aging criminals Max and Henri think they can give up the game But when Henri s girlfriend tells the drug dealer Angelo about the loot violence erupts Angelo kidnaps the old crook and asks Max for the grisbi as ransom

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Based on the novel La fi vre monte El Pao by Henri Castillou 1959 Courtesy of Oscar Arce and the Luis Bu uel Film Institute 1959 Drama 1h37 France Mexico In French with English subtitles With Maria F lix G rard Philippe Jean Servais Presented in partnership with the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York and Cinema Tropical J Hood Wright Park Wednesday July 13 8 30 pm Directed by Luis Bu uel Scan to visit tv5mondeplus com or download the app When the governor of a prison on the remote Caribbean Island Ojeda is assassinated his secretary Ram n Vasquez assumes the role of acting governor until a replacement can be appointed Vasquez an idealist exploits this opportunity to improve the lot of the prisoners and to start an affair with the former governor s widow La Fi vre monte El Pao TV5MONDEplus is here and it s already yours with a TV5MONDE subscription at no extra cost Enjoy full seasons of your favorite series films lifestyle and kids shows with the option to choose from up to 5 subtitle languages Fever Mounts at El Pao Get more of what you love from TV5MONDE

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With Makhouredia Gueye Isseu Niang Ynousse N Diaye Presented in partnership with the African Film Festival and Summer on the Hudson Friday July 22 8 30 pm Riverside Park Pier I 1968 Drama 1h31 Senegal France In Wolof and French with English subtitles Directed by Ousmane Semb ne Based on the novel Le Mandat by the director himself 1965 The Money Order After jobless Ibrahima Dieng receives a money order for 25 000 francs from a nephew who works in Paris news of his windfall quickly spreads among his neighbors who flock to him for loans while he finds his attempts to cash the order stymied in a maze of bureaucracy and new troubles rain down on his head Mandabi With Fran ois B gaudeau Louise Grinberg Esmeralda Ouertani Boubacar Tour Presented in partnership with the Seward Park Conservancy Friday July 15 8 30 pm Seward Park 2008 Drama PG 13 2h08 France In French with English subtitles Directed by Laurent Cantet Based on the novel Entre les murs by Fran ois B gaudeau 2006 Entre les murs The Class Fran ois and his fellow teachers prepare for a new year at a high school in Paris Armed with the best intentions they brace themselves to not let discouragement and difficulties in the classroom stop them from trying to give the best education to their students Neither stuffy nor severe Fran ois extravagant frankness often takes the students by surprise But his classroom ethics are put to the test when his students begin to challenge his methods

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2021 Documentary 1h32 France In French with English subtitles Presented as part of the Being in the World Film Festival in partnership with the Columbia Maison Francaise Thursday Sept 8 7 30 pm Columbia University Based on the novel La Panth re des neiges by Sylvain Tesson 2019 Dir by Marie Amiguet Vincent Munier In the heart of the Tibetan highlands multiaward winning nature photographer Vincent Munier guides writer Sylvain Tesson on his quest to document the infamously elusive snow leopard Munier introduces Tesson to the subtle art of waiting from a blind spot tracking animals and finding the patience to catch sight of the beasts Through their journey the two men ponder humankind s place amongst the magnificent creatures and glorious landscapes they encounter along the way La Panth re des neiges Directed by David St phane Foenkinos The Velvet Queen With Audrey Tautou Fran ois Damiens Presented in partnership with Summer on the Hudson Friday July 29 8 30 pm Riverside Park Pier I 2012 Comedy Romance PG 13 1h48 France In French with English subtitles Delicacy Based on the novel La D licatesse by David Foenkinos 2009 La D licatesse Nathalie is a beautiful happy and successful Parisian business executive who finds herself suddenly widowed after a three year marriage to her soul mate To cope with her loss she buries herself and her emotions in her work to the dismay of her friends and family One day inexplicably her zest for life and love is rekindled by a most unlikely source her unexceptional gauche and average looking office subordinate Markus

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2009 Animation 1h20 France Dubbed in English Presented in partnership with the North Brooklyn Parks Alliance Council Member Lincoln Restler PS110 The Monitor School and PS110 PTA Friday September 9 McGolrick Park 7 30 pm Directed by Dominique Monf ry Based on a story by Anik Leray released as a picture book in 2009 K rity la maison des contes Eleanor s Secret Nat has fond memories of his eccentric Aunt Eleanor reading to him from her enormous collection of storybooks But he is frustrated by his inability to read the books himself He is less than thrilled when he learns that his aunt has left him the keys to her attic library as a gift Yet just as Nat s parents are selling the collection to an antique dealer he discovers that the library is magical and all the famous characters come to life

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Films on the Green is a free French film festival in New York City parks produced by Villa Albertine The French Embassy NYC Parks and FACE Foundation Presented by Official sponsors Friends Image credit Rialto Pictures Studiocanal p 5 Netflix p 6 Rialto Pictures p 7 Path Films p 9 Rialto Pictures p 10 TF1 International p 11 Path Films p 13 Georgi Lazarevski Sony Pictures Classics p 14 Janus Films p 15 Cohen Media Group p 16 Vincent Munier Oscilloscope Laboratories p 17 Gkids p 19 To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees volunteers and attendees in person screenings will abide by all state and local regulations Do not attend if you have experienced COVID 19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID 19 Design Studio Des Signes Partners

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